Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Sister

When the new month comes around, it’s always a great opportunity to praise God for another month. It’s also a time when you can pray for your loved ones and friends. Here are some beautiful Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Sister quotes that can be very useful for both personal and public use.


Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Sister

  1. Wishing you a magical and very special month filled with love, romance and laughter. I hope this next month brings you everything your heart desires! Love, Your sister.
  2. Dear sister, I pray for your good health, wealth, prosperity and above all good relationships. New month is ahead of us and with it new beginnings. Happy New Month!
  3. Dear Sister, I’m so happy that God has given me the opportunity to write this message to you. Please God, continue to bless my wonderful sister for all her continued efforts and never-ending sacrifice for the family. She deserves a special reward from God and I pray that He will continue to guide her and protect her with His perfect love. It is not only New Year, it is also your birthday. So I wish you a happy birthday and happy new month as well. May God keep you, always!
  4. I wish you a blessed month. Every day of this month should be something special for you and for your family. May the sunrise fill your heart with joy; may the moonlight cool down your anger; may the rain quench your thirst; may God’s love surround you, And now and forever, my dear sister, Have a Blessed Good Month ahead.
  5. May your day be filled with blessings and happiness. You deserve it all sister! Enjoy the blessings of love on this month more than ever. With lots of kisses, you’re the best sister in the world.
  6. I pray that your month is full of laughter, hugs and lots of love. Rejoice and be glad because God has done great things for you my sister: he has made you the mother of his son. Amen.
  7. May the New Year bring you joy and lots of happiness. May everything in your life go your way in the year ahead. On this New Month I pray that God continues to bless you in so many ways and that you get all you have planned for in life.
  8. Congratulations on the new month. May God Almighty help and guide you to succeed in your endeavors and compensate for all your pains and sufferings. Amen!
  9. Dear sister, I pray that God’s richest blessings will be yours in this new month. I wish you peace, joy, and love. May you accomplish all your goals in life. I wish you happiness, joy, and prosperity to the fullest.
  10. Dear sister, you have been a good person since we were children, so as elder sister of the family, I would like to wish you:  “May this new month bring you chances to succeed and joys. May God bless you with more and more happiness.”
  11. Happy New Month Lovely Sister I pray that God will continue to guide and protect you in all your endeavors this year, I am happy to note that the almighty is blessing you with a new month filled with abundant joy, grace, peace and boundless happiness, Amen!
  12. Sister, May your life be filled with warmth and joy throughout the coming month. This is a new month in which we will share laughter, joy and many happy moments that have been planned ahead by God for our decision to make them happen. Happy New Month to you my darling sister.
  13. May the love of God be upon you. May his light shine on you. Wherever you are may your steps be guided by God’s love in every way and with all those who are in your life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
  14. As the new month begins, may it be a blessing to you. May the Holy Spirit continue to protect you and keep you safe wherever you go. May peace dwell in your heart as the challenges of life find their way to your door. May our blessings increase daily and may His word become a lamp unto your feet.
  15. I wish you peace and love for the New month that has just begun. After the pressure and responsibilities of January, February is a time to refresh, revive and rejuvenate. March comes like a gentle breeze, bringing with it fresh hopes and new ambitions. You are such a beautiful person that leaving you out of my good wishes would be like trying to carve the full moon on a foggy night.
  16. I hope this new month will bring you lots of enjoyment, laughter, cheers and happiness. It is going to be a trying month for us all, but I know God will guide us safely through it. Love and miss you!
  17. Happy new month the best sister in the wide world. Your soo pretty and great. I always love you my dear sister. I’ll pray to make you happy always, that you’ll never leave me alone. God will keep us together forever and ever because we love each other very much sister and brother are soo lovely.
  18. Dear sister, here’s wishing you a month full of joy, love and peace; until we meet again.
  19. Dear Sister, I pray that you have a blessed New Month and may your wishes come true. May you be enriched spiritually, physically, mentally and financially. May the almighty LORD continue to shower His mercy on you and your loved ones. I love you so much.
  20. Happy New Month my lovely sister. This month will bring you happiness, joy and lots of surprises. Everything will go as you want it to. I send you a prayer for a wonderful month and a peaceful mind! May God bless you with love and happiness.
  21. Good morning my lovely sister, I wish you a very happy and blessed new month. May the Almighty bless you and keep resources to comfort you in your time of need. May the words you speak be fair, just, and righteous. May the complaint you express be for correction of wrongdoing. May the authority you are granted be for noble purposes only. May your hand on life’s wheel guide your passage straight to your destiny and keep you from running aground at life’s hurdles. Have a fruitful day!
  22. Dear Sister, New Month is here with a lot of prayer. Don’t forget about me, even you are busy because we have our destiny. I appreciate your letters and phone calls, the love and care from you to me are not in vain. I wish you good health, success and prosperity this month so that you will be more than happy, thank God almighty.
  23. As you start a new month, I am here to let you know that I am here for you. May peace and love bless you this day and every day. May your dreams all come true and may joy be in your life always.
  24. I hope that this coming month will be a good one for you, and that it will make you feel better. I wish that you are surrounded by people that care for you and love you, and I want to tell you that I am always here if you need me. Love you a lot, sis!
  25. My lovely sister, I pray for you, because our loving Heavenly Father will hear your prayer. May you have a wonderful month and each day of this month will be special for you. As we celebrate this New Month of September 2017 and the new opportunities that are coming to us, may you be able to give a smile to everyone. Have a great day ahead and I enjoyed sending this note and I pray that somehow you will appreciate what I am telling you here.
  26. My dearest sister, as you walk into this new month: May God’s blessing be upon you. May the sun shine strongly in your heart and soul to light your path to a bright and promising future. May love greet you at every turn to give you strength that will help you endure the challenges of life. All my love, Your Sister.
  27. May you have a blessed, wonderful and amazing February new month. I pray that God will continue to bless you with good health, success, happiness and prosperity. I love you so much sis.
  28. I wish you a wonderful new month filled with happiness and joy. Have a blessed and prosperous 2023!
  29. I thank God for this month that is approaching in all the love and beauty of a new year. I wish you health, peace and joy in the year ahead. All my love!
  30. I send this prayer to you today with much love and appreciation. May the coming year be filled with peace,success, happiness and joy. As you venture down life’s path may you always know that I am there to support, guide and smile as you go through it all. Love you so much!
  31. I’m not usually one to pray to any God or deity. However, today I feel the urge to prostrate myself on the floor of my sister’s apartment and request a New Month with you. May this next month see us happy, well and growing closer to each other. The ball is in your court now baby sis, it’s going to be a wild ride!
  32. Much of the world is in darkness tonight. We are at war and children are starving. But not you, my darling sister. You shine your light for all to see. Thanks for being there when I needed you and here’s to a brighter new month and year!
  33. Rise and shine! It’s a new month with new opportunities. Hope the first day of March brings you much success and happiness. I love you!
  34. That God will protect you this month and will heal all your body and soul. That God will give you peace in your heart so that you can get rid of frustration and help you to have a positive outlook. And that God will give every success in every area of your life. I wish you a beautiful, successful and peaceful month, may God bless you abundantly.
  35. Dear sister! Hope your new month will be full of happiness, joy and every happiness! Wish you Love and success. Many blessings!
  36. Oh highest heaven, I pray that this month will be filled with joy and love for my sister. She never ceases to make me smile and laughter comes out of her eyes like tears from a fountain. I thank the Lord daily for sending me such a wonderful sister who deserves all good things in life.
  37. May God Bless you this new month with lots of love, joy, peace, happiness, health and prosperity. Thank you for all the love and support. Have a blessed New Month !!!
  38. I wish you a wonderful month ahead, May God bless you with love and happiness. I hope also that the coming year will be filled with joy and love. As your sister, it is my prayer that you will never walk alone because I will always be here for you. May you have a great month!
  39. I pray that this month is full of blessings for you. I pray that all your dreams are better, that you find your purpose and live a purposeful life. I pray that happiness knocks at your door every moment of each day, and joy dwells with you. Have a blessed new month!
  40. I pray that God will lead you and protect you throughout this month. I pray that the lord will make his divine presence manifest in your life. I pray that you will be blessed beyond measure, that he will turn your sorrow to joy and your tears to victory. This month is filled with promise and victory for all who believe. So sister in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ amin!
  41. Dear Sister, I have wanted to write you a letter for the longest time. Now I’m finally finding that I do need to do it. The thing is I am just not letting myself do it…Even though I want to let you know what’s in my heart for you.

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