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112+ Heart Warming Good Morning Prayer and Messages

Morning prayers gives us a great opportunity to praise God for all the blessings He has showered upon us. Good morning prayer can be used to thank or praise God for any special blessing. Morning prayers are of different types. You can use the good morning prayer below:


Heart Warming Good Morning Prayer Messages

  1. I begin my day with a prayer for you my Dear. I ask God to give you strength, that all your worries disappear. And I pray this daily because I care so deeply for you. Good morning and thank you for spending another one with me. I love you.
  2. Good morning to my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my other half. May your day be filled with light hearted laughter and joyful smiles. I pray for the safest of travels and hold you in my hopes and dreams for the day. With all my love…
  3. Good morning, sweetheart. Thank you for agreeing to spend the rest of your life with me. I pray that this day is filled with happiness, hugs and kisses. I love you!
  4. Good morning, Sunshine! Your hair looks really cute this morning. I pray that God continues to guide your steps cause I love you more today than yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow than today! God bless you!
  5. Your presence brings me joy and happiness. I pray that your day is wonderful and you have success on all your endeavors. May it be a great day for us together. Love is a wonderful thing and I believe in you more than anything.
  6. I wish you a good morning. May all your dreams and wishes come true today. May God bless you and keep you safe today and beyond. I love you sweetie!
  7. Good morning. I pray that you always know how much I love and care for you. May this day be filled with happiness, joy, and good health.
  8. Good morning Dear. May God bless you with a wonderful day and may His sunshine shine upon you and warm your heart. I love you so much!
  9. Lord God, I thank you for this new day. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter into my life. Take these worries away from me so I can sleep peacefully tonight. Thank you for my family, my friends and for the love I feel in my heart.
  10. Dear God, I need you to protect my handsome husband tonight. He is going out with his friends, who we both know can be a bunch of crazy drunk people. Please keep him safe and bring him home to me so we can sleep in tomorrow. I love you honey!
  11. Holy God, this morning I ask that you fill my ___ with love and kindness. Help him or her to see the good in others and to have a bright outlook on the future. Give him or her the strength he or she needs to face the day with confidence. This I pray in your name. Amen
  12. I pray that every morning you find someone to love that loves you as much. I pray that every night you find someone to love that loves you as much as I do.
  13. I prayed for you today. I asked God to bless you and make His presence known in your life. To demonstrate His love so that you are not afraid to love anymore. All the pain you have felt, all the anxiety and worries, I prayed that He took it all away and replaced it with peace, joy and happiness.
  14. Dear Lord, May this day be full of joy. May this day be the first day of the rest of our lives. May the sun shine a little brighter for us today and every day. May our hearts beat as one. Let this be the best day we’ve ever known.
  15. It’s a new day, isn’t it? What better way to start a new day than with a prayer for my soul mate. Every morning I wake up and thank God for your love, comfort and friendship. Please watch over our relationship and keep us safe. May today be a good day filled with love and laughter, just like you!
  16. Good morning my dearest boyfriend. I hope you slept well, I love you so much and good morning to you xoxo, please carry my prayer in your heart all day. Oh Lord, protect my boyfriend throughout this day and wrap him up in your love, keep him close to the heart, comfort him when he’s sad, smile with him when he’s happy and let all the angels surround him with sweetness and joy, keep him safe from any harm or danger. Fill his heart with love! Amen.
  17. Good morning my love. May this day be wonderful for you. May you have a great time at work, with family and friends. I will think about you all day long, I miss you so much. Have a good day, my darling!
  18. Dearest, I pray may this day be the start of a happy and loving relationship. As the day passes by, my love for you grows stronger, because I can’t imagine life without you right by my side!
  19. My dawn and good morning my life, the owner of my love, the controller of my joy. My day is just one big beautiful moment when I am taking in the beauty in your cute face. The start of every morning is very lovely with joy and happiness carried on by you. I am asking God to keep our love intact, As you will forever be a part of me.. Good morning dear.
  20. Good morning my darling, I send my best wishes for a delightful day ahead. May God bless you abundantly and make all your endeavors be crowned with success. Good morning baby.
  21. Greetings! God created you to be happy! And I prayed this prayer with the hope it will make you smile. May today be a wonderful day full of love and adventure. Smile, there’s so much love in the world to share. I will continue to pray for you! With Love…
  22. Good morning, my friend! I am sending you positive thoughts your way so that you are filled with love and happiness all day long. May the sun shine upon you and warm your heart, may all your dreams come true, and may you experience only joy and happiness.
  23. As you start your day I just want to ask God to bless you with a positive and productive day. May all your hard work pay off in blessings and may the fruits of your labor abundantly return to you. Have a great day!
  24. You are my sun, my moon and my stars. This morning I wake up looking at the beautiful face of an angel. The only thing better than waking up to your smile is being able to make it even more beautiful. My prayer and wishes for you is that you receive only the best things in life because you are what makes me happy and you deserve the world!
  25. Good morning my love, I pray that you start your day with a smile and an attitude that is grateful for all the blessings you have in your life. God bless you and keep you safe today.
  26. God, thank you for the miracle of ______’s life and his or her loved ones. Please divinely guide him or her through the day with your loving protection and direction and bless him or her with an abundance of love and joy. In your name we pray, Amen.
  27. Good morning, my love! Hope your day brightens up with me in it. I pray that you have a great day and that the Lord fills your heart with joy. Stay positive and be safe out there!
  28. Good morning! I am praying for you that God will send you some angels to hold your hand and guard you in His favor all through today. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
  29. I pray for an end to war and hatred, an end to poverty and need. I pray for peace of heart, a quiet mind and more love in the world today. I offer these prayers not only for myself but also on behalf of all who suffer in this violent world. May these aspirations be born in the hearts of all people, so that these prayers may reach the ears of God.
  30. God bless you in this beautiful morning and make all your dreams come true. May this day find you well and happy!
  31. I send this blessing of love, health and joy to you today. May the sun shine brightly upon you and the day bring you much happiness. I am sending my warmest thoughts to you in your endeavors and may today be beautiful for you, full of love and joy!
  32. Dear God, thank you for giving me another day to be with my husband/wife and thank you for the lovely life I have with them. Help me to be the best person I can possibly be and help my husband/wife to do the same. I pray that we both strive to be better each and every day and that tomorrow will be as special as today. Thank you for hearing my prayer, Amen.
  33. My one and only love. May you have a beautiful morning, may you be blessed with strength to carry on, may you smile all through the day, may God bless you and keep you safe from harm. I love you!
  34. God, I pray for my [insert partner name]. I pray that he or she will have a good day and know that I love them!
  35. Good morning, my love! I pray that you have a wonderful day. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I am so thankful to call you mine. Your arms around me every day is what keeps me going. I can’t believe how much I love you! Have a fantastic day!
  36. I hope you like this prayer, I thought of it as soon as I woke up today and decided to send it. May the day be filled with love, joy, laughter and health. May all your worries and problems fall away so you can embrace the day ahead with a smile on your face.
  37. Dear God, Please continue to bless my friends and keep them safe today. Stay with them and give them guidance throughout the day. Guide their hearts and minds to make positive decisions, what they need to do today.
  38. Dear God, please guide me and help me throughout my day. Keep us safe, healthy, and happy. Brighten the lives of those I care about most. I am thankful for all you do and I praise your name now and forever. Amen!
  39. My dearest love, this is a prayer for a good morning. I pray that you are given love, and compassion. I pray that you accomplish all your work. And achieve all your goals. I pray for good health, love, great friends and family to surround you. And know that I am here for you as well.
  40. My darling, let’s starts the day with a prayer. God is wonderful and so are you. May this day be filled with nothing but bright moments and sunny hours. May it be magical, just like you.
  41. Good morning, sweet! I hope your day will be beautiful and peaceful. I pray may the new day be full of pleasant surprises and pleasant hours. Your presence makes my heart feel happy and warm inside. Have a fabulous day!
  42. I pray and hope to wake up next to you tomorrow morning. I pray that you are still in love with me, as I am with you. I do not wish to wake up next to anyone else but you. And if I had it my way, we would never part again.
  43. Good morning handsome! I hope you have a wonderful day. I pray may God bless you and help your day go smoothly. I love you darling!
  44. Heavenly Father, Words cannot express how thankful I am for all that you did for me yesterday. Thank You for the opportunity you gave me. Thank You for the words of encouragement you gave me. Thank You!

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