Good Morning Message For A New Friend

Be it just a greeting or acceptance of new friendship, Good Morning messages are there to make one day of someone’s life happier and brighter. Here’s a list of good morning quotes for a new friend. Use this list to make her or him feel special.


Good Morning Message For A New Friend

  1. To my newest Buddy: I wish you a very good morning and above all those beautiful things that can take place in the heart of a new friendship.
  2. Wake up! its morning time and a new day. Let’s be friends and enjoy this shiny day as we go through it together. I wish you the happiness that you deserve, a loving heart, health, and good times ahead. Good Morning to you!
  3. Waking up this morning and seeing your name next to mine made my heart skip a beat. I am so glad to be waking up with you new friend. Sending you a smile and my best wishes for a wonderful day.
  4. Hey friend, I wanted to let you know that you are an amazing friend. You will always be there for me, and I am glad we are so close. Love from Michelle.
  5. Good morning pal! I’m so happy you’re here to spend another day with me. I don’t know where I’d be without my best friend by my side. I love you and always will, with all my heart.
  6. Just want to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping you are doing well. If you ever need anything I’m here for you! Call me any time. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy.
  7. Are you ready for the day? Woke up with a smile on your face? The possibilities look great, the future looks bright and alive. So find something to be grateful for as you head out of your door and remember that each moment in life is special and should be treated as such. Enjoy your day!
  8. Good morning dear friend. May this new day bring you love, joy, and peace. May you count your many blessings and never forget the ones you love. Love you!
  9. Good morning, ___! I am so happy to have met you. You are a wonderful person and I’m glad I can call you my friend. Have an awesome day!
  10. Good morning! You’re such a good friend, thank you for always being there for me.
  11. Good morning dear, I hope you had a wonderful night’s sleep. As I was thinking about you this morning, I could not help but to smile.
  12. Hi [his name here], Thank you so much for being my friend. You’re a wonderful section to my life and I feel so blessed to have you by my side. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  13. I’m so very happy to have you as my new friend. I hope we can keep in touch and become really close friends. I will do anything I can to help you out with stuff and I would appreciate if you would do the same! Hope all is well with you! This message is brought to you by (Insert your name)
  14. Thank you for waking up my day. I hope this message brightens your morning and puts a big smile on your face! Let’s have coffee sometime!
  15. Good morning, my friend! If you are in a bad mood, just like me, please take a deep breath and calm down. It’s time to conquer the day with a smile on your face. Cheers!
  16. Good Morning my dear friend! Life has been pretty good to me lately and I just wanted to tell you thank you for being a part of my life! Everyday is a new opportunity to make the world a better place and today I am sure you will do just that. Have an awesome day full of smiles, hugs and kisses. Hope you like my message as much as I like you.
  17. What a great way to start your day thinking about great things ahead! Thank you for being my friend and I hope to become a better me just like you. Hope you have a lovely day! Remember, I love you!
  18. I love being your friend, you are such a joy in my life! Every day I wake to the sound of your laughter and I go to bed with the same. You are the most beautiful friend I could ever have and I am so glad we found each other. With all our ups and downs, we will be friends forever!
  19. Good morning Pal! I’m so glad I met you yesterday. I find myself thinking about you when you’re not around and smiling every time I think of you. I want to get to know you better.
  20. You are my friend, my ally. I am glad we have met and I can think of no other with whom I would rather be. You helped me through a difficult time in my life and I will never forget that. Your friendship has touched my heart in a very special way and I can’t wait to share many more laughs and good times with you.
  21. You are a wonderful friend. Sometimes I forget how important you are to me. You make my life more colorful and happier. Thank you so much for being there for me and helping me through some tough times. I appreciate all that you do for me and support me no matter what happens in life. I would be lost without you!
  22. Hey there! Looking forward to seeing you soon. I had a great time chatting yesterday. You are a such an interesting man, let’s talk again soon!
  23. You’re a great friend for taking the time to say hello. I’m happy to be in your new morning memories and thoughts. Let’s go create some new ones.
  24. Just wanted to say You’re at the top of my good morning list, sweet friend! I hope you’ve had a fantastic day so far. May you continue to be surrounded by love and joy today and always.
  25. Good morning. I wanted to say that it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you more the past couple of months. I hope we can continue to stay in touch and let this friendship grow and blossom.
  26. It is a beautiful Monday morning! It is so great that we got to know each other. Thank you for being my friend, you are the best. I just want to be with you, holding your hands, enjoying your company, giving you a kiss at every corner, and laughing together over silly things.
  27. I haven’t known you for very long but I already know that I LOVE YOU like a friend. And from what I see, you have great taste in friends! Good morning!
  28. You bring a new light to my day. Your friendship is a blessing I treasure everyday. You are always on my mind and I am so thankful for you. May the good Lord bless you today and every day.
  29. Friendship is like wine. It gets better as it grows older. I am glad to have you in my life. Good Morning and Have a nice day!
  30. Good morning! It’s a fresh, new day, just begging for adventures with you! I can’t wait to see what we get up to together. You are so much fun to be around, and infectious little energy is something I admire about you. Have a wonderful day!
  31. Being friends with you is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. You basically took my broken heart and put all the pieces together again. Thank you for being there for me!
  32. Thank you so much for becoming a part of my life. I don’t know what I would do without you as a friend. Your friendship means more to me than you’ll ever know. I want you to know how much you mean to me, and that I will always be there for you if you need anything. Good morning!
  33. Hope your morning is shining like you. I’m thinking about you and sending warm wishes for a wonderful day. Enjoy the little things. Friends come in all sizes, forms and colors, like flowers! At least for me, they do.
  34. Thank you for coming into my life. We have had a hard time of it, what with the death of our own children and their families being against us. But when you came into my shop, I felt hope again. You brought a gift–a beautiful one at that–of a new friend. Thank you for being who you are. I will continue to love and support your family in any way I can.
  35. Good morning friend.  I hope you had a beautiful night, and that you wake up with a beautiful view today.  Your friendship is wonderful and I’m so happy to have found you.  Hope you have a great day,
  36. Dear ______, May your morning be as bright and beautiful as your smile! Have a lovely morning!
  37. I hope your day is filled with happiness, joy and friendship. You know I’m here for you whenever you need me. Here’s wishing you a wonderful day!
  38. We have just met, but I feel like we have known each other forever. I’m glad to be able to chat with you over messages and talk deeply. You are an amazing person and I think the world of you!
  39. Hey there! I was thinking about you today and I can’t help but smile. Here’s to an awesome day, filled with good chats and laughs! Have an amazing day ___!
  40. Wake up, wake up! Well it is amazing, I just can’t stop thinking about you. When I close my eyes I see your gorgeous smile or your beautiful face. I can’t wait for the next time that we spend together… All day long I am thinking about our next encounter and what will happen then. What a great morning this is, I am so excited about today!!!
  41. Good morning! May this new friendship be as easy and smooth as the fluidity of your movements. I really enjoyed our time together today. Hope we can do it again soon.
  42. Hey! How are you? Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Did you set your alarm for 6 am this morning? Good, because I need to go jog at that time and will need your company. Wear something sporty, and remember the sunscreen! See you at 5:50 am in front of your dorm building! Love you.!
  43. Hey man, hope you had a good rest. Remember to smile today, life will be cheerful and sunny. It’s going to be an exciting day, full of new opportunities! So do not allow work or anything else spoil your mood…Smile and enjoy the day!
  44. I’m so sorry that you had to leave yesterday. I hate saying goodbye; it’s my least favorite part. I wish I had the chance to make your day a little better. If only there was a way… Oh wait, there is! Here’s a great big smiley face to brighten up your morning and put a not-so-sad end to our short time together. I hope you have an amazing day!
  45. Good morning my dear friend. May this letter fill your heart with warmth and brighten your day? I pray you have a wonderful morning and that our friendship keeps growing stronger each day.
  46. To a wonderful new friend- you mean the world to me! I cannot express how much I appreciate having a friend who is kind, considerate, loving and compassionate. I wish you only happiness.
  47. Hi there! I just wanted to send you an early good morning email to wish you a fantastic day. I hope this message finds you doing well. You’re such a great friend and I’d like to thank you for being more than I could have ever asked for. If there is anything I can do for you – big or small – please let me know. Hope your day is filled with joy!
  48. I woke up to say a big good morning to you! Just thinking of you makes my day better. Thank you for being such a positive influence on me and my life! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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