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I Sincerely Forgive You Quotes and Messages

Have you ever needed to write a letter, but didn’t have time to do it? Your answer “YES” is here. Don’t wait any longer and below are collections of I Sincerely Forgive You Quotes for free.


I Sincerely Forgive You Quotes for Him or Her

  1. I love you and I’m sorry if that scares you, but it’s not something I can change. I tried telling myself that I could get over you, but every time I see your smile my heart melts. You are the most beautiful person inside and out and the only who really understands me.
  2. I believe that people make mistakes, even you. You are a very nice person, and there is no one else I would rather spend my life with. I should not have left you, but I did. My mistake has taught me to be a better person, so next time I know who I can and cannot trust. The first time we talked I knew something special was going on. Thank you for not hating me after I hurt you so bad.
  3. It’s not your fault you didn’t know how to love me. I deserve someone who will stay up all night with me when I’m sick, not someone who wants to fall asleep as soon as they walk in the door. Someone who will kiss my forehead while I sleep and make me breakfast any day of the week, not just on weekends. I am so sorry that I wasted two years of my life by trying to be what I thought you wanted me to be. I sincerely forgive you.
  4. I sincerely forgive you for all the pain you have caused me and I hope that one day you will find it in yourself to forgive me.
  5. This is a letter to let you know that I forgive you. I don’t hold your actions against you. I hope one day you will forgive yourself and maybe ask for my forgiveness. Just remember, there’s always hope!
  6. I’m truly sorry for everything I’ve done wrong, I’m sincerely sorry for every tear I’ve caused to flow, I’m sincerely sorry and no words will even come close to telling you how sorry I am.
  7. You always were there for me, even when I made some really stupid decisions in the past. You are a great friend and I hope we can be friends again.
  8. I forgive you for being away late, I forgive you for not doing the dishes, I forgive you for everything.
  9. I forgive you for not being there. I forgive you for letting our relationship fade away. I forgive you for all the time we missed and all the love that is lost. I forgive you for every night that we cried ourselves to sleep, every tear, and every heartache. Even though it hurts so badly when you tell me “I’m not in love with you anymore”, I forgive you…
  10. Your apology is appreciated you’re forgiven don’t make this mistake again
  11. I genuinely forgive you for the misunderstanding and I sincerely apologize for putting you on the spot with my question. We may have our differences, but I respect your position, and appreciate your candor in making this statement. Thank you and have a great week!
  12. I just wanted to let you know that I still care, even though you hurt me so deeply. I hope that you’ve realized your mistakes and won’t make them again. Know that I will always be here for you and love you as much as I still do.
  13. I sincerely forgive you for being so forgivably human, so imperfect and give myself permission to be human and break my rules from time to time. because even though i am forgiving you, we will continue making mistakes, as my flaws are your flaws, and a marriage isn’t about “perfect people,” it’s about two flawed people who love, trust and forgive each other…and all of this is for our own sake; because the “fear of being hurt” and the guilt of hurting.
  14. I love you. Fight thru this fog of doubt and fear, remember my love is genuine and has only your best interest at heart. I sincerely forgive you.
  15. I forgive you. I don’t need to know your reasons, and I don’t need an apology. I remember who it is that I love and if you regret what you did then that’s all I need to know. Because I forgive you and I still love you.
  16. I forgive you, please forgive me too. I forgive you and let’s be friends.
  17. I forgive you, I forgive everything. You’re the only one I want, you’re the only one that I need. Don’t be sad, we will be happy.
  18. Please know I forgive you, and I hope that one day you can find peace in yourself and know you deserve to be happy, have fun and feel worthy. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I’m sending you all my love.
  19. I will always love you… No matter what, so please just be gentle with my heart and i will forgive you.
  20. I know that you have forgiven me. I forgive you too. Anything is possible if you just don’t give up. I love you and I know that you love me.
  21. I sincerely forgive you for giving me the opportunity to know what true love is all about. For everytime I had struggles, I blamed you clutching that coat of armor hiding behind our differences that made me look like a victim knowingly or unknowingly, instead of taking the situation in your hand and be responsible enough to handle those issues on your own.
  22. I forgive you for everything that has occurred or happened in the past, including this thing that had left me angry and upset. I forgive you for anything painful that we may have experienced, especially if it was something inflicted by you. I sincerely hope that the both of us can recover from any differences and misunderstanding that we may have had, so that the better future will come.  I will always look forward to experiencing a much more meaningful relationship in the future with no regrets at all.
  23. I forgive you… I forgive all the conflicts because I know in my heart that you never intentionally tried to hurt or harm me. I forgive you for not being there for me when i needed you most… I forgive for loving him even though he was wrong for you. I forgive your weakness. I forgive because it is of my own weakness that has kept me from helping our relationship back on track.
  24. I want to thank you for being a friend and I want you to know that i forgive you for the things that you’ve done. I know the truth and truth set us free. We’ve come a long way since being kids and you’ll always be my best friend.
  25. I love you more than ice cream I love you more than the crack of dawn I love you more than the sun shining on a rainy day and although I know what you did was wrong I forgive you and we should give it another try.
  26. I guess this doesn’t really count, but I did have to tell you I’m sorry and let you know that I forgive you. My hope is that we can move past this and heal my broken heart. You are so important to me. I wish there was a better way for us to communicate our feelings. I will always love you and work hard not to let this happen again.
  27. Life isn’t easy, and I know that you aren’t perfect. So I forgive you for all of your faults. Because at the end of the day, we are friends… and that’s what we do.
  28. I sincerely forgive you for everything you have done to me and everything you will continue to do. I really don’t care about anything you’ve done, I’m over it. I know all of that stuff was in the past and now we are together and things will be better from now on.
  29. I forgive you for everything you did to me without reason or cause, I forgive you for every tear I shed over your heartless and cruel words, I forgive you for all the sleepless nights I had withering away in fear and worry.
  30. I forgive you for everything, I don’t want things to be this way. All I want is for you to want me the same way I want you.
  31. I forgive you for saying that I’m a disappointment and for seeing yourself the way you do. You are not that. I forgive you for blaming yourself for things that have happened in your life. You are not guilty of those things. I forgive you for thinking you’re irrelevant and a waste of space. You belong here, as you’ve always belonged here. I forgive you for believing that there is no point to talking to people when they won’t listen…
  32. You have done nothing wrong, therefore there is nothing to forgive. I hope you find happiness in whatever you love doing. I will always cherish the time we spent together.
  33. I apologize for making you feel stupid or unwanted. You are my friend, and I was one way before we ever went out. I hope that you can forgive me, because I love you. We’ll always be friends no matter what happens and I’ll always love you…
  34. I’m not mad at you. I’m just disappointed that now we only have one decent beach in the whole city. I don’t know if you’ll take me back, but I hope so.
  35. There’s really no need to apologize for what you said. I know that those words were not directed at me and, even though I didn’t understand why you would say something like that, I am sure that you are a good person and were just saying it out of frustration.
  36. I sincerely forgive you, with all my heart. i sincerely forgive you, and more than that, i am praying for you. Mistakes won’t lose your life but off-handed remarks might infect be the cause of sorrows.
  37. I sincerely forgive you for all the mistakes you have made in the past. I will not harbor any resentment, anger or hate.
  38. I am so sorry for having experienced such a difficult and painful life. i forgive you for not being able to exist in a more positive world. I forgive you for your drug addiction, abuse and insanity. I love you and appreciate the fact that I have another chance to live. I forgive you from the bottom of my heart if there is something left to forgive.
  39. I sincerely and humbly forgive you for all the wrong you have done to me. Although at first I was hurt and saddened, I now realize that what is done is done and we must move forward from this. My heart is true and filled with love for all people but I cannot stand by idly as you are a detriment to yourself, your family, and the world. I will always be here for you if you choose to become someone better, but if not, so be it.
  40. I forgive you sincerely for not just the abuses but for everything. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that true forgiveness is hard, but it is the only way for true peace. I wish nothing but happiness for you in this life and all the lives to come!
  41. I am glad that you are my partner and my friend. I wish that you will be healthy, wealthy and wise. I am very grateful to have you in my heart. I sincerely forgive you for your misunderstanding.
  42. I just want to tell you that I forgive you. I do not know what happened or why, but I forgive you. My heart is not with you anymore but my mind is and always will be.
  43. I forgive you for anything and everything you’ve ever done to upset me or cause me pain. I don’t want anything negative between us, I just want harmony and peace. I love you very much.

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