Happy New Month Prayer For February

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Happy New Month Prayer For February

  1. Heavenly Father, I pray that You will continue to guide me and fill my life with love, joy, and peace. I also pray for the dear friends and loved ones of this beautiful month of February. Continued blessings to all.
  2. Dear God, please bless this month of February with your grace and protection, to be kind and loving towards others and always think positive. Thank you!
  3. Let the month of February be a sign of new blessings, Fresh starts and happiness. Let God remove all worries from our minds, keep us cool through the month ahead, Bring joy to our lives as we make it another great month.
  4. Let’s start February with new hope, success, and health. Let this month be a perfect beginning; and let it give us the strength to finish the rest of the year at its best.
  5. Good morning/afternoon/evening. It is the beginning of February 2023 so I would just like to take a moment and wish you all a very happy month. May this new year bring you joy, fortune and great success. Get ready for the ride!
  6. Dear God, I honor you as I begin this month trusting in your presence in my life. Please guide me through your loving guidance and care for all of my needs. I thank you for all my blessings and for the lessons that I have learned from the experiences that you have brought into my life. Continue to bless me with peace and joy, knowing that together we can conquer anything put before us. Lead us in your ways, for only then can we be free from fear and worry.
  7. I can’t even begin to express how much joy you bring me. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, and I pray that one day you will see just how wonderful you really are. I love you more than anything.
  8. Father God, thank you for the gifts of today. It is a new month of promise and possibilities. Allow me to go through it with strength, courage and confidence. This is your month, God! I will not stumble or fall, for I am on my feet! And your ways are always for my good. In Jesus name, Amen!
  9. Please guide me through another month, help me through each day and bring my dreams into reality. Amen!
  10. Dear God, I pray for a great month ahead. I pray that you will guide me to success in my new business venture, a new home for myself and my family, my daughter’s acceptance into medical school and a successful conclusion to negotiations for the sale of my company. For these things and so much more I thank you. In Your Name I Pray, amen!
  11. Lord, I thank you for this new month. I pray that all my dreams will come to pass and that your love will be with me always…God bless you!
  12. I greet you in the spirit of this new day and pray that all your dreams come true! May this month be filled with love and excitement, prosperity and great opportunities. Happy New Month!
  13. Good day and a very Happy New Month to you. Do not be down cast, I pray that this month shall bring you nothing but joy, happiness and prosperity. May the good Lord shower his wisdom upon you this entire year and always. Remember me in your prayers. Your friend.
  14. Dear God Thank you for blessing me, my family and my friends. Please bless me with the strength to handle the challenges that might come my way during the month of February. Let me confront these challenges with a great attitude. Please give me patience and perseverance to deal with hurdles in life. I thank you for your love, mercy and grace. Amen!
  15. February, you are here, We’ve survived the winter! Springtime is around the corner With its flowers everywhere. The sky looks clearer The sun shines brighter. I know you will bring us so much happiness That we’ll forget our sorrows. So, February, thank you for what’s to come and again, Welcome to our world!
  16. Lord God, as we near the end of the month of January, please bless us with your love. Refresh our spirits with your grace and fill us up with your kind heavenly gifts. Lord Jesus, please be in every encounter we face today. Let our hearts and minds be blessed with your presence this new month as we continue to seek you. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN!
  17. On the dawn of this month may your mindset be resolved to making changes for the better. May your new year be fruitful with good health, joy, and prosperity.
  18. Dear Lord, Thank you so much for bringing my family and I safely through this month. Thank you for all we have and thank you for the people in our lives, near and far. Bless them today and always. Guide us with your wisdom In everything we do, yes Jesus I ask this in your name Amen!
  19. Lift up your hearts. We lift them up to the Lord and we ask him that in this new month of February that you all get blessed with jobs and not a slow down or lay off. That if there is a bad guy out there who is bothering you can run him off. Lift up your hearts and have a great new month and I pray for all my friends and family here on fiverr.
  20. I pray for positive energy, joy and love this new month of February. I pray for GOOD health, happiness, peace and prosperity in every area of life. I pray that you have long life and better days ahead. God bless!
  21. Dear Lord, I pray that this month be full of love and joy. I pray for all good things to come and for happiness to be everywhere. Let everyone be blessed during this February. Do not forget about anyone or anything. Help everyone have peace and protection through out the month and into March as well. Bring every one closer together so we can support each other when someone is feeling down.
  22. Dear Lord, we wish to thank you with all of our hearts that you brought us safely through the last month, and we pray that in February we might see a brighter day. We ask this in Jesus’ precious name! Amen.
  23. I pray that your day is filled with love. I pray that the thought of me puts a smile on your face. In all of my dreams I hope you will be there, and in all of my thoughts you’ll be mine!
  24. My heart reaches out to you in this very moment, bringing forth the most beautiful blessings of February: You will find goodness everywhere. Today when you wake up your home is going to be filled with a wonderful fragrance and warmth; just like the warm embrace of your Valentine!
  25. I pray that Almighty God will guide and direct our steps, and with the assistance of Holy Spirit that we can be a better people in this month. I pray for health, courage, direction, support, cheerfulness and may we appreciate blessings given to us. Amen.
  26. May this new month be full of blessings and grace, blessings to be enjoyed by those who journey through it! May you continually be shown the marvels of His grace on your way and make a sharp distinction between the true and the false. I pray God will grant everyone reading this the opportunity to love as Jesus loves and may each one be given all the strength they need to have faith in His wonderful name!
  27. Dear God, please bless my family and friends. Let the coming month be healthy and prosperous for all.  Help us achieve our goals and ambitions, let us stay happy and healthy always. Amen!
  28. As the month of February begins, this is a prayer to help everyone have a prosperous and peaceful month. I pray that no one will have a broken heart in February and that no one has any problems. Send the world a message of peace and love through this prayer. God bless everyone!
  29. Hello friends, This is just a little prayer for a new month that God would Guide and Protect you all through it and make you Wise and strong. And give you the privacy and peace from within.
  30. I wish that this month be a happy one with beautiful moments and successful days, that you find yourself happy and very close to me, until we meet again with our lips on yours I will be waiting for you my love.
  31. I pray for God’s glory to be seen, and for His will to be done in the lives of those who read this prayer, now and forever. I pray that this month is one of new beginnings, fruitful days and faithful promises. I pray that your every need will find provision, and that your heart will be encouraged as you draw closer to The Lord.
  32. Dear Lord, thank you for blessing me with another month of love, joy, and happiness. I pray you continue to watch over and protect all of my family & friends through February. Please also watch over my grades in school. I want nothing more than to please you! May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another. Love Mom
  33. I hope this month will be as bright and as sunny as your smile, as refreshing as your personality, as exciting and passionate as our love. I wish you all the luck in the world. May this year be the happiest in your life.
  34. Oh Lord, let us know the meaning of this month and help us to enjoy it to the fullest. Give us all good health, physical strength, mental peace, happiness with our family and relatives and above all fill us with joy every day.
  35. New month and new hopes. God, hear my prayer. Send me unconditional happiness for this month. Let me share love and laughter with people around me. Help me see another day of joy, health, and prosperity in February. Kindly guide those who are in deep sorrow this month to promise land of happiness.
  36. Lord, thank you for this new month. Thank you for the love we share and the joy you bring to my life. I promise to praise you with my words and in my actions, every step of the way!
  37. May all your yesterdays be green and lovely, your tomorrows full of peace, joy and happiness – A Happy New Month!
  38. Thank you God for the wonderful life, family and friends. Let’s take this new month with your help full of successes and happiness. Happy New Month!
  39. February, we welcome you with open arms. We hope this year continues to be good and bring happiness to all. We wish prosperity for everyone who will be spending February 14th with their loved ones. Enjoy the party, drinks, food and company of your friends and family. Hope all your wishes come true!
  40. Dear God, Thank You for my family and friends. I pray for their happiness, well-being and health. I pray that we lead a Godly life always knowing to choose the right path. I love you Lord.
  41. I am so excited for February and the beginning of a new year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. With God, all things are possible. Be encouraged and keep pressing forward for victory is assured!
  42. Please, guide me, show me if I’m on the right path. If I’m not, then lead me. I pray for good weather and little stress this month. I pray that my life is peaceful, calm and easy. Not too much drama or grief. I also pray that everything I need to accomplish this month will be done with ease as if it was meant to happen that way. Thanks in advance.

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