Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Girlfriend

Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Girlfriend

Good morning prayer for my lovely girlfriend quotes is a new collection of good day messages for your girlfriend. You can use these prayers to send your girlfriend good morning wishes on Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other social networks.


Good Morning Prayer For My Lovely Girlfriend

  1. I just want to wish you a very happy good morning, my love! I hope your day will be great and that it will bring you joy and happiness.
  2. Good morning. As the Sun peeps over the horizon, I wish to convey my love, respect and best wishes to you on this beautiful day. May God keep you in his loving care today and always!
  3. I hope you wake up to a new day, where you feel freshness in the air. May you move with joy and comfort, I pray for your success today. It is my desire that Jesus continues to keep you safe today and every day.
  4. I always want to start my day with a prayer, asking God to bless me and my lovely girlfriend with a great day, a joyful mood and the best of health. I pray that He will make our love more lasting, and help us to work through any difficulties we face in our relationship. Our relationship brings so much joy into my life. I pray that we both remain diligent in our faith because it is what will help guide us through every new challenge we face. Good morning beautiful!
  5. Good morning, my lovely girlfriend. I pray that today finds you in the best of health and spirit. As I sit here and write this note for you, I recall all of our time spent together so far. And as I reach the last few lines, I can’t help but smile at the thought of spending an eternity with you. You are truly an angel sent from heaven above and I love you with all that I am!
  6. I pray to God that you have a peaceful and good morning. I remember how happy you made me feel every morning when you would smile at me. Be safe and I will talk to you later. Good Morning Dear.
  7. Wake Up with the thought of me, Wake up grinning and bright, Wake Up thinking of my name, I love you.
  8. I wish you all the love and joy that your heart can hold today. May you know God’s sweet peace as you go throughout this day. May your morning be filled with wondrous dreams of gentle peace, of hope and joy and memories of dear ones near? May you carry with you a memory of a bright new day and a happy day.
  9. This morning I want to thank God for blessing me with the most precious gift ever, my lovely wife. This morning I want to thank God for blessing me with the most precious gift ever, my lovely wife. I pray that your day will be filled with love and thanksgiving, god bless you now and forever amen.
  10. May the Lord shower you with blessings each and every day. You are always in my prayers! May you have a wonderful day.
  11. Have a sweet good morning prayer for my lovely girlfriend. I wish this prayer will touch your heart and bring you a smile as you prepare to meet the day. Good Morning Prayer.
  12. I wish a good morning to my love, who is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I pray for you safety and health, so you could be happy every day of your life with me. My dear, I am sending you good wishes every morning and I want them to bring you only joy and happiness!
  13. What a wonderful day to wake up to your love! The sun is shining and the sky is blue, I hope it will a wonderful day for you. A day full of joy that you deserve, because you are the best thing in my life. You are my world, and I will never stop loving you.
  14. I pray that God will help you this day to be blessed and guided to make the right choices. I pray that you continue to grow in wisdom. I pray that you will be safe throughout this day and always know that I love you very much and I am praying for your safety as well as your spiritual welfare.
  15. Dear lord, please create the perfect day to bless my girlfriend today. Let her smile be her umbrella and her happiness be a light in the heavens. If you’re so inclined, I’d like you to send her my warmest wishes on this bright new morning.
  16. Lord, I lift you up in prayer, that you guide my hand as I write this for my precious girlfriend. Please let this letter be a representation of my heart and thoughts as she receives it. Guide me as I type, fill my words with faith and inspiration.
  17. I am thankful with God for your life, greatly I love you, I want to tell you to pray for our relationship, I Love You my Queen.
  18. Seeking for peace to be surround you wherever you are, seeking for the lord to guide your thoughts and actions in the day ahead, may your day be filled with love and happiness. I hope that you will feel my thoughts in this message this morning. I wish for a joyful smile to be upon your face each time you recall the one that you love with all your heart.
  19. I pray for you each morning by the grace of God just as the rising sun lights up the beach before I finish my cereal. You’re in my heart, in my prayers and on my mind.
  20. I hope you have a wonderful morning. My day started off great and I can tell that today is going to be awesome just because of you. I am so thankful for you. You are my everything. I love you darling!
  21. My lovely girlfriend, I would like to wish you a very good morning. I pray that God will make it special for you wherever you may be.
  22. Good morning to the most beautiful girl in the world. I’d like to wish you a great day ahead with lots and lots of lovely things happening to you every moment. Have a wonderful morning gorgeous. Have a fantabulous day ahead my dear… good morning my love.
  23. May this good morning put a smile on your face, brings lovely memories to your mind and puts your day to a great start! Good Morning my love!
  24. Good morning my beautiful lover. I pray that his day brings you much happiness, joy and success in life. In addition, I hope this day will bring you closer to Almighty God and fulfilling your purpose in life. May all your prayers be answered and may your every dream come to fruition today.
  25. Dear lord guide me to do what is right and help me treat my partner like a queen, I pray that I can be the man she deserves and feed her with love.
  26. I hope you have sweet dreams, lovely. I am wishing the best for you each day. I hope your life is filled with love and happiness and that your dreams all come true. I love you always.
  27. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all this morning. Amen.
  28. May the Lord fill you with joy and peace in believing, that by the power of the Holy Spirit, you may abound in hope.
  29. Good morning my love! I hope you have a wonderful day today. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You make everything around you shine like a bright star. You put the “life” in my life. Good Morning!!
  30. You are my angel, my only love. My dreams are full of your glowing face and sweet smile. May you wake up refreshed and happy, knowing that I am your devoted lover and friend!
  31. I love you so much, beautiful. Every time I see your face, I can’t help but smile. I love the way you look in the morning, it’s the perfect way to start the day. You are a gift from God and I am so lucky to have found you!
  32. Good morning my love. I pray that this day brings you joy, peace, and health. Good luck with everything you do today.
  33. I don’t have to call you mine because you already are. Just like the God above, I love you and long for your presence every day. You are my morning prayer and all I ever think about. You rock my world and make me feel ten feet tall!
  34. God bless my girlfriend, as she goes about her day. Let her heart be at peace, and her mind be filled with positive thoughts and good cheer. Today, let her do good to others in need because this is a gift she will receive tenfold.
  35. Good morning prayer for my lovely girlfriend. God bless you on this morning. I will continue praying for good things to come your way today. i miss you so much my dear.
  36. Sending you the Morning Prayer to wish you a good day ahead. May your day be as beautiful as your eyes. The good morning card is now sent to you and I will use the opportunity to thank you for being in my life and giving me the inspiration to win and succeed in whatever I do. Good morning darling, have a great day ahead.
  37. Good morning, i hope you had wonderful night. My prayer for you today is to have a positive and superb day ahead, be richly blessed and are unique to all your expectation because of the prayers that I have made for you.
  38. God’s blessings to you, my beloved!!! This lovely morning, the greatest morning of my life, I wish to greet you so tenderly and sweetly. The sun is rising and it brings me a big smile because I know that today I’ll meet you again…
  39. May the light of God’s love shine upon you today. May it burn away all darkness and surround you with its warmth as I send each morning to wish you a good day and a peaceful journey through it. Good morning.
  40. I pray that the sun shine brightly into your room, that you wake to a lovely warm morning and that the day is great. I pray for a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. I pray that you are well. That God blesses you with good things today, and many more to come. I love you.
  41. I pray that your sleep was restful and your dreams are happy. I pray that you are filled with the wonders of God’s love, mercy and peace. May the day ahead be blessed with the joy of each passing moment. And may your heart be filled with hope and happiness.
  42. I want our day to start with a prayer and wishes for each other. I wish you a day that is full of love, joy, good health and many blessings from God. While I am busy with my daily chores I will keep you in my thoughts and when evening comes I hope we can be together in mind, joy and love. I want us to enjoy this beautiful day with lots of love and laughter.
  43. I am sending this prayer to say how much I appreciate you and how much I love you. I pray that you are well and know how precious you are to me.
  44. May the good Lord bless you and keep you this day. May he wash away your troubles and return your happiness’s. May he comfort all that suffer and forsake you may he help you to stand strong, when all seems lost.

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