Good Afternoon Message For A Friend To Fall In Love

Good Afternoon Message For A Friend To Fall In Love

Good Afternoon Message For A Friend To Fall In Love. You can send this message to your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend. Take a look below:


Good Afternoon Message For A Friend To Fall In Love

  1. Hi friend, I hope you are doing great. I am sending you this hello message to let you know how much I love you and all the best for today. Please stay blessed and be happy forever.
  2. Happiness is calling your phone just to hear your voice, and seeing you smile just makes me feel so happy, I love you!
  3. Dear friend, I only wish.. you always find yourself surrounded by people who appreciate and love you for who you are. Your heart is made of gold and one day I hope you know this fact. I love you, good afternoon!
  4. It’s a beautiful day to spend with the one you love. I hope this afternoon is just as lovely as we are. I couldn’t ask for a better friend to share it with. Here’s to many more beautiful afternoons, and to more laughs and warm hugs.
  5. Good afternoon to you, my dear friend, and I want to thank you for all the great moments we’ve shared in the last few years. With you at my side, I can conquer anything that comes my way. My heart soars every single time when I’m around you! With all of your love and support, I know we will be together always and forever!
  6. Most days I chat with you on the internet and you are very nice. Today I have time to share a beautiful thought that we need to do something, not just talk. We always can be a good couple. I send you this message, and hope you will appreciate it. Wish you have a nice day!
  7. I hope your afternoon is going well. I was just thinking of you and the time we spent together. You are more than a friend to me, you are family. I hope you feel the same way too.
  8. I hope you’re having a great afternoon,! I just wanted to take a few seconds out of my day to tell you that I think about you all the time no matter what I’m doing. And, it’s because I really enjoy being with you and love how we are together.
  9. I don’t say it enough, but I love you and your friendship means more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m here for you day or night if you need anything, day is just better because it’s so crazy on the phone at night…lol.
  10. Good afternoon, my dearest friend. I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for all the wonderful moments we have had this year. You make my life so special. Thanks for being a great friend and the only one I can talk to about everything and anything. Keep your chin up, your head high and look forward to brighter days ahead! Stay happy and cheerful always!
  11. There is a warm energy that surrounds you. You are my sunshine in the winter, my rainbow after it rains and my calm in the storm. I want to be there for you through all of life’s twists and turns. In this lifetime we find each other again and again so I can finally have my happy ending.
  12. I’m here for you when you need a friend. I feel so lucky to call you my friend. Every day I am thankful for the friendship. Stay strong and have a wonderful day.
  13. To have that special person in your life, who you know is going to be there no matter what, no matter if the world is at your feet or it’s falling down all around you. Someone who tells you every day they love you, someone who you can share everything with. A friend like this is a treasure indeed! I want a second One In A Million…of course the first one is already taken by my angel!
  14. Good afternoon, my dear friend. Do you know that it’s your birthday? I think you deserve a big surprise! I’m gonna celebrate your birthday with you, I’ve prepared hot chocolate, cupcakes and party balloons 🙂 We’re gonna watch the sunset and talk about our favorite places to go together. You are the most wonderful person in this world for me!
  15. Having a friend like you is something that truly makes my life brighter. You always see the best in me even when I feel like I have nothing to give. I have never met anyone like you who can make me laugh at any random time of day. When you come around I just feel happy, and I’m glad you’re my friend.
  16. I’ve known you for most of my life, and in that time I can say without a doubt that you are one of the best people I know. You’re loyal, trustworthy, caring and so much more. I love that we’re best friends. The thought of losing you scares me, but I’m glad that I have such a great friend as you!
  17. Hey buddy how was your day today? I hope everything is well and that you are feeling good! Hows life treating you these days? It’s great to see that you are online again. I think about you a lot, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love having you as a friend! You are such an interesting person and always fun to be around. Hope to talk with you soon, bye for now.
  18. I was on the phone with some of your friends today, and they were talking about how much fun you used to be before you met me. I felt a little sad…but then I thought about it. They are so right! You were a lot of fun, but I am more fun because I have you. Thank you for being my best friend, and for always being there for me when I need someone. I love you so much!
  19. Looking back a month ago, I never thought that I would be in this place today.
  20. I want to tell you again that I love you, now, more than yesterday and much more than tomorrow.
  21. Hey, there…I just wanted to tell you that I’m sending you some positive vibes today. I know things have been going rough lately and I just want you to know that I’m always there for you. You’re such an amazing friend with a beautiful soul and I hope this afternoon surprises you with a fruitful outcome!
  22. Good afternoon, you beautiful person. I just wanted to stop by to let you know that I am thinking about you! I hope work/life isn’t getting you too stressed out and that you are able to enjoy these special moments. I can’t wait to hear from you soon.
  23. Thank you for being one of the great people in my life that has made my life complete. I love you and appreciate you, you’ve got a good heart and a great smile. You’re wonderful to be around and to talk to. I’m glad we are friends and hope we stay that way for many years to come…
  24. Hello Rita, if I had a choice to go anywhere and do anything with anyone right now, I would choose to go somewhere with you. Life is short, and therefore we should enjoy it as much as possible. I will continue to work on our friendship because I want to make sure that it lasts. Thanks for always being there for me. We can be the best of friends if we continue working at it. Wish you a sweet afternoon my dear friend. Love you!
  25. It is fantastic to see you today. You make my days great, my nights memorable and forever, and my life perfect with all the little touches that you do. I really miss our talks about anything and everything! It is always so great to hear from you — be well, I hope to talk to you soon!
  26. Hey buddy! I know that you are out of town because we just got a call from the hospital saying your wife went into labor. Sorry we missed you! Hope the new little baby is doing great and that the stay at the hospital isn’t too long! Hope to catch up with you soon bud.
  27. Hey there! It’s been a while since we talked and I just wanted to quickly say hi. I hope everything is going well. How are your new classes? Enjoying them? Answered all your questions? Also, want to let you know that it was such a pleasure seeing you last weekend. You and Jeff looked great out on the town, can’t wait to use those new tips next time I go dancing. Love ya, girl.
  28. You are such a special friend to me. I hope you have an amazing day filled with love and laughter.
  29. My friend, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing you today to say how fondly I think of you. You have always been a dear friend in my life and the last year has not changed that. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and continue to do so today. Please know that I am happy to know you and I only wish the best for you in your coming year. Thanks so much!
  30. I’ve been re-reading all our old emails and messages we shared between us. Just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of appreciation and love for you. You are such a kind, beautiful soul who has always been there for me. After seeing your smile light up, I can’t contain the joy that overwhelms my heart.
  31. You are my friend and sometimes I don’t show it as much as I would like to. But I will do anything for you if I could. You deserve only the best and I want to give it to you, so please accept my friendship with love.
  32. I am honored to be able to call you friend. You bring a sense of joy to my life that is unmatched by anyone else.
  33. I hope my presence can bring light to your day, a smile to your face and joy in your heart…Love you.
  34. Before you came into my life I often felt alone. You made me feel special, like I was finally home. I began to realize that I couldn’t live without you in my life. You are everything to me and all I want is to make you happy, if that means being with me then so be it.
  35. Movies and food are staples in a relationship, but good friends are just as important. Having someone to share your ups and downs with and someone who is always there for you is just priceless. You’re my best friend!
  36. Hope that you had a good night sleep and that you are feeling well. I want to tell you that I have this afternoon free and was wondering if it would be possible for us to get together so we could talk some more? My schedule is really busy so when I have a break, I like to take advantage of it.
  37. How are things going? I hope all is well with you. I specifically made this post to send a warm greeting to you. For the longest time we had no idea what is love. We thought happiness was being rich, having fun and partying. Then suddenly one day something happened. I began falling in love with one lady that changed my life for good.
  38. I know you have been questioning your feelings lately. But I want to reassure you that it is okay to fall in love with your best friend. In fact, falling in love with your best friend is perfect! You will never need to keep secrets from each other. And you can always trust each other. However, many people seem to be afraid of love or so caught up in their own plans and ideas that they forget the most beautiful gift life has given them.

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