good evening message for a friend far away

Good Evening Message For A Friend Far Away

Good evening message for a friend far away quotes is a set of beautiful and great quotes on good evening quotes. This can help you send a loving message to your friend.


Good Evening Message For A Friend Far Away

  1. Good evening my dear friend, I just want to wish you a very warm and cozy night. You’re not here with me so I thought I’d send you a little text to say good night and sweet dreams! I hope you have a wonderful evening and you sleep the whole night through, wake up tomorrow with lots of energy!
  2. I was just sitting here thinking about you. I hope you are having a good evening and that wherever you are, you’re safe. I can’t stop smiling because you are always in my thoughts. I miss your smile, your laugh and your face. I wish I was there to give you a hug! You’re my best friend and I love talking to you and just being around you. Hope to talk to you soon.
  3. Good evening, friend, I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are doing great. All the best my friend.
  4. Hello there. I wanted to wish you a good evening. I hope everything is going well with you and with your family. Do let me know if there’s anything you need, I’m always here for you. Goodnights!
  5. When you are away, I cannot help but miss you. When I’m talking to one of our other friends about you, I can’t help but smile. When I’m just lying-in bed at night and close my eyes all I can see is your face. I feel like something has been taken away from me, someone that I love dearly. You mean the world to me and being this far apart has me missing many things.
  6. Dear friend! How are you? I just want to say, that it was very interesting to read your messages. In my opinion, we should communicate on this theme. If you agree with me – write me back. Please answer my questions, that would be great. I’m looking forward to hearing from you in PM.
  7. I miss you so much. I love you more than the stars in the sky. Now that you have moved away, I can’t stand it when I don’t hear from you every day. It is hard to imagine a day without hearing your voice. You have taught me so much over the years and I don’t know what I would do without you here. Take care of yourself out there and know that I am always thinking of you even though we are far apart.
  8. I hope you’re having a nice day today! I was thinking of you earlier and felt like reaching out. I’m missing talking to you right now. Hope everything is good with you in the U.S. Call me back today sometime when you can!
  9. I miss you my friend, I wish we could chat more often. You are an incredible source of comfort when I am down and missing home. I cannot wait to go for lunch with you next week!
  10. Good evening to my dearest friend. Life seems to be so busy lately.  I hope you are having a great day, wherever you are! I hope to hear from you soon!
  11. Good evening, darling. The moon is shining down and I hope it brings you a message that says: hello honey, I’m thinking of you as the sun goes down. You’re always in my heart even though we’re far apart. Have a nice evening and sweet dreams tonight.
  12. It’s nice to find friends like you. Someone who’s always there, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and a heart that cares. I feel blessed to have met a friend like you. Good evening my friend!
  13. I was trying to figure out if I should send you a message or not. I couldn’t come up with a good reason why not. Just in case you didn’t know, I love you and think about you every single day. It doesn’t matter how big my day is, if you are there in my mind it will be wonderful!
  14. Every day, I miss you more and more. But that is the price we must pay – to live in different countries. I send all my love to your home and will keep remembering you every day until the day I see again.
  15. There are many miles and many years between us. Statistics says that the probability of our meeting is near zero. Yet we remember each other through the distance. I have to say that you are part of my life now and I can’t even imagine how my world would be without you.
  16. Good evening my dear friend, it is so lovely to talk to you by the end of the day. It feels like I am finishing a long-distance marathon. I’m exhausted and happy. When we talk through the computer, it’s like sharing a virtual hug. Have you ever felt that? I love talking to you, even if it’s just through the internet. It’s so great to have a friend like you!
  17. I think of you, talk to you, dream of you. I hope this message finds you well and brings a smile to your face. I miss you muchly and hope that we can reconnect soon! Much love!
  18. Hey I just wanted to sat. Just had to tell you I was thinking about you. I know we’re all the way across the country and I’m picturing you and wishing you all my love. Hope that helps.
  19. Hey, how’s it going? I just wanted to say, ‘hi’ and let you know how much I miss you, and talk you through my day a little bit. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! I can’t wait to hear from you later and I love you so much. Bye!
  20. Hi sweetie. I’m thinking about you today and how hard it must be to see everyone around you in love and with someone special. I miss you so much! You were always such a wonderful friend and I want to let you know that the door is still open for you here in my heart. Hope you’re doing well, lots of hugs!
  21. My dear friend, I hope this good evening message reaches you before night time and receives your response the earliest.
  22. Hey! How is my best friend far away doing? I hope you are having a nice evening! I miss you very much and think about you often. You are in my heart, no matter where I go. You are always close to my thoughts. I really wish we can share the same room again.
  23. You are a special friend and I miss you dearly. Thank you for putting up with me and for being in my life even though we aren’t together. Your friendship means so much to me and I don’t know what I would do without you! Good night.
  24. I love you in every single way a person can love another. I hope we are friends for an eternity, I haven’t seen you in so long and I miss you to heck.
  25. I know we’re apart, but I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. Sending you a good night picture and a hug on the outside. Hope you had a great day!
  26. Hi friend, hope you are doing well wherever you are. I just wanted to send you a big hello and tell you that I am thinking of you. It feels like forever since I last saw you. Wish we were all together having fun!
  27. Even if we can’t be together, I still want you to know how important you are to me. I will never forget the times we shared and how you were always there when I needed you. That is something that true friends do for each other and I greatly appreciate it.
  28. Missing you. It’s so good to hear your voice. Thinking of you, hoping all is well with you and your family. All my love!
  29. How are you? I hope all is well. I missed you so much while we were apart. I really enjoyed our time together, even if it was a bit short. Come back soon. Love you!
  30. I hope this good evening message reaches you out there, and that we have the chance to sit and talk for a few moments. I miss your smile, your jokes and your thoughtfulness. And I really hope that from a distant place, you will send me a good evening message back too.
  31. Hello friend, I hope the day has found you well and that your night is going great. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know just how much I have missed speaking with you. You fill my heart with so much joy and excitement, and never tire of hearing your voice. You’re always on my mind and today I just felt like sending you a brief good evening text message as a reminder of how much I love talking with you.
  32. Hello, I am great! I hope that you are too. I just wanted to say good evening. It is a beautiful night here in New York and I thought of you immediately. You are always on my mind and in my heart; This card is for you my friend, the one I think of every time the moon rises over the trees. Good night, sweet prince.
  33. I know that it’s tough when you are lonely and far away from your best friend. I also know that even though you are busy with your new life you miss my friendship, my advice and a good joke from me. I am sending you a million of hugs through the Internet.
  34. I had a really long day today, so I decided to message you, just so that I could say Hi. You’re always on my mind and even though we are far away, you’re one of the first people I think of when I wake up and the last person I think about before going to sleep. Just wanted to tell you that you’re amazing, have a good night!
  35. How are you doing today? I hope this message will find you in the best of moods. These couple of days have been quite tiring for me, but I’m glad at least from one side, it’s because it brought me to a realization that how much you mean to me. You’re always close to my heart and dear to my mind. May this home not become dim without you!
  36. I hope this message finds you happy and in good spirits. I just wanted to say hello and send you a kiss all the way from here to there. I can’t wait to see you again! Tonight, I made you, my thought.
  37. You’re a breath of fresh air. You’re the best friend a girl could have. I appreciate all you’ve done for me and I’m so glad to have you in my life.
  38. You’re the bests!! Your friendship has been an inspiration to me and I’m so glad we’ve been able to talk so much lately. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, I hope you know that. I love you!
  39. Hey buddy, it’s been a while. I was wondering if you’d like to meet up and have a coffee sometime soon. Can’t wait to hear from you! Missing you heaps and can’t wait to catch up.
  40. Good evening my dear friend. I am so happy that you are my friend. I feel so lucky to have such a great friend like you. I was just thinking of how much I miss you and wish you were around the corner. You mean so very much to me, and all a want is for you to be happy, so keep your head up no matter what may come your way.

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