Remarkable Ways To Say Good Morning I Love You

Good morning i love you quotes

good morning i love you

You can’t shrug off the sweet feeling that overwhelms you when your partner greets you Good morning I love you, it’s that same feeling you get, when you wake up to a beautiful text, saying good morning I love you from him or her.


This single act of love makes the relationship more enjoyable. It says a lot about your partner and his thoughts towards you daily. Saying good morning, I love you to your partner is the epitome of long-lasting bond in any relationship.


I have written some unusual yet remarkable way to say Good morning I love you to that exceptional someone you adore, check them below.



1.  It is another bright day again, and it’s shiny, but not as bright as your beautiful face, i am excited that we are together and I want to say Good morning I love you without a doubt. You are my enchantment.


2.  Wake up sunshine we need you to light up our world, and the birds are warbling incessantly we all need sunlight. It goes without saying that my day cannot begin without saying good morning. I love you to the woman of my dreams.


3.  I just got to admit it, and you are more than I bargained for like I couldn’t have asked for a better loving partner than you, we complete each other. You are awesome.


4.  Your heart is made of sugar, because it is sweet, even when we kiss your lips taste like honey, and I am grateful for bringing sweetness into my heart. Good morning I love you sugar.


5.  We fight sometimes and quarrel other times, but that is how we get to know each other better, and I have come to realise what a special gem I hold in my arms, you mean so much to me, good morning I love you.


6.  All my life, I have only prayed for money, I never knew that all the money in the world could not buy me the kind of love and happiness you give me, you are my good luck charm, and i will adore you forever. Good morning I love you.


7.  I can assure you that not a single day will pass without me saying good morning I love you because not a single day have you failed to shower me with the goodness of your heart, I am blessed to have you as mine forever.


8.  Baby, all I want for the remaining part of my life is to wake up and have you next to me to cuddle. I just can’t get enough of you. I am happy that I realised this early what a treasure I found, and I will protect you with my life because I would be lost without you in my life.


9.  I know we are miles apart, but that won’t stop me from saying good morning. I love you to my one and only cupcake. I know our heart is closer than it has ever been, in spite of the fact that we are kilometres away. I hope my text cements a lasting smile on your face and I will hug you so tight when next we see. Never will I leave your side again.


10.  I hope as you open my good morning text, may it usher you into a beautiful day, you deserve joy because you have brought perfection into my life. Stay shining and never forget my heart beats just for you alone.


11.  I tell everyone who asks me why I always wear a smile on my face, the thought of you in my heart automatically brings a smile to my face, I am always smiling, because you are ever in my thoughts, no wonder I look so handsome, even the girls are tripping but woe to them, my heart is made for you only. Good morning I love you.


12.  You are the reason my mornings are always right, and I hope my message makes yours enjoyable as well, a perfect partner like you deserves everything good. Good morning I love you.


13.  After you left yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I hope you got my good night message? And I hope my words this morning plaster a smile on your enchanting face. Good morning I love you.

Good morning i love you meme

14.  I desire to see us move our relationship to the next level, so it won’t be just a good morning text you get from me, but also a good morning kiss, cuddle and you know (what grownups do, haha). From the bottom of my heart, you are my everything, and nothing will ever change it. Good morning.


15.  I am blessed with a loving partner with unique abilities, and you automatically make my morning fantastic, even while you are miles away, you still do your magic on me, I am looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together as one. We complete each other. You are my better half. I love you.


16.  Believe me, when I say, I want to be by your side to serve you tea while you are still on the bed. I want you to wake up to a lovely breakfast treat from me. I want to plant a kiss on your forehead to wake you up. Sadly, all I can do now is send my good morning love to you via text. I hope it makes you smile, and I can’t wait any more, I just want to get married to you and give birth to cuties like you. Good morning my queen.


17.  I wanted to count how much God has blessed me. They were too much to count, how on earth God managed to put all these goodness into you and gifted you to me, is above me, well, that’s why he is God. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me the best gift ever, my dear. You are priceless. I am thrilled to have found you. Good morning.


18.  My day cannot begin without saying good morning I love you, if I ever fail to do that, it means I have gone nuts, how on earth would I fail to tell the one that owns my heart good morning? Even when we sleep and wake up on the same bed, you’d still get a good morning text from me. You are my goddess.


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