Happy New Month Prayer For March

Happy New Month Prayer For March? I hope you find great wisdom and inspiration with the below prayers for New Month Prayer For March to Inspire you.


Happy New Month Prayer For March

  1. Happy new month! As we start this new month, may God increase our love for one another.
  2. Dear Jesus, I open my heart to you and pray for your mercy and the everlasting peace of my family as we greet the month of March. Guide us, dear Lord, on our spiritual journey this month. Keep us strong in our faith as we go through each day with firm faith. May the joy of hope fill our hearts in moments of despair, and may affection be our companion all year long.
  3. May the month of March be filled with beautiful and amazing memories for you my love, thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me!
  4. Dear God, this month will be new for us all. New friendship, new happiness, and a new love. I pray to you to bring us to that destiny we deserve in life. Bless us with good fortune and understanding that we may learn from our mistakes and be happy once more. Amen.
  5. God, it is a new month and a new start. We pray this month brings everyone on Earth laughter and joy. We pray this month brings peace to all around the world.
  6. I just wanted to remind you that you are special to me and I hope that this coming month is full of joy, love and health for you. I am sending you warm thoughts from here. May all your dreams come true!
  7. Dear Great Creator, on this new month, we ask for your continued guidance. Please help us to be open to all possibilities and recognize the miracles you have in store for us. In your name, amen.
  8. Dear God, please help everyone have a happy new month. Help us to grow in our love for each other and help us to grow in our faith. Keep the world safe from natural disasters and bring peace and comfort to everyone who is suffering. May all your dreams come true in this new month. Please watch over my friends, my family and my town during this new month. Thank you for these blessings in this New Month. In Jesus Name I pray…AMEN!
  9. Make the month of March a happy and fulfilling one for me. Inspire me to be more disciplined in all areas of my life. Help me achieve my personal and career goals, so that I may enjoy the fruits of success.
  10. New Month means new opportunities and fresh beginnings. I want to take this chance to thank the Almighty God for his goodness in my life. Help me to move forward and do more good in your name.
  11. God, thank you for seeing me through all the trouble I had in February and guiding me to March without any problems at all. I pray that we all sail smoothly in March with no major accidents. Life is good and I am one blessed guy!
  12. I thank God for March as a new month. It’s also the love month. I pray that our romance will thrive this coming month, and that we will always strive to remain in love in the next year!
  13. The new month is knocking at our door, the old month is closing its door, from our heart we welcome March. This is the month of shows, in a special way for family will pray. I wish you a prosperous new month, I wish you joy and peace that really comes from your heart.
  14. God, hold our nation in the palm of your hand. Let this month be a lovely one for all of us and our family members. Please, God, help us to be more responsible citizens and bring prosperity our way. Help us find a new job soon. Give us the wisdom to get through this month with more learning and less mistakes. Please give us hope and peace of mind in body and mind. Thank you for everything. In Jesus’ name we pray it shall be so!
  15. Dear Lord, as we enter into another month of life, I pray that I will meet new friends and that the friendships that I already have will deepen and grow. I pray that you would continue to bring clarity to my life, strength to my heart, courage to my spirit, and wisdom to my mind. Help me remain positive in thought, word and action. Help me build bridges for others instead of walls.
  16. Dear God, I would like to express my thanks for your blessings. I pray you continue to guide me along my journey and remove all the obstacles that lull me from reaching my dreams. Thank you for the journey of love I have experienced so far and help me make this new love relationship work.
  17. I hope this month is as amazing as you are. May each day be the start of something new for you and me. I can’t wait to see what March has in store for us!
  18. Oh Lord, may this month be a good one for all of your angels on earth. Abundance of health, happiness and peace in their souls. Let the light of your grace brighten up their path and touch their hearts. Give them your strength to endure the struggles ahead. Watch over them with special care, give them comfort at all times. Make it a month full of blessings and good fortun…
  19. Dear God, We thank you for this New Month. We pray for your grace, mercy and protection from all evil. Please grant us wisdom through the power of your Holy Spirit to face the challenges that will come our way. Lord God, we know that with you at our side, we will succeed in all our endeavors; please help us defeat all wickedness so that we may be a blessing to others.
  20. God, this month is new and fresh. It will be filled with many new plans and interesting things. Bless me with patience and calm. Let this be a productive, rewarding and happy month for me and my family. Thank you for the friends who brighten my day. Thank you for the family who blesses my life everyday. Amen!
  21. New month, new challenges. Happy New Month to you, my friends and family. I wish that all your challenges are met with success this month. Stay strong!
  22. Dear Lord, Let the month of March be fruitful for us and all our endeavors. Help to grant us your divine guidance and confidence at all time. Bring with it lasting joy and bountiful blessings. We love you.
  23. Dear God, I pray that the month of March will be merry, bright and fruitful. Let your blessings be upon everyone’s head. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
  24. Please, Dear God, come in my way to congratulate you for the new month. I want to pray for those who are affected by difficulties and challenges. Please leave a positive impact on our minds and hearts with respect to love and unity. Let us be together and grateful for all that life brings, friends. Thank you Dear God.
  25. God’s blessings to you as we start this new month. May your faith be strong, your family blessed and your goals achieved.
  26. May the saints protect us this month. May the powers be with us this month. May all our dreams come true this month.March, we are counting on you!
  27. Dear Jesus, let this month bring us peace and joy as we live by the principles of fairness, compassion and love. Let it be a time where we are conscious of our actions in order to create a better world for everybody. Let us not continue to be selfish people that only think about ourselves. Grant us the strength to share these blessings with others. This is my prayer, AMEN.
  28. Dear God, I pray that you let me find love in all the right places and grow in my relationship with all of the people who support me. All I want is to be able to enjoy all the things you have for me including my friends and love ones. In your name I pray. Amen!
  29. May this coming month be more blessed than the last for me and all my friends. Be healthy, wealthy and happy always!
  30. Dear God, please bless me with good health, a clear mind and lots of money. I want to be rich in all the ways that matter and poor in all the ways that don’t.
  31. Happy New Month. I hope this month will bring lots of joy, love and happiness in your lives.
  32. Hello Dearest, I want to wish you a Happy New Month and I hope this month brings your desired results. May God bless and keep you safe through this month. I love you so much and can’t wait until we see each other again.
  33. I pray for your safety this month. God bless you with a smile on your face and may life just get better and better for you each day. Happy New Month.
  34. Dear Heavenly Father: We come to you today asking that any difficulties and hindrances in our lives may be lifted. Thank you for the opportunity to start this new month with hope and renewed faith. We ask that our families, friends, and jobs may prosper this month and all else would fall into place accordingly. Bless us with your grace and be with us throughout this new month, Amen.
  35. Happy New Month. I hope that you are having a good month so far. I pray that it will keep getting better and better.
  36. Dear Lord, Please watch over our country in times of trouble and give wisdom to all who make important decisions. Make us humble and teach us to trust you completely for all that comes to pass. We ask for Your abundant blessings on us and our families as well as the countries we live in. We thank you for sending your son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, so that we might have eternal life with you through him. Thank you, especially, for the glorious new month of March!
  37. Dear God, What a year it has been. Many struggles, but many blessings as well. We thank you for the safety, love and kindness bestowed upon us this past year. We ask that you sweep away what is unwanted in our life and fill our hearts with the new abundance of joy and prosperity in the coming year…Blessings to you God, Amen!
  38. Lord, thank you for this new month. I pray you continue to keep my loved one and all of your children safe during this month and the ones to come. I pray you give each of them wisdom and help them through their issues with strength and guidance. Father, I pray a special prayer for (insert name here) as he continue on his journey on earth. Thanks so much for all your blessings. I love you, God!
  39. God bless you as you enter the month of March. May it bring you peace, joy, hope, and love.
  40. Happy Month Of March I wish you all the happiness, love and success in the world. Promise me that you’ll make every day count; for each second brings us closer to our dreams and humankind. I know you have what it takes, but stay humble and remember where you come from. I love you all my friends!
  41. I pray for your health, your love, your safety and for all the things that you need. Almighty God is Great! May you have a month filled with prosperity and happiness.
  42. New month, new week, new day and that means a new chapter. I pray that this month shows you much love, happiness and also good health. I pray that this year takes you to greater heights and the challenges that come your way are conquered by your endowment…May God bless you with great success in all you endeavor and may your dreams fall in place just as planned!

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