I Forgive You Message For Her

I Forgive You Message For Her

I forgive you message for her is the collection of what to say when you want to tell your wife, girl friend or family member that you forgive them. You can pick lines from these messages and use them to express what you meant when the time is right to do it. While this collection contains some funny forgiveness messages, there are also those that have some deep meaning in them.


I Forgive You Message For Her

  1. I forgive you for leaving me alone. I forgive you for walking out the door. I forgive you for the pain and division you caused. I forgive all your shortcomings and wrong doings for my sake. But most of all, I forgive you, because it’s over and I love you still.
  2. I just wanted to write you a little message to let you know how much I love you. Just know that no matter what happens, I forgive you and I hope that one day you will be able to forgive yourself as well. We all make mistakes and we learn from them in the process. All I want is for us to be happy together so whenever you need me, all you have to do is look into my sincere eyes and find everything that your heart desires deep inside of me.
  3. I’m sorry for what happened between us. I didn’t mean to hurt you and I know that I can be hard to deal with sometimes. People have always told me I’m sweet but tough. It’s something that I’m working on and so are you. For all that you’ve done for me, I forgive you, I love you
  4. Although I do not like you, there is a place in my heart for you. Although I do not agree with you, I can respect your point of view. Although I do not care for you, I wish you well.
  5. I forgive you for saying things you did and I hope one day you will forgive me for my tendency to overreact.
  6. I forgive you for everything that you had done wrong. I forgive you for hurting me, because it made me stronger and more complete. I forgive you for the loneliness in my life. It had taught me to enjoy the precious moments of being with people. I forgive you for making me sick, because it made me considerate about what’s good and healthy. I forgive you for all the tears that I used to shed. Because they had made me tearless and strong enough to endure the trials.
  7. I forgive you for not being there when I needed you most, for breaking my heart and for going against me. You taught me a lesson I will never forget. Do not take people who love you for granted and do not ever break their hearts? Please, don’t be afraid to apologize, hold your head up high, and realize that life goes on. I forgive you.
  8. I have forgiven you for hurting me so bad. I have forgiven that night for being so painful. I have forgiven you for breaking my heart in two. For I know how much you loved me and I still love you, despite it all.
  9. I forgive you. I know that we fight sometimes, and I know that our relationship is hard sometimes. But you are one of the most important people in my life, and I love you a lot. Please know that no matter what, the important things have not changed. I will always love you and support you.
  10. I forgive you for everything you’ve ever done. I forgive you for everything you will ever do. I will never leave your side, my love. You are my destiny and my everything, forever yours.
  11. I forgive you for every bad thing you’ve done. I may not forget but I make sure to not hold it against you. I hope you know that my forgiveness does not mean I forget, because that is impossible.
  12. I forgive you for working late too often and not being here when I get home from work. I forgive you for forgetting weekend plans because something unexpected came up at work. I forgive you for your flaws and all your annoying habits that drive me crazy but I still love you.
  13. I wanted to say thank you for forgiving me. I know it’s been hard. I am so very sorry for all that’s happened. I’ve made some terrible mistakes and should have known better. But I would be nothing without you in my life, and I always want you by my side. Thank you for loving me.
  14. I forgave you this morning for all the stupid embarrassing things you did before and after I met you. I don’t want to spend any more time thinking about it. I love you so much and only want to focus on us and our bright future together!
  15. I forgive you for not loving me every single day. I forgive you for not missing me as much as I miss you. I forgive you for everything. I will never blame you for my pains. Forgiveness is something that can heal a heart broken in two. So, I forgive you friend!
  16. I love you and I have to say that I am very sorry for what happen. You are my true love and I cannot imagine life without you. I know that there is nothing much that i can do but just to tell you that I miss your touch. I will try my best to understand your feelings and forgive you for anything.
  17. We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end we kneel down as we become wiser. Forget all the fights that ended with hurting, forgive and forget. I forgive you for everything you’ve done wrong to me, forget about all the grudges we once held. I hope we can be friends again, I don’t want this to go on any longer.
  18. I forgive you. Allow me to take every bit of your burden away. Let my love heal you, let me make you happy and comfortable. I will care for you like no other in the world, cherish and adoringly love each other till the end of time. Let’s work it out together, I am always with you sweetheart.
  19. I forgive you for the things you said in anger. I forgive you for thinking of leaving me to be with the other woman. I forgive you for embarrassing our family and losing all my friends because of your foolishness. I forgive you for lying to me every day over and over again, I even forgive you for everything you haven’t done yet.
  20. I forgive you for every mistake, every fight, and every disagreement. For all the times you were unkind to me and were insensitive to how my heart feels. I choose to forgive you because I know life is short and it’s too precious to live with resentment. I choose love, not hate.
  21. I forgive you for what you have done because I know that deep down inside you have a soft heart and you are a kind person. I do accept your apology, however it doesn’t make everything alright again. I can’t simply forget what happened.
  22. I know that you’re probably angry with me, and you have every right to be. I’m sorry I hurt you again and again. I promise to stop doing it. I love you.
  23. I forgive you for running into my car, i forgive you for forgetting my important dates, i forgive you for not listening to my advice. i forgive you for being late and i forgive you for being expensive. i forgive you for not calling me back, i forgive you for never finishing what you started and I’ll even forgive that huge dent in my car! As long as we’re together I’ll always love you!
  24. I forgive you for the way you hurt me. I forgive you for not answering my texts for two weeks. I forgive you for gossiping about me behind my back. I forgive you for lying to me about how much I meant to you when in fact I meant everything to you. I forgive you for hanging out with your friends more than me, even though we always talked about our future together and how we’d be each other’s last love. Even though I knew better and still believed.
  25. I forgive you for your mistakes, too many to count. I forgive you for crying late some nights. I forgive you for your regrets, and those sleepless nights. I forgive you for not being there, when I woke up in the night. I forgive you for letting me win an argument, and letting me be right sometimes.
  26. I forgive you for lying to me. I forgive you for cheating on me. I forgive you for breaking my heart into a million pieces. But most of all, I forgive you for not saying sorry to me. It has taken me so long to say these words to you. Now that I am saying this, let me tell you I still love you and will always do because deep inside of me, it is true.
  27. I forgive you, as much as I love you, as much I want to spend my life with you. As much as I want to be the mother of your children. I forgive you, send this card and mean it.
  28. I forgive you for not believing in me. I forgive you for your endless mistakes. I forgive you for all the reasons that made me upset, angry, sad and confused. I forgive you because it is hard to hate someone I love so much. And most importantly, I forgive you because you always find a way to make me smile.
  29. I love you, even when I don’t want to. I forgive you, even when you don’t want me to. I know that’s incredibly hard to live with and it’s equally as hard on me, but I believe forgiveness is important in relationships. We are not perfect humans and we never will be, so we must work through our problems together. Love always makes the tough times easier and the good times better.
  30. I forgive you for the mistakes you made in the past, I forgive you for any wrong decisions you made. I just want you to know that I love you from the depths of my heart. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. The only thing that matters is how much I love and care about you. It doesn’t matter what happens in life, as long as we are together whatever happens will be a fun ride!
  31. I forgive you for all that you’ve done and will do in the future. You made a mistake, but will make another. My heart forgives you, my body loves your touch. Always remember how much I love you, how beautiful your soul is, how lucky I am to have you by my side.
  32. I forgive you if you let me be. I forgive you if you let me grow. I forgive you if you let me love myself. I forgive you because there is no one else to blame for my miseries. I forgive you for being a jerk but being true to yourself because it’s the only way that’s going to get better, it’s not just hurting me but it is also hurting yourself as well.
  33. it’s been hard and i feel like I’ve failed you but I forgive you, I am sorry it took me so long to see that I needed to let go of all the anger. I forgive you and I want nothing more than to be happy with you.
  34. I forgive you and all your mistakes. You deserve better than what I have become and it’s time I try to be a better man for you. I love you so much and hope that we can work past this. You are a blessing in my life, please give me another chance!

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