Happy New Month Prayer For September

What is the best way to start a new month? Praying! Start your month with this Happy New Month Prayer For September below:


Happy New Month Prayer For September

  1. Friend, in the month of September, I pray that you find happiness from every corner of your life.May this new month brings the bright light, love and compassion in your heart. Like the birds chirping the spring greeting, my prayer is to bring a sweet smile upon your face. May the forces of positive energy surround you and teach you to live happily in the world. I wish you this and much more as we begin this month with only Love and Happiness!
  2. Let’s celebrate this new month with lots of love and happiness. May you experience the joys in life, give and receive love, peace and prosperity. May all your dreams and wishes be answered this month.
  3. Dear God, We come to you today and pray for peace, love and happiness during this New Month. Please help us over come our challenges and enable us to pass through this month with flying colors. Thank you for all the blessings we receive from you. Amen.
  4. Please accept my warm wishes for a happy new month. I pray all the goodness of the Lord will surround you in every area of your life. I pray you will feel on top of the world as everything in your life goes well. You are a special friend to me and I appreciate you so much. May the Lord make your month a very special one.
  5. I pray for a happy month ahead. I pray for peace, love, joy and all that is good. Whatever you need ask and it shall be given to you. Trust God and your Angels when they guide you.
  6. Dear God, I pray thee to bless this new month. Let me become more successful than I was and help me to reach my goals. Give me the strength to continue in your path. Help me grow closer to you each day. Let me find peace and love in all those around me.
  7. On this month, You have something good for me, To fulfill all my heart’s desires. I declared your name and I will praise you on the highest peak with shouts of joy. Your mercy and grace made a change in my life. You are my God!
  8. Dear_____, May the new month bring you success in all your endeavors.
  9. God, thank you for this new month. Thanks for the abundance of opportunities on this day, as well as the successes and chance for growth in my life. Let me count this day and meet with success in everything I do.
  10. A warm prayer for a new month. May this month bring you success, peace and prosperity. May God bless you with Love, Joy and Prosperity as you enter a new month.
  11. I pray that September will bring you happiness, good health and joy. I wish all your dreams come true, all your bad luck disappear and all your wishes be handled. I am grateful that we are together, I am thankful that you are in my life – you’re the best man in the world!
  12. Dear Lord, Thank you for this new month and your blessings. Thank you for your love that has made us strong with is power and peace. Let us walk on the path of the just, you set before us and rejoice in your salvation. Your spirit will strengthen us as we rely on your love and courage.
  13. We pray that God will fulfill His purpose for our lives during this month and beyond. We pray we will exhibit the character of Christ in all our dealings with those who come through our paths. We offer up every need known and unknown to God, trusting that He hears our petitions and is able to give us the wisdom we need when we need it.
  14. As the month of September comes, remember God can and will change your life for the best. If your situation is not changing for the better – pray! If you are lacking in finances with mid-month bills, pray! If you have lost a job one week into the month, pray! God loves to meet with you and show you that He is a God who sees all your needs and responds with love that gives!
  15. New month, new year. New beginnings, same blessings. I pray that God continue to bless you with peace and comfort through the months ahead. Always stay humble, always move forward confidently and always keep your faith in God. Everything else will fall into place no matter what life throws at you.
  16. My very good friend Jones, wishing you a happy month, as you have been a faithful servant. Please continue to use wisdom and discretion in the performance of your duties. Go forth without fear, and put your trust in the Lord. He will direct your path. May God bless our efforts this month as we strive for excellence and seek to honor His name. I love you buddy!
  17. Dear God, I am writing this prayer to thank you for another year of blessings, for all the people who mean so much to me and for the many things you have done for me. This month is going to be really busy for me because i will breath taking my grad exam which the result is highly important for my academic progress, job chances and future career path as well as preparing myself thoroughly to face all challenges ahead. I pray that you will continue to guide and protect us from any harm or evil that may come our ways.
  18. As the new month begins, may you have milestones. As the days go by, may your successes multiply. May you never look back on a day that was spent in vain. And as time passes, may you gain more and more from life.
  19. Wishing you and your family good health, peace and joy during this new month. Hope you have a great September. May all your dreams be attained and wishes be granted as we enter into this month of blessings. Have a blessed one.
  20. God, thank you for yet another month of joy and happiness. I pray that peace and love will be upon me so I can give it to others in return. May my heart remain pure and clean, so I can experience your love and grace. I pray every prosperity that you have prepared for me. May all my dreams come true. Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  21. Dear Lord God, thank you for another month of joy. Let me express my gratitude for all the blessings you’ve bestowed on me. I pray that this month will be filled with happiness and love. I would also like to request that this new month comes with opportunities to travel out of my country, and I pray that we secure approval from immigration to relocate to another state in the US where both of us now live as residents. Using my full faith, I know you will hear my prayer. Amen
  22. For all who love and support us in the tough times, for all who help us to succeed and prosper, we thank you. May the coming month be filled with many blessings!
  23. As the month of September begins, I am filled with a warm sense of optimism. September means it is nearly October which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! I can hardly wait for all the holiday seasons! This year I hope everything goes great for you too. Pray for protection from sickness and accidents. Thank God for health, happiness, peace and prosperity this month.
  24. Dear Lord of the universe, on this September month, I thank You for the successful year we have just completed. Those struggles that made me learn so many lessons – which were actually disguised as situations of life – lead me to my greatest treasures. All these gifts and blessings that I received are because of Your love and mercy. In a different way and with Your own ways, You taught me a lesson and brought forth what is best for me…Thank you My Beloved LORD!
  25. Dear God, please help me to set a good standard for the coming month. Let me keep a positive attitude and not give in to negative thoughts. I ask this in your name, John Thomas.
  26. Dear Heavenly Father, Please guide our hearts and minds as we approach the month of September. May this month be filled with joy, love, and prosperity for all. May it bring peace to our families and celebrate the newness of autumn with bright shining spirits. Amen.
  27. I am happy to greet you my dear friend and say to you I wish God showers you with his blessings of joy, love and happiness this September and May he protect and keep you safe.
  28. Best wishes for a wonderful month ahead. May this month bring lots of love and happiness in your life. Be careful and keep safe.
  29. Dear Lord, I give thanks for the new month. I thank you for this new opportunity to start again in a fresh way.
  30. It’s your heart that matters. It is a place where true love resides. The same way your heart beats without conditions, I too yearn to make it beat faster and fill it with joy. Love compels me to tell you how special you are to me. It is for this reason I wish you a Happy New Month!
  31. I’m praying that every blessing God has planned for us will come into our lives in great abundance this September. May this month bring a fresh opportunity for success, health, happiness and spiritual growth.
  32. My God, you are worthy of all my love, thanksgiving and praise. Help me to focus on your presence in my life. Make me ready to seek you every day and to know you more intimately. In the Name of Jesus. Amen!
  33. Dear God, I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked. For that I apologize. I’m doing well all things considered. I don’t ask for much but this year could you please expand my heart enough to love even more?
  34. May all your endeavours be blessed henceforth. Your work maybe your friends and even strangers will come in to share the harvest of success that you have been sowing. You will not just see what you have worked for or imagined but also all the good things coming your way at sunrise, noon and sunset.
  35. As we leave the month of August  behind and welcome September, We pray that the presence of our  Lord will always surround us.
  36. Dear lord, it’s the first day of September. You know, this month is going to be great. I’m asking you for good grades with your guidance and wisdom. I want a promotion at my job with your help and grant me the keys to happiness as you have been merciful to us. Let us see each other as we look back and smile at your bounteous grace. Bless all those who are reading this prayer and keep them safe always. In Jesus name! Amen!
  37. I pray that God will give you strength during the day and presence of mind to know what to do and how much you love each other.
  38. Oh lord we thank you for this new month. Help us O Lord to keep our lives in order and make our finances increase. May all of our goals be achieved. We ask this in your name . Amen!
  39. Dear heavenly father, thank you for blessing us with another month of love and renewal. Thank you for blessing us with all these new and exciting opportunities that you have in store for us, Remove from our hearts all the fears we harbor today and pull us towards your good grace. We ask that you protect us from the evils around us and above all else, guide us to be better people than yesterday. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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