Forgiveness Messages To A Friend

Forgiveness Messages To A Friend

Committing a mistake and asking a forgiveness to your friend is not that much tough. Here, you will find easily Forgiveness Messages To A Friend that are given below. These messages are almost same like what you will get from your close friends.


Forgiveness Messages To A Friend

  1. Friend, you are the best. You are a person that I can trust, who likes and loves me. And in my eyes you are a real friend. No matter what happens or how we argue I still see you as a friend who is true and stays with me through everything. Forgive my rudeness to you during this time, but remember even though we argue we are still friends!
  2. Dear sweet friend, I forgive you for the hurt you caused me. That’s all behind us now and I’m so thankful for that. You are an amazing person and I could never forget that. In my heart you will remain the one I can always count on. Good friends are hard to find, but you are the best!
  3. I forgive you my friend. I know in my heart that friendships are priceless and worth fighting for. Time will only make us stronger, as I hope we stay friends forever.
  4. I’m not sure if you know this but it is true. I forgive you for the pain you caused me. I want you to know that I wish the best for you and I hope we can rebuild our friendship.
  5. I hope you know that from me there is only love and respect for you. I forgive you for this silly misunderstanding. Do not be upset, all is well! We are friends forever!
  6. I know you don’t want to hear from me right now, but I had to tell you how I truly feel. I forgive you for your actions and hope that one day you can do the same and forgive yourself as well. Take care of yourself, and remember that I love you more than anything.
  7. I want to forgive you. I want to forgive you for all that I hold against you. For all that you have done to me. For all the pain you’ve caused and I want my heart to be full of new memories without bad ones. I want to be friends again.
  8. I’m so sorry that I hurt you. I never meant to make you feel bad, and I know now that I should’ve talked to you about things instead of just blowing up. I really didn’t appreciate all the stuff you did for me, and for that I am even more sorry. If you can forgive me then please tell me and we can move on from this.
  9. I forgive you. I was hurt by what you said and I know it must have hurt to say it. I’m glad that you know that the way I feel about you was the same.
  10. Hey there, how are you doing? I’m fine. How can I ever apologize for what happened? Me and Mike were just joking around, he didn’t know that it hurt your feelings. My intentions were not to offend or to tease you, we all love you and I hope my apology will ease your pain and anger.
  11. You are my friend and I love you. We have been through thick and thin. You are an amazing person and I am glad to call you my friend. I hope you accept this as a token of my friendship and as a way for me to ask for your forgiveness for all the times I didn’t treat you with the love that you deserve.
  12. Hey Friend, I’m writing this letter because I want to apologize for what I said yesterday. It hurts me so much to think I made you feel that way. Please know that you are my best friend and nothing will change that. I’d rather cut off my arm than harm you in any way. That won’t happen again, I promise… no hard feelings? With a handshake, Danny.
  13. I forgive you for being so rude and inconsiderate. I forgive you for the pain you caused me. You’re a good person, and I love you even though you let me down. I hope that one day we will be able to mend our friendship.
  14. I forgive you because I know that you did not mean to hurt me. I know that you are a good friend, and so I have forgiven you…
  15. I know this has been tough on you, but I forgive you. Everyone makes mistakes, and I am willing to give you a chance to change. Just don’t let me down again. Thanks for the apology!
  16. When I think of the past, I smile and remember you. You are like a brother to me, I love you like that. There is nothing that we can’t get through. I forgive you and know that everything will be okay. Friends forever!
  17. You are my best friend. I would do anything for you, you know that. You’re like the brother I never had, but always wanted! I love you lots and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you. It hurts me when we fight. You’re my family and I’ll always be here for you. Just remember, friends forgive.
  18. There is no one else that I could count on more than you. You have been there for me through the best of times, and the worst of times. We’ve laughed, cried, and even had a few heart to hearts. There are so many memories I wish to share with you that I can’t think of anyone else I would want to share them with. You mean the world to me so please forgive me if I hurt you.
  19. I forgive you for leaving me behind. I know it wasn’t your intention, and I forgive you for hurting my feelings. I hope things in your life are going pretty well and that you’re doing better than ever!
  20. I forgive you for hurting my feelings, lying to my face and stealing from me. I know that I am better than that and would never do something so hurtful to you. So every time I think about you now I will remember all the good times we had, laugh at our inside jokes and not the pain you caused me.
  21. We all make mistakes and stumble, but it doesn’t mean we have to fall. I don’t want to be angry with you (name). It is not your fault that I feel this way. Let me apologize for being so upset over this. Please forgive me. You deserve much better than the way I’ve been acting lately. Life is too short to be mad at someone who was once my best friend. I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life…
  22. You have always been a big part of my life. I am sure that we will be friends forever. I forgive you for all you did and hope you can forgive me too. I love you dearly and hope the best for you always. You are very special to me and will be in my life forever.
  23. I have been your friend for years. When I was going through a rough time you were there for me. You knew when I needed to talk and then you also knew when I didn’t. Thank you for always being there for me; for never judging me, but yet supporting me in everything that I did. Thank you for forgiving me when I hurt your feelings or did something to set us back a step. Thank you so much my friend! I Love You!
  24. I forgive you for all the times you made me cry, I will always forgive you and remain your friend. If we can’t work through our problems together, then who else is there to help? Our friendship is too valuable to lose over something so minor, so silly. I choose to stand with you and for you. You are a beautiful person on the inside and out and I know that we can overcome this issue if we just try.
  25. No matter what has happened between us, I forgive you from the bottom of my heart. It was long overdue, but I’ll be happy if we can put our past behind us. It hurts me that we can’t be friends. I miss hanging out with you but I hope that we will get back to our friendship soon.
  26. I’m sorry for ever upsetting you, for being late for a date, for not meeting your every expectation. But I know that no matter what, we have each other’s back. Thank you for always listening when I need to talk, for your patience and understanding. I love you so much!
  27. What can I say? What’s there to say? I forgive you, man. For everything. You’re a cool dude, and I will always be there for ya! I know sometimes we fight and we’re at each other’s throats. But that’s what happens when two dudes love sports so much. So you like sports better than me? You got the coolest footballs? I’ll give ya that! But anyway, we never should’ve fought in the first place. We’re cool,
  28. Of all the things I’ve learned in my life, what I’ve learned of you is that you are my family and that you have done me no wrong. I’m sorry for the times I was too afraid to come to you with a problem, but please know that if I need to talk to someone, or cry on your shoulder, or laugh until my stomach hurts, that’s what I want to do. You’re an amazing person, and I want us to stay close for a very
  29. I’m sorry for being so hard on you. I should have never taken it out on you and for that I truly am sorry. I hope we can move forward from this and become friends again.
  30. I am sorry for any wrong I did to you. My intention was not to hurt your feelings, so please forgive me for anything I have said that may have struck a nerve. If we’ve drifted apart over time, I miss the days of our adventures and hope that we can meet soon.
  31. I forgive you for all the pain and hurt you caused me. I know it must have been hard for you to do those things, and for that reason, I can’t hate you or be mad at you. I will always love you as a friend no matter what.
  32. You have been a wonderful friend to me, and I love you. I’m sorry for everything that I have said or done to hurt you. If it is within my power, I will do whatever it takes to restore your trust in me. Until then, please know that I am here for you if you want to talk about what happened. My feelings for you will never change; you are special to me, and always will be.
  33. Hey, How are you doing? I want to ask if you can forgive me for everything I’ve done against you and our friendship. If I’ve said something in the heat of the moment, or disrespected you in any situation…it wasn’t intentional. I just want to move past this and be cool friends again!
  34. I’m a bad friend, and I don’t deserve your trust. I’m sorry. I will never forget what you did for me and I will never let you down again.
  35. Dear Friend, I must apologize for things I’ve done in the past. I have not always been there when you needed me most and sometimes my words have hurt you deeply. Your friendship means everything to me, and I’d rather have you mad at me than lose you forever. You are the greatest friend anyone could ask for.
  36. I forgive you, I hope you don’t mind that I’m doing this. I know it was an accident and I shouldn’t let it bother me. I am trying to forgive you but it’s very hard not to be upset. However, I am forgiving you for my own sake, because I still care about you, my dearest friend.

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