I Will Never Forgive Or Forget Quotes

I Will Never Forgive Or Forget Quotes

There are many things in life that cause so much hurt and anger, but it is the deep resentment you feel inside that can get you through those dark moments. Here are a few quotes that remind us of the things we will never forget and the people we will never forgive. You can send this messages to express your feelings and pains.


I Will Never Forgive Or Forget Quotes

  1. I would never forgive or forget! After I left my wacko psychotic boyfriend I’m never letting a man put his hands on me again. It’s a shame the way he cared more about his own life than mine.
  2. I’ll never forgive or forget what you did. I’d love to try though. It’s eating me up inside and taking control of my heart.
  3. I will never forget the cold November day you left. You’d given me so many memories, but every last one was wasted. I look back at our past and feel pain; I look at our future, and feel shame. I know that if I just let go of the past I’ll be happy again. Won’t you please come back to me?
  4. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. I wish I could go back and try to change what happened, but no matter how hard I try; nothing will ever be the same again. I am not sure that this was a good idea, because it did hurt me deeply and still does. I will never forgive or forget you for crushing my dreams into tiny little pieces!
  5. I may forgive you someday, but I’m never going to forget. Someday we will both learn that life is too short for us to hold on to a grudge and that it is important to forgive one another.
  6. You say you want to leave me, but I will never forgive or forget. Things go wrong, sometimes that’s how it is. A million times we’ve said, “Don’t you know how much I love you?” But do you? Do you? Do you? And as hard as I try, no matter what I do – I can’t let go.
  7. I was always the one to hold on too tight, You were always the one to let go. I have so much love for you, and being apart is an unbearable pain… I will never forgive or forget you.
  8. I love you and will never forgive you for breaking my heart. You deserve to be lonely. I only hope that the pain you’ve caused me is visible in the mirror, because I’m a reflection of your soul.
  9. This ecard is my final good-bye present to you. I will never forget the time we spent together, because I’ll never forgive you for it!
  10. You may have hurt me, you may have ripped my heart out, you may have lied to me, but I will never forget. I am over you now, and I will never forgive you for what you did to me.
  11. I will never forget the memory of our first kiss, the promise we made to stay together forever and how you broke that promise. I will never forgive you for how you hurt me, for betraying my trust. To say that I am angry would be an understatement as I still carry anger inside of me.
  12. The other day, someone close to me betrayed me and lied about me. I committed myself to ignoring you forever. But, after some time passed and I thought things over, I realized that I will never forget what you’ve done to me and I may never be able to forgive you, but there is one thing I’m sure of. Never will my heart turn cold towards you.
  13. Getting over you is like trying to forget a bad dream. You can try as hard as you want, but in the end you still remember that bad dream. I will never forgive you, and I will never forget how much you hurt me.
  14. I’m sorry, I can’t forgive you for what you have done and I will never forget everything that you have ever done to me. It’s not that I don’t understand why you did it, but the fact is… You hurt me. You’ve made me angry and sad and those feelings won’t ever fade away. It’s been years since it happened but I can’t tell you how much I still resent you for it. You pushed me away with your words and actions.
  15. I know I promised you forever but I will never forgive or forget what you have done. I thought you were one of the good guys but you turned out to be like all the others. I loved you with everything in me and that means more than your words can say, but you left my heart empty and bleeding.
  16. That day will forever be one of my worst memories. I’ll never forgive or forget. I won’t allow myself to.
  17. No matter how hard I try, or how much I forgive my father for his mistakes, he’ll never be able to take back all the pain he caused when I was young. You can’t take back words that you said. Even though I am forgiving, I will never forget.
  18. No matter how many times you apologize, I’ll never forgive you. How could you do that to me?
  19. I know I hurt you, but I have to tell you that I will never forgive or forget what you did to me. You shattered my life!!!
  20. I will never forgive or forget what you did to me, but I will never have the power to stop loving you… Just realize that!
  21. You have gone too far this time. I am hurt and disappointed that you could do this to me. How could you treat me like this, after all the love I gave you? I trusted you and you betrayed me. You lied and deceived me. I will never forgive or forget!
  22. You are my best friend, and I love you so much. Things will never be the same without you. I wish I could turn back time and do everything differently. I just want what is best for you, but know I will never forgive or forget how you treated me.
  23. I will never forget the good times we had. I will never forgive you for what you did.
  24. Over the years I’ve let a lot of things go. People screw up, that’s nothing new. But you took it one step further. You let me down. You have never once apologized or even asked for forgiveness. I can’t speak to you anymore, I can’t look at you or your kids without getting choked up with anger and resentment. You have hurt me too badly and I can’t forgive you.
  25. The time has come to say goodbye. I hate that it has come to this, but there is nothing else I can do. Before you go, please understand that I will never forgive or forget how you made me feel. You have taken something precious away from me and now I will only have to find someone new because of your actions.
  26. My life is a mess because of you. I’ll never forgive or forget how easily you broke my heart.
  27. I will never forgive or forget the way you treated me. But I will never stop loving you! It took so much for me to put that on paper because my heart still loves you. You are a part of me and I will always feel something for you. But the truth is, we’re over and I’ve moved on. If you should ever ask about me again, I’ll say that we had our chance to work it out but it was too late.
  28. I will never forget the things you did to me. I’ll bury our memories so deep that no one will ever find them. I’ll remember how you cheated on me and gave years of my life to someone who didn’t appreciate them. You were a mistake I made and I will never forgive or forget.
  29. I don’t know where I’m headed or where I’m going, the only thing that’s for sure is that you are my guiding light. You are what kept me sane and allowed me to find a road to follow in this life. I will never, ever forgive anyone who tries to stand between us, and I can’t imagine my life without you.
  30. Don’t take this personally, but I will never forget what you did or forgive you.
  31. You lied to me, I trusted you. You stabbed me in the back, I thought we were friends. 4 years of friendship destroyed in 1 day. I will never forgive or forget what you did to me.
  32. Forgive and forget are two different things to me. I will never forget what was done to me and what was said to me. But, I forgive you for all I have been through in this life at your expense. I will forever be in your shadow, but I shall grow strong enough to cast that shadow away from my path forever more.
  33. How do you forgive someone that you loved who did something so distasteful? I will never forget the hurt you caused me. You broke my heart, changed everything, and stole my happiness. The pain is overwhelming. How could you be so cruel? I hate that there isn’t a world where I can hide from the pain.
  34. You never know what you have until you lose it. I loved you, and that love is now gone – and in its place, a desert of ice. I can’t forgive you, so don’t ask for my forgiveness again. I will never forgive or forget.
  35. You loved me once upon a time, you cared for me and you made me love you. But now you’ve lost my heart, it’s been ripped apart by all your hateful words. You left with no explanation or reason, I should feel happy that you’ve moved on but I don’t. I can’t stop thinking about you or loving you and even though I hate it, I won’t ever forgive or forget the way we used to be.
  36. They say that time can heal all wounds, but I will never forgive you or forget how you made me feel. My heart was shattered in a million pieces and it was your fault. I was left picking up the pieces of a broken heart. I wasn’t crying because we were no longer together, but because my once happy life was broken into a million pieces. The thought of ever trusting someone that hurts me again makes me more angry than sad, but now I am with someone who loves me unconditionally.
  37. Friends forgive, but I will never forget how you stood me up for our date. Even though we’re not officially together, I’ll always be loyal and devoted to you! Love you!
  38. For a long time I had the feeling that you were going to takeover my life. Yet I allowed you in. I never thought that the tables would turn and you would be the one to make my life spinning out of control. You came in like a hurricane and swept me off my feet into happiness. Falling for you was the best mistake I have ever made!
  39. I will never forgive or forget what you did to me. I wanted to be your friend and for us to live happily ever after. But today is not a fairytale, now I have to go through every day of my life in pain and sorrow.
  40. I will never forgive or forget your cruelty. I wish you every day to be reminded of how heartless you were even after I loved you for so many years!
  41. Thanks for being my friend. I will never forget you or our friendship. But most of all, I will never forget how much you loved me…I miss you!
  42. You hurt me. You lied to me. You shattered me. I gave you my heart and you threw it in the trash like litter to be forgotten forever. I will never forgive you, and I will make sure everyone knows what you did to me. You thought I was perfect but there’s a secret part of me that is missing because of you!

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