Happy New Month Prayer For May

These month of May prayers are the way to show your love, respect, and care to your special friends and family. If you are a religious person then this is the right time to send the “Happy New Month Prayer” to them.


Happy New Month Prayer For May

  1. Dear God, Thank you for bringing us through the month of April. I pray that you continue to carry us throughout this new month of May. Fill our hearts and minds with your light. May this month bring peace and joy into our lives. Bless us with good health, love, and happiness. Amen!
  2. Dear Jesus, as we begin a New Month I am filled with hope. Please help me to be the best person I can be. Increase my wisdom and give me insight into the situations that cross my path. For each day you fill with love. Thank you, God Bless!
  3. Dear friends, we have come again to the first day of May. May this month bring you much joy and happiness. After all, it is spring that is in season. And we all know what spring does to people. It brings out the best in us and makes us walk with a spring in our steps. This means that there are high chances that you’ll be walking into your nearest arms dealer for a new supply of guns. So please step on!
  4. Dear God, I thank you for this new month. Let me use it to honor you. I pray our hearts be filled with your love and may our paths lead us closer to you. May this month brings us joy and happiness.
  5. Happy new month! I pray God bless and keep us all the days of our lives that we live in peace, joy, love and are surrounded by hope… Amen!
  6. Dear ____, I pray for you this new month; May you find what brings you peace, may you learn from your mistakes, may you do only what brings you happiness. May this be a month of growth, of new beginnings and closeness with family and friends. Good luck in whatever your endeavors may be.
  7. Dear Lord, the Month of May is before me. Please strengthen my mind and body, help me to accomplish what I have planned and grant me peace. In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray. Amen.
  8. Lord, open my heart to receive the abundance of joy, love, peace and mercy that come from your presence in this new month. Open my eyes to see the gifts of encouragement, friendship and love that surround me every day. Help me to give and share the gifts of kindness, caring and understanding with those around me. I ask this through Christ our Lord.
  9. Father God, we thank You for this new Month which has come. Please protect us from all the dangers in this month. Lead and guide us in every decision we make. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!
  10. God, May You forgive me for those imperfections in my character that offend Your divine perfection. Make me worthy this month and in all the months ahead to do Your will. Look upon my heart that grows cold from lack of attentiveness; fire it with love for You and Your Son, Jesus Christ. Grant me an ability to share the Good News of Christ with others.
  11. My heart is so full of love for you. May this new month be filled with lots of love, happiness and joy. God bless you and keep you safe in His arms.
  12. God morning! I pray that you start this month with a lot of joy, happiness, and peace. May the Lord continue to protect you and guide you every step of the way. I love you so much! I wish you all the best!
  13. Dear Chloe, I pray that the Lord bless and keep you in this new month: May He make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you: May He lift up His countenance to you, and give you peace.
  14. Dear Lord, I pray to you and I thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for the gift of marriage. I pray that we all be safe from danger and illness during this month. To be able to enjoy each other’s company throughout the month. Amen.
  15. Dearest God, I thank you for another month. I ask you to bless me, guide me, and lead me through the coming time. Help me to find love in my life. Send new friends into my life and help them to be good friends to me. Increase the love in my family and watch over my family members that are sick or suffering.
  16. Dear Lord, please help me to find a peaceful way to deal with my problems. Sometimes, I get really carried away when I face a problem. I need you to guide me and remind me that deadlines are not the most important things in life. May all of us be safe from natural disaster and other problems in this new
  17. I pray for you this month; May you find hope and joy in each day that comes your way. May love be the reason to move ahead. May faith be your shield against life’s harsh attacks. May God bless you this month greatly! Thank you for being a part of my life!
  18. May God bless you with a joyful heart and serenity during the month of May. I pray that He shines His light into your life and shows you the path to success, love, and peace. Enjoy the blessings of a successful career, and let trust and faith replace all your fears.
  19. In this special month, I pray for all these things to be right with you… may your health be restored, your family strengthened, your self-esteem renewed, and your relationships made meaningful.
  20. For a Happy New Month, Lord I pray with my whole heart for the gift of change. Change of confidence; change of self worth; change of relations; change of family and to bring back our love if it was lost… We ask that You fill us with the essence of your love and grace, because without You there is only emptiness. Be our guide every step of the way in all we do… We thank You Lord for all your blessings and glory to you. In Jesus’ Name wepray, Amen!
  21. Dear God, I pray for a successful month of May, full of happiness, joy and love. May the God that sits above give you strength and wisdom through every step of this journey.
  22. May the God of the month of May bless you, to make life beautiful and joyful, making you a valuable partner in His creation. Please accept this small gift as a token of appreciation for your dedication and hardwork.
  23. I pray that May be a great month! May it bring many blessings and exciting events. Love abounds, peace surrounds us, joy fills our hearts and all our dreams come true. We are friends with the world, at ease, calm and happy. Life is beautiful and we are thankful for everything we have. We look forward to the new month with expectancy and excitement. Thank you God for making this happen!
  24. Dear God, help me to have a great month. Bless my family, friends and everyone around the world. Help them be happy and overcome their troubles. Amen!
  25. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this new month. Let us be safe as we enjoy all the events coming our way. Keep us in Your love and mercy. For what we are about to receive may we be truly grateful. In Jesus’ Name I Pray, Amen!
  26. I thank God for another month with you. I pray that He keeps us as one till the end of time and beyond. I love you and pray God’s blessings upon you.
  27. I pray that the month of May brings with it health, wealth, luck and happiness for you. May your days be merry and bright and filled with love and laughter. May you have a great holiday season. Never lose focus of what’s important in life; family, friends, health and helping others.
  28. I pray for the happiness of my friends and family that are reading this message. May we all have a blessed and healthy month. I pray that we continue to add to our success and may we grow together in love and faith.
  29. Lord, I want to thank you for another month of life and the love that you have shown me. This month put in motion new beginnings, fresh starts and the changes that I pray for. If it’s my time to leave this earth allow me to go with a smile on my face and let me die knowing your love surrounds me always. Allow my family, friends and loved ones to be at peace when I leave and watch over them. Amen.
  30. Lord, as we begin this month I thank you for my family, friends and all the people who make me whole. I pray that each one of us will be blessed with good health, joy and prosperity from you in Jesus name AMEN.
  31. I wish you happiness and good luck in every endeavor. May the pebble under your shoe turn into a diamond and may both arms of the scales be balanced with joy.
  32. Friend, I am wishing you a happy new month, to commemorate this special day. Sending out best wishes on your special day. I want you to know how much you mean to me and what a joy it is to be your friend. May the loving force of God’s love rain ever so gently on your soul for you always to be successful in all your endeavors.
  33. May the Lord accept our fast and pleas for a more meaningful life. We pray for the strength in faith to overcome all the challenges that come this month of May. Let us together overcome any obstacle, hardship, disagreement, or conflict that will stand between us. May our home be filled with love and light everyday.
  34. Thank you God for this month, and for all the blessings You have given me. Thank you for all the chances I will be given to share my love with others. What a wonderful world we live in. Let us take a moment to appreciate all You have done, so we may continue to do Your work.
  35. May you not lack in anything this month. May everything go smoothly for you as you continue on with your daily activities. I pray to God that He strengthens and empowers you during this month, in Jesus name I pray amen.
  36. Lord, please help me be patient and loving with my husband this month. Please give us grace as we adjust to his new schedule. I trust that you will make a way for our family to grow closer and connected in our faith.
  37. Dear Lord, we ask that you grace this May with a successful harvest, enough cool weather to last until summer’s heat arrives, and a calm boat ride for all who travel upon the seas. Most importantly, please give us the guidance and strength necessary to be able to handle the unexpected situations that occur during this month of change. We are so thankful for your blessings and ask that you continue to shower them on us throughout this month and beyond…
  38. May this month be full of blessed moments and happy tears. May we all get to cherish the precious memories that will last and stay with us forever. And may there be moments in which there will be much laughter and joy and peace in your life. I pray for your happiness as this month comes about.
  39. Oh Lord, we thank you for the gift of a new month.  We ask that each day is filled with love, peace, joy and excitement. Please keep us safe from harm and let our hearts be filled with the true love & comfort that you can provide.  Thank you for showering your love upon us in such an amazing way!We pray, Oh Lord, that your name will be glorified here on earth! In Jesus name we pray…Amen!

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