Good Morning Prayers Messages For Her

Good Morning Prayers Messages For Her

There are many things that you will be able to do for her today, but first you will want to look through this article and find the perfect Good Morning Prayers Messages For Her to get her started on a blessed day.


Good Morning Prayers Messages For Her

  1. Your Love Has Changed My Life! I thank the heavens for the gift of your love. Your love is an amazing blessing in my life. Let us never take each other for granted and remember to keep God first in our lives. I pray for God’s blessings upon you, May He bless and keep your heart safe from harm, sorrow and sadness. May you always enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and sweet dreams of tomorrow be yours as well. Take care!
  2. My beautiful love, this morning I was thinking about what a great blessing you are to me and how much you mean to me. Each day is better than the one before it because I can look forward to spending time with you. You are a wonderful mom, an awesome lover, a fantastic friend and my life is so much better because of your love and friendship. May God bless you and help you stay safe today. I love you more than anything in the world.
  3. Before I start my day, I pray for you. God knows how much you mean to me and how much love I have for you. You can do so much in this world, don’t let anyone or anything bring you down. My prayer today is that all your dreams and wishes come true and nothing will ever stop your happiness and success.
  4. Finally my love… Heart of gold, soul of a warrior and body of a God. You are perfection. I pray that you are always happy and know just how much I love you. Have a good day and know that I am thinking of you.
  5. Dearest Becky, I Pray this morning brings you sweet dreams. I know you have a hard time sleeping when I’m not there, so here’s to sweet dreams!
  6. Here’s my thoughts And prayers for you each day… I hope your day is super fantastic! Every time I think of you… I smile from head to toe. You are a diamond in a sea of rhinestones.
  7. I pray for you each and everyday that you are healthy, happy and loved. You are beautiful inside and out, a special woman by my side. I cherish our friendship, our fun times and your loving heart.
  8. Cherished friend, I rise to greet another day and another opportunity to shower you with love. God has blessed me in allowing me to stand by your side, to warm your heart at every turn. I pray our friendship continues on in this life and beyond. I pray you stay as perfect as the very first time I met you…yet I know you in a way that only someone who loves you can know you.
  9. Dear Lord, please watch over my friend as she makes her way through the day. Whether it be at work or home, bless her with happiness and protect her from harm. Guard her health and watch over her and her family. I pray that you fill each day with love and hope and if your will, bring in new love into their life. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
  10. I pray for you to have a wonderful day. May the sun shine above your head, the wind blow on your back, the colors of fall become a rainbow before your eyes and may this all bring you happiness. And when I see you again tonight, my eyes will smile and my heart will dance. I love you!
  11. God bless you and keep you, may you find love and happiness today. May you feel God’s love for you and His presence near you. You are so special in His eyes. He has blessed me beyond measure by placing you in my life, there is no one I would rather be with. I love your smile, your laugh, your voice that sounds like an angel singing softly to me in the middle of the night, your eyes that shine so bright when you look at me.
  12. I prayed that God would bring a woman like you into my life. I’d pray, thanking God for you. He heard my prayers and brought you to me. I now prayer, thanking God for this man of mine.
  13. I just wanted to say how much I love waking up and seeing your beautiful face each and every morning. Your smile brightens my day and you are my best friend. You take care of me, comfort me when I need it, and love me unconditionally. I pray for you every night, that God keeps you safe and healthy throughout each day and that in return I will be able to keep doing the same for you. Thank you for being such an amazing person.
  14. I am sending you these early morning prayers for you to have a wonderful day today. You are a gift from God to me and I love you beyond words.
  15. I am sending good wishes and loving thoughts your way on this lovely morning. May the sun shine warm upon you, the wind be always at your back, and your heart filled with love.
  16. Good morning, My beautiful sweetheart! I will be praying for you today. Have a great day and thank you for making a difference in my life. You are appreciated more than you will ever know!
  17. I pray to God that you will always remember how special you are and that he gives you strength to live each day the best you can. May he bless you with happiness, courage, peace and love. Know that I will be here for you always.
  18. I will continue to pray for your health and strength to endure the stress you are under. I will pray for you to be inspired at all times and to let go of any resentment that you may have been holding on to. I will pray that we make the right decisions as a couple moving forward, as hard as some of them may be. I thank god for you; my life would be dull without you.
  19. I pray for you this morning to wake up feeling peaceful and happy! I pray that you have had sweet dreams and that they come true in the coming days. I pray that all your plans turn out perfectly, and that you are showered with blessings from above.
  20. Good morning my babe, I pray that you have an amazing and beautiful day. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you safe today. I love you dearly, pray for me too.
  21. I pray that you have a day blessed with love, joy and happiness. I pray that all that touches your heart today causes you to smile. I pray that God above makes all your dreams and wishes come true, and bring love and happiness into your life. Have a wonderful day my friend, know I am thinking of you!
  22. Good morning, baby. Here’s a prayer for you and me today. Heaven bring us closer every day. Earth let nothing stand in our way. We are meant together, join our hearts and souls as one. Love and happiness surround us every moment. Thank you for being my everything!
  23. I pray that each day you are able to see your life in a positive light as things will only get better. You’ve had a rough start and many obstacles placed in front of you, but I pray that you continue to fight through it all and see only the blessings ahead. Never lose sight of your worth and how loved you are. I love you.
  24. Good morning, my dear! May the Lord spoil you lavishly as always. He will give you grace, joy, peace and strength throughout your day. You are in my prayers always. May God bless you abundantly today. Love ya!
  25. I just want to let you know that I love you and that God is probably smiling down on us right now. Thank you for everything you’ve done and I pray that the best is yet to come. May the Lord bless you with a joyous morning and a day filled with everything wonderful.
  26. God, please protect and surround my dear friend with love, light, and peace. Be there for her no matter what happens to her today and continue to bless her every step of the day.
  27. I hope we both remember to pray for each other every morning. I want to ask God to look after you and keep you from harm. I pray that he will watch over our love and keep it always close. I pray that he keeps us faithful, pure and true. We have so much ahead of us, Lord, please protect our love and make us the people we were meant to be. May today be a fulfilling day that leads us closer to heaven for eternity!
  28. Good Morning, I hope you slept well last night. Prayers are sent to you this morning, that the Lord will bless you and keep you strong and healthy. That he will guide all your decisions when making choices that day, he will give you clarity of mind. That his spirit will be with you in abundance this day may all your prayers be answered to your satisfaction today, In Jesus Name I pray, Amen!
  29. I pray that God will bless you today and every day from this day forward. I pray for your happiness, health & prosperity. I pray for your joy, safety, security and protection. I pray for your life to be long and filled with peace, love, joy and contentment.
  30. May God bless and keep you in the palm of His hands. May your day be bright and happy, may all your wishes and dreams come true, I love you Good Morning!
  31. Good morning my love. May the Lord bless you on this day. Have a wonderful and blessed day. I love you, Sweetheart!
  32. Good morning my sweet love. I know you are far away from me but my thoughts are with you. As you sleep, I pray that God protects you. And I hope you have sweet dreams of us together. And when you awake, know that my thoughts and prayers for you still remain the same. Good morning, sweet heart.
  33. I have prayed to God every day since I met you to keep you safe, to bless you and keep you always. I pray that He will continue to do so now, as we go through this hard time alone. Please know that my prayers for you are unconditional and each and every one is answered. I hope that this note finds you well, filled with Hope and Joy for the future regardless of what happens today.
  34. Dear God, bless my special lady with all her needs, as I open my eyes today, I wanna say thank you for your never heard love and care. Good morning dear!
  35. Good morning my sweetheart. I know you will be delighted to hear those words and feel my love, especially if you have a rough day. I pray that you will have a wonderful day. May everything go smoothly for you, may all your problems simply fade away.
  36. My love, may this new day bring you happiness, joy and peace. May you be protected and protected by God. Good morning my sweet dove!
  37. Good Morning! I hope you have a great day. I pray that all your dreams come true and may the Lord continue blessing you each and every day.
  38. My dear friend, I pray that you wake up happy and healthy, full of life and laughter. May today be a happy and exciting day for you, full of great surprises and special moments only you could create. May the sun shine warm over your face, the wind caress your skin, the rain wash away your worries and your worries go on vacation. I want this day to be a memorable one. May God bless you as much as I do!

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