Powerful Happy New Month Quotes and Prayers

New month prayers

The power of words is unlimited. The hustle and bustle of life can get us worked up, and we may not realize as time pass by. New months quotes and prayers act as reminders as well as a catalyst to prepare us for the odds of the future, below are a couple of such messages, you could send to loved ones and friends.


• In the next 30 days to come, I pray for you to meet up with the expectations of your heart. The challenges of the past 30 days will be conquered to the amazement of men. May this new month bring to you, your heart desires, warm feelings of love, and extraordinary grace. Look ahead with confidence as you overcome the challenges of the next 30 days — happy new month.


• We happily sailed through the water of tribulations in the past month. Today, we celebrate as we make a grand entry into another chapter of our lives. Look ahead with optimism, for the next 30 days shall be one filled with nothing but the triumphant joy of victory.


• We are filled with gratitude as we cross over into the next 30 days. Though trials and tragedy beset us, we are more than confident that the grace of the good Lord will overshadow us. Success shall be your story; excellence will spot you, as you make endeavors to succeed this month.


• The fastest does not always win the race, and the mightiest do not always emerge the victor in battle. But he who has the favor of the One True Supreme excels in all that his hands find. This month may the lasting grace of the Most High God see you. Your plans will succeed because the Ancient of Days supports you.


• Daily, as we each make our way to schools, workplaces, and other places of interest. The aura of confidence that burn in us, propel us to make more enormous strides. This month, as you make another 30-day journey through the hustles of life, May the kind mercy of the Lord equip you with the burning desire to succeed.


• Last month, you made a giant stride in your life. Many achievements came your way, you succeeded in diverse fields, this month, as new opportunities approach your path, may you use to the fullest this opportunities. May your life-long dream come into reality this blessed month.


• On this auspicious occasion, we celebrate the survival of the last couple of days, while gallantly looking forward to what the next 30 days has in store for us. Challenges will arise, negative minds will try to break us, but the joy that burns in us, sees us float through these troublesome times.


• Bright smiles, splendid weeks, inspirational vibes, all this I wish you this month. As we all look forward to the next couple of days with optimism, I pray the good love of the One True God brings your heart’s desires to life. By the end of the next 30 days, may you be among the many who will glorify the Universal Sovereign for His Goodness and Mercy.


• While we look back at our life journey over the last few months, ponder on decisions we took, friendships we extended, relationship we endured, another month has arrived, granting us the chance to correct the ills of our decisions in the last couple of months, dismantle negative relationships, while establishing new frontiers as well as investing in our potentials. As we do all this, I pray for you to succeed as well as continue to be the best version of your self.


• Procrastinated goals, untended apologies, postponed projects, this month, you shall complete all. Today as a new day arrives, we celebrate the end of 30 days while basking in the euphoria of the arrival of another. This new month is another opportunity, The Most High, has granted us, to do the needful. Say NO to procrastination as you achieve to the fullest, works, projects left undone. May the True God see you through this month.


• Many lives ended over the last couple of days, yet you and I despite not deserving it, have our lives spared to witness the arrival of this wonderful month. As you take time to thank God for safeguarding us all till this point, take a moment to reflect on the impact you are having on those around you. Invest more in people, see the world as a place where the collective actions of the majority can correct the ills of society. Change the world, One person at a time, but that Change begins with you and I. I wish you a prosperous and enjoyable new month.


• The power of staying optimistic, positive despite life’s challenges is a virtue that once cultivated, can make us resilient to the toughest of life’s pressure. You and I. have subtly overcome the challenges of the last 30 days As we gallantly await what this beautiful month has in store for us all, may you be better equipped with divine wisdom as well as grace from the Most High God to overcome tribulations.


• The Ups and Downs of life can be frustrating, yet you and I survived the trials of life to witness the excellent beginning of this new month. While we learn from the experiences of the last couple of days, may we become better equipped to withstand future trials. This month, the Grace of the Only True God will locate us, as well as favor us to succeed.


• Last month, several people celebrated exciting moments. This month, we will experience cause to celebrate ours. Problems which beset us will be resolved. We will be plunge out of circumstances that have left us saddled with sadness. Jubilation, as well as continual success, will be what you and I, will experience this month. As we continue to persevere in whatever unfavorable circumstance we find ourselves, this month, we will witness a miraculous turn around of events.

Look forward to the next couple of days with optimism, Lionheart.

New month quotes and prayers


•  As you begin this new month, may God surprise you and your family supernaturally, as you all embark on a blissful journey this month. Happy new month.


•  Here is a short prayer for you. May you be blessed beyond measures, may celebration never cease from your life, and may you experience peace in all ramifications of life. Amen. I wish you a splendid month ahead.


•  On this joyous day, may the gates of success and fruitfulness be opened for you as God empowers you to fulfill all of your goals. A beauteous new month to you.


•  Welcome to a new month. A month predestined for signs and wonders. The sorrows and tears shed the previous month end with it. The temptations and trials experienced the last month will be overcome this new month as God’s grace grants.


•  Happy new month. This month is blessed, favored, and will be triumphant. Put on your dancing shoes in preparation for your breakthrough as success comes knocking on the door — a happy new month to you.


•  My prayer for you is to excel where others failed, to jump over any hurdles, and to scale higher and higher without falling. I love you, and I wish you a superb and a splendor month ahead.


•  May there be sparkles, sunshine, and stars in your life and career this new month, shining so bright in whatever you achieve. Remain blessed. I wish you a fun-filled month.


•  A new month,  a new goal,  a new plan, and a unique achievement. That’s my wish and prayer for you. Have a blessed month.


•  This month shall be a month of divine visitation, extraordinary favor, and financial increase in your every dimension. The burdens and obstacles you experienced the previous month, won’t have a hold on you from this moment — happy new month.


•  This month,  all your dreams and expectations won’t be cut short in Jesus name. Amen. Have a fun-filled and stress-free month.


•  This month is far better than the latter.  This month will bring good luck, happiness, and constant favor to your doorsteps.  Enjoy your month.


•  My wish is for this month to be your best month ever as you begin a new phase of your journey — all the very best.


•  I pray that this new month brings sunshine into your soul as you prepare to put your plans into action. May a bouquet of divine blessings be handled to you this month as you begin the month today.


•  Just like the wind,  may God breeze into your life peace, happiness, and warmth, causing you to leap for joy, while He uplifts you into a supernatural realm as you keep chasing your vision. Happy newest month.


•  Happy new month. I prophesy greatness and prosperity into your family — happy new month.


•  I heartily welcome you to another month. I pray that all your plans for this new month be fulfilled beyond expectations — a happy new month to you.


•  Starting from this moment, you will rise and overcome any limitations and barriers that have been set ahead of you — happy new month.


•  Your achievements shall speak forth for you in this blessed month as men will join you to celebrate your success. Get ready to excel in all dimensions.


•  May good news and celebrations never depart from your family. May good health, sound mind, and all the best things in life begin to magnetize their way into your life and that of your family. Amen. Happy new month.


•  As we begin a new month, your pin to your breakthrough will not be tempered within Jesus name. Have a wonderful month. I wish you all the best.


•  A happy new month to you, my dearest friend. May this month be equipped with God’s goodness, laughter, and fun, bringing smiles to your face. Enjoy the rest of the month friend.


•  You’re stepping into this new month stronger, better, and healthier than before. No doubt this month will be kind and friendly to you — happy new month.


•  As the sun gives light to the world, in the same way, will your gifts and attributes manifest so much before men. Have faith and be expectant. Enjoy this new month as you remain blessed.


•  A new month is a sign that we’re climbing higher and higher in life. As such, you shall continue to scale higher than the previous months with God granting you the strength to do so. A happy new month to you.


•  I see all of your heart desires and wishes being answered this new month. Wait for it — happy new month.


•  This month, your goals and ambition will come to fulfillment as you embrace these prophecies with unyielding faith. A Happy new month of all-around blessings awaits you.


•  Hurry! It’s a new month again. A month filled with Great promises and fulfillment for you. May it bring a quantum leap of joy and opportunities for you. Live this month to the fullest dear.


•  A new month is here again. I’m so excited to celebrate this new month with you. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. Let your life be trolled with fresh air all through this month.


•  Yippee! What a joy to be able to cross over to another stupendous month. This is just the start of your breakthrough. This month will usher in blessings in the form of sun rays into your family — happy new month.


•  Finally! It’s another month, baby.  May this month be jam-packed with tons of celebrations, dancing, great news, and endless fun. Can’t wait to celebrate with you. New month, new open doors dear. Have a blast.


•  Beginning from this month, you shall multiply and be prosperous. All your pain and challenges shall be carted away just as the light chases away the darkness. This is your set month of celebration — happy new month.


•  Worry not about the previous month, for God is set to wrought wonders in your life and your family in this beautiful month. I wish you all a joyful month.


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