Happy New Month Prayer For July

The month of July is here, and you’re probably thinking of how to wish that special someone a happy new month. A happy new month is often accompanied with an encouraging prayer and these quotes can help you with that.


Happy New Month Prayer For July

  1. May all your dreams come true this month, and May you have a wonderful month ahead. Enjoy all the good things this life has to offer. Happy New Month!
  2. Happy New Month to my dearest one, may every corner of your world be filled with limitless joy, hope and love. Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.
  3. I pray for good health for all, hope that your dreams come true and that your worries fade away. I pray that you find a reason to be happy, find someone to love and find peace within. I pray love and light surround us all this month. May God bless you and keep you safe throughout this month. More power to you!
  4. Lord, please bless this month with new great beginnings and endless opportunities to manifest Your purpose in my life. Let Your favor be upon me, and make me an instrument of joy and peace in all I undertake. Bless all July babies, please make a way to finding true love for them. Give us health and healing from ailments of the body, mind and soul. Heal broken hearts; let peace reign in our homes. In Jesus name, Amen!
  5. I hope that this month will bring you closer to your goals and aspirations. May all your dreams come true!
  6. Dear God, I pray that the month of July will be full of fun and laughter. Bless Anthony with a successful month as well as a happy one. Guide him and lead him through tough times just as you have always done, Amen.
  7. Dear Lord, Father, Almighty, Creator of the universe and the Author of all life. Bless our family. May we be healthy and have contentment in your grace. May all those we love enjoy peace and well-being each day.
  8. Lord, I appreciate you and I know that you are greater than all challenges. You can make all my debts be paid off in a blink of an eye. I make a choice to not worry about anything, at this moment, concerning myself or my family. You will provide for us. Thank you for your faithfulness! I love you.
  9. Oh great and powerful Djehuty, you are my guardian angel in the realms of the stars. Today is a new month and I really want to make this one a memorable one. Please help me with this because I do not want to forget anything. Thank you my guardian angel.
  10. I pray for happiness to fill my heart, joy in my life, and love to surround me today and always. All this I pray in Your name.
  11. Dear God, I pray that this New Month will be full of happiness, love, and health. Please touch the hearts of all those who are suffering and give them comfort in knowing that others care. If you do this for me I will serve you with much praise, honor, and thanks. Hear us as we pray. Amen!
  12. I am praying for you during the month of July. I wish you success, a happy life and peace. Stay focused on your goals and never give up. God is with you wherever you go!!!
  13. I wish you a joyous, peaceful and prosperous new month! May this month bring you good health, happiness and self-fulfillment. I pray your life is filled with lots of love, luck and success as you continue traversing the journey that is your life. Happy New Month! Thank you for being my friend.
  14. Dear Lord, thank you for this month with my friends and family. Help us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Keep us safe and watch over our travels and adventures. Please bless those in need with your love and that will be sufficient for their needs.
  15. Thank you for this new month..I pray that with every new month of this year, and with every month of the next, You will give me courage, compassion and wisdom to think straight. I also pray that my husband and his family remain healthy, loving one another the most effective way.
  16. I pray happiness for you. I pray love for those who have none, contentment for those with it most, and gratitude in the hearts of all. Great things are in your future this month!
  17. I pray this month will bless you with lots of happiness, luck, joy and peace. I pray that all your worries and concerns will vanish forever and only good times will come your way.
  18. May the Lord bless you and guide you this month. May you be happy, healthy and safe. I pray that our friendship grows stronger everyday and may we never forget how much we mean to each other! Happy New Month!
  19. May God bless you with strength and courage in this coming month and beyond.
  20. Thank you God for the New Month. Thank you God for the ability to love. We praise you, bless you and lift our hands in prayer for you, that your will be done in all of our lives and in family and friends as well. Amen.
  21. Dear heavenly father, thank you for bringing us to this beautiful month of July. We are excited to be here with all our loved ones. Grant us a joyful and prosperous month ahead. Keep us safe from any harm as we embark on this month full of activities, surprises and revelations. Finally, we ask for your strength and guidance in all our endeavors this month so that we can keep living each day to the fullest. We appreciate and offer you these prayers in the name of your son, Jesus Christ… Amen!
  22. Here’s to a month of new dreams, new goals, and new love. I’m wishing you joy and happiness, laughter, good health and much success. I’m hoping this month is the start of something wonderful and that your dreams come true.
  23. Lord, thank you for this month I pray that in the times of trouble you help me to overcome and be able to celebrate your beautiful blessings.
  24. Dear God, Please let this be a prosperous and joyous month for all those reading this. Keep us all safe from harm. Let us find success in our careers and happiness in our relationships. We give thanks for the opportunities we have been given. Amen.
  25. I send you this prayer that everyone in your life finds peace, joy, and love throughout the month of July. The best is yet to come!
  26. Wishing you a very Happy New Month ahead, with loads of joy, success and happiness.
  27. I pray that this month brings you good health, happiness, prosperity and success. God bless you!
  28. Dear God, please fill the new month with tons of love and happiness. Please protect all that is pure and good, bring peace wherever there is suffering, and compassion to all creatures great and small! I send you this prayer in sincerity for myself and the ones I love.
  29. Dear God, thank you for a wonderful June! I’m looking for the best and most meaningful July. Help me to make this month my greatest! Fill every day with your awesome love and kindness. Thanks a bunches! With warmest regards, _____________
  30. Our loving and kind God, accept our heartfelt Prayers this month and protect us from all evils. Protect our kin, friends, neighbors and all people we meet. Help them to notice their mistakes, forgive themselves and promise to do better next time. Keep me safe with my family in peace. Thank you God for listening and confirming my Prayers. Amen!
  31. Dear Lord, thank you for this month of July. Please let me be wiser than my enemies, kinder than my friends, richer than my foes and more honorable than those who seek to bring me down. Amen.
  32. I pray that no matter how far your loved one is, or how much time you’ve spent apart. For God puts two hearts in our chest for a reason. Even if it’s just to find that one person who completes you. I wish you love, joy, success and happiness.
  33. Whatever it is that you are facing, I pray that you find joy, hope, strength, grace and peace. And that your heart may be open to receive the many blessings headed your way.
  34. Hello, I am pleased to greet you on this lovely month of July. I hope everything is going well with you in all aspects of your life and relationships. Just before the beginning of this month, I prayed to God that everything would be okay for the entire year ahead of us.
  35. Dear God, thank you for this new July month. Thank for the love and happiness that you’ve given to us all. We are one people under one God; help us to remember to respect each other and to always show care and kindness to one another…
  36. I wish you all the best for July, I hope it’s a prosperous and a joyful month for you. We pray God grants us the strength and patience to go through this month, so we get through these trials with joy and steadfast.
  37. Dear Lord, I pray this month will be a blessing, full of love and joy. Help me to overcome negative emotions and make the right choices. Thank you for all the special people in my life. Guide me with wisdom, let me walk in your light.
  38. Wish you everyday, New month the new begin. God bless you the new light in your way. And full of fruits tree will give to you best. God is always with you so enjoy the season. Happy New Month!
  39. Dear Lord, please make this month a new beginning that I could learn from your teaching. I ask that through your grace you could have a peace of heart and mind. In Jesus name I pray.
  40. I hope this is the month you’ve been hoping for. With wishes of love, luck and prosperity to surround you. Each day brings a chance to try again and make things right. The future is bright, new doors are open, dreams are coming true, have a happy and successful New Month!
  41. I pray for the Lord to bless me more than anything in the world. I am so grateful for everything he has given me and can’t wait to see what good things this year will bring. Thank you for all your blessings in my life. You are amazing!
  42. I am thankful for the sun, I am blessed with your company. I feel better when you are near and my heart if always warmed and filled with delight by the special glance in your eyes. You are my guiding light, my shining star of love, my number one source of heat. May you be surrounded by all of your friends and be happy too! Sync or Swim!!
  43. This is for all my friends who are celebrating the New Month. I pray that your month is full of many blessings, Joys, happiness and love. May God bless you and shower you with His endless love.
  44. Dear Heavenly God. I pray that you will bless each day of this new month and give me the courage to accomplish all that I’ve set out to do.
  45. Dear lord, I am thankful to have this month. This month will be an amazing one, filled with gleeful moments and new experiences. I pray to you for friends, the best kind of job for me and a year filled with happiness and joy! Amen.
  46. Lord, we ask for wisdom and guidance in the coming month. We pray for protection and for all of us to remain safe and healthy. Bless our families and friends and bless those everywhere who are sick or injured. Touch their lives with your healing power. We thank you for all your many blessings. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!
  47. Dear God, I pray that I may have the strength to follow where my heart leads me; And the courage to make it home safely. Amen!

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