Happy Easter Greetings And Resurrection Prayer

Happy Easter Greetings And Resurrection Prayer

Let’s look at some Resurrection Prayer and Easter wishes. Many people around the world celebrate Easter, a religious holiday that commemorates Jesus’ resurrection. This is a holiday of renewal, rebirth, and hope. It’s also the day Christians proclaim that Jesus Christ died for their sins, and rose from the dead three days later. Here are some amazing happy Easter greetings and Resurrection prayer!


Happy Easter Greetings And Resurrection Prayer for Him or Her

  1. You believe in me when I can’t believe in myself. You give me strength to carry on when I don’t think I can. You are my reason for living and my every prayer is for you to feel the same. Thank you for loving me more than anyone ever has and as much as I will ever love anyone. Happy Easter, may God bless your heart, soul, mind and spirit this Easter and always.
  2. In the name of Jesus I pray that you have a blessed Easter filled with love and miracles. He is risen indeed.
  3. I pray that you have a Blessed Easter and that God continues to give you the strength to overcome your challenges. I want to tell you how much you are loved by family and friends as well as a Higher Power. Have a Happy Easter!
  4. Happy Easter! This Easter, as we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, may His sacrifice remind us that with death comes rebirth. As darkness gives way to light, I pray all my friends find renewal and hope in the promise of eternal life. Through all the trials and tribulations may the story of Easter serve as a constant reminder of God’s never-ending love for us.
  5. To the love of my life Greetings. I hope you had a happy Easter holiday and that you are keeping well. I have been thinking about you constantly and wanted to reach out via email and wish you all the best today.
  6. I pray one day God will be real in your life because you have been to my house. I pray for a family for you, but until then I will take care of you as if you were my own child. May the Lord’s blessings be upon you.
  7. Thank you Lord for dying and shedding your precious blood on the cross. Thank you for giving us the gift of love, forgiveness, and eternal life. You are my rock, my sword, and my salvation! When things around me crumble, you are there to help me rebuild. I can’t think of a life without you Lord!
  8. Dear Lord, You are great! I thank You for everything. You’re a wonderful God who has brought joy to my life. I have had aches and pains in my heart, but You have restored me time and time again. I praise Your name for being exact and for fulfilling Your promises to me. I will praise You forever, Lord!
  9. Though you are now in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, I miss you. The whole year without you seemed like a bad dream. At night before I went to sleep I thought of all the stupid things we have done and how much fun it would have been to be together again. So I pray that one day soon you will come back to us in a glorious Resurrection… God bless you on your resurrection and become one with the father and the son in Heaven!!!
  10. Today is the day when Jesus rose in our hearts and he continues to live in all of us. Happy Easter to all those who celebrate. I am so thankful for you and I pray that you will continue to share His love with all of us. He truly is the greatest gift!
  11. Dear Lord, Please give my family a good Easter. May they grow in Your presence. Thank You for sending Jesus, so that we may be saved from our sins and walk with Thee for eternity. Have Mercy on my loved ones who may be troubled by hard times this Easter season. Hear their cries, because of the promises of Your son Jesus Christ. In Your Son Name I pray, Amen.
  12. Dear Jesus, Protect my family. Please pray for everyone, that they might be healed of sickness and injury. Please protect the innocent from harm. I kneel at your feet and beg you to comfort them in the time of tragedy.
  13. Please forgive me for my past transgressions and my failure to live a life according to His order. I know that you have been with me since the beginning of time and have never left me. It is only by living in perfect obedience to Christ that I make it through life, as I am now only one day closer to Him.
  14. We are all aware that today Jesus was crucified and then died, Yet today we are celebrating His Resurrection which is the greatest gift in this world. After Jesus rose from the dead, He was taken up to Heaven alive. We pray God will allow us to rise up with Christ. We ask that he raise us up, so we may live with Him forever.
  15. Dear Jesus, Please don’t hold me for ransom, Please I love you and respect you too! As a human I want to do this right and make the right choices. And I know your in control and want the very best. Please don’t let me hate, Cut my heart out on purpose, or let anyone else know how I feel but you. As a son and a daughter of God who is with you always please show yourself till I’m right there too! I want to follow you…
  16. I hope you are having a wonderful Easter. You are so special to me that I wish we could give a little piece of our hearts just for you. Unfortunately your heart belongs to someone else. So I can’t do more than wish you a joyous, Holy Easter.
  17. Happy Easter to one and all. I know that it may be a tough time this Easter with the weather, but I pray you are safe, warm and happy.
  18. We may not see each other that day, but don’t feel alone. Jesus is always with you even though he may be busy watching over all things. We want to wish you an Easter filled with love and life. He’ll bless you and help guide your way to a bright new day!
  19. May God bless you with his peace, his forgiveness, and love. May he lift your burdens and heal all your hurts. May he fill every corner of your heart and make you truly happy! Happy Easter!
  20. May the resurrection power of Jesus Christ bless you and give you the strength to love and forgive and overcome. I pray for you during this Easter season and for God’s blessings to cover us all.
  21. Oh thank You God, for returning a precious soul to the earth. It was dark and cold there so long ago, but now You have sent the light of Your saving grace and the love of Your Son Jesus Christ. With our eyes we can see Him now, with our ears we can hear His voice and with our hearts we feel His warmth. We are new creatures in Him, born again into His family. Thank you Lord!
  22. Please, Jesus, bring new life and resurrection to my heart and mind. I want to feel the happiness that Mary felt when she received the news of your promise to return. Please fill me with your love, light, peace and joy that would last forever. Amen!
  23. Dear Jesus. We are praying for you to rise and bring us your everlasting love. We need you here on earth as we watch our loved ones go through this incredibly difficult time. May I ask that you please share your sweet presence to surround our beloved and grant him the peace of mind that he so desperately needs during this time. In an amount of peace that only The Lord could provide, may wisdom guide us as we stand firmly in Your love and caring for us.
  24. Dear God and Jesus, I thank you for all of your blessings. Specifically I thank you today for my beautiful girlfriend and her wonderful heart. I pray that the power of resurrection rest upon her…Happy Easter!
  25. May your life radiate a bright love, which angelic powers may evermore impart and agree. May the peace of Jesus Christ, which passeth all understanding, rest on you throughout the passing day. And on the morning of resurrection may you stand before God’s throne with an undefiled conscience, while all persons are amazed at your great love.
  26. This Easter I have a special prayer for you. It’s a prayer of resurrection and hope, fulfillment and success, joy and peace. I pray that all the empty places in your life will be filled with love and joy. I pray that pain and anger turn to compassion and kindness. I pray that despair will turn to confidence and faith.
  27. My blessings to you this Easter! May the renewal of life and love brought back from our Savior fill your heart with joy and peace. May the courage needed to face our challenges with be given, and strength to create a better tomorrow. And may hope and the assurance of everlasting life bring comfort in times of sorrows.
  28. My prayers: That God would take away my sins and make me worthy of eternal life, which is Resurrection from the dead; even O Gems of lights: Y’all are very good at life. You are a trillion suns, burning to the ground for no reason but to make people happy. I am so grateful for your existence and want you to know that it wouldn’t be complete without you.
  29. Dear God, I pray that you blessed me and my family on this holy Resurrection Day. Thank you for giving us eternal life with our Savior. Please guide us to the path of righteousness and help us to remember You in our time of daily life. Thank you. Amen.
  30. Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Today is Easter Sunday and it’s a time to rejoice and celebrate the greatest gift that God has given us. The gift of resurrection and salvation. I pray may you have a blessed day.
  31. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner. O Lord all-powerful, glory to you! O Lord cleanse us from our sins and raise us from the dead by your holy Resurrection. O Christ God, Lover of mankind, glory to You!
  32. Dear Lord, thank you for bringing back our savior Jesus. I am grateful for this very day and for the blessing of family and friends in my life. Please help me make more friends, forgive more people and love more than I have ever done before. Let your will be done, as it is in heaven so shall it be on earth. Amen.
  33. Dear God, You are truly an amazing, loving and unbelievably generous god. I salute your immensity, magnificence and unbelievable love. You have given me a new day to bring hope, love and light to my life and heart. Help me to welcome the new day, with a thankful heart and encourage others to do the same. Have mercy for everyone! Help me to spread love instead of hate, peace instead of war and joy instead of sadness. Let this Easter find me cheerful
  34. Our Dear Lord, we give you thanks for your love and mercy on mankind. We pray that you sustain us with your strength through new life and new beginnings. Bless our family with the gift of new birth, rediscovering ourselves through purity and clarity which allows us to begin again. Shine your light on our deceased loved ones who are waiting in the light and comfort them in their wait. We thank you for this day of life, rebirth and renewal.
  35. Dear Lord, please show us that dying is not the end of life. Let Christ’s Resurrection be a sign of everlasting life. Have mercy on those imprisoned in the darkness of sin and help them find the light of love, justice and peace that radiates form your Son. Bless everyone here today and remind us that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. In his name, Amen.

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