Happy New Month Quotes For A Friend

If you’re looking for New Month quotes for a friend or family member, then this might be the article for you.  I’m sure that most people have found it easier to send SMS messages with their phone or tablet or  even send emails, so this post is here to help you find some great New Month Quotes


Happy New Month Quotes For A Friend

  1. Happy New Month to you my friend. And hope it brings you all the happiness and success that your heart desires.
  2. This is the best day of the month! Happy New Month to you!
  3. I pray this month is filled with happiness, good health, and incredible victories! May today be the first of many happy, healthy months spent together. I love you so much and I’m so lucky to have you as my friend!
  4. Here’s to our friendship, the one that started out with a stupid fight and ended up being the best part of my day. Happy New Month!
  5. Happy New Month from your favorite friend! I hope everything is going great for you, I’m just so glad we have a lot of things in common this year to talk about. Take care and stay up to date with everything, this is our best month yet!
  6. Join me in celebrating the first day of a new month. Let us each be a friend to those around us. May we represent ourselves with honor and respect, having the courage to be truthful. In all things, may we find understanding and respect for our fellow peers.
  7. Happy New Month my friend. I hope you had a wonderful 2023! It’s time to change your New Year’s resolution and read more books. Make good decisions this year and work on being a better person, friend and parent. You are the best friend I have ever had, with awesome personality and great laughter. Thanks for all you do each and every day for me. Thanks for always being there when I need to talk. Thanks for cheering me up when times get tough.
  8. I hope you had a wonderful month this year. We all have ups and downs, so be careful on the way up! Love, _____.
  9. This month you lost a job, sold me a car and promised to call me back. I hope you learn to always trust people and that you don’t lose your job next time. This month I can’t wait for the summer, so get ready because it’ll be awesome! Have an awesome new month!
  10. May this new month bring you love, happiness and the best moments of your life! You are the best friend I could have ever asked for. I am so happy to have you as a friend and your friendship brings me so much joy every single day. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
  11. Hey, Happy New Month and all the best wishes of the year ahead. May this year be even more special, full of love and happiness. Let’s keep our friendship strong OK?
  12. Hey, Happy New Month! You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I hope you have a great month and are really excited about it.
  13. Have a wonderful month. I can’t wait to see you in January.
  14. You are a terrific friend. Your friendship has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. I love being with you and we will continue to be friends for the rest of our lives!
  15. I hope your month is filled with love, happiness, and success! May this be the best year of my life! I love and miss you tons.
  16. Happy New Month!! May this holiday bring everything you want in life and more! I can’t believe it’s already February, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have more chances to find a boyfriend. Have a great start into February.
  17. Happy New month! I look forward to our new year together. Your humor and warm heart make me happy everyday. I can’t believe we’ve been together 10 years already. I love you more and more each year.
  18. The months are passing by way too fast. January isn’t a month go fast, well that’s what I tell myself anyway. Everyday is so short and full of life changes. Its hard to keep up with everything going on in our lives. So many things are happening and so much changing! I love you man, thanks for always being there for me and no matter what I put you through nothing can make me mad at you. You’ll always be my guy and my best friend!
  19. Happy New Month! I hope this month brings you lots of happiness and new opportunities. I cherish our friendship.
  20. Happy New Month! I would like to wish you a very Happy New Month, may you have a prosperous correspondence and further wealth. May every minute of time spend with you be done goodfully, and may each night be spent with joy.
  21. Best wish for a Happy New Month ahead as you make your way through the year with lots of love and happiness. I am happy that we are friends and I hope you stop by sometime soon.
  22. Happy New Month, my friend! May all your days be filled with happiness and good fortune. I wish you a wonderful friendship, cheerfulness, and beauty in the new year. Please feel free to hit me up anytime for book recommendations, mead, suicidal thoughts, or complaints about life in general.
  23. Good morning dear friend, it was lovely meeting you last night, I hope you enjoy the pictures. I look forward seeing you in March. I love sharing happy moments with you and hope to share many more…Happy New Month!!!
  24. Happy New Month to a special friend of ours! I really hope that you had a great time and that you are getting back to way healthier than you were last month. Let’s keep the good vibes going and continue to support each other in all our health related journeys for the rest of the year!
  25. Some months last much longer than others. Sometimes hurt is a part of life that we have no control over. But, what matters is how each of us handles it and the way we adapt to changing situations. We hope that this month has been much better for you.
  26. Hello! Happy New Month! I hope you have a wonderful year so far. I wanted to write this note for you because I love you so much, and I think that is the kindest thing anyone could do.
  27. I hope you have a splendid and wonderful year. I wish you everything most important in your life, and I’ll always be here to support you. Happy New Month!
  28. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous new month. I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are.
  29. Hey, how are ya doing? Happy New Month to you, and I hope all your thoughts turn out bright. I know life can be rough. But remember us, we’re always here for you to make you smile.
  30. I hope you have a great 1st month in your new job. I am so glad we are still friends. You are the best and mean so much to me. Happy New Month!
  31. Happy New Month, my best friend! We’ve been friends for over a decade now and I’ve got to admit, we’ve had some great times together. And you know what? We still have more to come!
  32. Happy New Month. Nothing ever changes for the better, but we can always make it better. The sunny days are ahead of us. Let’s make this a wonderful one!
  33. We are often faced with an obstacle. It’s something we cannot avoid, like a speed bump. What we can do is choose which way we’re going to go, and determine if our decisions are leading us on the right path. To all my friends, I wish you all the best for this month. Remember to enjoy life and make each day count. Your friend,
  34. It’s happy new month! Wish you all the best. Let the new month bring many interesting and pleasant occasions, happy wishes, and unique deeds! Happy New Month to you.
  35. Happy New Month, friend! You are one of my best friends and I love everything about you. I hope as a new year progresses we can talk more and more about every aspect of our life. I wish you all the luck in the world!
  36. I wanted to wish you a happy new month. I know of no one who deserves the happiness and joy that you bring into my life than you. You are such an awesome person and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Have an amazing month with all your family and friends!
  37. I hope that the month of February smoothly goes by and everything is good with you. I hope this month is filled with love, friendship and great moments.
  38. As the month begins, so does a brand new year.I wish you a happy new month filled with love, joy and success. May you have all your dreams and wishes come true. I will always be here for you if you need someone to talk to.
  39. Want to play games? You’re on. I like it when you take your time and come see me. Hurried love is never enough for us, cause we have so many things that we want to tell each other. Happy New Month!
  40. I hope you have a great month. I’m looking forward to being friends with you again and hopefully much more! Things are going GREAT! I love you so much!!!
  41. I hope 2023 is the best year of your life, a year that brings you everything you have ever imagined. Thank you for being there and being with me during all the ups and downs. Happy New Month!
  42. This is a pretty hard and scary month for me, but if you were by my side I would feel at ease. I appreciate everything you do for me and how much you care. I am very lucky to have you in my life. Happy New Month to my friend!
  43. My beloved friend, Happy New month! I really appreciate you as a friend and as a girlfriend. You’ve always been wonderful to me like you know. You are special to me in every sense since day one. I’m never going to forget you! This year is brand new; It’s a fresh start for us both. I wish you all the best this year and they love, joy, laughter, and happiness that you can ever get…
  44. You make life good every day, and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Happy New Month!
  45. Dear friend, I got your notes today, and it made my day. Coming from you, it made my whole year! As we head towards a new month, filled with new beginnings, please continue doing what you do best. I know the results will be wonderful. After all, it is you who makes me yearn for tomorrow so much more. There is no soul that I know so richly deserving of all the happiness that life brings us as you are. With all my love, Happy new month!
  46. I’m so happy to have you in my life. You make each day a little brighter. I wish you a wonderful month filled with love, happiness and lots of fun loving you!!
  47. Happy New Month my friend! May all the days be bright for you! I wish we could stay friends, but am glad our paths crossed to leave a mark on each other. Have a great day today and know that I am always thinking of you.
  48. Happy New Month. I want to wish you a great New Month and hope that this new month is the best one of your lives. It is a time to start afresh and move forward and I hope for you this holds true for you.
  49. Thanks for being so awesome and your support through all my hard times. I love you so much, have a great month!
  50. Happy New Month!! I hope you have a wonderful new year! I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for us. I’ll keep giving you flowers, because you’re beautiful.

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