Happy New Month Prayer For June

June is here, and so is the month of happiness. Happiness follows perseverance that results from prayers to God. This month is all about blessing as the world throws new challenges on us, and we meet them with new possessions too. Here below are happy new month prayer for June 2024 for you to share with your friends and family.


Happy New Month Prayer For June

  1. May the new month bring you closer to your goals and aspirations and fill your hearts with love, happiness, wealth and good health. May we stay blessed by God.
  2. Dear heavenly father, I pray that as the month of June begins that all the money I need comes my way. May it be in blessings, and in many different ways. That my bills are paid and my bank account gets to stay strong. To help all the dreams and goals I’m working towards this year. Thank you Heavenly Father for your love,faithfulness and grace, Amen!
  3. Dear Heavenly Father, please bless us with divine protection and sustained growth. We ask that we have the courage to make the right choices this month. We request wisdom and strength in our endeavors, to know what is best for us at all times. Bless us with good health, enable us to withstand all forms of negative forces. Give us courage and strength to face any challenge with a renewed faith and know that we ask humbly for these blessings in Your name…Amen!
  4. Let the new month be filled with abundant joy and peace. Let each day bring love, happiness and health. Let yourself open to healthy relationships with family, friends, work mate and pets. Be at peace with everyone wherever you may meet them. Blessings of love be present in your days this June.
  5. I’m so happy that the month of June is finally here. I hope this month brings you many wonderful things. Enjoy it and be happy.
  6. I sincerely wish you a happy new month from the bottom of my heart and that your month is filled with love and good health. May God bless your efforts in life be rewarded.
  7. I Love you so much, every day I pray for a new month to come by just so I can see your face. I know that this month will be even better than the last. I am glad to get a new chance to make us closer. You are awesome. Thanks for being in my life.
  8. Dear Father, let this new month be a month of success, happiness and joy for all my friends. Let this month bring them prosperity, happiness and success.
  9. The new month begins with a fresh start. You may already be getting excited for the activities and events planned for this coming June month. Prayer is a great means to connect with our Creator so you can boldly step out and acquire the blessings you deserve.
  10. Dear God, I pray for a wonderful month for me and my family. I pray to stay worry-free and live without stress. It is in your hands Lord, all I want is a wonderful month. Thank you Lord!
  11. Bless this month O Lord; make it more merciful than the last. Let there be more peace, and love, and faithfulness, and gentleness than last month. Be merciful to me in all my needs, for I trust in Thee.
  12. Dear Lord, Please give me the strength to handle the present and peace of mind to ensure a better future. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
  13. I pray that you have a blessed month of June, that you find love and happiness. May you be surrounded by people who love you, may your dreams come true, and may all your wishes be fulfilled. God bless you dear friend!
  14. My Dearest Amy, I wish you a happy new month with lots of love and peace. May this happiness spread all over the universe so that you too can be happy forever. Amen.
  15. Dear God, greet each one of us in this month with a smile and happiness to count our blessings and to have a meaningful fruitful year ahead. Happy New Month to all!
  16. May your heart be the first to welcome the new month. May the blessings of all angels and guardians surround you and show you that your wishes will come true.
  17. Dear God, we thank you for blessing us with another month. As we move into June we ask that you bless our family with peace and happiness. May our country prosper this year and be well looked after by its leaders. We also ask that you help us to appreciate all the things we have in life; our families, friends and children. Let this renewed month bring about new beginnings and build better relationships between everyone. In Jesus name,Amen!
  18. Dear heavenly father, we come to you know to thank you for this new month. We thank you for your infinite grace and mercy. Give us the strength, patience and hope to make it through this coming month. Give us wisdom as we continue our mission here on earth.
  19. Dear God, Please hear my words and have mercy on me. I am going to the lake tomorrow and need some weather for the picnic. In Your Holy Name, Amen.
  20. Wishing you a month full of happiness and joy. May you receive the love and peace you need to live your best life. God bless!
  21. I pray we will have a Happy New Month together, and a good Godly year. I hope you are doing well and that we can spend plenty of time together this month, since it is our month to have each other. I pray that all your heart desires come true this new month. Many blessings of love, happiness, health and prosperity to you all.
  22. Dear God, This month we give you our thanks, we are grateful for another month of life another season to enjoy each others company. We ask you to help us find peace; and keep us safe.
  23. Father, as we come into this new month, we thank you for the love and life you’ve given us. We know that when we go through a storm, it’s only to make our faith stronger. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and our cup runneth over with happiness. The new month brings us closer to the day you’ve planned for us, so we ask for your guidance and strength.
  24. Dear God, please send me the perfect love of my life; the one I have read about in the stories. The one who will make me feel complete and whole, may it be you or someone else; I won’t mind. May I begin to live out my own happily ever after!
  25. Please bless us with the strength and will to do your will. Please bless our leaders with good health and help them rule with wisdom. Please strengthen all our families, friends and neighbours. Please give wisdom and help to all who need it. Guide us through any crises we may face in this new month. Thank you for a peaceful New Month.
  26. Dear God, please give me the strength to continue. I will need it to love him everyday and be the best wife I can be. As much as we fight, I will always love him for all the good he does. Help me to have a healthy marriage with no arguments. Also help me to grow in my relationship with you. Thank you for blessing us with another month together.
  27. Dear God, I pray for those that made me who I am today. Please bless them and help guide them through life. Thank you for everything you have given me. Sincerely, Gabriella
  28. Please allow me to offer you these words of prayer as a way to lift your spirits and help you to understand that all things are possible with God. May the month of June be filled with blessings, happiness, peace and prosperity for you. Thank you for being such a blessing.
  29. God has once again brought us another month, to bring us closer to you. Bless our homes this month with your love and peace and protection. Let your will be done in our lives, for you are greater than all. Thanks Lord for this new month.
  30. Dear God, Thank you for another day. Guide us through this month and show us the way. This July, we thank you for another year and being able to see each other again. Help us not fight and be jealous. Help us love each other and remain patient in times of difficulty. In your name we pray, Amen!
  31. Dear God, please send a special blessing to June and her family. Please give them comfort knowing that an angel is watching over them. And let June know that she has a special place in the arms of Jesus, whose love will get us through every difficult time. Amen.
  32. I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous month ahead.  May God bless you with the ability to be steadfast and endure hardship. May grace and mercy abound, and may God grant you peace of mind, body and spirit. I pray God’s continuous favor upon all that you do.
  33. Dear God, thank you for this new month and for making my dream of a family come true. As I pray these words, please allow me to attract more abundance into my life. And help me to be awesome at everything I do.
  34. Lord bless us this month. Guide your flock into the fold of salvation. I pray for your deliverance over our nation in this holy month of Ramadan. Help us to be tolerant to our neighbors and classmates. Help us not to fall prey to evil forces around us, Lord keep us safe from adultery and all other vices.
  35. June 1st marks the beginning of a new month and year; May your Almighty God fill your heart with love, hope and peace. I hope this month is a happy and prosperous one! I am so glad we are in it together!
  36. Good morning. Hope that this month will be much better than the previous one, now that we are going to start a new card for the month of june, i want you to know that i will continue loving you deeply just like you mean so much to me…bless you honey!
  37. May the heavens above you bless you with their love and protect you from all negativity as the earth beneath you gives you strength and brings about abundance. May the stars in the sky shine upon you in every step you take; the Sun at day time warm your body and soul while at night The Moon illuminates your path, and as such may this be a month of blessings for a life well lived.
  38. Dear God, please bring the sun to shine on those in despair, hope to those who have lost it, love to those who hate, laughter to those who need it and joy to our hearts.
  39. Like the hot summer winds blowing through every corner of the earth, so blows my warm affection for you my darling. On this beautiful morning, as a gentle dew restores to life and vigor all nature’s vegetation, I pray that the Almighty will instill in your heart and soul a love of peace and goodwill toward other people…
  40. May the month of June bring you all the warmth and joy and love that it brings to me. May you find peace, happiness, comfort and so much love in this month. I pray that it brings you closer to God, that it may give you wisdom to proceed with plans and projects.
  41. Dear June, May you shower us with endless blessings and love. You are the month that fill our hearts with joy for us all to share. Let’s embrace each new day and take it with great stride as we move forward to leave our past behind and begin a whole new page in life! Bask in your grace every June after all you have the word LOVE in your name! GOD BLESS!
  42. I thank the almighty God for giving me the strength to make it through another day. I pray for pure and unconditional love, good health and happiness for everyone.

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