Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Woman

Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Woman

Good morning prayers can make any day better. Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Woman quotes are in a list for you today. Sprinkle your day with these daily devotionals and enjoy the good of life. Here are some of good morning my lovely women quotes.


Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Woman

  1. Good Morning, you are my lovely woman. I will share with you that prayer of thanks. Thank you for trusting me this far down my way. Thank you for loving me and staying each day as well. Thank you for making my skies brighter, with each passing moment of the day.
  2. Dearest, loveliest friend and companion in this world, I trust you with all my heart… I cherish your smile… I adore your love… Your friendship means everything to me. May God grant us many years to share our lives together. You are the light of God’s love shining on my world.
  3. Dear Lord, be with my fiancé as she works today. Give her the strength to deal with stubborn customers and coworkers. Show her humility in the face of meanness. Help her hold strong to her values and not lose patience. Bless her with grace and help her mind remain focused on love rather than anger… Amen!
  4. I pray that God will hold you under his wing and keep you safe throughout your day. When you awake this morning, may you smile as the joys of life fill your heart. As each new day unfolds before you I pray that you find happiness and contentment. Throughout the day may God bless you with His love and grace so that peace will fill your heart, mind and soul. Good Morning Beautiful!
  5. Lord God, please watch over my loved one today. May she be safe and healthy. Help her feel your love around her always, so she never feels alone. In Jesus’s name I pray, amen.
  6. My beautiful love, May God bless you this morning with warmth and comfort as you continue your journey. I’m grateful for your presence in my life, for the smile that warms my heart and for the love that fills my soul. May God continue to envelop you with His love as you have done for me…
  7. My love, good morning! I pray that today will be a beautiful day for you, and that your heart will be filled with peace and joy. May this be the best day so far in your life! I thank God every day for you, and I send blessings to you through His divine grace!! I love you!
  8. Every morning when I wake up, I open my eyes with a smile on my face because that is the exact moment I know my girlfriend is next to me. You have made me so happy that I cry tears of joy because there is a person like you in my life. That’s why I pray every morning so we can be happy together every day!
  9. I pray this day finds you well and happy…missing you more than ever. Your presence in my life makes me whole and reminds me to count my blessings, which are many. Without your love and support I would be lost. You have a special place in my heart that no one else could ever fill. You are the mother of my children, the keeper of my heart, the light of my being, the center of my universe, and my best friend…I love you!
  10. I come to you every day with prayer, every night I wish for you to be mine. My heart fills with joy when I think about you, so much that I can hardly contain myself. Thank God for you and the way I feel, thank God for bringing us together.
  11. Great and Holy One, I am sorry for everything I have done to hurt my wife. I pray that You would help her forgive me in her heart and show her mercy. Please protect her and our family from all evil this day. Amen.
  12. Good morning to my lovely woman. Let me start the day by telling how much I love you. I pray the Lord will continue to bless our relationship this year. Something tells me it’s going to be a very special one!
  13. Good Morning Beautiful. I hope you slept well. I just want to tell you how much I adore and respect you. You are the most important person in my life and I pray that we never forget how much we mean to each other.
  14. I am asking God to see you grow in the spirit, and to protect you from whosoever mean you harm. I am praying God will help you fight off that next cold, and that he will encourage you to eat right and exercise so that your health remains strong. I am also asking God to bring his healing hands into every area of your life as you need it most.
  15. Good morning, my beautiful girl! As you begin another wonderful day, I pray that all your hopes and dreams come true. I love you to the moon and back, darling. Good morning!
  16. Good morning! I pray that you are in love and joyful this day. Thank you for being the most amazing woman on earth, thanks for giving me love and respect. My prayer is for god to protect you and your family, to be a guide to you in making right decisions.
  17. May this day light up your life with happiness, peace and love. Have a wonderful day and a great future ahead of you my love.
  18. Good morning my love, This is just a short message to let you know how happy I am. Let me start by saying that every morning I wake up next to you is a blessing. I pray each night for the strength to treat you right and please you in every way I am able with everything that I am.
  19. Good morning my love! Greetings of the morning to you. I am so thankful to God for the chance to wake up next to you once more. Now that it is here, I want to start by wishing you a good day, and asking God to bless you abundantly this beautiful morning.
  20. First off I want to say, thank you! Thank you for all your love, positive energy and beautiful light. You are my inspiration every day. I pray that each morning brings you closer to your goals and desires in life. May this day be filled with happiness and so much love!
  21. The day has just begun, Good morning My Woman!!! May the sun shine bright in my home where there is no worries, pain, hardships and sufferings. In Jesus’ name…Amen!
  22. I just wanted to send you a little prayer to start your day while I’m still in bed. Good morning my love. Know that I love you and am thinking of you often today. Have a good day and don’t forget to smile since I would love it if you had the best day ever. You are my sunshine sending smiles when clouds are near. My day is not complete without you, don’t spend too much time away. I love you so very much and I hope this finds you well.
  23. Good morning, my sweet friend! I wish you today only one thing: to meet with you – the most beautiful and pleasant of all the days in your life. Let impatience be your companion, butterflies in your tummy, kind and good thoughts all day long. May the sun shine for you through the dark clouds, may gentle rain – fall on you from above. Have a good day my dear woman!
  24. I am praying for you this morning. I hope it is a good morning for you. I pray for your happiness and peace. I pray that your day will be filled with much joy and love from many sources. I would send all my love but it, too, would get lost in the crowd of people who adore you.
  25. My love, I hope that you have a fabulous wake up experience and journey into the day. I wish for you to be happy and healthy in your day. I am always thinking about you and my life is better because of you! May this day be wonderful for you!!!
  26. May God bless you and watch over you throughout this day. Every day we spend together makes our love stronger and I want you to know that I care for you, so much more than words can say.
  27. Good morning, my baby I send you good throughout the day today. May you feel my love and my passion in this good morning prayer. May angels surround you and Lord God fill your heart with joy and happiness that will endure throughout the day today.
  28. Dear Lord, bless my woman today and every day, you are her strength , wisdom and guide. Please unleash the wisdom of your divine providence upon her today and every day, so she may be ever victorious in all situations…  So be it.
  29. Good Morning, My Love. I just want to take a minute of this blessed day to wish you good morning. Prayer starts my day right, so I’m praying that you start your day as bright as sunshine.
  30. I love you and I wish you good morning. May God keep you safe during the day and watch over you at night. You are my life and my love. You are my breath and my heartbeat. You are my happiness, now and forever. Love you so much baby!
  31. My dear love, I felt your angelic presence when I woke up this morning. I know that you are at work, but my heart knows that you are somewhere around me right now. You are such a special lady to me, and I wish for your happiness as you go about your day. May all your hopes and dreams become a reality today. God bless you!
  32. I love you more than any man has ever loved a woman. I am blessed to have you, my angel. May God give you an amazing day. I love you to the moon and back!
  33. I will give you my love, my protection and my heart; to hold in your hands, in exchange I pray that you will give me yours too. I pray that you give me what I desire most – an opening to your soul and the heart within. I pray that you allow me to explore it deeply so as to find there all what your love has hidden away; then I shall gaze into those beautiful eyes of yours and whisper: “I Love You”.
  34. I hope this text finds you well, and I pray that you have a lovely day. I am sending warm regards, have a great morning and stay positive all day. Believe in yourself, imagine a successful work at all times. You are the best!
  35. Lord, I am asking for your protection for my girl today. Be with her to guard her from all harm. Bless her today and give her that strength to get through what ever she might face today. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen!
  36. My love, my heart. How much I miss you at this moment! My good morning prayer for you is to be filled with the love of Jesus and His Holy Spirit as you go about your day today. May He carry you through all the mundane and difficult tasks that await you. May His comfort always be near to help you get through any situation that seems unbearable. May He cast down every stronghold and cause every enemy to lose their hold on your life. May you find more patience, more kindness and more fulfillment.
  37. Good morning dear, here’s a prayer for you: I pray that the day brings you loving encounters, that your heart remains open to receive the lightness of God’s love flooding into your being, blessing you and those you encounter. I pray for a safe and nourishing day for you, where your body is filled with health and peace. I send my love to you at the start of this beautiful day.

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