flirty good morning texts for her

25 Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her – She’ll go Crazy

Flirty Good Morning Texts For Her

1.  Good morning sweetie pie! Sending you this good morning message to let you know I dreamt about us last night. You were looking as dazzling as an angel of light. You had me spellbound with your breathtaking face. I was so mesmerized that I became lost in awe of the most beautiful being made by God. How can one person have the beauty of a million people put together? If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to appoint myself as the one who would look out for you and ensure that you wake up to sweeten coffees and morning messages for as long as you want.


2.  If I had known that you were the most dangerous being to have existed on earth, I would have given you a close marking. Now I know why people get scared by just your presence because you’re a notorious person and should be put behind bars as it is where you rightly belong. And do you want to know what you’ve done to warrant all these? Oh yes, I’ll spill it out. You came at night, stole my heart, and now, you’ve also stolen my sleep. And the right way to end this is to let you come over so we can sleep together rather than having you stealing my precious sleep. Good morning.


3.  Wakey wakey beautiful! I know you must have had a great night but it would have been more amazing if you had spent it in my arms, while you rest your head on my drop-dead biceps. Let me hold you so close to my heart so you could hear my heart drumming for you, my love. Seeing you each day comes with this soothing feeling I can’t fathom because it feels so good. Then how much more when we get to spend each night together? I’m patiently counting to that day where you say yes to forever with me. Good morning.


4.  Good morning, my sweetheart. Sending you this message so I’ll be the first to light up your world with my sweet and enticing words that can’t be resisted. I want to be the reason why you get glued to your phone whenever you are awake. I want to be the reason why you smile endlessly while reading this message. I want those alluring eyes to be full of love for me. You’re so heavenly and I so want to be the luckiest guy to have your heart locked forever with mine. I do love you and I know you feel the same too.


5.  What’s the best way to wake up? Being snuggled up in the arms of the one whose heart belongs to you. I so much desire this so my mornings can start on a good note. Smiling, glowing and shiny all day long knowing you’ve got a damsel caged right in your heart. Working hard each day so I can give my angel the best life I know she truly deserves. Then, keep spending eternity snuggled up with you as the world keeps going. Give me a chance today and you’ll never regret it. Good morning. Wishing you a happy day today.


6.  An arrow has been pierced into my heart. It has ripped and shattered my heart completely. Your cuteness has caused my heart so much pain. How on earth can one be this beautiful? How on earth can one be this cute in a way that leaves people in awe each time she walks about. You’re so pretty baby and your prettiness has caused me to lose a part of my heart I treasure you so much. You have two choices now. Either you say Yes to me or I say yes to US forever. Good morning. May you enjoy the rest of your day.


7.  Good morning, my doll. I hope you slept so well like the princess you are? I hope your heart didn’t cause much trouble by constantly thinking about me? As for me, I woke up feeling weak because my heart kept running and panting for you. It kept chasing yours so they can be intertwined for long as the world exists. So why don’t you save me the stress of getting so weak all morning from constantly chasing you? Besides, you’ll get to rest as well from constantly running through every one of my thoughts? I await your reply, my doll.


8.  Let’s not fight whatever we feel towards another. Let’s not act like we don’t get those tantalizing butterflies right in our tummy each time we’re awake. I know you woke up with thoughts of me and I want you to know I did the same too. You are one person whose thoughts I don’t have control over because I like you so much and I would love to embark on a blissful journey with you someday. I want your beautiful face to be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I wake up to. Good morning dearest.


9.  Have you read the news? I heard the military is looking for a sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful woman who just stole my heart and she is yet to return my heart. I heard she is an expert and has perfected this job so well that she hasn’t been caught even once. Nonetheless, I intend to put an end to this and placing the culprit behind bars for the rest of her life. Without saying much, I would gladly advise that you turn yourself in right now before the police get to you. Good morning, Special.


10.  All I need to kick start my day is a cup of coffee and you sprawled on the bed looking as sexy as you have always been. I would give anything in exchange for you right now because I truly want to spend every second with you. I want to inhale you like a breath of fresh air. I want to successfully conquer each day as it comes while you’re right behind me as my rock and fortress. So would you mind giving my request a thought so my mornings can be completed? Good morning, cupcake. Have a great day ahead.


11.  Knock knock! Someone in? I’m presently at the door of your heart. Would you let me in or should I keep pushing? It is morning already and I would so love to begin each new day with you staring right into my eyes and lighting them up like the sun. I go to bed every night knowing I would get to see you in my dreams over and over again as that is the only way I get to console myself with the thoughts of you. And how about you ease up these pains and heartaches by opening the door of your heart to me? I await your response. Good morning damsel. May your day be highly favored.


12.  Morning sugar! Sending a dispatch raider to go deliver a box to you to start the new day. Right in the packaged box are lots of wonderful presents full of love, joy, courage, and happiness to get you prepared and motivated for the day ahead. And when you’re back from the day’s hustle, I wouldn’t mind spreading my arms to welcome you as I relieve you of the day’s stress, if only you would consider giving me the chance to give you the world. Have a blessed day.


13.  Hey baby! Hope you had the best night of your life? As for me, it was a night I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I had a dream about two beautiful people who were having so much fun with their backs turned to the world. They couldn’t care less about the happenings around them because they were so in love and engrossed in themselves. I was still basking in the sweet dream till my alarm got in between. Would love to make sure such a dream becomes a reality but am still waiting for you to give me a go-ahead. Good morning.


14.  Can’t recall the last time someone swept me off my feet as you do now. Can’t recall the last time my heart became so at peace at the sight of your gorgeous smile. And do you know the best part? It keeps beating for you and you alone. Isn’t it amazing? I know am the last person in your mind right now. I know I don’t cross your mind as often as mine does. But wouldn’t you love to have someone who would love, care and appreciate and spoil you like the big baby you are? I’m just a call away from you my favorite. Good morning. Have a nice day.


15.  Aside from making coffee and submerging yourself in the early morning sun that brings healing to the body, the next thing you should be waking up to should be a romantic morning message from a heart that truly cares. You deserve to be pampered with tons of kisses and hugs which is one great way to get the day right. Why not look towards this direction so I can be all of that and even more to you my love. If you want the world, you sure would have it on a platter of gold with me beside you. Good morning. Enjoy the day.


16.  Getting up from the bed each morning with no one to cheer me up nor push me to go chase my goals keeps me on the edge. It brings out a side of me that I don’t want to keep seeing. As such, I need a motivator, a believer, and a sweet lady to help bring my goals to reality. I want someone who likes me as much as I like them. And who else would fit into this if it isn’t the person reading this message? Good morning.

flirty good morning texts for her long distance

17.  Right from the beginning, God mandated that man mustn’t be alone hence, He created a suitable partner for him by getting his missing rib. And this has gone on for ages. I happen to find my missing rib with you my sweetest diva. Despite being on the planet for quite some years, I have found that one that would cause my heart to pound faster than it is expected. I know your missing rip happens to be me also. Now, why don’t you come to me so we can be whole again? Good morning.


18.  If I could walk into a quiet room with you right now, you’ll hear the sound of my heart beating faster for you. I want to assume you feel the same way towards me because I can see those love and desire burning right in your eyes. So rather than restraining yourself from completely falling under the anointing of this passion, why don’t you let me be the pilot of this ship we are in? Let me be the one to wake you up with a coffee and a kiss every day so you don’t keep waking up to a bare day without warmth. Good morning. Have an awesome day.


19.  The last few nights have been so terrible for me. In the space of a week, sleeping has eluded me. On several days, I resorted to taking drugs but all to no avail. But after meeting the doctor yesterday, he specifically told me that I needed just one drug which would be able to get me cured soonest. So I have been trying to reach out to you to come over as quickly as you can because I was told you are the drugs to my problems. Good morning. Hoping to see you soon.


20.  What are some of the characteristics of sugar? They’re sweet, soft, and enticing. It adds to the growth of the body in a way or another. Sugar is highly needed daily to keep the body in shape. Ironically, the sugar here isn’t the consumable sugar but the one who is holding her phone reading and smiling at this message as she reads on. You’re so sweet, soft, and enticing that all I want to do is to get a hold of you so you can be the only one in my life. Good morning. Hope you slept well?


21.  When teenagers are in love, they get so giddy, goofy, and excited as nothing else matters in the world except the one to whom their heart belongs to. They strive to be the best for her to keep what they feel for themselves intact. And would you like to know the kind of feeling I get each time the thoughts of you cross my mind, that teenage feeling of love? So young but yet deep. It makes me so giddy as I’ve never been in love before. Though I have, they are nothing compared to what is in my heart for you. Good morning.


22.  All these years, I never truly saw love as something worth giving a shot. I never really believed in love. Guess it was because I had thought I had a stoned heart so nothing could penetrate. Now I’ve come to see how wrong I’ve been all this while. I didn’t know your smile could dissolve my stone-hearted heart. All I want to plead for right now is to get you to come to save my heart from a complete meltdown. A beautiful morning to you.


23.  A lovely morning to someone special. I hope you had a great night? Mine was great as well but as usual, I couldn’t stop dreaming of you. The fact that I get to see you all night gets me a bit worried. Could mother nature be saying something we are oblivious of? I dreamt that we found love in a world as crazy as this. I saw us being together for eternity. And now that am fully awake, I would love to proceed with the dreams and bring them into reality. Can we please make that a possibility?


24.  Sometimes, heaven doesn’t have to be above. It necessarily doesn’t have to be a specific place where the saints are to be found. In some cases, heaven can be the person you’re meant to be with. I don’t know what heaven means to others. Neither do I know what heaven means to you. But what I know of and I am so sure about is that my heaven means being around you as long as the earth chooses to exist. Would you make me yours too? Good morning gorgeous. Have a fruitful and fantastic day.


25.  Good morning to someone I cherish so much. Sending you this message brings a thousand butterflies to my tummy. I hope you know how adorable you are and you should be given utmost respect and attention because you deserve every bit of it. Also, I would want to inquire if it is safer to book an appointment in your life or if there happens to be a queue somewhere. Or can I get direct access with us being best friends as a benefit? I wish you the very best as you step out this morning. Take care.

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