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Dirty Text Messages For Him To Wake Up To

 1.  Hey baby! Couldn’t stop thinking about you all day and all night. The ferociousness of my love supersedes that of mere mortals. I want to hold you down for the rest of my life. I want to inhale your breath and let it rock my entire being like an explosion. In you, I’ve found a purpose to live. In your arms, I want to be found always as I run my fingers on those biceps that can cause any lady to go wild. I crave for your baby like a breath of fresh air. I love you, always.


2.  In another lifetime, you’ll always be my lifeline. Having thoughts of you alone wrecks my body with undiluted pleasure. I can’t wait to curl up in your arms and bask in the ecstasy of desire. I can’t wait to have your name carved on my body because you alone have the right to every inch of me. I so much wish I was right there with you. This could have been our best night together. Because we’d be devouring one another and taking ourselves to higher realms of pleasures. Surely can’t wait for all these. I love you my armor.


3.  Each night, am reminded of our escapades. The beautiful memories of that splendorous night will be unforgettable. It was a night where two souls were intertwined as one. A night that had me yearning for passion which was offered to me on a platter of gold. The electrifying spark I got from your touches still sends a shiver down my spine. No doubt your hands were like magic. Working its way from the crown of my head to my thigh as I moan in desire. Can we replay this in our next meeting? Because I can’t wait to feel you inside of me again. Love, forever.


4.  Want to know my best moments with you, honey? Those times where you get to undress me and watch in awe the perfection of my body. I love how your eyes flicker at the sight of my nudity and seeing them light up in joy. No one has ever made me felt wanted as you do. You adore my imperfections like they mean nothing to you. And then when you hold me, I get lost in those tempting eyes of yours. I would give anything in the world to keep having such moments with you. I heart you, honey.


5.  My heartbeat, I’m sending you this message to remind you of my love and promise of a lifetime with you. If I am to make a wish tonight, it’ll be to lay beside you on that bed with your hands caressing my tits. Let me scream out your name as you kiss my forehead down to my lips. And I wouldn’t want you to stop there. I’d spread my legs out so I could feel you inside of me as you thrust in and out. You are my everything heartbeat. I promise to love you to the moon and back.


6.  Today, I realized how void my life has been since you left taking away its sunshine. My life hasn’t been the same and it never will till I get to see you again, my pumpkin. I miss you. I miss how you made me felt when am with you. I so much yearn to have you bonding with me right now. I want to jerk to your soft kisses as you move my waist in rhythm to yours. Let’s transcend to a world where no one exists except us. I heart your pumpkin. Waiting patiently till I behold your handsome face.


7.  No one turns me on as you do. Each second spent together gives me climax without being touched. My body now acts in accordance with your words despite being miles apart. I love it when you’re in total control while my body is your subject. I love it when you push me to the bed and pounce on me like a baby who has been deprived of his candy. I would give anything in the world to keep experiencing these pleasuring moments as long as I live. Because to me, they mean much more to me than anything else. I love you.


8.  It’s midnight and I still can’t get you off my mind. It’s no longer news that you’ve claimed ownership to my heart. And that’s what I’ve wanted because no one deserves me as you do. No one handles me better than you do. I’m all yours baby and you’re free to do whatever you please with my body. I await the day you get to bury your head in between my thighs as you drink from the well of pleasure and I pant for air. You’re my king and me, your queen forever.


9.  If I am to pick a dictionary to check for the most appropriate word in describing you, I still won’t get it. You’re all in one. Your ambiance and personality are second to known. When am with you, you resurrect my inner soul with a single touch which lets loose all of my pains and worries. I need you more and more because I can never get enough of you. Let me be your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert so you can gobble me as much as you want. Saying I love you can’t do justice to the butterflies in my tummy because what I’ve grown for you transcend feelings. Heart you.


10.  Whenever you cross my mind, I can’t help but fantasize about the titillating nights we’ve had thus far. The pleasures, the connection, and the climax were my highlights of those nights. Sugarplum, you’ve taken me to the high and low of the world. You’ve shown me that you are truly the one destined for me. Nonetheless, I’m in anticipation of what’s to come. The passion, the grinding, and the impulse that will arise from our union. Still want to get more of you baby. I love you.


11.  Let me be the first to usher you into a new day by dropping this message. My better half, I know I don’t say this as often as I should but, I want you to understand that in my heart you’ll always be found. Seeing you each day reassures me of your endless love. Like I’ve always said, I deserve the best, and am elated I ended up with the best of the very best. You’re my air baby. Without your touch, your hands on my thighs, your lips on my earlobe, with me grabbing the sheet, I would evaporate into thin air. Because you’re my life.


12.  Give me your hand and let me lead you to paradise. A serene environment is deserving of our presence. Right there, I’ll submit to you as a servant submits to a king. I’ll let you take off the straps so you get to behold the wondrous sight of my body as you stretch out your hands to outline my curves. I want you completely inside of me as we rock back and forth in ecstasy. Let’s be lost in each other’s arms forever cupcake. I love you so very much and ever will.


13.  Have you ever envisaged the craziest things you would want to do to me, babe? Like roaming your tongue all over my body, kissing me deeply and passionately, or getting my toes into your mouth while I moan in ecstasy? Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Getting all cozy with the love of my life as we forge ahead to play, cuddle, and do all dirty things together. You know I love you from the depth of my heart and no matter what the future may seem to be, you’ll always have my back babe. I’m yours today, tomorrow, and for everlasting.


14.  Sitting in silence having deep thoughts on how far we’ve come. I still vividly recall how we started some years back. It was just you and I conquering the world. I’ve been in quite a number of relationships. However, none made me felt as special as you do. The love, care, support, and most importantly, the hanky panky we’ve had overthrown that of the rest. You handled me as a real man should. You took care of my emotions and pleasure by ensuring I was satisfied with the romping nights we ever had. How you caressed my neck while working your way down to my thigh into my inner chambers. These moments keep me going. Heart you.


15.  Once upon a time, there lived a king in a faraway land. He’s the most selfless, sweet, and kind man on earth. On a fateful day, he met the woman of his dreams and they lived happily ever after. This has always been our story. You found me in shambles, picked the broken pieces of me, and remolded me. Since then, life has been blissful. Being with you means more to me. Each night, nothing feels exciting than having you release inside of my chamber. Having your hands rubbed against my clit. Feeling those balls deep down leaves me breathless as I lace my hands with yours. I want these all night my king because I want to forever be your queen.


16.  In years to come, I want to remain your favorite baby girl. I want your love for me to wax stronger and stronger. I want to be your client and you, my artist so your hands will be in control of my body. A look from you gets me horny even before we start grinding, sweating, and moaning. Your words get my panties soaked because it arises something overwhelming inside of the. Heart you so dearly. See you soon.


17.  Your touches are like healing to my soul. Your kisses are soothing, relieving me of my aches. Your breath erases all the creaks and pain caused by life. You hold the password to my body honey. I want to grab you so badly as you press your body against mine. I want you to slide your fingers down my cleavage and let me whirl in euphoria as you keep doing dirty things to my body. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. Because such moments are best unraveled for more exploits. See you soon.


18.  Laying on my bed gazing at the stars through the window and silently wishing you were here. To be honest, the number of stats on the sky can’t be compared to the love I’ve got for you. You stepped into my life and brought in all the goodies mother nature has to offer. To crown it all, I was blessed with the most romantic partner ever. A little stroke from you on my genitals gets me on cloud nine as I moan softly. I love it when you hold my hair as you aggressively pull in and out of me. I wish to experience more of these for as long as we’re together.


19.  Want to know how my night is going? Terrible. Surviving each night without you wrapping your arms around me is difficult. I can stand having life throwing lemonades at me, but I can’t stand being away from you. Right now, I’m in dire need of my support system which is you. You literally made each night fun, spicy and worthy. If you were here, you and I would have to rub each other’s butts and sharing kisses here and there. Having a feel of my mammary glands in your mouth as we go over the moon in bliss. I love you my cherry pie. Let’s meet soonest.


20.  When you’re awake, I want you to close your eyes for a minute and envision me crawling, dancing seductively, and riding so hard on your balls. Let me suck from your chambers and be filled. I’m going nuts not being able to feel your presence. I love you, sweetie. I want to be your seductress giving you orgasms like never before. I want you to anticipate all the nasty and naughty things I’ll do to you to have you begging to be released. Because when we finally meet, the earth will rumble.


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