31 Heartbreak Quotes For Him – Words of Comfort for a Broken Heart

Heartbreak Quotes For Him

Heartbreak Quotes For Him

1.  What’s more painful than having your heart shattered by the one person that brought you out of darkness into the light. The one person that made every breath mattered. The one person who gave you the confidence to defeat the forces of the world. You did all these and more. Yet, you walked out of my life and shut the door against me. You ripped out my heart from my body and trampled on it. Using the word hurt won’t best describe how I feel at this point. I’m beyond broken because you left with a part of me. I still love you and am hopeful that we get back together someday.


2.  Can someone wake me up from this dream? The reality of our ship hasn’t dawned on me. My brain is yet to come to the realization that you’re gone. That you’ve taken a leap to the other side of life without me being at your side. I’m so heartbroken. I loved you with the tiniest strands of my heart. I worshipped you and you chose to walk out like I was a plaque. I’m grieved and forever will. For you matched my vibes and personality when others didn’t. At such, you’ll remain in my heart forever.


3.  Since the instant we stopped sailing, I lost a huge part of me to you. The days and nights seem longer and unbearable for you’re the only one that makes everything bubbling and memorable. The sun that shines through my world has been cut off. Darkness has enveloped me and left me in utter despair. With you, I felt the colorfulness of the world. Now, the scale has fallen off and I can clearly see how colorless the world has become. This is an implication that you were my life. How do I move on without you? I miss you and can’t wait for this to phase out.


4.  I offered you my heart and you bombarded me with heartaches and pains. What did I ever do to deserve all that? I loved and sacrificed my life for you. I made you a priority because you mattered most. But instead, you took everything I did for granted and forsake me when the world reared its ugly head. You had my trust completely destroyed and made a complete fool of me. You’ve finally pierced an arrow into my heart. Nonetheless, I will always love you till eternity.


5.  The most beautiful memories are created through love. They are bored from a stem that breeds a natural ambiance of love. That was what we had. We were an alliance in defeating the challenges that were constantly being dished out to us by the caprices of life. Our fierceness was unstoppable. Sadly, that alliance seems to have been broken. You wrecked me the day you put a stop to the end of our relationship. It as though the earth had crumbled underneath my feet. If you ever decide to come back, I’ll be here with my arms spread out to receive you.


6.  Breaking into the dawn of a new day brings forth memories that can’t be quenched. Just yesterday, we were the happiest couple. We were the envy of all by means of the spark that stems from our union. I was elated. So elated knowing I had someone who genuinely loved me for who I’ve been created to be. Now, it’s a whole new season with different episodes. You broke my heart without cognitive reasons for why you did what you did. I’ve been immersed in pain by the one person who gave me the best smiles and laughter. What an irony? Nevertheless, I’ll keep loving you still regardless of our situation.


7.  I vividly recall how you sewed my heart when it was shattered by my first love. You held me, looked into my eyes, and promised you were going to be different and to be the best. You promised to keep holding my hands in respective of the arrows that are being shot at us. I believed and trusted you thereby, opening my heart once again to usher in love. And what happened? You went behind and tarnished my image to the world. You stabbed me over and over without mercy. I’m I hurt? Oh yes. But that wouldn’t stop me from loving you. I will till the end of time.


8.  All the years we spent together has been thrown out like a bag of garbage. The tears, smiles, pain, and happiness we shared have all gone down the drain. You hastily forgot about all we went through for a few negative things you were told. All these while, I thought you knew me. I thought you were my backbone and will always have my back. Guess I was wrong. You let humanity to put asunder in what we have. I’m so speechless and hurt right now. I did love and care. Well, it only shows you don’t deserve me and never will.

9.  No matter what I say at this moment, I know it wouldn’t change the course of things. It’s now glaring that your mind is made up and you wouldn’t want to take a step backward. I admit to bringing such a predicament upon us. You never did me wrong but loved me as a true lover should. What did I give out in return? Pains, sadness, and torture. Seeing you walking out on me destroyed me completely. I’m broken and you’re the only one who can mend my heart. Come back, please.


10.  What’s the point of scaling through life when the person who made your existence meaningful has left you stranded? It has been a dejected and sorrowful week for me. All our dreams and aspirations have now been halted. Now, who will be down for me like you’ve always done? Who’s going to bring back that jovial and bubbling side of me? You said you were leaving but I didn’t know you were leaving with my heart and my soul. Each day feels out of place without you. What a sad period. Can you reverse your decision just this once? Because I truly love and miss you.


words of comfort for a broken heart

11.  The heart is the facet and vital part of the human body. It is the only part of our being that births all types of emotions. It never gets old, weary, and weak. But once broken, it can never be stitched.


12.  Slowly, slowly we cut across borders when we connect with our soulmates. The barriers and obstacles become invisible when the heart has chosen who it wants. But when shredded like chunks of beef, we tend to lose our true identity for eternity. Heartbreak ruins and mars us.


13.  The thrill of love can last for a long-range of time. The passion of love can never be diluted when we connect with the right person chosen by mother nature. But the pains emanating from a heart that is broken can last millions of years.


14.  The older we grow, the happier we become. The longer we’re exposed to the bliss that resides within the four corners of the earth, the better we get. However, the more heartbreaks we get, the more we wish to have remained as children because they were no broken heart to be fixed.


15.  You promised to fly with me. But flew out leaving me wingless. You gave me a voice to speak and you left leaving me voiceless. You stood and spread out your shield over me from getting hit by life stray bullets, but ended up walking off with the shield. What a tragedy!


16.  I was drowned in the ocean of pain when you said the most hurtful three-letter words ever. I spent the rest of my days wailing and hurting from the damages my broken heart had to endure. And then one day, It doesn’t hurt anymore.


17.  Addiction is never a facade. It is real. It eats you up and controls the powerhouse which is your brain. What’s worse? Loving someone who breaks your heart and watching your love turning into an addiction. You not only feel the pain that comes with it but remains heart wrenched for the number of years you get to live on earth. Heartbreak kills.


18.  You can quit on life, friendship, and dreams. But love is the strongest pill one can never quit on. It is hypnotizing, consuming, and resilient due to its powerful nature. When you eventually try to, you get broken for the rest of life.


19.  Don’t wail when the sunlight withdraws to its shell. Don’t wail when darkness falls on the earth and linger longer than it should. Smile, for in those moments, you are being transcended to a new day beaming with the rays of light. With pain comes happiness.


20.  Time is the voyage of Love from centuries to centuries. A wounded heart gets mended by time. A broken heart gets healed by time. However, a heart that is waiting on love can be ripped in less than a minute. Heartbreak is and will always be an enemy to the heart.


21.  When you give someone all of your heart, more than they should ever deserve, you get heartbreak in return. Loving the right one will cause you years of happiness. But loving the wrong person that shouldn’t be given a quarter of your heart, will cause years of endless pain.


22.  A person’s love for you is reflected in the effort they put into making your life as sweet as honey. If they aren’t putting effort to prove their love and affection towards you, then you are yet to find the one who owns your heart. Don’t get your heart broken for someone who is less deserving of you.


23.  Goodbyes are never said with smiles on the faces. Goodbyes are said with a heavy heart that has been drenched from loving a wrong soul. And the painful aspect is saying goodbye to the one who you thought would spend eternity with you.


24.  A person that means so much to you today, could mean nothing to you the next day. Hence, we’ve been blessed with a gift to be strong in situations that get the heart torn apart for we either win in love or lose in love.


25.  The heart is the softest part of the human body. When it loves, it loves wholeheartedly. And when it hates, it hates with a passion. But as soft as it may seem, one heartbreak could lead to a lifetime of pain.


26.  In the depth of my fragile heart are failed promises and broken trust. Right in there lies a heart that will take years and years to be fixed, for it was given to a soul that never understood the value of the heart he once owned. I may be down today, but I’ll overcome this.


27.  Heartbreak is a disease that mustn’t be contacted. It’s highly infectious and eats deep into the body like a cankerworm. When plagued by it, the heart swells and it’s damaged by the eruptive impulses created by the disease. If we do not love with caution, we get stroked by such a disease.


28.  It is said that there are hundreds of ways to die and heartbreak is one of them. Pains come in diverse ways and forms that can’t be handled nor controlled on all occasions. Sadly, heartbreak is among such for when one’s heart is broken, it never reciprocates the love.


29.  Someday, you’ll take a walk through memory lane to recall all the beautiful and engraving moments we did have. How engrossed and attached we were that made us inseparable. And for each thought you’ll have, you’ll have regrets for letting what we once had to be brought to an end.


30.  I don’t know if the day will ever come where I get to stop thinking about you. Each second am alone, I’m reminded of what we’ve become through the blasting of songs that depict heartbreak. I’m beyond broken like a broken chord of a guitar. I did love and still love you, honey. A part of my heart will always be yours.


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