Happy Birthday To My Trusted Friend

Happy Birthday To My Trusted Friend

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words. If you wish to send birthday wishes for your trusted friends that you can send.


Happy Birthday To My Trusted Friend

  1. The most innocent of all friendships is that of man and his dog. You can never ask for a better friend, and I am fortunate to have you as my loyal companion. Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday to my trusted friend. To me, you are a treasure because of your personality. You are generous in giving, a loving husband and father, a hardworking businessman… You have taught me so many things like how to be patient with people that are full of demands and how to manage finances. Thank you so much for being there for me every single day! Happy Birthday!
  3. Thank you for having me in your life and making it meaningful. You are simply a piece of heaven to me, my angel. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  4. My friend, you are the finest person I know. You are loyal, trustworthy and a great friend. I have been blessed to have such a geat friend like you. You confide in me your secrets and I do the same for you.
  5. Today is a very special day for me because you have inspired me to do so many things. You have been ever so helpful in every way and I want to thank you for all that you have done. You will always have my support and all my love. Happy birthday!
  6. Happy birthday, your name sounds pretty! On our first encounter, I admired the way you carry yourself and noticed a glint in your eyes. You have proven to be a worthy friend through all my ups and downs. And you have made life worth living!
  7. To my trusted friend, John. You are the one who has always kept my secrets and never told anyone. What you did for me was above and beyond the call of duty. I am forever grateful for your friendship and your help throughout the years. When I needed someone the most, you were there to guide me and give me a helping hand.
  8. I am grateful for our friendship as it is long-lasting and meaningful to me. Even though we had a rough start, you have been there for me whenever I need you.
  9. John, you have always been there for me through thick and thin. Thanks for being such a good friend! You are the kind of guy I want to have around me all the time. I am glad you are here!
  10. Through thick and thin, I have always trusted and looked up to you. You are someone who would always stand by me and lend me a helping hand. Thank you for that!
  11. Just because you’re turning the big Fifty, doesn’t mean you’re not the same guy who racked my brains in college. I’ve always admired your tenacity and your perseverance, that helped you go so far. I hope this next journey is better than the last. Happy birthday, pal!
  12. Happy Birthday to my best friend. May life treat you well and may you forever cherish the beautiful moments we spent together. Love you, my dearest friend!
  13. You are a wonderful friend and I value you. You have a great personality and a cool look. You are someone who always made me smile. Your have an awesome sense of humour that is unique to you, my friend. Happy Birthday to a person who is special to me!
  14. May God make your every next birthday better than this one. You are a friend that I truly treasure, and in my heart, you’ll always stay. I promise to grow closer to you, and cherish our friendship until the end. Exchanging gifts for each other is not the only moment to reflect on the meaningfulness of our personal relationship as friends. So here is my gift to you… Fly high and your wings will never get tired! Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday, you are awesome and I love you. You are not my best friend because we are related by blood or because I know you since long; You are the person that supports me when things go wrong, a person that loves to have fun, a person that is always there for me.
  16. John, I am proud to add you into my life as a friend. Over the years, our bond has grown, and there is no one else I would have wanted to spend life with. On this very special day, I would like to wish you many more birthdays to come. You mean the world to me and I love you so much!
  17. Happy birthday! It was nice knowing you and being your friend. I am grateful to have you in my life. You have taught me a lot of things in life, including some major lessons that are essential for living. Have a great day!
  18. There are many people who have touched my life, and you are one of them. Thank you for being there for me at all times, even during my bad days! We’ve had some good times together that I’ll always cherish as long as I live. Warms wishes on this precious day!
  19. Good times and bad, you have always been there for me. Your advice has been priceless and I will always remember it. On this special day, I’d like to wish you all the happiness and joy in the world… for without you in my life, I don’t know what would have happened!
  20. Thank you dear friend for always being there for me. I could count on you to keep me from making unwise decisions and falling into traps. You have always cheered me up during the most troubled times, and brought me great joy in the happiest periods of my life. Thanks bro!
  21. If you were to write a book about yourself, it would probably be more than War and Peace! What can I say? You are the woman everyone wishes for. You radiate warmth and kindness, and people can’t help but love you. You never complain, even when your health is not so good. Let’s just say I wish you good health all year round! Special wishes on this birthday of yours!
  22. I never thought I would ever say this, but you will always be someone special in my life. For all our differences, you have been someone I could have leaned on. Thank you!
  23. Today, I am celebrating because my best friend was born. I know you will have an exceptional birthday!
  24. ​ To one of the best friends I have ever had, I wish you a happy birthday! It has always been a privilege sharing this birthday with someone as amazing as you are. I hope each day ahead will bring happiness and joy that equal the year’s worth of love and care we have shared between us.
  25. Your are special to me! A friend like you I will never forget. On this special day, I want to say that you are so thoughtful, forgiving and reliable. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
  26. Hey bestie, over the years we have forged a strong connection, one of trust and understanding. The days will come that you’ll regret having known me because being my friend comes with a lot of responsibilities. I know you can handle it, you always do but in case if you can’t, just know that you still have me to depend on. Happy birthday!
  27. Wishing you a great year ahead! Happy Birthday! I told you before that there will always be a place for you in my projects. Now, we have seen it come to pass. You are one of my trusted friends and I can count on you at all times. The magical moments that we have shared are treasured forever in my heart.
  28. By the time you open your eyes, the day would have turned wonderful. I am wishing you a very happy birthday hoping that your choice of gifts included me in it.
  29. Great! It was my greatest wish for you to be my friend. I am a lucky person. It is wonderful to have a friend and partner like you – always there for me when I need you.
  30. Dear Friend! Even after a lot of time has passed, I still remember our school days so well. We never gave up our friendship and went through ups and downs together. Happy birthday! We may not talk very often now, but my heart will always be with you. Your friends will be with you always on your special day!
  31. You are an awesome person whom I am so grateful to have as a friend. I know this year has been one hell of a ride for you. Your love and support means so much to me, that I can never thank you enough. In your presence, I feel like the best version of myself. May God bestow you with peace and abundance in the years to come!
  32. Today you are special and we should throw a party so that everyone knows what you mean to me. I grew up with you, shared both my ups and downs with you and I know that your friendship will last a lifetime. I am happy to have you as a friend!
  33. You are not just the most caring person I know, but also the most loyal friend! You have always been there for my family and myself in all situations. I am grateful to have you in my life! On your birthday, let me wish you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart!
  34. Friendship is a bond that is hard to describe. It eventually grows into love – unconditional love for one another. Today, on your special day, I would like to tell you that our friendship has been such a blessing in my life, and I am so glad to have you in my life.
  35. Your friendship makes life easier for me and all we go through together is made good because of you. I appreciate you for making me who I am today making me the daughter I ought to be. I love you so much, Happy Birthday!
  36. I have known you for a long time and you have been great friends to me! I wish you better life in future.
  37. Today should be a global holiday to celebrate great souls who have brought light to a dark world such as the one we live in. Friends like you are few and far between! You have made life worth living, and dreams worth chasing. Today should be a special day for you because I want you to know that your family and friends adore and love you. I wish you the happiest birthday ever!
  38. When I was in a pickle, you snatched me from the jaws of distress and since then we have shared many laughs together. When my love life turned tumultuous, you were there to tell me what’s what. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been dead. So on this special day, here is my heartiest birthday message to you, a friend who has helped me cross the bridge of life safely. Happy birthday to you!
  39. How are you doing my friend! I really wish your birthday would come around every weekend – you know why! So, here is to an amazing birthday and a special day for you. Love and more love will surround you. Today is not the end of the world so celebrate life every day.
  40. It is true that you are my trusted friend. Learning, growing and making memories with you was such a great experience. Always fun and innovative, your ideas and suggestions have never failed me. I am grateful to have someone like you in my life. You will remain forever in my heart as a friend whom I can always keep secrets with; I cherish the friendship we share! Keep it up, make more new friends like me, and keep us all happy!

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