Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Fiance

There are not many things as exciting as having a new month to start. New month gives everyone a chance to move forward and meet their goals. This prayers for fiancé is meant to ensure that you will be able to achieve your goals and make your loved one inspired and motivated for the new month ahead.


Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Fiance

  1. A prayer for you my lovely fiancé as we head into a new month. May your month be filled with lots of love, joy and peace. I wish you a blessed month ahead!
  2. Thanks be to God for bringing you into my life. I pray that every month be a new blessing, a new beginning filled with prosperity and joy. May our love grow stronger each day and may we continue to always be safe from all harm.
  3. May this New Month be filled with blessings for you and joy for the both of us. May your dreams come true. I pray that we grow old with each other and have a happy married life, may you feel love and care with me forever my love. I will cherish your love always darling!
  4. Dear _______, May the Lord be with you and bless you… May His face shine upon you and give you peace. Happy New Month!
  5. Dear God, please watch over G and me through this new month. We thank you for the beautiful love we share. Please help me to be a good lover to him, and a good lover to myself.
  6. I pray that  God will give me the strength to stand by you and help you overcome all your challenges in life. I pray that He gives you the right words to say and strength to do what is just. I pray that He gives you joy, patience and love to see us through our problems. I pray for peace in your heart and mind so that we can be happy together. I pray for our wedding, for our future kids, families, church, ministry and country.
  7. I pray for a month of happiness and good fortune. A month filled with joy and satisfaction, the best one yet! This month is going to be amazing with you. Happy New Month, my love!
  8. Dear God, I come to you today asking for help and guidance as I go through my day. Please lead my fiancé on the right path and keep him safe through this month. I pray that you guide him in your will and that he follows your word in all his ways. Thank you!
  9. Happy new month baby! May your month be filled with blessings and good times, and may we continue to grow in love for each other. I love you so much sweetpea!
  10. The New Month have just started and I know that after all the good things and achievements you have done in the last month, there will be a better month ahead for us. I pray that we will continue to grow more in our love for each other; that our relationship just gets stronger day by day. God bless us all.
  11. I pray you are kept safe and healthy, happy and strong for the rest of the month and year to come.
  12. Let’s make this month the best month ever, filled with so much fun and blessed by God. I love you and would do anything to make your dreams come true. I pray you have a great month ahead my love!
  13. May God guide and guard you in all your goings out and coming in, so that you may prosper wherever you go and return in peace. I pray this for you because I love you dearly.
  14. May God grant you and me the strength, courage, wisdom and faith to face everything that would come to pass in this new month. May He help us to embrace all things that are good as well as those things that we will find hard or difficult to understand. May He open our eyes to see blessings all around us that we might rejoice in each one we receive. Happy new month!
  15. Fear Lord, Thank you for blessing me with a Fiancé who truly loves me. I pray that we would continue to grow in our love for each others and for You. That we would be able to witness Your love as it simultaneously transforms our hearts and makes us one With You. I pray that as the next month unfolds we will be able to come closer to You and closer to each other. Thank you, Lord, I pray in the name of Jesus.
  16. Dear _____, May God bless you with all goodness, graces, and abundance this new month. May He shower you with blessings of the spirit and may His love empower you to do great things for your beloved today. All my best to you darling!
  17. Blessed Lord, let this new month bring my fiancé many blessings. May he feel your loving arms embrace him and help him be strong. Give him the courage he needs to fight his fears and rise up after each fall. Bless him with a good job and an ability to find happiness in the little things. Use him to touch the lives of many people as he goes about his day leading by example. Please shower him with love, laughter and joy each and everyday! Amen!
  18. Dear God, I pray for love and harmony in the home of my fiancé. Let peace reign between him and his family members. Guide him with your wisdom and grant him success in all his endeavors. Amen.
  19. Dear ____, May the New Month brings you joy, happiness and prosperity. May we never cease to love and care for each other. May God continue to give us His blessings for another year. May this new month be wonderful for you and may you accomplish all your set goals and dreams. Amen!
  20. Happy New Month to my one and only lover. This is just a small token of how much I love and care about you. There is nothing in the world I want more than to spend every day of my life with you and that will never change. You are sweet, caring, loving, thoughtful and hilarious. The past 7 years have been great together, but the next 50 would be even better! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us! I pray that this new month brings forth more and better things for you, your loved ones and your family. May the good Lord protect and provide for you in all areas of life. May He give you the strength to overcome all difficulties in life. Happy New Month Dearie!
  21. You are the love of my life. You are my soul mate, the Prince Charming to my Princess, the Styrofoam to my potato chip. I am so glad you chose me and I can’t wait for our future as husband and wife. I love you more with every passing day and it makes me feel warm inside that you love me back! I pray that God makes this month a wonderful one for you. Amen.
  22. Dear God, please protect my fiancé as he travels and give him the strength to conquer all his fears. I pray for peace and happiness for our family in the new month. Fill our hearts with love and grace and watch over us. Please heal my fiancé’s sickness and bless us on the day/s we will wed, amen!
  23. I pray that God will continue to bless you with strength, love, and faith in Him. You mean so much to me and I wish you the very best this month. I am so proud to be your wife-to-be!
  24. I pray that you have a wonderful month my sweetheart. I pray that you are always happy and in good spirits. I pray that your days are filled with many blessings! I love you to the moon and back… forever.
  25. I wish you a New Month with joy, happiness and prosperity. I pray that you will receive exactly what you are longing for in this new month.
  26. May the Lord guide your feet on the path of peace this month as you journey from step to step to attain your dreams. May this new month be a conducive time for your growth, success and happiness in all aspects of your life. Happy new month hun!
  27. Happy new month handsome! I pray that the month of September brings us closer together and brings us happiness, joy and blessings.
  28. I pray that God continues to bless you and our future. I pray that he continues to strengthen your roots within me, revealing us to be more and more one. I pray that he makes your steps firm in His paths, and helps you make the most of every day. I pray that God continually reveals himself to you, His wondrous love, and shows you just how much He has for you. Happy new month!
  29. Please God, may my fiancé continue to grow in your word and understand how special it is to you. Make him a better man. Bless and guide him daily. Protect him from all evil and harm and those who wish to cause him it. Let your love shine upon him this month as he goes through the changes of becoming a husband. In Jesus Name, Amen!
  30. Dearest ______, I am pleased to greet you in the new month of February. I pray that you have all the things you want for love, peace, long life and much more.
  31. I pray that this month be full of new adventures, great memories and happiness for us. I also pray that we grow in love together and apart.  I pray that any sadness or worries be lifted off your shoulders and replaced with joy and laughter.  I love you so much!
  32. Dear Lord, please bless my sweet fiancé. May you guide and protect him everyday. Please may he be accepted at the school of his choice. Help him to get excellent grades. Please help me get a high paying job and a new car that we can live in comfortably with. Please provide for us and our future children. Please bless our marriage with nothing but happiness and joy, so we may love each other for eternity. Amen!
  33. Dear God, please allow this month to pass well for my fiancé and all of my family members. Please let everything be okay with him. I love him a lot and do not want anything bad to happen to him. Also, please bless him with good health and prosperity in his job and finances. And please look over me. I ask these things through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with You forever. Amen. Love, Sharon.
  34. Let this new day bring you much joy, happiness and success. You are the most amazing man to walk the earth and I pray that each day you will be given a new gift to appreciate. Because of your faith, kindness and love I am truly blessed in my life. Thank you for always sticking by me no matter what comes our way. Love you!
  35. Dear Lord, Please let my fiancé be free from all financial worries. I pray that his business becomes successful and he is able to pay all our bills on time. I pray that his family, friends and relatives are healthy and safe. Let there be peace in his life and love for all he does.
  36. Dear God, please bless my lovely fiancé with abundant love and a healthy heart, physical strength, mental energy and wisdom. Please help us to love each other in the way that you intended love to be when you created us. I pray that we will both be kind and compassionate towards each other. Please guide our steps on the path you have chosen for us so that we can be helpful to one another toward the realization of our hopes and dreams and lead others along this same path. Amen!
  37. My darling, this month holds so much promise. It’s the start of a new year and it’s the start of our life together. I ask that you be happy and healthy, nothing but happy thoughts! Amen!

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