Powerful Happy New Month Prayers Quotes

Powerful Happy New Month Prayers Quotes

Happy New Month Quotes and Prayer are two of the best ways to start new month with all the zeal and strength. It is a time-tried tradition to start the new month with some inspiration and yearning. You can find Happy New Month Prayers Quotes in this post.


Happy New Month Prayers Quotes

  1. Happy New Month! I am sending you this message on your way to the first day of the month with much love. I want to declare that no year is complete without including you in it. You add sweet taste to my life, and I wish we will never run out of it!
  2. Blessed be the hour and moment of this happy epoch, which I have taken to pen down my wishes for you. May your life be filled with new-life experiences as well as bright ideas, which will follow you throughout your journey through this world. This new month holds many opportunities for you, so keep your eyes open so that you do not miss them.
  3. New month, new year, same you. Your presence makes me happy and I am excited to see what the future holds for us. Have an amazing month babe!
  4. Let’s make this new month a good one. I hope to start things off with a smile on your face, and you will do the same for me. I can’t get enough of you, because you are just so wonderful. You do all that you can to look out for me and I love you more than anything!
  5. To the people I’m closest to, I offer my love and my prayers and a smile on the start of yet another new month. May God’s love shine on you and may everything you do be guided by His light, in this new month as it will be all other months as well.
  6. Good Morning you bright-eyed and cheerful girl. May the new year brings you joy and the world peace. You are a blessing to all of us. Happy New Month.
  7. With this new day, send to you my best wishes. I hope this month will be filled with happiness and good health, comfort and blessings. Let this be a month of peace and growth for my mind, body and spirit. Bless my home, family and friends so that we may all be filled with love.
  8. I hope you have a wonderful New Month. A month in which all your dreams and desires are realized and in which you experience only the purest of happiness! May the angels play with your thoughts and the wind blow your troubles away. Thanks for being a good friend, hope to see you soon.
  9. May God bless you, guide you and grant you his wisdom as you start off this new month. Happy New Month to you!
  10. It is finally here! A new month! And with it, change my dear friend. As our year begins its march into the future, I want to thank you for lighting every corner of my life with your love, friendship and wisdom. All too often we get caught up in the stress and anxiety of the challenges that are sure to come down the road. But always remember to stop once in a while to smell the roses along your path; to laugh out loud from time to time.
  11. Do be sure to say thank you more often. Do look upon the bright side of things. Do forgive those who treat you badly. Do be gentle with yourself and others. May your year be peaceful, prosperous and happy.
  12. It may be the month of March but I hope it is a very happy, healthy and prosperous year for you! Much love to you and yours! Happy New month.
  13. I hope the New Month brings you much love and joy. I wish you a month filled with blessings, love and joy.
  14. I’m praying for you to have an amazing month and that every wish comes true. I love you with all my heart and pray that we will never lose each other.
  15. I know we only just said goodbye, but I can’t wait for the next time I get to see your face! January’s going to be a busy month, but with you in my life, I’m never going to miss a moment.
  16. May this month be an extra ordinary one for you, and whatever your heart desires may it all come to pass. May God bless you abundantly.
  17. A new month is here and I’m so glad to welcome the month of March. It’s a special month since it’s my birthday month, and I’ll be turning four years old. Please help me grow up healthy and strong, and please take good care of my family.
  18. I pray for you to always have good health and be happy. I pray that your past will be forgotten, your present full of love, and your future with me forever. I love you very much!
  19. I pray for you to have the month of your dreams! May it be filled with unending joy and love. As I always say “the best is yet to come”!
  20. May the Lord bless you with health & many returns of the day.
  21. While still fresh, I wished you Happy New Month, may this be your lucky month.
  22. I hope you have a wonderful month and your every wish comes true. May this month be filled with happiness, joy and loads of love. Have an amazing month.
  23. I send my love to you. May God bless you with every success. I just want you to know that I am thankful for all the good times we’ve shared and wish nothing but the very best for you. I hope this month is a bright one for you!
  24. Dear Lord, Happy New Month! May all your dreams come true this month and may all your wishes come to pass. May you be surrounded by success this month.
  25. I want to wish you the very best this month. This may be a difficult month for you, but I am here to help you through it with love. May all your desires come true and may this be a fantastic year for you my love!
  26. This month I will be so glad if you tell me that you love me again. Come on, you know that I love when you tell me that! Just like the first time, make sure it has fire, passion and genuine feelings in it.
  27. Wishing you a blessed month ahead. May this month be filled with peace, prosperity and love!
  28. May this month bring you joy, light and love. Each day may you feel the pleasure of celebration, happiness and success!
  29. May this month brings all of you the courage to do what you love to do, the strength to persevere and the wisdom to spread kindness throughout your days.
  30. May your days be filled with blessings and your nights be filled with peace. May you smile more, cry a little less, laugh a lot more, and find reasons to say “I love you” each day!
  31. May the New Year be filled with happiness and joy for you! On or around December 31, will greet a New Year, which is always welcome. The new year promises a fresh start, to make some changes, to get rid of our mistakes and shortcomings.
  32. I hope this note finds you happy, healthy and loved. Your presence in my life blesses me in ways I will never be able to explain. May this month of March bring many blessings your way, may every day be filled with joy and contentment. May the New Month bring many wondrous surprises, as well as great adventures to share with you my love.
  33. May the new month be filled with hope, faith, peace and love. May you experience all the joys in life. I wish that everything is always right where you have left it last.
  34. May everything in your life go smoothly! I pray nothing get in the way of our love, happiness and joy. This month is going to go by better than the previous. Let’s face it with us together, we can’t go wrong! Let’s keep loving each other as if there was no tomorrow. Love you honey!
  35. Today is a new month, tomorrow is a new week and in just a few weeks you will be entering a brand new year. It’s your time for new beginnings, fresh starts and all out awesomeness. I support you, inspire you and lift you up in prayer every day. Wishing you the absolute best!
  36. We hope you have a blessed month filled with love, happiness and blessings. We love you and care about you … and this is a reminder that your health and wellness is the most important thing to us. Have a truly blessed month.
  37. Dear Lord, as we begin a new month, please bless each individual that reads this prayer. Blind their eyes to the sight of your judgement and show them only love. Guide them on a new path and bring harmony where there is strife.
  38. I hope it’s a month filled with wonderful surprises, blessings and good times with friends and family.  I also hope it brings you every happiness and brightens your day. May this be your best month ever!
  39. As we begin a new month, may the best things in life come your way. Shine this month with a 1st win as you celebrate your successes and push your goals beyond limits. Have a fabulous month ahead!
  40. I pray that you are in good health, I pray that you are having the best days of your life and the year is beginning with great things for you. Enjoy being alive, enjoy your loved ones. I miss talking to you every night, I miss texting and calling you to be sure you’re okay, I miss being near to you, I miss taking care of you, please come back home as soon as possible!
  41. Every morning I wake up next to this beautiful girl and I thank God. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing person. Thank you for blessing me with her love every single day. Thank you for the best months of your life!
  42. Dear Lord, I pray that in this month of March, the Lord may fill my heart with joy, peace and love.
  43. I’m Wishing you love, joy and blessings as we begin a new year together. The coming months are going to be fantastic. You look great! Happy new month baby!
  44. I wish you the best in this new month. May the Almighty God bless you and your loved ones. You are most welcome here and do enjoy your stay with us. Wishing you a Happy New Month filled with many joys, happiness, blessings and lots of love.
  45. May you be blessed with happiness, good health, peace and prosperity in the month of June. May we celebrate this New Month together with love, happiness and laughter.
  46. New month, new beginning. May this month be filled with blessings. May the angels always guide and protect you. May our hearts stay forever joined as one. I pray that you get everything your heart desires because you deserve nothing less!
  47. To my friend, I hope this day brings good tidings and blessings to you from God. I pray that you will walk with your head held high and feel confident in the path you choose to take each day. May the love and joy that God has already shared with you multiply more and more each day of the month!
  48. May the month that just begun be filled with joy, blessings and good fortune. To those who have been blessed with new beginnings, I pray that you enjoy the fruits of your labor and prosper in all your undertakings.
  49. May the love of your family, the joy in your heart, and the prayers of your friends surround you as we embark on a brand new year.
  50. I pray that the New month brings you love, health and happiness. May the lord bless you.
  51. May all your dreams come true this month. May everything you set your mind to come to pass. May your month be filled with love and smiles.

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