Farewell Message For Students From Teacher

To prepare for the farewell messages given by teachers to students in colleges and schools, I tried to collect some awesome quotes here.I hope you’ll like those quotes.


Farewell Message For Students From Teacher

1. With a heavy heart I write this letter to say goodbye. It has been an honor and pleasure to call you all students and friends. I know you will do right and succeed in life, but I will always remember you as the kids seen in these photos.
2. Dear students, I’m going to miss you all! I hope that our paths will cross again in the future. Good luck in this exciting new phase of your lives and be true to yourselves!
3. I have been super lucky to be your teacher this semester. You gave me so much laughter and joy, but most of all love. You are all great guys and I just love being around you. I wish you the best in your lives, I know you will do great things and make something of yourselves. Love forever!
4. You were the joy of my life, but now the time has come for us to part ways. The memories we’ve shared will forever remain with me. I will keep you in my heart always.
5. As you leave us today I hope you have learned a little about yourselves and the world around you. You have grown into such amazing young adults and it has been my privilege to watch you all grow. I know that this goodbye is just a temporary one, but I will miss each of you every day. We have shared so many memories together, and it is my hope that they will continue for years to come. Thank you for giving me your trust, loyalty, and friendship.
6. Students, I want to wish you all the best of luck and success in your future. Take what you have learned here at SEM and apply it to your lives. You are all different from each other and will likely take very unique paths through life, but as long as you keep the lessons from this class in mind you will shape a better future for yourself.
7. I will miss you all, and the memories we share. You all brighten my day and make this job so wonderful! I wish you all the best of luck in life, stay positive and keep smiling!
8. Students, there comes a time when we all must leave our classrooms. Some of us will leave with great memories of learning and fun, some of us will leave with the desire to come back and teach again. Other teachers will leave as I am, discouraged about education, the system, my life.
9. You are all awesome! I am going to miss each and every one of you. Keep in touch and if you ever need anything while you are away at college, I will be here for you. Love, Mr. Bob
10. This has been a wonderful semester. You kids are the best students I could have hoped for! Though we had our shakeups, you all showed your worth and your determination. I’m so proud of you and the work you’ve done. I hope that I can teach again in Spring 2016 but until then I am sure you will do great things with your lives. Have a wonderful winter break and a happy new year!
11. As this course comes to a close I want to thank each of you for your hard work. I know at times it’s been difficult, especially the topics that touch on more touchy subjects. But, in all honesty, you guys have come a long way and I’m very proud of all of you. So, again THANK YOU for your efforts these last 5 months!
12. Well, this is my final farewell message to some of you. I hope it brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. I know no matter where it is that life will take you all, I wish you all the best!
13. Thank you so much for being my students. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to teach you and work with each and everyone of you. You are a part of me now, and I hope that in years to come you’ll remember me as your kind, loving and inspiring teacher.
14. I am proud of the students for working so hard and I wish for them a bright future. I truly hope that they will achieve all of their goals and dreams. They will always have my love and support!
15. Nothing is more valuable than a person who has been there for you, someone who supported you in hard times and gave you peace when you thought that everything was going wrong. I’m so thankful to be a part of your life and I’m looking forward for us growing even closer in the future. All my love.
16. It was a great pleasure to have you all in my class. I enjoyed teaching you and I hope that you had fun. Please keep in touch and let me know how your careers are going, I would love to hear from you.
17. When you walk out those classroom doors, be kind to one another. Be caring and compassionate. Be respectful and thoughtful, but don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t let fear paralyze you from following your heart or pursuing your dreams.
18. As you all know, today is the last day of school. Thank you for a year full of joy. I cannot believe how fast this year went! You guys have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I am going to miss y’all very much. I have enjoyed every second I spent with each one of you and cannot wait to see (You!) next school year. Make sure to keep up those good grades and don’t be too hard on yourself.
19. Dedicated to all my students. On behalf of myself and the rest of your teachers, I would like to wish you all the best for the future. As much as its hard to say goodbye, we wish you success at university and beyond. I hope to see everyone down the line in better days.
20. Hello my dear students, I hope you all had a wonderful year. I thank you for your time and devotion in the class I taught. It was a great honor to teach each of you, to help you grow as young adults. You never know what life has in store for you, but always remember that knowledge is power and that there are opportunities available to anyone willing to work hard.
21. My class, I’m truly going to miss you. Thank you for being a part of my life and showing me new things. I wish you all the best in your lives; remember to always follow your dreams! Now go and conquer the world!
22. The best years of my life have been spent at High School with you all. I wish I could say all these things to you face to face, but the reality is I can’t. So goodbye students of year 12 and hello to a new chapter of our lives together.
23. Dear Students, I would like to thank you for all the great moments we shared in my classes. I am so proud of you all. With your help, I was able to achieve one of my dreams and I really made a difference in peoples’ lives. I will never forget the legacy and values that I have given you. One day when you are older and maybe having a child of your own, you will see that you need to invest in their future, just like I invested in yours.
24. You’ve been part of my class for five years now. All of you have grown into such independent, strong people. Some of you are even going on to college. I’m going to miss seeing you guys everyday, talking and laughing with you. A part of me wants to cry when I think about the last day of school, but another part of me is so happy for all of you that are graduating high school and moving onto college or work. You will succeed no matter where life takes you.
25. Congratulations on your graduation! You are now officially adults. It’s hard to believe that you are already moving on and facing the world outside of high school. I know we have had our ups and downs but I hope you feel that I’m a person who knows how to love unconditionally, despite the rough patch my guidance sometimes has given you. You four were brought together as freshman in this very class and have developed a friendship that would make most envy.
26. Wow! This is really hard to put into words. I’ll try my best, but I’m sure it won’t do justice. We’ve been here together for so long and shared so many memories! It’s been a blast! We’ve learned, played, laughed, fought, and partied together. Memories that will last a lifetime. And some friendships, like ours, are priceless. You’re all the greatest people I know. I will treasure these years forever, and always remember them.
27. A teacher’s love for his/her students is beyond any measure. Although I will miss you while I’m gone, please know that my heart will always remain with you. Stay safe and be good to one another. I’ll be looking down on you from the heavens, wishing each of you all the best success in life. Most Sincerely, (Your Name).
28. Dear Students, As your last day of school has come to an end, I would like to say thank you and goodbye. It has been a pleasure teaching all of you this year and I hope that you have learned as much from me as I have from you. I want to leave you with a piece of advice. As you set out on your new journey in life, remember what has brought you to this point and keep moving forward. Take each day one step at a time and don’t be distracted.
29. I wish that I could have taught you longer, but thank you for all the wonderful moments we shared together. Knowing you helped shape me into a better person and gave me so many wonderful memories to cherish forever. The lessons may be over, but you will always remain in my heart. Good luck out in the real world!
30. I am so proud of you and I will miss seeing your smiling faces every day. Be well and remember to always reach for your dreams – never stop dreaming! I know you are all going to do great things.
31. It’s been a great pleasure to share this classroom and experience with you. As I look back on these years, I am so grateful for all of the wonderful memories we have created. You are all hard-working, fun-loving guys that I will never forget! Love Mrs. Daniels
32. Since I became your teacher in grade 7, you have all meant so much to me. I love each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I will always remember you as the children that came into my life. Each and every one of you are unique and special in your own ways. Be safe and good luck in big world! Remember to be kind and always smile!
33. Thank you for all your help and support over the last year. I truly appreciate it. Good luck with everything in the future and do keep in touch. Hopefully you’ll find a career that fulfills you!
34. This wonderful journey has been hard and tough, but it’s also been full of learning and fun. The memories we make will stay with us forever. I will always remember how much fun we had on field trips, laughing in class and working so hard at home. We have gained knowledge, learned new skills and formed beautiful friendships throughout the years! I am amazed how much you have grown as a person. May life be nothing but a breeze for you guys! Good luck at your new school!

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