Happy New Month Prayer For January

January is coming, the month of new beginnings and fresh starts. Here are some prayer quotes that will encourage you to achieve them.


Happy New Month Prayer For January 

  1. Dear Lord- bless this New Month which is filled with blessings for all, good health, happiness and fulfilment of our dreams and aspirations. Fill us Lord with happiness and love for each other as we will cherish any moment together.
  2. The New Month has arrived and it’s time for new beginnings. I hope that your life will be full of happiness, joy and lots of blessings! I love you with all my heart!
  3. Hello beloved family and friends! GOD bless us with his divine love in this new month. May God fill your heart with joy and peace. Prayer for you from my family to yours! Amen.
  4. I pray for you today in this new month that your dreams and wishes will come true. I pray that God will protect you from all those who wish to harm you. I pray that your enemies will be turned into friends. May this month bring you much happiness, joy and love in your life. New month, new beginnings.
  5. Dear God, today is the first day of the year 2023. I am grateful, Lord, for every new day You give me. Help me to make this day fruitful with whatever You have in store for me. May Your grace protect my family, friends and me throughout this month and year.
  6. Happy New month and the best year ever. I hope you have everything that you want and more in 2023, for us all to live in peace and harmony for the greater good. Growing together with our hearts, thoughts and actions… a better world! Happy New month!
  7. New month, new year, new beginnings. It’s been a while since we have spoken, but I wanted to let you know that I still think about you. Your memory lives within me and I will forever carry your heart. Although we are in different places in our lives now, if you ever need me, I will be there without hesitation. You are my soul mate and the one that holds my heart in your hands.
  8. A New Year, a new month, and a new chance to be the best me. I made mistakes in the year past, but I came out a stronger person. May this day bring nothing but joy and happiness in all that you do.
  9. Dear God, please help us to be inspired by the new month of January. Help us all to be positive and fresh. And also help us to be organized and disciplined in whatever we do. And as usual help us to learn more as we enter into each new year. And finally please turned our RAGS into RICHS by working like never before. And give back to society by volunteering our precious times for community development, and wherever possible donate some resources too. Thanks for listening!
  10. Thank you, God, for such a wonderful month of January. May this new year be one of many blessings!
  11. I pray that god send the best person that you will ever find in this life, and may god bless every day of your life. Happy new year 2023!
  12. Dear God, Thank you for being with us through all the struggles of life. We pray that you will fill our hearts and minds in this month of January with happiness, love and joy. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen!
  13. A new month full of new beginnings… I pray that the Lord will make your day extra special. May it be a month of joy, peace and blessings!
  14. I wish you a very Happy New Month of January. May God Bless you abundantly this month more than last month and all the months to come. I pray for your health, happiness, wealth and wisdom. I wish you peace at home and in your office. You are my dearest friend and I am glad you are around every moment of the day. Love you lots and lots.
  15. I pray that God give you health, peace and love this new month. Have a blessed month ahead. Keep safe from harm and sorrow, and shines bright like the sun in everybody’s heart. God bless you honey.
  16. I pray that in the new year, you are blessed with good health and a heart of love. You are always there when I need you and I hope one day soon I can be as good a friend to you as you have been for me. Praying for you sweetie, all the best in the year ahead.
  17. Let the new year be filled with joy, happiness, and peace for everyone. May you achieve all your goals by finding the courage to reach higher and aim higher. Wish you a healthy, wealthy, and successful Janurary.
  18. We are fortunate enough to have another month of love, happiness and joy. I am grateful for every moment with you. I have no greater wish than to see you happy!
  19. I pray daily for your health and happiness. I believe in you and that you can conquer all that comes your way. God got you covered my friend. Live your dreams and achieve success beyond your wildest imagination! Today we begin a brand new month with endless opportunities to accomplish our goals. Let’s all make this month an awesome one!
  20. Dear God, thank you so much for the goodness that you have given me throughout the last month. I pray that you continue to give us strength to conquer whatever comes our way and help us keep a positive outlook. Amen!
  21. I’m wishing you a happy New Month of January. With lots of happiness, joy and success in the new year. May all your dreams come true this year… And may God give you a happy healthy and wealthy New Year.
  22. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for this New Month! May all our dreams and hearts desire become a reality this new year.
  23. As the new month begins, may you have peace and joy. May your days be filled with love and laughter. Blessings to you! As always, I wish you happiness in your life. Amen!
  24. New moon, New month, New beginning. May this new month bring you chances and choices to grow, blossom, and shine in every way. May the universe smile on you as you enter this New Year. With blessings of love and light!
  25. New Month New Beginnings! I wish you that no matter how the world treats you, My God will never leave you and be there for you always. I pray that your month is filled with joy and laughter and always remember that I love you!
  26. As you begin a new year, may the new month bless you with a joyful heart and an abundance of love… your fellowship of friends extended to those far and near, proving that unity is strength… happiness forever.
  27. Dear Lord, You have granted me the opportunity to start off this New Month with wishes of good health, peaceful living and more. Whatever the month may bring me, I give my humble thanks for the gift of life. May Your blessings shower down upon me everyday this new month. I thank you for all that you’ve done and may your grace be upon me each day as I start off with a clean sheet in Your book. Amen! Good Morning!
  28. New month, fresh start. I Pray for better days ahead and health to carry out my duties. New month, pray for guidance so I make the right decisions. Let’s hope for better things this year.
  29. My dearest friend, You deserve all the best things life has to offer. May you enjoy the fun and exciting times, and be at peace whenever sorrow visits your heart. You are one of the most caring people I know and your generosity will never be forgotten. I wish you a year filled with warm hugs, sunlight, rainbows, green grass and roses — because that’s what you do for me every day.
  30. I am so grateful for all God has done for me this year. His bounty, his grace, his mercy are more than I could ever ask for. I pray that he will bless us with good health and a happy home this year. I hope you read this, and realize how much you mean to me. You are the most amazing person in my life. You’ve brought me to life, you’ve changed me from a lifeless being into a new born baby learning the way of the world!
  31. I am sending my heartiest wishes for a happy new month. I pray you continue to be blessed with all the happiness you deserve. May January bring you a happy and joyful start to the new year. May you succeed in all that you try, may love be always on your side, and may happiness dwell within your heart.
  32. Dear God, dear heavenly father, we thank for a new month of January to come. We ask that you protect us and bless us in this upcoming year. This month that has just been given to us. We want to give you thanks in advance for everything you have done for us. We pray for all those will need it. Help them overcome their obstacles and weaknesses. Give them the strength to persevere through this month, and until we all meet again in Heaven.
  33. I wish you all the best in this new month. May it be filled with harmony, laughter & happiness for you and loved ones. Happy New Month!
  34. New Month, New Year, New Hope, New Love. I hope you are blessed with all of those things and more in the months to come. Wishing you a wonderful year of blessings.
  35. Hope your New Year is Happy Happy and brings you joy. May the Divine bless each day a never ending light. May you start this year off right and new with good health, prosperity and happiness.
  36. Dear God, thank you for the New Year. We pray that you will help us to clear away our faults and weaknesses, and help us to improve in areas that you show us we need to grow in. Give us the wisdom to use the gifts and talents that you have given each of us, so that we may share them with others.
  37. May the New Year bring better things for you, may it bring joy, peace and love. I pray for your success with your family and career. I wish a successful new year for you and your family. May you feel the love in every smile and get all you deserve.
  38. I hope you get the blessing of love and luck in this month. Pray for happiness and victory. I am thanking my higher power that we met each other and are close to each other.
  39. Dear God, Please bless me for the Month of January, make my life beautiful and happy and wonderful, and give me a lot of happiness, and make my mom to have a wonderful day.
  40. May God Bless You and your family in this New Month of January, May you be surrounded by so much joy that it overflows into all the corners of my life.
  41. I wish you all the very best for the month ahead and I send my prayers that you will stay safe and healthy throughout the month. May your month be filled with much love, happiness and joy.
  42. I hope you have an amazing month. I wanted to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. Sending you good wishes for the New Year! God will always bless your life no matter what and remember that He is with you through your ups and downs.
  43. Dear God, please bless me, my family and friends. Let this month be full of joy, prosperity and lots of blessings. Let there be love and peace in our lives. Touch everyone’s heart by your grace and let us spread love everywhere we go. We pray all these through Jesus Christ name! Amen.

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