I’m Sorry For Being Late Quotes

Whether you’re too late or the other person is, it always feels bad. That’s why we decided to create a collection of I’m Sorry For Being Late Quotes for him or her. Hopefully these quotes will help both parties understand what the other is going through because, let’s face it everyone makes mistakes.


I’m Sorry For Being Late Quotes 

  1. I’m sorry I was late. I missed you, and I couldn’t wait to see you. I love you so much.
  2. I’m sorry for being late. I promise it won’t happen again. I love you.
  3. I’m really, really sorry. I lost track of time and missed my bus. Let me make it up to you?
  4. Hey babe, I’m so sorry i’m late. I got caught up in a project at work and didn’t even realize what time it was. I hope you can forgive me, I promise to make the weekend extra special!
  5. I’m sorry I’m late. I didn’t have my phone and then I was at the store and I tried to hurry because I knew you would be late. I promise tomorrow will be different!
  6. I am sorry for being late, I really am. The traffic was murder today. I promise to never do that to you again.
  7. I’m sorry. I was running so late that all the cars left, so I decided to get a cab. Don’t worry, I gave him the good tip. I am so excited for tonight, all I can think about is us dancing the night away and then catching a sunset at the Thompson Hotel Bar. You are my best friend in the whole world, and I love you unconditionally.
  8. I’m sorry I wasn’t there on time. I had trouble finding a place to park. I stopped and helped an old lady cross the street. The light was so long that I fell asleep in the car. When you get done with your meeting, you can come and pick me up at my house! If you can’t wait, my sister is pretty cute.
  9. Hey Babe, I’m sorry I’m late, but I thought of you the whole way here and that made getting here quicker! Love you, honey.
  10. I know that I’ve been out of touch, I know that the silence kills. I know my mistakes have been undeniable. But please forgive me for being late, I’m only human after all!
  11. I’m sorry for being late. I got caught up at work. I promise I won’t be late again.
  12. I’m glad you came. Sorry I am late. At the time the bus was at its destination when I went to get a bus
  13. I’m sorry. I know I was supposed to be here at 6:00, but I got caught up at work. I know that’s no excuse and that it was inconsiderate of me, but you are like the most important person in my life. So getting here on time is very important to me.
  14. I’m sorry I’m late. I told them at last minute that I was leaving for your house, but no one believed me. It sucks to be you sometimes.
  15. Hey babe! I’m so sorry I’m late I woke up late this morning and missed the bus, then it was terrible traffic and I wasn’t sure where you live! Luckily Justin was able to let me know. Sorry again beautiful, next time we’ll not play games and tell each other immediately.
  16. I’m sorry I was late. Forgive me, I would have been there sooner if it were possible.
  17. I got caught in traffic. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry for being late.
  18. Hey sweety, I’m so sorry for being late I couldn’t get away from work. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about tonight. I hope you have a good time with your friends and I will see you when we come back.
  19. I’m sorry I was late. I hope you can forgive me. After work. We all make mistakes and I’ve been making a lot of them lately. I don’t want to lose you, baby, so please can you give me another chance?
  20. You are so incredibly special to me, more than I can say. Thank you for always being there for me, and for loving me fully yourself.
  21. I know you are really busy. I am really sorry to take up your time like this. Believe me, I have an upset stomach after all these minutes waiting for you to pick up the phone, please forgive me…
  22. I’m sorry I’m late. The dog made a mess in the kitchen and I had to clean it up. If that’s not a good enough excuse, let me know what else you want me to say and make it up to you next time.
  23. I’m sorry for being late. I drank too much last night, and slept through my alarm this morning. Let me make it up to you today. I will listen to your boring stories at work today without crying. Only if you will make me a huge plate of nachos for dinner.
  24. I’m sorry I am late, Dear. I went for a walk along the beach and lost track of time so I came here as fast as I could. I love you!
  25. I am sorry I was late, I really shouldn’t have kept you waiting. I hope you will forgive me.
  26. Sorry I’m late, honey. My boss had me running around the office. Hope it’s okay, I brought you flowers and a card to make up for it.
  27. I am sorry for being late, well actually I’m not. I’m sorry that you woke up late and didn’t get your work done. I am not sorry for making you wait, because frankly it was my most fun moment, watching you running around and panicky. Love you!
  28. I’m sorry I am late baby. I know how you hate it when I’m late. Life is a crazy thing sometimes! I hope the rest of your day went alright. Tonight is going to be great, I promise!
  29. I’m sorry I was late. I was out doll shopping by the way.
  30. I’m sorry I’m late. I left home early but there was a big traffic jam which caused me to be delayed for two hours. I had to bring the report again today so I will not be able to stay with you tonight. Honey, could you please get me my favorite food? Love you!
  31. I’m sorry I took so long with this. I guess you can say I was a bit stressed with work and then when the time came and the thought of me sitting down and writing something sad came by, I just couldn’t do it. To be honest by the time I could write something it was already Valentine’s day eve so I had to make this quick.
  32. I’m sorry that I am late, but you’re worth waiting for.
  33. I’m sorry that I cant be there with you in person, sorry for being late, but im not sorry for the memories we make together, as long as there are memories I don’t mind being late! I love you Baby.
  34. I woke up late and I’m stupid. I’ll be there as soon as possible, just please wait for me. Hopefully it won’t take long. Did I mention I am really sorry and I love you?
  35. Sorry for being late. It’s so hard to get ready these days. Plus I just didn’t want to miss you.
  36. Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I lost track of time. Please forgive me – it won’t happen again. I’m really sorry that i’m late.
  37. I know I’ve been. Sorry and I want to thank you for your patience.
  38. I’m sorry for being late, did you miss me? Oh, you did? Well I missed you too! Ha-ha! Yeah it made me feel good getting here and seeing your gorgeous face. I couldn’t wait to get your arms around me. Did you like the gift I brought? – If your answer is yes then the following: Aww baby I am glad you liked it! I put a lot of thought into it and wanted to make sure that you got something special.
  39. I love you. I know you have been waiting for me for a while… I’m sorry I’m late.
  40. It’s my fault that I’m late.  I got up quite late today.
  41. Sorry I’m late, honey! I couldn’t find my keys. I texted you to come home and let me in!
  42. When I came along to your house, you already had a meal and you said that you were waiting for me. I’m sorry for being late. I wanna apologize for being late.
  43. Hey there, Hope you are doing just fine .This letter is to make you aware that I am sorry for being late because due to heavy traffic. First of all i would like to thank you for the time you gave me earlier today It was really nice and It made my weekend even awesome. I know its only Sunday but i want to wish you a Happy week ahead..
  44. I’m so sorry I couldn’t pick you up tonight. I had to work late, but i’ll try to make it up to you! I really wanted to see you. You know that I care about you. Your my one and only friend. I hope you understand and forgive me!
  45. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I wanted to look nice for you! Hope I can make it up to you in the bedroom later!
  46. I’m sorry I was late for dinner, the traffic was horrible. I don’t want you to think I don’t love you, because I do. I just have my priorities in life and sometimes they get crossed up. Not often though…
  47. I am so sorry for being late. I got caught up watching videos online and my time flew by. It will not happen again, trust me. I promise to give you all of me, all my energy and love. Knowing you are waiting for me will help me make better choices in the future..
  48. Hugs and kisses to make it all better. I’m so sorry for being late but I hope this helps ease the pain.
  49. I’m so sorry…Work held me up! I’ve missed you.
  50. I’m sorry! I got lost in thought. Couldn’t stop thinking about you. I just wanted to get to you faster. Oh, how I love you.
  51. I’m sorry, I was caught up in traffic. I’m sure you understand. By the way, I got you something.
  52. Hey hon, I’m so sorry for being late! Stupid traffic. Please make sure dad knows where I am, I’ll be right home!
  53. I’m sorry for being late. I couldn’t find a parking space. I had to park six blocks away. I was afraid I was going to miss you!
  54. I know I’m late, but do you still want to go get that coffee or something? I am so sorry this happened. It’s been a crazy day.
  55. Hello I’m sorry for being late. I had to finish my chores, greet my family, take a shower, check on the dog, mow the lawn – and organize the desk drawers. I would say it was no problem but it was really a big one.
  56. I’m Sorry I’m Late Dear, But the traffic was heavy today in accordance to the rains. I also didn’t have breakfast before coming to office and virtually starved myself for you,it’s called love. I Love You.
  57. I’m sorry for being late. I overslept, but I’ll see you there dear.
  58. I’m sorry for being late but I was busy trying to slow down time so that it would last longer.
  59. I’m always late, and I wouldn’t say sorry if I wasn’t. You are so special to me, even the littlest things mean a lot. It’s hard for me to express these feelings in words. Thank you for understanding that sometimes life gets in the way of romance.
  60. I know I’m always late, and I’m sorry. I wish that I could be punctual, but sometimes there are things in my life that are more important than getting somewhere on time. I love you so much and all I want is to spend as much time with you as possible, even if that means being a little late for every occasion!

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