Happy New Month Prayer For October

The day is here! The month has changed from September to October. This can mean only one thing; the excitement of the new month is upon us! Are you looking for quotes about this new month? If yes, then you’re in the right place.Take a look below:


Happy New Month Prayer For October 

  1. You are a sun shine in my life. I want to wish you all Happy New Month for October. May your heart be full of bliss. We will be together forever. My love!
  2. Dear God, Please bless us with Health and Love throughout this month. We thank you and praise your holy name for everything we have experienced.
  3. Dear Friend, All things bright and beautiful, Lord of all hopeful beginnings, we thank you for hope, that brings us together again this month. For the new moon that lights our way, to You; for Your love; for our communion in prayer. May our fellowship be a source of strength for each of us this month. Open our hearts to ever increasing awareness of the gifts you bestow upon us every day. Keep us thankful and open to your guidance. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen!
  4. Wishing you a wonderful new month with plenty of laughter, love, and joy. I’d be honored to be a part of your day. May your all your dreams come true in October. Treat yourself to something special. You deserve it! The beautiful New Month is here!
  5. We pray for you to be blessed in October. We lift up your whole family as well as your business and finances to the almighty God in heaven. We pray that you will receive money in envelope by mail from a secret admirer who is an angel of God sent to you for your prosperity and good luck.
  6. God bless each one of you, and each one you care about.. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I pray that God will heal all hurts in your life, and make you stronger to defeat any problem. I pray that everything goes well for you this month!
  7. Good morning to you and welcome to the first day of October. May your month come with lots of blessings and surprises, regarding your health, business, career and love life. I pray that you will have a good and prosperous year ahead in all your endeavors.
    • Lord, we give you thanks for all that you have done in us and around us. Guide us through the month ahead so we may be worthy vessels to carry your love throughout your world. Bless our country, our leaders and our families. Grant each of us the grace to act justly and love mercy. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!
  8. Lord God, please grant me not only a beautiful month, but a prosperous one. A month where everything goes right and I live up to my true potential, as well as meeting the needs of those around me. One that I can look back on with gratefulness when it is over, one that I won’t take for granted or forget the blessings of.
  9. Lord, we thank you for the new days that you have given us. Thank you for the new challenges that we get to do this month to earn blessings. Lord, as your child I prepare my body soul and mind to serve you. Help me to do all the given tasks to the best of my ability. I am excited about serving you this new month. I dedicate my life to you as your hands and feet, ready and willing to do your will on earth as it is in heaven.
  10. I hope this month brings you a wonderful friends, loved ones and good health! I wish you all the best. Enjoy your October. May this New Month be a milestone in your life!
  11. October, bring us a new month filled with sweet surprises as we continue to navigate this relationship path.May we learn lessons from the past and move forward in love and faith.
  12. May all your dreams and wishes come true this month. May peace and love surround you like a glowing shield during the whole month. We all need that to remind us that we should cherish every day for it never comes again. Enjoy life, everyone, may the New Month bring nothing but wonderful changes into your life.
  13. Jesus is the lord, and he loves you very much. The lord is coming soon to take us with him to heaven and be happy forever with him in heaven. I pray that you will be saved and have an important role in Jesus’ kingdom. God bless.
  14. A good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. I’m so glad I found you and that you are my friend. I wish you great happiness, good health, and love and peace in the coming new month.
  15. Oh great and powerful God, thank you for blessing me with this new month. I know I have made mistakes this past month, but that’s okay. Because it is a new month and with that comes a fresh start. You have the ability to turn all things around and get me back on the right track. Now in the name of Jesus, I pray that you shield me from enemies, negativity, and evil doers. Allow only good mojo to surround me and show up for me everyday of my life.
  16. I pray that you are blessed with God’s perfect love and divine presence this month ahead.
  17. I pray that god showers his blessings on you, [Friend], and fills your heart with infinite joy for the entire month of October. Happy New Month to you, [Friend].
  18. May God Almighty grant us all peace and prosperity in this our new month.
  19. Let the Almighty God be with you to guide and bless you this new month of October. May the holiness of God fill your heart with joy, peace, courage and grace as the sun shines bright on your face. Without fear is all I am asking from you because God loves you unconditionally as a child of His. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!
  20. Dear Lord, Thank you for this beautiful month and all the joy that it brings to us. This month we will work hard and hope you will reward us with your blessings. We pray for peace in our family and in the world. Let there be peace and prosperity in our homes. This is our prayer so give it a little thanks for a great new month ahead.
  21. May you be blessed this month:May your home be peaceful and calm.May your love be sunny and bright.May your heart stay lifted, and may all your days be filled with happiness.
  22. I pray this next month is the best yet. I pray that it is full of happiness and joy. I pray that it is full of blessings and great accomplishments. I pray for patience, love, and health. I pray for strength, comfort, and faith in God. Amen!
  23. Oh Lord, who is worthy of being praised and glorified. Oh taught the earth we are living on. Everything in this world has a beginning. With that also means they will have an end. So in order to save the living things on earth from perishing let us begin to pray and worship You and thank You for letting us live until this month ends. Your name be glorified!
  24. Dear God, as the month of October begins, please help me be a better man. Please help me to walk in wisdom and common sense. I thank you for my family and friends who are in my life and I pray that I can bless them with the same love you have shown me. Good Morning!
  25. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me another month to enjoy this wonderful of the unknown. God, please protect me and my friends from anything that may harm us.
  26. My family and I have enjoyed working with you this past year. You will be greatly missed by all of us. God bless you and your family and may all your dreams and wishes come true.
  27. I wish each and every one of my friends a very Happy New Month. May the Lord bless you abundantly with love, joy and happiness in October. God be with you.
  28. Dear God, Send your peace and blessing to all men. Blessed in the name of your holy son Jesus Christ, Amen!
  29. I pray that God blesses each of you with more than enough, that the good Lord above, watch over and protect all those you love. Have a Blessed Month.
  30. As the months turn and the leaves change, May you reach the huge goals that you’ve planned. May your desires unfold with ease as you learn and grow. May this October bring you exciting new turns in life’s road. We pray for good health, good luck, love and much joy!
  31. Dear God, we pray that You would bless us with good health, prosperity and longevity this month. Please lift our loved ones who have passed on to glory, those who are sick-lend them Your strength to get well.
  32. I pray that God will let the angels protect you and your loved ones every single day. That your friends never ever abandon you, and your enemies disappear from your sight. I pray that God gives you abundant blessings this month so that you could enjoy the fruits of your labor. I pray that God delivers to you good health and new beginnings. That he’ll give you a fruitful harvest and fill your hearts with unspeakable joy.
  33. I pray for success and fullfillment in all my goals, a clean heart, fruitful and meaningful relationships with family and friends. God, please fill my home with the presence of your love and may all my problems come to your hand for an easy fix. Thank you God and Amen!
  34. Dear God, May October repose on your shoulder and greet you daily with all its beauties. May it bring kindness into your life and may you enjoy a blessed month.
  35. Dear Lord, My heartfelt prayer for this month is that everything you need occurs without a hitch, and that every dream you have comes true. A heart filled with love, success and happiness. Please include us in your blessings for the month of October. Thank you Lord, Amen!
  36. Warm greetings to you in this month, and my warm wishes for you and your family. May you and your relations have a meaningful October. Warm greetings!
  37. Dear God, please give me the strength and courage to face the challenges of this month ahead. Please bless me love and success. Allow good to come my way at every turn. Help me be grateful for all my blessings. Help me know that it is your will that I am happy, prosperous, and healthy. Please guide me with your wisdom. I need you in my life everyday. Thank you for listening to my prayer. In Jesus Name I pray Amen.
  38. God in heaven, I thank you and pray for the month ahead to be successful and all good things to come my way or the way of friends and family.
  39. Wishing you a blessed month as we pass into the new moon. May each day bring you the things you wish for. Warm wishes, friends!
  40. Dear God,  I pray that you will bless my family with love, peace, joy, understanding and faith. I pray that you will guide and protect us as we go through days to come. Thank you for all of your blessings, and may this be a good month for us all.
  41. Dear Lord, Thank you for today as we mark a new month. We thank you for all the blessings that you shower upon us. We pray that you will watch over us and grant us your heavenly angels to guide us in all our endeavours. We thank you for the bounties you bestowed on us. Please continue to bless us with only good things and with wisdom and love to lead us in every direction. Bless my family, children, relatives and friends always and keep them safe from harms way.

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