Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Brother

Brothers and Sisters always stick together, which is why you should use the following prayer for my lovely brother quotes to let him know how you feel. This is an impressive prayer for my lovely brother to help strengthen your relationship. Whether he is older or younger, this prayer can be modified to suit the situation.


Happy New Month Prayer To My Lovely Brother

  1. I send you this card to wish you a prosperous New Month, full of peace, joy and happiness. May God take care of you and grant you his protection in these 31 days…I love you very much my dear brother and I pray that God will fill your heart measure over measure with his spirit. Love, yours sister.
  2. Lord, please keep my brother safe this month. Guide him through the things he may face and give him courage to do the right thing. May he continue to follow in Your way and find happiness. In the name of Jesus, Amen.
  3. Dear brother, my prayer for you this day is that God may continue to guide you on your journey in loving Him and others. Please be safe, kind and compassionate, forgiving others as Christ has forgiven us. May you be found awake, alert and full of faith at all times. May you be cheerful no matter what the circumstances. Amen!
  4. I pray for your continued success in this New Month, may your health be good, your wealth increases and love dominates all your affairs.
  5. As the New Month approaches, I pray for you. May God bless you this strong month and may it be better than the last. Please be safe and keep in touch often. You are always welcome to visit and stay as long as you’d like. I love you bro!
  6. With the new month comes new beginnings and a chance to start fresh. My prayer for you is that you take this chance to live each day to the fullest of your ability and do all that you can to make your life brighter and more loving. Blessings to you and enjoy this bright, new month full of possibility.
  7. I’m always so glad to hear from you, but I wanted to write you this email because it’s the first day of the new month. It’s been a while since we last chatted, and I miss doing that. You are such a wonderful brother. I am grateful for your friendship and I will always cherish our time together. May God bless you, always.
  8. I pray that you get everything you want this month, but most importantly the things that you NEED. I pray that everything works out for you and I hope it comes with no stress. I am also praying for your happiness.
  9. The days and months begin to fly by. Before long we will be celebrating your birthday again. Another year of being on this earth. It seems like just yesterday you were born and looking up at me. You have grown into such a wonderful human being. I am so proud of you!
  10. Brother, please accept my heartfelt prayer for you this month. Let the Spirit of God surround you with HIS love as you begin a new year. May your days be blessed with joy, love and happiness. You have been such a blessing to me all these years and you have helped me in so many ways! You are indeed my brother, partner and best friend. May the Lord bless you this month with real love, friendship and peace!
  11. I pray each month in a holy way, God bless you and keep you safe, My brother, through this whole year too. And I’m really glad we’re such a nice family, because we love each other no matter what. I am looking forward to welcoming the New Month with joy and delight, to cherish as well as all our loved ones dear.
  12. May this month be the best month of your life so far. May you get all your heart desires and never desire the wrong things. May you have peace and joy in your home. May God’s blessings be with you till the end of time and never leave your side. Be blessed my brother, may God give you strength to continue your great work! I love you dearly!
  13. This month, I’m so grateful for the best brother a girl could ever have. I hope you know how proud of you I am and how much it means to me that you always have my back no matter what. You are such an amazing husband, father and son. I wish you all the best this month and always.
  14. Happy New Month dear brother. May the good Lord be with you and your family always. I pray that things will go well for you at work and that you will continue to progress. Don’t forget to call me so we may have communion together. I am sure our family will do great this new month, God’s blessing be with us all.
  15. A new month begins, a new year starts, new hopes are held in store, and most important of all – you are here. I pray that this month will be sweet for you, sweeter still with the presence of those you love. May it be a month of good health and progress and prosperity for you. You deserve a happy start to 2023. Love, from ___.
  16. May your day be filled with plenty joy, happiness and positive vibrations.
  17. A New Month is about to come and I pray for your success at work, happiness wherever you go. Always remember that you are the man of the house and all our eyes are on you. God is going to listen to your prayers so don’t give up, always be faithful.
  18. May the month of March fill you with good fortunes, happiness, and tons of love. Let this be the month where all your dreams come true, and all your wishes are granted. Without you I would not have made it through my teenage years. You may be farther away than I would like but I promise to do everything in my power to see you again soon. Love, your little sister Moira.
  19. The year 2023 is filled with endless possibilities for you. May all your dreams come true as you go forth to make them a reality. I hope you’ll forgive me this intrusion of privacy. I just want to say “happy new month!” May we find plenty of reasons to celebrate the beginning of each month!
  20. My brother, I wish you a happy new month. May the Lord fill your days with happiness and laughter. May he bless you with prosperity and joy in all you do. Being your big sister, I want only the best for you, and may you accomplish everything on your goal list. Happy New Month my brother!
  21. To my dearest brother on his special day. I am wishing you nothing but happiness today and throughout this whole year. You have always been such a good man, and have always treated everyone with kindness and respect. I hope that May brings you all the happiness you deserve and even more besides that. You are a wonderful brother to me and I could not wish for anything better on this day. I love you with all my heart!
  22. Happy New Month to my beloved brother. May God bless you this month with success and happiness. I am so glad that you are my dear brother.
  23. You are a beautiful brother. I may be younger, but I know how much potential you hold. I feel a great connection with your soul and it makes me happy to see you do the things that make you happy. I’ll always love you and pray for your success in this month to come.
  24. May the new month be a month of happy memories and good health for you and your family. I pray that nothing but joy comes your way and that the bad things pass you by. You are my dear brother and I love you!
  25. Dear Brother, its so good to see you are back online. I hope everything goes well with your love life and family. My husband wants me to say Happy New Month Prayer for You. He said he feels that you’ll get a new girlfriend this month. I pray that it will be true. Love always, your sis.
  26. Brother, May Allah bless you deeply on this your first day in the New Year. May he grant you all your desires and may you reach all your goals. May he protect you from sadness and pain even though he is always ready to forgive us. I pray that Allah gives us strength and success for the new month. You are my beautiful brother I wish many happy returns to you.
  27. Dear God, I pray that you will bless my brother Melvin. Keep him from all harm and extend to him your loving kindness. He has a big heart and tends to help others more than himself . He is very hardworking and never says no when asked for a favor . Give him the strength to carry on in this new month and always. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  28. I wish you a very happy and wonderful new month of March. I hope that all your dreams come true. May you stay in good health and bring joy into the lives of many. May everything fall into place for your success and happiness.
  29. May you always be at peace and never get into trouble. May God give you enough wisdom to help you make good choices in life. May he guide you through tough times and never depart from your side. Holiday season is almost here, we have been away from each other for so long. I wish for a nice Christmas and hope that my prayer finds you well.
  30. I am grateful and blessed to have you as my dear brother. You’re a true friend, companion, advisor and supporter. I pray that the New Month brings happiness, joy, success and prosperity to your life. I wish you good health in all your endeavors.
  31. Dear brother, I hope that the coming month brings you much happiness. My prayer is that your dreams will come true and that you will have nothing but good times with those you love!
  32. Dear brother, you are my family, my friend. You are kind and loving, honest and compassionate. I love you so very much, and no matter how we may twist and turn our lives to a new place I will forever hold you in my heart. It’s because of people like you that this world is a better place. May all your dreams come true this month and every month to come!
  33. Hope and pray that your coming month would be full of success, happiness, joy and unimaginable appreciation. I love you very much.
  34. Happy New Month! My brother, you are so wonderful and more than I could ever ask for in a brother. You bring me so much happiness and I’m grateful to be able to call you my big brother. Who would’ve known that our paths would cross 10 years ago. We’ve been through everything together; the good and the bad. Every day you inspire me to be a better person and always have faith in myself. I love you big bro, see you soon!
  35. I pray that God will bless and guide you in all your endeavors. I pray for peace of mind, love in the home and prosperity in all areas. Let this lead to a new month filled with joy, happiness and fulfillments.
  36. Good morning. I want to wish you a wonderful month and God’s blessings. Do not forget that I am always here, waiting for good news from you. My arms are wide open for you, my brother. Come home as soon as possible my love.
  37. Dear Michael, You are awesome. Your voice like the sound of many waters is pleasant because my heart thinks so. Happy New Month to you!
  38. A New Month means new opportunities. I pray that this month is full of good health, happiness and blessings for you! I know it will be awesome because I know that you will make it awesome!

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