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Happy Easter Greetings and resurrection prayer

Happy Easter Greetings
Easter is here again, a time of celebration and a time to look back at a certain point in our lives and how God has been faithful to us. Our Lord Jesus who died has now risen, and it is, for this reason, we all are in a joyous mood and celebrating with our friends and family.

There are so many beautiful ways we can celebrate this Easter with friends and family that will make it worth our while. Also, it won’t be a bad idea even to use this opportunity to spread Gods love through his gospel.

Below are some of the best Happy Easter greetings you can send to anyone, from all works of life, not just the Christians. You can pick as many as you like and send it to your friends and family now. This is a time of celebration and happiness and lets us be kind to share the love around.

Resurrection prayer

1.  The feeling and celebration of Easter will not end, it continues with a whole brand new vibes of positive energy, new signals, the bliss of friendship and a whole new world of achievements, I am wishing you and your entire household a happy Easter.


2.  See how joyful the trees and the flowers are swinging, I can hear the birds whispering and singing sweetly, its that time of the year, my heart is warm and filled with joy, on this day I wanna reassure you of my love for you. Jesus died for us and now he has risen. I love you but Jesus loves us more. Happy Easter my darling.


3.  Easter is that time God reminds us of his love for us, he died so we can have joy and peace and now he is risen to watch over us, Easter is the promise God made to us and each spring reminds us that God is with us always. May our hearts be filled with the joy and peace the promise of Easter brings to us. Happy Easter my beautiful soulmate.


3.  This happy season, we celebrate the two most significant acts of love. The ransom of the Christ as well as the passion behind our creator willingness to offer his only-begotten Son as a propitiatory sacrifice for us. As we celebrate this expression of love which we unmerit, extend appreciation to people, bask in the delight of this joyful season with the hope that the blessing of God locate us.


4.  We reflect on our new found hope, the unmerited favor showered on us by our creator, this Easter season. As we all celebrate this joyful occasion, May the unifying bond of Christ love envelope us all.


5.  As humans we err, but our transgressions are wiped clean by the ransom sacrifice of the Christ. This Easter season, we reflect on the greatest act of love that has ever been shown to the human family. As you and I reflect on this, may our hope of eternal life become brighter while we increase in the acts of love we extend to others.


6.  The enduring bond of love unites the human race. Easter is one of the many occasions we pause to reflect on the rare act of genuine love extended to humankind. Reciprocate this love in little ways that can make a massive difference in the lives of those around you. Have a happy celebration.


7.  As Christians, the love of God is nothing new to us, this happy season of celebration which we bask in grants us a rare opportunity to appreciate this wonderful gift which God, as well as his Son, extended to us all. Take this moment to ponder on your life decisions, make the needed adjustment in your life to reflect your appreciation for the ransom gift of Christ.


8.  The emotions unleashed, the intensity of this special occasion we celebrate, brings to mind, the genuine bond of love that inspired the incredible feeling of love in us all. Easter is not just a celebration. It’s a period we set aside to ponder on the love that was expressed in our case. Do extend appreciation to all this season.


9.  Daily we witness, the abundant blessing of our Creator, but on this special occasion, we sit back to thank him and celebrate this act of love he willingly expressed to the human family. Though corrupted with sin, He accepted us. I invite you to join the millions of Christians worldwide in the one unifying fellowship of love to thank our Supreme Being for his undeserved kindness to us all.


10.  His coming will be grand, his sacrifice we cherish, Easter provides us that opportunity to appreciate the love the Christ showed when He died for us. In our minds, we are firmly convinced of his enduring love, may this day, mark the point where we become impartial in our love and fully reflect the love of the Christ in our dealings with others.


11.  We worry at the fanciful but unimportant things of life, yet He preserves our soul, we err, yet He accepts us. This day, may the love the Christ shows us, move us to become better persons.


12.  I remember on this special day. There exist a beautiful mortal who strives hard to imitate the love of Christ. I appreciate all the love you’ve shown me, despite your struggles. Have a happy celebration. His humility on earth made Him lifted to become greatest being aside from God the universe has known. As we reflect on His love and humility, may we be inspired to imitate such.


13.  My heart runs deep with the emotion of love. I’m grateful for this inspiring act of Love, and Christ is humbly shown to us all. As I ponder on the greatest gift, I’ve ever been bestowed with, and I pray we all are moved to express this genuine act of love.


14.  As humans, despite the race, tribe, language or skin color, we all benefit from the ransom of Christ. The sacrifice of Christ knows no land boundaries or common language or nationality. It was meant for all humans. Reflecting on this has made me realize the love defeats all negative behaviors, I hope and pray you to experience this sort of emotion that moves you to strive to be a better person.


15.  In our darkest days, He helps us. He reassures us of his love. He comforts us in our trials. May you and I be able to do the same to all who are downtrodden. Have a wonderful celebration.


16.  The love of the Christ for the human race moved him to suffer a great deal so that we may be called from darkness into light and free from the shackles of death. Any being has never shown this love before Christ. May this love move you and I to become better in our conducts and behaviors to others.


17.  Life is filled with trials, but the love of the Christ motivates and comforts us. May that love inspires the goodness and sincere desire to make others happy. Happy Easter.


18.  Every day we rise from our sleep, thanking him for a beautiful day. We thank him because we are assured that his loves protect us. May this period of celebration move us to cultivate the love of Christ and the qualities he showed.


19.  What is the best gift you’ve ever received? It’s worth more than gold. The gift of the ransom which assures eternal life in the best condition imaginable. Christ showed this gift. May we be moved to reciprocate this act of kindness.


20.  Our greatest asset as Christians is the love Christ showed us. He continues to show this love to us as we daily benefit from it. That love has moved us to become creatures with true freedom that bask in the warm desire of peace. May we all appreciate that love on this special day.

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Easter Messages for Friends


21.  A beautiful life we all desire; the love Christ showed us makes that possible. Our prayers are answered because of this love. This loves makes the glorious freedom of the children of God to be experienced by us all.


22.  The very epitome of love is revealed in the action of Christ. Taking on human form through being superior to us, he endured embarrassment and excruciating pain, so that we may be free from the bondage of sin and death. May we learn to appreciate and extend this love to the meek among us.


23.  We cherish the true peace we find in the love Christ showed the human race. Basking in that peace means freedom from the pain and worry of sin. May the love of God continue to be made manifest in our case as we reciprocate this love to all.


24.  Even when he was at the point of death, he still wished his killers no evil. He died to save us all. May we ponder on this as we strive to extend love and forgiveness to others.


25.  If Christ a perfect spirit creature could humbly take on human form, and endure reproach to save us all, how much more we imperfect humans. On this day, I pray we cultivate humility, love, and forgiveness.


26.  Centuries after his death, the effect of that act of kindness still resound in our minds. The influence is felt in our lives. May that self-sacrificing spirit the Christ showed be imitated by you and I.


27.  We express appreciation for the gift Christ showed us by reflecting on the humility, love, and forgiveness Christ showed despite the sinful acts of humans. I pray we imitate such endearing qualities which makes us stand out.


28.  Being thankful for the ransom of Christ isn’t enough. Our heartfelt appreciation for this act of love will move us to follow the ways of Christ. May we all be moved to follow the Christ closely.


29.  The joy Easter brings knows no limit. But while we celebrate, take time not to ignore the most significant expression of love the human family has ever been shown. The love of Christ should move you and I to make a difference by changing our attitude.


30.  The golden ray of the sun, the smile of a newborn, the invisible but assuring feeling of the night breeze, all this reflect the love  Christ and our God has for us all. But the greatest of such gifts is the gift of the ransom sacrifice. That gift affects our future as humans, may we all appreciate this wonderful gift while we strive to imitate it.


31.  Every passing day, we draw closer to our hope of eternal life in perfect conditions. This is made possible as a result of the death of Christ. I pray that we benefit to the fullest from this gift.


32.  Our hope is bright. Our future is clear. The death of Christ made way for this. This expression of kindness greatly humbles me, may we all be moved to express the same to the weak and meek. He treasured the weak, and he healed the sick, His sayings of truth were inspiring. He was humble and loved righteousness. He died so that we may live. The love he showed in our case knows no bound. I pray that the love of Christ moves us to endure trying times as well as become better persons.


33.  The love of God and the love of the Christ was made relevant in our case, through His ransom sacrifice, our hope was renewed. This beautiful season, I encourage you to join in expressing love in little ways you can, to orphans, fatherless kids, motherless kids, widows, depressed souls as well as those struggling.


34.  Christ extended to humans the highest expression of love we’ve ever seen. We can only show appreciation by taking to the fullest, the benefits, and this gift provides for us as humans.


35.  Annually we celebrate Easter. One special occasion dedicated to reflecting and appreciating the self-sacrificing love Christ extended to humanity. We celebrate this day once in a year, but may our sincere gratitude for this gift motivate us to show love to those around us always.

Inspirational Easter Messages

36.  Appreciate the death of Christ which paved the way for our hope of eternal life. We bask in the delight of this gift, yet, realizing that to benefit from it, we have to follow the ways of Christ. Have a happy celebration.


37.  Christ was resurrected to become elevated to a position next to the Supreme being of the Universe as a result of his willful obedience. As we appreciate the gift of the ransom, may we be elevated.


38.  This Easter season may we all be moved to help others while strengthening the unifying bond of love that identifies us all as Christians.


39.  While we enjoy the festivity, do take time to ponder the death of Christ and it’s true meaning for humanity. We’ve been vindicated as a result of His death, to benefit significantly from this gift, we as brothers in the Lord should do our utmost to follow the steps of the Christ closely. May we rekindle our resolve to do so, this season.


40.  Let Love be the motivating factor that governs your relationship with everyone. This we learned from the actions of Christ while he suffered reproach so that we may be free from slavery to death.


41.  The desire and will to live a peaceful, responsible lifestyle is once again renewed in our case, as we take time to appreciate the love Christ showed in our case. I wish you a very memorable Easter.


42.  Let love flourish; let your smile be the brightest today because the love of the Christ was revealed in our case for this purpose. While we strive to fathom the meaning of the love of Christ may our zeal and perseverance to please the  God be rekindled.


43.  This joyous occasion we all celebrate shall bring you smiles and reasons for joy. The love of Christ will be firmly expressed in your case, such that you will be moved to praise the Supreme Being.


44.  Every precious day we live, every emotion we feel, every expression of kindness we show, every time we make someone smile, we imitate the rare act of kindness Christ showed to us. Centuries ago when he shed His precious blood. May we continue to imitate that act of love.


45.  When we strive hard to reciprocate the love Christ showed us, when we reflect on this genuine act of kindness, the peace and assurance as well as the happiness that fills our mind is the best feeling of all. Easter provides an opportunity to thank both Christ and our Creator for this beautiful gift.


46.  Make people smile, make people know you care, make them realize you are ready to help in times of need. These acts of kindness we continually express is one way we reciprocate and give thanks for the beautiful gift of Christ shed blood.


47.  Focused on the hope Christ death provided for us will make us have a meaningful life, I pray we take time to do so to enjoy and appreciate the prospects that await us.


48.  The memories Easter brings are not those of sorrow or pain, but a wonderful time spent with loved ones who share in the prospect of eternal life Christ death provides for us. This occasion may we take time to give thanks to God for this beautiful gift.


49.  As I thought of all the blessings, I have been bestowed with this beautiful season, and I recall a special friend who has in every way tried to express the love of Christ in his little way to me. I appreciate the enduring bond of love you’ve shown to me. I wish you a joyful celebration.


50.  The feelings that overwhelm me when I think of the love Christ expressed to me is mesmerizing. With every fiber of my being, I resolve to extend such appreciation to you my dear friend and those around me. Have a wonderful celebration.



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