I Will Never Forgive You For Breaking My Heart Quotes

I Will Never Forgive You For Breaking My Heart Quotes

I will never forgive you for breaking my heart quotes, that is the thing that hurts me the most but I will learn to deal with it and not let it hurt me anymore. But it still hurts like hell! Are you going through heart break and need some words to share? Has a lot of Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings you can select from below.


I Will Never Forgive You For Breaking My Heart Quotes

  1. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. I miss my best friend, my lover and the whole world that made me feel safe and cared for. We once laughed together because life was so good. Today there is no laughter; just tears every time I think of you.
  2. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. I was young and so in love with you. You said you would always be there in the good times and the bad, but when I needed you the most, you weren’t there. I had to fight for myself. I fought for you before, but now I’m fighting for myself and my own happiness.
  3. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. I had never felt that kind of heart break before you ruined my life. You made me lose all hope in mankind. I would give anything for a second chance? just one more day would be nice so you could see how much I really loved you, but God knows everything and there is no changing his mind!
  4. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. You have hurt me bad, but I am going to move on and not let you ruin my life. I love you with all my heart, despite how much pain you’ve caused me. I know that hate is consuming me, but I’ll try to forget what happened. Hopefully one day I can forgive you for all you’ve done. maybe.
  5. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart, but I wish you all the best. We have shared wonderful memories together and I will keep them close to my heart forever.
  6. I know that time will eventually heal all wounds, but I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. Love is not supposed to make you feel so low, so crushed and hurt. I will never trust someone ever again the way I trusted you.
  7. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart but I wish a brighter future, lots of love, joy and happiness for you.
  8. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. The pain that I’m going through and the tears that flow from my eyes each day are harder to bear than you think and the worst part is not being able to turn to one person who I thought loved me more than anything and could be there for me shoulder to shoulder. That’s all changed now, isn’t it? You say that you miss me, but I’m sure it must have just slipped your mind that as we spoke you also blocked.
  9. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart, Anais. I can never forgive you because my heart was broken by your betrayal and still it beats for you. I will never forgive you for any of the lies you have spoken, and for anything but the most heartfelt contrition. I do not think that you understand what it means to forgive someone for the things done to them in this life. I am sorry because I am destined to love a person who can never love me back.
  10. Thank you for the most beautiful night of my life. It was a perfect evening from the moment I saw you until the minute I kissed your goodbye. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart, but for one night it felt like it didn’t matter.
  11. Thank you for all the memories, good and bad. And thanks for breaking my heart. It’s a tough lesson but I will get through this and move on. My life is better without you in it, though I am sorry it had to come to this. Thanks for the memories and best of luck in your future.
  12. My heart is broken, there is a hole inside of me. Every time I try to breathe without you there is just an emptiness. You have torn my soul apart and left me to die alone. You said you didn’t want us to end, but that is all you were doing. So, before I fall into your arms don’t ask me to forgive you, just know that I never will. Love you always friend!
  13. It’s been several months since we last talked, I miss my dearest friend. I’ve never met someone like you who’s always selfless and caring. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I wish the best for your future endeavors.
  14. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart, and I will never be able to trust again because of you. I loved you with everything that was in me, but now there is just a cold dark hole waiting to be filled. I know that you did this because you are not happy with yourself, but the fact still remains that I will never forget it.
  15. Time heals broken hearts, but it doesn’t heal the pain of never having enough time. I will always remember the pain you put me through and I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. Good luck to you in the future!
  16. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart multiple times. But that won’t stop me from loving you with all my heart. Our history and your hurtful actions will always be a part of me, but I know I’ll never truly be the same without you. The three of us created beautiful memories together and the new chapter in our lives will be even more amazing. I love you!
  17. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t help but feel that it should have happened a long time ago. But I’m finally going to give up on you. I will not forgive you for breaking my heart, giving me false hopes and all the worries that accompanied them. But I will forgive you for all the fun we had along the way and wish you happiness in your new life without me.
  18. I thought I was over you, but as I sit here crying writing you this letter I realize. I’m not. But with that being said, I will never forgive you for what you have done to me. Had I known being your friend would have caused me so much pain, I would’ve never wasted my time leaving my old school or moving in next door. All these years of friendship mean nothing to you and now after all the promises of us being together forever!
  19. I forgive you for breaking my heart. I have only pity for you, no hatred. I hope you find happiness in your life and that you know the difference between a truly loving person and those who are nothing more than a waste of time.
  20. I will never forgive you, but since I don’t have anything to say to you, I guess I will forgive you. Oh, wait a minute. I also will not forget what you did to me which is why I will never forgive you.
  21. I cannot forgive you and I never will. I feel that the man I thought I knew was an illusion. You showed me a glimpse of your true self and I did not like what I saw. People don’t change, so learn from our mistakes.
  22. I was cheated on by my guy friend. We were dating for almost one year and he cheated on me with my friend. And now she is his girlfriend, and they are in a long-distance relationship. I am so incredibly sad. She is kind of prettier than me. And while he was with me, he used to say that she isn’t his type, but after the break up, they are together. I was madly in love with him and I don’t know what to do.
  23. I remember the day I met you. It was the start of everything. I’ve never been happier than the day I married you and we started our life together. Now that’s coming to an end, and I’ll never forgive you for breaking my heart.
  24. You broke my heart; I will never forgive you for it. To say that I hate you is an understatement. My heart is broken, I have no idea how to get it back together again, and there’s no one in this world who can even begin to put the pieces back together. After all the time we’ve spent together, your lies are unfathomable. Love is such a cruel thing to play with, nobody deserves it and nobody ever wins at it.
  25. I have really loved you, but you deserve so much better. I hope one day you will find your happiness and the person that deserves you. It is impossible to hate you or be jealous of you, but I will never forgive what you have done to me!
  26. I think of you every night, but when I see you, my heart starts beating a million times a second. It’s like my body is moving on its own and I can’t control myself. I never get tired of waking up to kiss you before work, or going to sleep with you in my arms. You are the one person that gives me butterflies no matter where we are or what we’re doing. I love you so much, and I will never forgive anyone who hurts you.
  27. I don’t know why you decided to end it with me, I really loved you (some people say I’m still in love with you). It hurts a lot, but I can’t blame you. I’ve been so bad and nasty before and after we were together, sometimes I think it was my fault. Maybe if I was a better person you’d still be here. Every day that goes by that we aren’t together is like another piece of my heart dying because its slowly remembering your absence!
  28. You broke my heart, and yet I cannot hate you. I still think about you, and wonder how you are doing. I try to move on with my life, but it’s so hard without you. I feel incomplete without you, like a piece of me is missing.
  29. Don’t feel bad for me, I’ll be okay. You, on the other hand, need to move on with your life because I am. While you’re out hooking up with groupies and partying all night, I’ll be at home with friends who appreciate and love me for who I am. And if you think, even for one second that you could come crawling back and we’d pick where we left off think again. For I will never forgive you.
  30. I do not hate you. I do not feel angry at you. I do not wish to cause you trouble or harm. I have a right to be happy, and I can’t allow your mistakes to ruin my life nor the relationship that I had with you. In a way, I’m relieved because it made me realize that the other person who was telling me some things which make me feel so good about myself, was actually telling the truth.
  31. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. It was the biggest mistake of your life to break up with me because I will always love you and there will never be another. You were my first love and my only. Please come back to me, I cannot live without you. Hope we can work this out.
  32. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart. I’ve built a wall around my heart to protect myself and at the first sign of trouble I would jump over that wall and be with you again. But now I can’t find that first brick to rebuild it, while with every new day comes your picture.

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