Happy New Month Prayer For August

The month of August has come with its flavors and holiday vibes. Here are prayers for the month of August to inspire and bless you.


Happy New Month Prayer For August

  1. Dear God, Send your blessings to us in this New Month that we might be worthy of the bounties and gifts of life, love, happiness and peace.
  2. My love, in the month of August your warmth will not let me down. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and enlighten you. Let your friends be many because there are no better people than those who pray for you! Wish you a great month!
  3. My heart is filled with gratitude that I have been blessed with you this past month. I have truly enjoyed our time together and can’t wait for where we will be headed. May God always bless you and your family from above.
  4. As August begins, new opportunities will open the door for us. Those are all waiting for us to grab them. May this new month bring joy in your life and you will experience the happiness from it.
  5. Dear God, Thank you for the wisdom and strength You give me to get through each and every day. Thank you for my family, friends, and all the wonderful things I have in my life. And thank you for blessing me with all that I truly need. This month I pray that I will be more giving, loving, kind of heart and gentle as we go through the journey of life together. Amen!
  6. I hope you get to live life the best that you can, Expecting nothing but the best. When you succeed to your fullest ability, Feel a sense of pride. You did it! The moon and stars are joyful watching over you. Happy New month.
  7. With all new beginnings comes hope amid sadness, we shall stand together and use this month for positive reasons even though things may seem dire. We have the power to reshape our year and our destiny.
  8. Hello dear I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Month, God bless you my dear.
  9. I wish you joy, happiness and prosperity in the month of August. I love you with all my heart and I just want to say that this month is going to be the best ever!
  10. I pray that you have a great and rewarding new month, filled with prosperity, success and happiness.May you achieve all your heart desires.
  11. As we move into a new month, let us begin with joy and gratitude. May the new month bring you all that it is meant to be!
  12. I wish a very happy New Month to you. You are always there for me in the bad times and good times, and I appreciate all that you’ve done. I want to thank you for being there when I needed a friend. There’s no thing as a friend who was greater than you, a kind of friend who could make things easier between us . I know we’ll be great friends for life.
  13. Dear God, please protect me from the evil and dangerous entities. Please give me power to achieve all my goals without obstacles. And please bless me never to sleep in class this school semester. Thank you, Amen!
  14. With the month of August upon us, we are reminded of all that we are thankful for in this life. We have our friends and families that surround us with love everyday, and it is because of them that we feel fortunate and blessed. May you be surrounded with so much love this month that you will overflow with a world of joy and satisfaction.
  15. Dear Lord, I pray that this August be the best of my life. That all in its path will be blessed, and everything will go well. Let me learn from your teachings and share with others what you have shared with me.
  16. Lord, please bless the people of this world with knowledge and understanding of thy glory. We thank you for the blessings that we have received in the last month and we pray that in this new month, we would do more good to you. We hope that we will always listen to your voice so that we can be on the path that you’ve prepared for us. We may stumble but we will never give up as you have promised to be by our side! Thank you God, Amen!
  17. God, I praise you for the new opportunity to accomplish my dreams and goals in this month that is about to begin. I pray that my friends and I are blessed with good things that we deserve. Thank you for lending us a helping hand when we need it most. Amen.
  18. Lord, we thank you for the new month and pray that your will be done in our lives this month as it was done in the month of July, 2023. Help us to be obedient to you so that we can have dominion and subdue all things under our feet. We thank you for making us able to dwell in your tent forevermore. Lord, it is good to be here.
  19. Dear Lord, In the midst of a month which is short and hot, we have to thank you for every blessing you have given us. We thank you for many reasons, those include: health, family, friends, and for every blessing that we didn’t expect from you all.
  20. Dear God, Please bring my hubby back to me. I need him to hold, kiss and love me again. I miss him and all we used to do together. I just want him back!
  21. Lord please look down on Zara and give her a heart of wisdom; humility and true love. Give her a clear conscience, which she can only have through being clean from all sin. And make her disciplined to do that which pleases you, that she may keep herself holy in body and mind. Grant her freedom from all current relationships that are hurtful or unhealthy for her.
  22. I’m sending you warm wishes for a happy month ahead. May God bless you and your family. On this auspicious day, it gives me immense pleasure to greet you wish a very Happy New Month.
  23. Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful new month. I pray that during these first days we progress in truth and in love, with more humility and unity…
  24. Dear God, we pray a prayer of gratefulness and thanksgiving for this month of August. As we walk into another month of things to be thankful for, we give you all the honor. We receive your love in every way. May your great love change us and make us better persons with each passing day. Someday, when this world is a better place, every soul will know it never happened by accident, but was created out of your mercy and grace.
  25. Dear God, please accept my prayer for a perfect month. I pray that all my worries, fears and anxiety be eliminated. I request the best blessings from above to come into my life. May all the good that is stored for me be realized throughout this month of august. You are the only one that can give me what I ask for so please hear my cry. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
  26. Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing me with another month of life. I’m grateful for the blessings and opportunity that you have given me to live each day. Help me to respect this life and make the most of it and be someone that makes a difference in the lives of those around me.
  27. Dear God, I apologize for all my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I thank you for the sun that shines on me and the winds that blow in my favor. Let us find peace within our hearts and bless us this month with good health and success. I pray to you, dear friends, please help me to urge us to use our hands to build a bridge of trust instead of walls between us. Help us love one another with the compassion of Christ Jesus.
  28. Dear God, my heart is filled with gratitude today as every day I thank you for the gifts that you give to me. For all the blessings, for all the opportunities that I would never have experienced if it weren’t for you. I pray that you help me make the most out of every situation and give me the strength to be the very best person I can be. I pray that my family, friends and loved ones are safe and healthy, happy and at peace with the world. Thank you!
  29. I know you are very busy enjoys, so I am trying to make my prayer for the new month to be short.   God bless your life with tender mercies in abundance through Jesus Christ.
  30. Dear God, we pray that you continue to bless our nation and all those who live within it. We also thank you for bringing us together and enabling us to share in this new month of bond and love. This coming month of august, we pray that you guide, protect and reward us with more happiness. We thank you for everything..
  31. My prayer for you is happiness, joy, and new beginnings. This month be intentional about what you value in life and what brings you joy. Your success will follow.
  32. Dear Lord, as the new month begins, please guide us. Bless us with wisdom, strength and mercy. Please touch our hearts if we are in need of your loving kindness. Comfort us if we are facing hardships and shield us from evil. Bless this New Month with all its opportunities and challenges. Hear our prayer and make it a productive one. Amen!
  33. As you embark on the new month of August, May all your wishes come true. As you enter the New Month may you have an ease and a grace and a gentle hand to ease your way in gathering the fruits of your labor so that they might be translated into happiness for you and for those around you.
  34. Dear God: This is a prayer for all the people and friends who need strength and courage to help them overcome difficulties. Help them to do the right thing and trust in You in all situations. God bless us all.
  35. I pray that God ever give you strength to face every day of the New Month ahead. I pray also that He gives you courage to overcome your daily challenges, and the wisdom to solve problems as they arise. Have a blessed month ahead.
  36. Every night I say goodnight to the statue of your god. I smile when the dawn horizon is filled with the fireball in the sky. I close my eyes and pray that you are safe throughout this month.
  37. Happy New Month, Month of plenty, month of joy, month of celebration. O’ Lord may you make our efforts fruitful, we thank you for the new opportunities. Let our hearts be pure and soul be sound. Pour your blessings down upon usthe way we ask this up in JESUS holy name. AMEN!
  38. Happy New Month prayers for me to find a good and decent man in my life, happy new month prayer for peace and tranquility of the world, happy new month prayer for the repose of the souls of my family members and friends who passed on, happy new month prayer for the happiness of all…
  39. I hope this New Month find you filled with all the joy and love you deserve! I want to wish you too a productive and successful month ahead. Happy new month my dearest friend!
  40. Lord, as we enter this month of August, I ask that You bless me with the grace and wisdom needed to carry out my tasks and duties. And through Your divine help, I request for guidance in all my deeds. Let this August be a turning point in my life for good. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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