Emotional Sorry Letter For Boyfriend

Sorry letter is one of the best ways to say sorry to boyfriend, and also a great way to make him feel your regret. You can use these emotional sorry letter for boyfriend as suggestion to write a letter on your own.


Emotional Sorry Letter For Boyfriend

  1. I am sorry for everything that I have done. No words can express how much I love and want to be with you. You are the most amazing man in the world, and my life isn’t right without you in it. I am trying to make all of this up to you, and hopefully with time we can achieve that again. I understand if it doesn’t happen to soon, but there is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do to show you that I love you more than anything.
  2. I’m deeply sorry for hurting you, the man I love. I know you are the best guy I could ever ask for. You always had a good heart and never deserved to be treated this way by me. I promise we’ll work it out and things will be better in our relationship.
  3. Dear babe, I am so sorry for all the hurtful things that I ever said or did. I didn’t know you were hurting. I wish every day that there was something to say, but no words can truly express how I feel. Instead, I will work everyday to prove my love to you and that it is true.
  4. I love you and I miss you so much baby. I’m sorry that things are the way they are right now. I just wish we could be together and happy like our first two years together. If i could turn back time to when we were happy and in love, I would. Here’s hoping the future brings us more excitement, happiness and love!
  5. You’re the love of my life Neil and I’m so sorry I let that one night get to me. I miss our days, your beautiful smile and carefree attitude. We were good together and we can be again.
  6. I can’t believe I have left you all alone for so long. I kind of feel like a jerk now. I miss us talking, and being there for you like I used to be. Your life has changed so much since the last time we hung out that it makes me sad sometimes. But here is what the same remains; my love will never change and neither will yours.
  7. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk earlier today. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in myself. You’re a good man and I feel lucky and honored to be with you. You mean everything to me, and I would never want to do anything that would in any way jeopardize the relationship we have now. I don’t want to lose you over a silly thing like this. I promise from now on not to get upset so easily, because it won’t be worth it!
  8. I’m so sorry. I know it’s lazy to say it over and over, but I can’t think of any other way to tell you how sorry I am. I should have never said anything like that. You are too good for me, and I’m a mess of a person. It will never happen again, and I want a chance to prove myself to you.
  9. I am so very sorry. I wish I could have been there for you and kept you from spilling the drink over me. You simply cannot blame yourself for my broken phone. We have to remember that it was an accident, and that there are plenty more just like it out there! It’s better to be safe when we are drinking right?
  10. Baby, I am so sorry that I have not been the best girlfriend lately. I love you and you mean everything to me. I am trying to be better but I’m sorry if I hurt you in any way. If it’s not too late I’ll see what I can do to fix all my mistakes.
  11. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I know my anger got the best of me and I am sorry. I promise to try harder and be a better man for you. I love you with all my heart and I promise that things will get better between us. Please forgive me for all the pain I caused you.
  12. You were my one in a million, and now I’ve lost you. My heart aches because the love we shared was deeper than most real relationships. My gut kicks from knowing that you are happier without me in your life. I want to apologize for every former action of mine that made you unhappy. I don’t deserve your friendship anymore, after all the pain I have caused you. I wish for you only happiness, and hope that one day we can start anew.
  13. Darling I am deeply sorry for being rude and hurting you in anyway. No matter what, I can’t tolerate that you cried over me. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, in this very moment I don’t want any other than you by my side.
  14. Thank you for sitting down and listening. I am so sorry for what happened. Us arguing, me getting angry and saying those things… I never meant them, I really love you and care about you as a person. Like this card says “I love spending time with you”. I only argue to protect your feelings because I care about you so much. Also for what it’s worth, that fight was an entire week ago now. I know how quickly time passes by, but it’s my nature.
  15. I’m sorry for being a pain in the neck. I promise to do better.  I am very thankful to have you in my life. You are sweeter than any chocolate and that’s saying a lot. I love spending time with you and hope we can do it often from now on. I love you!
  16. Hey Buddy! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written you. Life is pulling me in a million different directions, and sometimes I feel like we’re drifting apart… I’m sorry.
  17. Dear boyfriend, I cannot tell you how much I miss you, my love. I miss the way you would look at me with those beautiful blue eyes. I miss the way your face lit up every time our eyes met. I miss the feel of your arms wrapped around me. Since you left for your last deployment, my heart is broken and all the colors in my life have faded. I’m sorry for what happened.
  18. Sorry doesn’t cut it, but I can’t find the words to say what I really want to. You will always be my best friend and it hurts me that we aren’t together. I know your still in love with me, even though you don’t want to admit it. I never deserved you in the first place.
  19. I’m sorry I never said I love you back while you said it to me. I didn’t know how to respond but now I realize that maybe I just didn’t feel the same way. I thought that would make you happier but instead it made you only sadder. For that, I am truly sorry and wish I could go back and change it.
  20. My sadness is immeasurable. I understand that mistakes were made and I am willing to apologize for my role in what happened. My heart is heavy with regret, and I wish that I had understood weeks ago the value of our relationship before it was too late. While I cannot fix what is already broken, know that there is nothing I wouldn’t give to go back and do things differently. Even now I feel a slight flicker of hope in my tired soul that we might find our way.
  21. I’m sorry things ended between us. It’s not my intention to hurt you, if I did sometimes. Thank you for being a good boyfriend, the nicest guy I ever dated. You’ve always been there for me and so loving, I’m grateful to have you as my boyfriend. It was great while it lasted, but I think this is where we both need to go our separate ways in life. Thank you again, I hope all the best in your life, I’ll always cherish our love.
  22. I love you so much, my sweetie. Please forgive me for my past mistakes. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I’ll be by your side forever…
  23. I wish I could take back all the hurtful things I’ve said. I love you with my whole heart, you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I know that I’m a better person because of you. You deserve so much better than me and for your sake, I am going to try to leave you alone, but only after we talk face to face. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to say, but I have come to realize that we need some space.
  24. I just wanted to tell you that I’m so sorry for everything that happened and that I was so wrong. I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please know I love you more than anything in the world.
  25. I’m sorry that I have been so stupid. I can’t imagine the stupid things I must have said or done to make you so angry with me. Since we have been together I have tried my best to be your friend and lover, but it seems that my silly mistakes never end.
  26. I feel bad for what I’ve done but only because I hurt you. It really wasn’t intentional and I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. I want to try and make it up to you, could we start over?
  27. I’m sorry for all of the times I didn’t listen to you, for not realizing what a treasure you are. All that matters is that now I see and feel your love for me.
  28. I know that you didn’t mean for everything to happen the way it did, and I know that your intentions are pure. I am so sorry for ever getting mad at you. You’re one of my best friends and I love you very much.
  29. Dear boyfriend, I miss you so much. I know that it was me who lost our relationship, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you any less. If anything, I love you even more now. I guess you’re happy without me and that is just what makes me feel worse about what happened.
  30. I forgive you. I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings. I am sorry that I didn’t realize how much you care about me and love me. Sometimes you just have to do something stupid to figure out the important things in life. But it’s too late now, because you’re gone and I won’t get a second chance. You were the only one for me and now there is no one else…
  31. You don’t know how sorry I am. I hate hurting you, it’s tearing me up inside. But the pain I caused you is nothing compared to how much pain you’ve already put me through. Never again will I do anything to hurt you like that. If you would give me the chance, I will make it up to you in any way possible. I love and miss you so much it hurts and I know there is nothing that can ever take that feeling away.
  32. My beautiful boyfriend, I’m sorry for the pain I have caused you this past week. You mean so much to me & I am only trying to be a better person for you. I know if we keep working through our problems together, we can make it through anything.

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