I'm Sorry For Cheating Paragraphs For Her

I’m Sorry For Cheating Paragraphs For Her

I’m sorry for cheating paragraphs for Her: These are simple sentences that can help to express a feeling of sorrow and regret toward your partner. Cheating is one of the most devastating things that can happen to relationships, and in this time of strife it’s important to be able to express remorse and regret saying I’m sorry.


I’m Sorry For Cheating Paragraphs For Her

  1. I’m sorry for cheating. I cheated on you because I didn’t love you. You have been the most important person in my life and I spoiled it by being so selfish, by using you to fill the void.
  2. Thank you for being my true love, I am so lucky to have found a girlfriend like you. I am really sorry for cheating on you and I promise I will never do it again. I promise to show you my commitment, I vow to be with you forever. With all my love.
  3. I am sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for cheating and lying to you. I was just caught up in the moment of [her name] and I couldn’t help myself. She was there, and all I could think about was myself. In the back of my head though, I knew that she and I were nothing more than friends, but it was too late. We had already made the transition into a relationship we both knew we would regret.
  4. I can’t believe I cheated on you. It seems like such a long time ago and it could never happen again. I wouldn’t even know where or how to begin to cheat! You are my everything and there is just no one else in the world that would do. I’m sorry for hurting you, I hope we can work past this.
  5. I am so sorry for hurting you like this. I never want to hurt or make you angry at all. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate and tell me. I know it’s hard for you to still be with me after doing something so cheap and stupid. We have been together for a long time already and I don’t ever want you to have doubts about me. I just feel so bad about the whole situation, but we will get through it together.
  6. I’m so sorry. I won’t ever see her or talk to her again. Her kisses felt wrong, but your kisses feel right. You always know how to make me smile even when I’m sad because you’re the greatest love of my life and no one could ever replace you in my heart.
  7. I’m sorry for what happen today. I’m really sorry. It won’t ever happen again. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I should have never done what I did today.
  8. I’m sorry for cheating on you. I had good intentions, as my mental health was really bad at the time and caused me to do some things that I would never usually do. I’m still working hard to fix things in our relationship, and will do anything to get you back. I miss you so much and love you with all my heart.
  9. I’m so sorry that I was such a fool, and cheated on you. I know that you deserve the absolute best, and I messed up. Please forgive me and give me another chance to show you that I can be the man you deserve. I would spend my whole life making it up to you if it made you happy. You are the best feeling in the world, and I can’t wait for our future together!
  10. I can’t stop thinking about how sorry I am for cheating on you. It tears me up inside. You are everything to me and I know I can’t be without you. I commit to being the best man that I can be and cherish our time together forever no matter what.
  11. I’m sorry for the bad things I’ve done. I’m sorry for not being the best husband. I loved you through a lot of things. I hope you can forgive me for all I’ve done.
  12. I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you and I wish you could understand how much your love means to me. We have been together for way to long to let one mistake ruin us. I do understand if you can’t forgive me, but know that I would give anything to take back the past and do things differently. We are meant for each other and always will be. You are my best friend! Whenever I am sad, angry or feeling down a single word from you could make it better.
  13. I’m so sorry. I started seeing someone last month, and he made me feel wanted and loved. I was weak, and I couldn’t help but cheat on you. When I look back on it now, it makes me want to puke. I should’ve walked away from him when I realized what we had wasn’t real. Your friendship means more than anything to me, and I don’t want my stupid mistake to tear us apart.
  14. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you. I forgive you for hurting me because we’re all only human. I hope we can go back to our normal selves. You’re a wonderful person with a beautiful soul, I will always be here for you no matter what.
  15. I truly am sorry. I never meant to hurt you. All I could think about was how to fix it. While I was home for the holiday, I went over your house, but you were at work until late. We need to talk about this later because right now is not the time or place. Please let’s just talk about this later before we say and do things we really shouldn’t.
  16. I hope you can forgive me. I miss us. I miss what we used to have, but now all I see is a cold wall between us. I wish we could get back to the way things were before, but we both have changed. We have both done things that the other could not forgive. I wish we could take back time and change everything. If we had just handled so many things differently.
  17. I’m so sorry for cheating on you. I love you so much and I never meant to hurt you. After three years together and not being able to see what was right in front of me, I have come to realize that I have completely thrown away the best thing I have in my life. You have every right to be mad at me, but all I can do is promise to make it up to you.
  18. I’m sorry for hurting you and i never meant to disrespect you. I’ve been listening to your voice on this tape over again and I just can’t help but feel bad about myself. I know you deserve better than what i gave you in those four months that we were together or that we have been friends for almost a year now. We have both changed so much and our values are completely different from last year especially when it came down to relationships.
  19. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I cheated on you. I am so sorry for the pain I have caused you and the betrayal of your trust. It was a very impulsive act that is completely out of my character. I wish there were more than words could say but I know that simply won’t be enough. Thank you for being so forgiving to me. Your forgiveness means so much to me.
  20. I’m sorry I hurt you. You are my everything; and I don’t know what to say or do anymore. Your the only person that truly understands me, no matter what we are always there for each other. I’ll never do anything to hurt you again. I love you so much and I just want to say thank you for supporting me in my time of need.
  21. Hey sweetie, I am so sorry that I had an affair. Please forgive me and let’s stay together. We can make it work.
  22. I’m sorry for hurting you. I miss being with you and appreciate everything we shared together. I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life, I wish that it never happened. It took months to realize what a mistake it was.
  23. I met someone, your best friend. I couldn’t help it, I love him and I want to be with him. It’s not that I don’t love you anymore or that I don’t wish to be with you, I do, but I can’t deny what I feel like this. The way we both felt in the past wasn’t right, it was all an act. But now we’ve both changed and grown and it’s time we tell each other how we truly feel.
  24. I’m sorry for hurting you. I never meant to, and I would never intentionally do anything to hurt you. Our love means the world to me, and I know it’s mean of me to undermine that by hurting you like I have.
  25. Please forgive me for my weakness. I was blinded by my desire for someone else. I will do everything in my power to make you happy again, but it won’t be easy. Please take me back, I need you so much!
  26. Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry for hurting you like that. I knew I was wrong the minute I pulled away from kissing you and looked at her nearly naked body. You are so beautiful and I just broke your heart! I wish this wasn’t true, but we do need to talk about it now.
  27. I’m really sorry. Please tell me I haven’t ruined everything. I need you to know that I love you very much. And that I would never intentionally hurt you, and this is not who or what I am. You know that I care so much about our little family. Love will prevail, it always does and it always will in our situation.
  28. I’m sorry I cheated. I realize that it was wrong and bad of me to kiss my buddy’s pretty girlfriend. But the truth is, she’s so beautiful and amazing that I just couldn’t say no. I know you’re probably mad at me, but all I want is another chance to prove you that I love you and only you. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life, please forgive me and take me back.
  29. Hey girlfriend, I’m so sorry for hurting you and cheating on you. I’m so sorry for letting my thoughts betray me. But I just couldn’t help it because of the way i feel about that girl. But please if u don’t forgive me I’ll understand. She is out of my life now, I promise!
  30. You are the most awesome girlfriend in the world, and even though I cheated on you once, please keep loving me the same way. I’m going to be the best boyfriend I can be from now on. I love you so much!
  31. I am really sorry for what happened that night. I know I was wrong and I made a mistake. And I will never stay out till late again without telling you first. Please forgive me.
  32. I’m writing this letter because I realize that I have made a big mistake. I am so sorry for hurting you, but I didn’t really realize the significance of my actions until it was too late. I wish now that I could take it all back.
  33. I am sorry. I know I made a big mistake and that I broke your heart. I’ll never get those moments back and I am so sorry for it. I want to make it up to you; the days spent without you seem like an eternity without a breath of fresh air.

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