112+ Heart Warming Good Morning Prayers and Messages

Good morning prayers messages for her

As you leave your house today, may you be accompanied by peace? May you be directed by Grace, and may the Lord’s favor make everything easy for you. I pray that your day is filled with nothing else but God’s blessings, good things. Good morning, my Angel.

good morning prayers messages

1.  I always sit on my bed, and I begin to wonder, and also ask myself this, “where do the stars disappear to when the morning comes?” However, I have come to the understanding that the stars come together to assist you as you go through the day. Make sure you have a beautiful day, dear. I Love You.


2.  Please open your eyes; yes, open it, you’ll see the brightness which awaits you. Jump out from the bed and step right into what the day has for you — the day has fruitfulness, success and all that you want. Good morning, Baby.


3.  Do you observe that, in the morning, dews dwell on leaves? That’s exactly how your day would be — seen as a blessing. The blessings shall be of a vast quantity that the heat of the sun wouldn’t be able to dry it — Good morning, sweetness.


4.  As you speak words today, each of them shall be spiced up with Grace for greater height. May your hands be empowered to the extent that anyone you lay your hands on shall not remain the same — shall be blessed. May you give Joy and happiness to everyone you communicate with as you go out today. Morning, sunshine.


5.  Whatever thing you need shall be within your reach, you shall not lack any good thing in this world. Why? Because no other god is your shepherd but for the Lord. He won’t let you down, he shall always make the necessary provision — and even more — for your needs, from the least to the biggest of them all. Good Morning, heart.


6.  Have you lost any good thing in the past? They shall surely start tracing their way back into your life. Only good things shall you come in contact with. All those things you don’t like shall stay far away from you. YES! Have a blissful and prosperous day.


7.  I can’t deny that there are evil eyes around; anyone that mistakenly looks your way shall immediately go blind. No soul shall do you wrong, but any soul that decides to take a step into doing you evil shall be condemned and ground to powder — YES! Ground to powder. For what you bear on your body is the mark of the almighty God. Good morning, the Love of life.


8.  It’s written in the Bible that when their eyes see the blood, they surely shall walk and pass over as you go on with your endeavors today. You are entirely covered with the blood of Jesus. Nothing, I mean nothing shall ever attempt to hurt you as you go out today. AMEN. Good morning to just you.

Good morning prayer for my love

9.  Sometimes, the evil one holds blessings away from getting to whom they are meant for. Today I pray that no evil man or woman shall come in the way of the benefits assigned for your prosperity. You shall wholly possess all your possessions. Good Morning.


10.  You know the story of what happened to the wall of Jericho, right? That’s precisely how your enemies will fall to the ground, and it will be to the extent that they won’t be able to get up again. Moreover, you shall place your legs on their head, and lift your hands in victory because the one you serve is greater than any other god. Good morning to you, dear.


11.  What others find extremely hard and challenging, you shall succeed in it with lots o ease. When others open their mouth and say there’s a casting down for them, you’ll be rejoicing and letting everyone know that with your living God, there’s a lifting up. Good morning, special.


12.  You shall always be fruitful. You know why? Because you are a tree planted at the Riverside. In whatever thing you put your hands to do, you shall be fruitful. God bless you. Have a blast today.


13.  It’s written in God’s word that his words never go back to him void. NEVER! Moreover, in his words, he has said it, “I will be your refuge and fortress.” Believe his words, for as he has said it, so it’ll be. You shall never fall into the hand of those evil ones. He shall always guide your path. Good morning.


14.  Whenever you need mercy, you shall have it come to you, whenever you desire grace, it shall surely locate you. Count all the right things in this world, good things which you love so much. They shall all come to you quickly. It’s no doubt that you can’t finish counting the goods things in this world, but they all will locate you. Moreover, favor, too. Have a beautiful day, dear.


15.  Have you ever had the thought of having a more blissful day than what you had yesterday? I pray that today stands as that day for you, in Jesus’ name. Amen! Make sure you have a beautiful and great day today. Good morning.


16.  I pray that God picks today to send your reward for all your good works — works of the past. Every part of you is blessed. Good Morning.


17.  As you dress up to step out from your house, may God shower you with the grace, courage, and the strength required to overcome the tough times — challenges — that may cross your path today. Excel in the power of God, my dear. Have a happy day.


18.  May this day be that day, all your prayers come true. Today shall be that day the Lord remembers you. All those prayers which are pending shall be answered on this day, today — good morning love.


19.  Wake up sleepy head. As you open your eyes to a new and bright day, may you have all your heart desires be met. Nothing shall hinder you from pursuing your dreams, the provisions for that shall be made available for you. Amen! How it is going to happen isn’t your business. Success, dear. Morning.


20.  No matter what you’ve been facing, today shall put Joy on your face. You shall be laughing throughout today and even beyond. No evil one shall take that Joy away. I love you. Good morning.

Good morning prayer for a friend


21.  Just as you had a beautiful day,  may your night be as beautiful as your day.  May you get a peaceful and refreshed rest on the bosom of sleep. Goodnight. Sweet Dreams, dear friend.


22.  As you lay down to rest from the tedious day this night, I pray you to get stimulated with great ideas for a blissful day tomorrow.  Rest well.  Goodnight.


23.  May the stars of tonight light up your dreams just as you illuminated my day and made it lovely.  Have a beautiful night, dear. I pray for you to get enough rest for tonight.


24.  It is my earnest prayer that God sends His angels to you this night to watch over you and protect you from evil as you prepare to sleep. Do have the best night of your life. Goodnight. Talk to you in the morning.


25.  Sending you this goodnight message to wish you a quiet and a splendid night as you dream of a holy day for a greater tomorrow.


26.  I so much wish to spend tonight with you right now, but I can’t. I will have to send you my guardian angels so I can rest assured that you’re in safer hands. I miss you. Sleep well.


27.  Before you finally shut the world out in sleep, I want to express my sincere gratefulness for your kindness and humility quickly. You never fail to be there when situations arise. You’re truly a friend. Have a pleasant night rest friend.


28.  As you go to bed, my prayers are for you to sleep soundly like a baby and to wake up like a giant. May your dreams are sweet and your tomorrow sweeter. Goodnight. All the best for tomorrow. Bye friend.


29.  The day is over. The hustle, bustle, and struggle of today have gone with it. Now it’s the time to rest peacefully so you can be rejuvenated for the task ahead of you tomorrow. A glorious night awaits you.


30.  For your sake, the stars will twinkle brighter more than ever tonight. I hope you become happy and find solitude in sleep.

Good morning prayer for my husband


31.  May God fill your dreams with great ideas for an exciting future. May you sleep well and dream beautifully. Goodnight. Have a great night. Don’t forget to sleep like the King you are.


32.  All your fears will be calm tonight. All your troubles will disappear into thin air, and may your sleep be lovely and quiet — Goodnight to a beautiful and amazing soul.


33.  May the expectation of today amount to mind-blowing results tomorrow. And as you go bed, the Lord will appear and destroy the plans of the evil ones for you.  Have a most enjoyable night.


34.  Don’t brood over the wrongs of the day. Everything that happened today is an avenue for you to do it better tomorrow. Enjoy your night and goodnight.


35.  Get some rest, so you could pick up from where you stopped today. Get a peaceful sleep dearie — night night.


36.  I pray that tomorrow will be greater, sweeter, lovelier, better, and stronger than your today. The angels of tonight are set to watch over you. May you enjoy the company of angels.


37.  May you not be downgraded to the tail. Men will open doors of favor and prosperity in places where you have been rejected and may all your efforts for a better future yield great fruits. Have a good night and a marvelous morning tomorrow — Goodnight dearest friend.


38.  May the achievements and victory of today help to calm your nerves and provide for your confidence to conquer tomorrow.  Do have a chilly night.


39.  Do away with the burdens and regrets of today, and tomorrow gives another chance to make things right. I wish you a superb night.


40.  May you not be smitten by the moon nor by the evil ones. God will send his other creatures and angels to shield you and keep you safe this night. Have a magical night dear friend.


41.  Each day gives birth to better individuals. I pray for a better version of you soonest — Goodnight dear.


42.  It’s bedtime. I pray you to get to overcome every terror of this night and may the memories of the day create for your sweet thoughts. Night night enjoy your sleep.


43.  Today’s sweat is over. You can now relax and dream of a great future. Remember, nothing last forever. So Sleep and dream your way into a blissful future — Goodnight friend.


44.  Erase all your worries and heartaches as you lay down to sleep because God’s hands will create a warm cover around you to protect you from all detriment. Goodnight.


45.  The toiling for today is over. The night has come to whisper sweet words that will take you to paradise as you sleep magnificently. May you have a fantastic night.


46.  The sun has traveled back home, and the darkness has preceded the sun. Let the stars sing melodiously to you and take you to sleep — Goodnight dear.


47.  Hey! How are you? How was your day? I hope it was as beautiful as you are. Time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather of the night as you zoom off to sleep. Do have a graceful night.


48.  Don’t forget to say a word of prayer before going to bed, so you don’t get troubled in your sleep. Goodnight. Sweet Dreams.


49.  I pray God watches out for you tonight and guide you from all harms from the evil ones. Be blessed and sleep tight.


50.  Don’t allow your fears to stop you from resting well. I’ve prayed for you, and I believe God will take prominent control of the whole situation. So close your eyes and sleep like a king you’ve always been. Enjoy your night.


51.  May God send His hosts of angels to sing a melodious song to you while they keep you protected from dangers lurking around in the dark. Goodnight.


52.  No terror, no horror. This night, you will be getting the best night of your life because I’ve covered you in prayers. Have a fearless and a warm night.


53. It is a fact that the name of our Lord is a strong tower. The righteous runs into it and is safe. I pray He keeps you and your family safe for the rest of the day. Good morning.


54.  May the blessings of the Lord continue to manifest in all that you lay your hands upon, and may joy like a river flow into your life. Good morning.


55.  Your mouth shall be filled with laughter. Your life will not be smitten by evil, and the joy in your heart would continue to abound as he puts smiles on your face. Good morning dear.


56.  Good morning. It is a great thing to be part of another morning. A morning that will pave the way for favor, blessings, and for great things to flow into your life.


57.  A quick prayer for you. May your sweats and all you have labored for not be in vain. May your work be blessed, you will be a carrier of blessings, and your joy shall not be stolen from you. Good morning and enjoy your day ahead…


58.  A new day, a new song and new testimony. May the floor gate of heaven be open for you today, and more blessings are pumped into your life like never before. Remain irreversibly blessed. Good morning.


59.  From the right, left, up, and down, the gifts of the Lord will find their way to your home. You will be assailed with great news all around the world. For today it is beautiful, and you will rejoice in it. Good morning this morning.


Sunday morning prayer for her

60.  Being alive to witness a brand new day is a blessing never to be taken for granted. So I pray this blessing to abound forever and ever. Have a pleasant morning, friend.


61.  A new morning with new opportunities is here. As you begin the works for the day, may freshness and newness of mind envelope you all the beautiful days of your life. Good morning. Have a fantastic day today, and have fun.


62.  On this morning, I pray the heaven opens to pave the way of greatness for you, and may your joy be doubled and tripled today and forever. Good morning.


63.  I woke up today with thoughts of you. As you go out this morning, everything you ever sowed shall be reaped. May your coast be enlarged, and may you receive peace of mind like never before. Good morning. Have a pleasant morning.


64.  On your days of trial, help from above would locate you, all your desires will never be delayed, and the face of the Lord shall shine upon you and your family for as long as you live. A beautiful morning to you.


65.  May you enjoy all-round blessings, prosperity, good health, and everlasting success. May you continue to smile all the rest of your days.


66.  In the morning, you shall found favor. In the afternoon, you shall find grace, and in the night, you shall find happiness. The peace of God which passes all understanding shall cover and dominate you. Good morning. Have a splendid day.


67.  My prayer is that your day is filled with love, and may you be rewarded with success for your struggles and toils. Have a beautiful day. Good morning.


68.  It shall be well with you in the day, and your star shall shine brighter and brighter. You shall blossom and be fruitful in all your journeys in life. Good morning.


69.  It is morning, and it is time to put every single plan into action. So rise and soar like an eagle at your place of work. Have a blissful day. Good morning.


70.  Today and beyond, I pray for an excellent spirit, a sound mind, and the zeal to perform valiantly in all your endeavors. Good morning.


71.  Good morning! By the end of today, may you be able to conquer all of your fears and be grateful to God for your success today. Take care of your self. Enjoy your morning.


72.  It is my wish and prayer that you attain great heights that you receive strength and carriage to face obstacles and grace to come out victoriously — a gracious Morning to you.


73.  Today, no challenges can restrict you from reaching your heartfelt desires. I pray for unmerited grace to destroy all plans of the enemies upon your life. And by the end of the day, you shall render victorious songs unto the Lord. Good morning.


74.  New morning, new set goals. May this morning answer to all of your dreams and prayers. Good morning to you, and I wish you a happy day at work.


75.  May you experience a quantum of God’s everlasting love for humanity. Good morning and have a lovely day ahead.


76.  In the face of adversaries, you will overcome all temptations. The Lord will send men to favor you and clothed you with success. Good morning.


77.  I pray today to be as spectacular as the love of God for us. Go out and return with testimonies. Good morning. I wish you all the best this morning.


78.  This morning, may you take bold steps that will catapult you to your goals. May God’s goodness and mercy abide with you today. And may you hear the great news that would cause you to dance. Good morning, dear.


79.  Good morning! Let the rays emitting from the sun give light to all the dark regions in your life. This is another opportunity to grab the bull by the horn as you succeed in your exploits today. Have a wonderful morning.


80.  This is the day the Lord has made, and it will be beautiful in our sight. May all the days on earth be this beautiful for you in Jesus’ name. Good morning.


81.  On this day, you will be celebrated all around the world, and you will smile as you overcome the plans of the evil ones against your life. Good morning. Have a blast, dear.


82.  As the sun gives light to the world, may you receive light in your walks of success. You will shine gloriously, beautifully, and wonderfully. Good morning. Have a fun-filled day.


Good morning prayer message


83.  Rise and shine a beautiful one. The sun has risen and it’s time to open your eyes to let it elude you with the blessings it has come to spread aboard. A beauteous morning to you.


84.  This is a day that the Lord has made. It is my earnest prayer that He keeps you and cause men to favor you, such that you grow in the abundance of wealth and merriness. Good morning. Have a splendid day.


85.  May the sorrows of yesterday turn into joy for you and your family. The pain of your sacrifices shall become the stepping stone of wonderment in days to come. Good morning


86.  Whatever good things thou has desired in the heart, so shall it be unto you and your household this day. Good morning.


87.  As you put into action your plans for this new day, may God put into work all that He has bestowed on you. Good morning and have a fun-filled morning.


88.  Good morning! I usher you into a new day. Let your paths shine forth before men and just as a magnet attracts metals, may you attract bountiful and great blessings for the rest of the day. Good morning.


89.  Time to rise dear. It’s another flourishing day to set into motion your goals for the day. Sleeping will bring you nothing but tilling will bring into the storehouse harvest of riches and beautiful tidings. Get up and let’s go rock the day. Good morning.


90.  Today, I decree that you will scale innumerable heights, any challenges that shall come your way would be defeated and subdued under the command of the Almighty. Good morning. I wish you all the best for the day.


91.  Knock knock! This is the angel of the Lord and I’ve come to bring unto this house prosperity, good health, and favor ahead of the day. Open up and claim what’s rightly yours. Good morning.


92.  May the door of abundant grace be open unto you as you bask in the ocean of favor in all your endeavors. And let the work of thou hands and sweat of your toil be rewarded with unprecedented blessings. Good morning.


93.  Let there be a droplet of God’s goodness around you. Let there be an overflow of blessings upon you and let there be arrows of peace shot into your heart to calm every raging storm of life’s struggles. Good morning. Wishing you a wonderful day.


94.  May you never miss any golden opportunity slated for you in life. Wishing you all round joy as you journey through the day’s activities. Good morning.


95.  Wake up sleepy head! The birds are singing to the birth of a beauteous morning. Get prepared and come enjoy the fruitfulness of another day. Good morning.


96.  I pray you to get all the strength needed to push through the fogs and storms of any unforeseen circumstances that may cross your way. Good morning


97.  Each morning paves way for greater things to come. Your yesterday maybe spice less, but your today will be spiced with heavenly blessings.


98.  A new morning is another avenue to be steadfast and to keep being strong and courageous. You ain’t there yet doesn’t imply you never will. Trust in the Lord and He will set things right ahead of you. Good morning


99.  I pray for you that whatever caused you grief the previous day will cause laughter to erupt from your mouth before the end of the day. Good morning. I wish you a happy day.


100.  Stepping into a new day is a gift not to be taken for granted. As you plan and prepare for this beautiful day, may you be enclosed in the showers of His supernatural grace. Good morning. Have a great day ahead.


Good morning prayer wishes

101.  Good morning. Let the wondrous things of life locate you this very minute and May the Swink of your hands bring forth fresh fruits.


102.  On this day, I pray that it will be as colorful as a rainbow. May you be an embodiment of great news, and may you be an overcomer of the hurdles of life. Good morning.


103.  As you begin this new day, let anything that won’t cause you to grow and proceed forward be uprooted from your life. A blessed morning and have a lovely day.


104.  This is a new day to make amends for the lost moments. Maximize it as you get rejuvenated to supersede like an eagle. Good morning dear.


105.  Good morning! Before the passing out of the day, may you take into thoughts all that you would achieve today and number your blessings.


106.  From this day beyond, you’ll roar like a lion in the face of adversities as you defeat all oppositions, you’ll be as gentle as a dove while sailing through the waves of life and you’ll not become vulnerable to the whims and caprices of the world. Good morning


107.  I woke up with the thoughts of you in my mind. I don’t know what the future holds for you but, I do know besides your goals and wishes, God will grant you that which you duly deserve. Good morning. Wishing you a pleasant morning.


108.  A new day represents the fresh start of a new life. It’s a golden opportunity to correct the past, take the lessons, and to build the future from the experiences. Always remember this each morning. Good morning. Have a stress free day.


109.  From the four corners of the earth, men will travel far and near to celebrate you.

Your testimonies shall multiply and be tripled henceforth and forever. Good morning.


110.  Good morning! Time to open those eyes in awe of the goodies that await you outside. They are peace, love, happiness, and good tidings. Hurry up so you don’t miss them.


111.  May you wake up feeling renewed both in mind and spirit. Go and excel. Good morning. Wishing you a glorious day dear.


112.  O happy day! I hope this morning sun radiates unto you the loveliest of all the good things into your life and family. Good morning.


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