Good Morning Message For The Love Of My Life

Good Morning Messages for Him or Her? When you are in love and you want to express your feelings to the one you love, a short good morning text message can do that for you. Sending a good morning message is a simple, but very powerful way to express yourself.


Good Morning Message For The Love Of My Life

  1. Hello, good morning baby, I wanted to let you know that I love you. Thinking of you as I was waking up, wishing that we were in bed together. I hope this finds you well.
  2. Good morning to the love of my life, to my lover. I hope you have the best day. You will remain in my heart forever. Have a good day and stay awesome.
  3. I wake up to you and I go to bed with you on my mind. You are always in my heart. I hope you have a beautiful day today and always!
  4. Good Morning my sweetheart. I hope you had a restful night’s sleep. I cannot wait to see you later today. I love you so much!
  5. My love, I hope this good morning text brings a smile to your face and joy to your heart. I am missing you so much right now. Thinking of you always makes me smile. Have an amazing day in my most loving thoughts.
  6. Today is a new day. I’m so thankful that I can start it with you here in my arms. You are the love of my life and I want to kiss you all day long!
  7. Good morning my love! When I see your face, it brightens my day. I can’t stop smiling, because I know you’re mine and the love we have for each other is beyond compare.
  8. Good Morning to the love of my life! I cannot wait to see your beautiful smile. It lights up my day! A wonderful day is waiting for us today baby!
  9. Hey baby, hope you slept well. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you later today. You are my everything and I will never let you go! Have a great day at school, don’t get into any trouble! See you this afternoon. xoxoxo
  10. I want the whole world to know what I am to you. I know that it may seem impossible but you are my one and only miracle. I love you so much it hurts, but in a good way.. You are my everything.
  11. Good morning gorgeous! Hope you had a great night’s sleep. I know I did with dreams of you… Well, more like dreams of us making love. Mmmm, to be with you is divine. May your day be filled with love!
  12. Good morning sunshine. Did you sleep well last night? Did you dream about me? You are my ray of sunshine, the reason I wake up in the morning! Will you still love me this much when we are old and grey? I bet you will! I know we just started dating but I have never felt this way before.
  13. I had the best dream… we were together, and you were kissing me under the stars! I miss you so much, love. I hope your day is wonderful. I am thinking about you.
  14. I hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams. I loved holding you all night and reliving our memories. I can’t wait to see what the future brings us. I love you more than words can say.
  15. Good morning my love. I hope you slept well, because I want to spend many mornings with you for the rest of our lives. I love you so much!
  16. I want to start each morning with you in my arms, Your warmth to chase away the morning chill. You’re the one I want to see when I wake up. I love you and I know I always will!
  17. Good Morning, I hope this message finds you as happy as you make me. Know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful rest of the day!
  18. Good morning sweetheart. My day started so much better because I knew that I would hear from you. Seeing your name on my phone makes me smile. I love you, girl!
  19. I want to wake up next to you everyday and I want to fall asleep next to you at night. I will never get enough of your love. I think about you all the time and hope that it shows in my actions.
  20. I just want to kiss you. I just want to hold you tight. I just want to let the whole world know that my love is true. You never fail to make me stop and think how lucky I am. We are a perfect match and I love you from my head to my toes.
  21. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning when I know you’re sleeping next to me. Waking up next to you makes me happier than anything in the world. You give me everything I need and more. I wish every morning could be like this.
  22. Nothing feels as right as waking up next to you. Waking up with you in my arms and falling asleep listening to your heart beat is a dream come true. I never thought the love of my life would be someone like you, but I am so glad I didn’t give up when things got rough. You are the man of my dreams and I’m the woman of yours. Our love is forever, thank you for being by my side.
  23. I grab my coffee, you grab your water. I get extra sugar, you get no sweetner. I always eat the same thing for breakfast, but I never get bored of it. I love spending all that time with you in the morning, just the two of us like this. I don’t know what I would do without you by my side. Good morning sugar!
  24. I cannot wait to see your face when you wake up. The happiness that it will bring to you, and the love that radiates from inside of you will be priceless. I would go and find our souls just so I could kiss it, if only that was possible and if our love weren’t so true.
  25. Wake up Love! I’m so happy to greet the day with you. I can’t wait to spend it with you. You are everything I could ever ask for and more. I love you, good morning my darling!
  26. I just want to wish you a good morning, because you mean the world to me. I hope that your day will be as good as you are.
  27. Good Morning my love! Have a great day. I hope you had a wonderful night of sleep, you deserve it. I woke up thinking about you and it made me so happy. My day is already off to a wonderful start.
  28. I want to be the reason you smile, the reason your heart beats faster and the reason why you’re thinking about me before you go to sleep. I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend every waking moment with you!
  29. I love you because you see the best in me and know how to motivate me. I am so lucky to have met you. You are my world, my everything, and I love you for that.
  30. Good Morning my love, I hope this finds you smiling! I’m off to work now and have a great day. I hope you do too. I love you so much and just want you to know that your the only one for me! Have a harmony-filled day babe!
  31. Good morning my love! It’s Valentine’s Day and I just wanted to say that you will always have a place in my heart. No matter how much love we share, it will never be enough. I can’t believe you are coming to see me this weekend! I’ll tell you all about it when I see you. Love,
  32. Good morning beautiful! I hope you have an amazing day today. It is off to a great start for me already, just because I know you are in it. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face in person and give you a big kiss!
  33. I can’t focus, my mind just keeps wandering around you. I don’t think I could ever get used to your smile. It’s so beautiful that it takes my breathe away. When I hear your voice the butterflies in my stomach go crazy, and when you look at me with those beautiful eyes I get goose bumps. Your love is all I need to be happy!
  34. My friends envy how easy we are together. I love you as much today as the day I married you. I can’t imagine spending one day without you by my side.
  35. Every morning, I wake up with a smile on my face. I smile because you are in my life and I am so happy to be able to call you mine. You are so special to me that I can’t put it into words. All I want is for you to know that every morning when you wake up and see me next to you, I want you to be reminded that I love you and think about spending the rest of your life with me. Good morning my love.
  36. Good morning to the love of my life, the light of my world and the woman of my dreams. You mean so much to me and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!
  37. Good morning baby. Just wanted to give you a call and tell you how special you are to me. I hope you have a wonderful day.   Love you bunches!
  38. If I could have one wish, it would be to wake up next to you every morning for the rest of my life. I just love waking up and seeing your beautiful face. I love you!
  39. Good Morning, honey. I know you are my better half. You the light of my life and I thank God everyday for sharing my life with you. I’m so lucky to have found you.
  40. Morning, my love! I hope you slept well and that today brings you much joy. Remember it’s your favorite day of the week! I can’t wait to see you this afternoon. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I’m so happy we get to spend Valentine’s Day together. Lots of love always.
  41. Good morning darling! I hope you slept well last night? The sunrise is the most beautiful when shared with the right person and that’s you my dearest love. Have a good day ahead and I’ll see you later!
  42. I can’t wait to wake up next to you. I love being able to run my fingers through your hair and kiss you on the cheek. I love out little games in bed and I love when we stay up talking about everything and anything or just have one of those deep conversations. I love how you bring me coffee almost every morning. I’d marry you all over again if I could.
  43. I love you more than anything in this world. Thank you for making my life complete and always know that I am here for you…Good morning I Love You!
  44. Good morning sunshine. I hope you slept well. You are the light of my day! Remember, no matter what happens in life, I will always love you. You are my life now and I’m never letting go.
  45. I love you and I wish you a wonderful day. But most importantly, remember that I am here for you no matter what. I love you.
  46. May this bright morning bring you joy and peace. May love and laughter be your companions. May Your Day Be Filled With Happiness. Good morning dear.
  47. Waking up next to you every morning is the best part of my day. I can’t imagine any where else I’d rather be. Your hands are soft and your touch is warm. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat and it feels like we’re meeting for the first time. I love you!

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