Deep Love Short Love Letter For Girlfriend

Deep Love Short Love Letter For Girlfriend

Deep Love Short Love Letter For Girlfriend – If you are searching for sample short love letter, we have a huge list of various letter format that you can use as sample to write a short love letter to your lover/Girlfriend.


Deep Love Short Love Letter For Girlfriend

  1. There are not enough words to describe how much I love you. Our future looks so bright and happy, I can’t wait for the day when we are husband and wife. You are amazing girlfriend and the love of my life. I am so glad that we got together and that you are here with me now. Thank you for being yourself, I love it!
  2. I love you so much, more than words can say. You are the one for me, my soulmate and best friend. I am just happy that you came into my life and that we are together. There is never a day that goes by where I don’t think about you, I love you so much!
  3. So much has happened since we first met. The days we spend together are the happiest of my life. I am so blessed to have you in my life, I feel that every day. I hope that all your dreams come true, and that you’re able to achieve them all. I love you.
  4. Babe, just want to stop for a moment and say that I love you. I know that you are reading this right now and that thought makes me so happy. I just want to tell you that I think about you every day whether its thinking about the amazing time we had together or the good morning text that you always send me. I never have enough of you. You are my whole world, everything I ever wanted.
  5. I woke up this morning and you were laying on top of me. Thinking about it now makes my heart smile. You are an amazing girl, and I can’t wait till I get to hold you in real life again. I love you more than words can ever say.
  6. My dearest darling, I love you. I don’t say it nearly enough. And I know it’s cheesy, but my life is so much better since you walked into it. It’s just not the same when you’re not around me. You are the most amazing person in the whole world and I just want to spend the rest of my life making sure you’re happy. I’m so lucky I found you, and that you fell in love with me too!
  7. Although I miss you dearly and I cannot wait to see you again, I know that being apart from you is the best thing for us in the long run. Before we met it was easy to go through life without feeling much of anything. Being with you though has opened my eyes to so much more. You are the most amazing woman on Earth, and I love you with all my heart.
  8. I have been thinking about you all day! And you have no idea how that makes me feel. You are constantly on my mind and when I see your text pop up my heart flutters and smiles. I get butterflies every time I talk to you. Everything about you amazes me. I love your charisma, your eyes, your smile and your personality. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel so lucky to have discovered you.
  9. I love you more than any other words could describe. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you. You are my whole heart and soul. I love you so much it hurts at times.
  10. My love for you I cannot measure. My heart swells thinking about you. You touch my soul and fill my days with joy. I adore you, sweetheart.
  11. I promise that I love you. That I will always love you and will never stop loving you. I want to give you everything you want and need, to hold your hand forever, to make all your dreams come true, the good and the bad; to be there for you when others can’t or won’t. I promise to do two things every day: tell you that I love you and remind myself how lucky I am to have you by my side.
  12. I love you more than you’ll ever know. All the times when you didn’t think I did, I was still thinking about you. I love how cute you are, your laugh and just the way you are! When you say things like that I just die because it’s so freaking cute!! Love is a strong word but sometimes love isn’t enough…I love you so much that it hurts.
  13. My dearest Natasha, I just wanted to thank you for everything. You are my girl! And I really adore you! Without your love and support I would probably not get the best grades at school and I would risk not being able to complete the University. You gently encourage me every day. Every time when we met, it seemed like in a fairy tale. We were always planning something new, so that our meetings were never boring. You made life more vibrant, filled with colors and joyful moments.
  14. Dear sweetheart, may your life continually be filled with joy and success. I am truly thankful for each moment we get to share together. I love you so much with all my heart. Yours forever, John!
  15. You are so much more than words can express. I love you and I have never been happier than I am when I’m with you. You have a smile like no one else’s and I fall in love with you all over again when you share it with me. You are my best friend, lover, and companion and I will love you forever.
  16. My girlfriend is great and she deserves so much. I know this because she has been wonderful to me. She has brought me joy and happiness, a feeling that few have given me before. In the short amount of time, we have known each other, my life has changed drastically.
  17. I guess we haven’t been in a relationship for very long but I can’t help but love you. Every day, it just gets stronger and stronger. I want to tell you how much you mean to me, but I am afraid of scaring away the butterflies in my stomach and the feelings that leap under my skin every time I see you.
  18. My sweetie pie, it’s late and I can’t sleep. I’m just thinking about you and I had to tell you how much I love you. Baby, I love when we just lay in bed and watch movies together, it makes me so happy to have someone that always has my back. You brighten my days with your smile. Just knowing you’re here makes me so happy.
  19. My darling girl, you are my world. You are the best thing that has happened to me, and I don’t know where my life would be if I had not found you. I am so lucky to have you and love you more than anything.
  20. I love you. Those three words feel like an understatement, but I don’t have words enough to express my true feelings for you. I love your beautiful face and warm smile. I love the twinkle in your eyes when you look at me. I love staring into your sparkling eyes as we fall asleep together at night. I love waking up beside you to experience another day of happiness together.
  21. Every day I love you more than yesterday. That’s why I’m so excited to wake up next to you each morning, and that’s why my heart skips a beat when I’m with you. With you by my side, there is nothing we can’t accomplish; with your shoulders I can always lean on, there are no problems too big for us to solve together. And every night when we lie in bed, I know that you’ll be the one taking care of me.
  22. Sending you a letter just to say I think about you. Getting up and starting my day by seeing your bright smiling face is the only way I want to start mine. You have such an amazing effect on me and make me love life. It’s you who makes each day worth living, knowing that I have someone as wonderful as you in my life!
  23. I want you to know how much I appreciate you. You are such a loving, caring individual who puts everyone before yourself. You are a strong woman, who stands up for her beliefs and leaves an impact on everyone you meet. Your smile lights up my world every day and makes me feel like the luckiest man alive. I love you more than words could ever say.
  24. The first time I saw you, I knew that you would change my life forever. I knew that you were the one for me. You are the most wonderful girl in the world and I would do anything to make you happy.
  25. People say guys fall in love slower than girls, but that’s not true. I’ve known since the day we met, even if you didn’t notice. Your hand fit perfectly in mine and our eyes locked for a moment. We talked about everything under the sun for hours alone on your balcony on a warm summer night. My feelings for you only grow stronger every second. You complete me more than anything ever has!
  26. We’ve been together for 2 years now, and you make my life so happy. You are different from anyone I’ve ever met, and in a good way. You challenge me to be the best I can be and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring us. I love you!
  27. You have made me the happiest man on Earth. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you so much! Your smile complements mine; our thoughts are synchronized; your every move speaks to my soul. You’re a thousand times more than I could have ever asked for, and a million times more than I deserve.
  28. Baby, I don’t know how you make it through each day without me. I think about you all the time when we’re apart and hope that you’re doing great in school. I just want to make sure you’re okay and will be with you again soon. I love you!
  29. I love seeing your smile, walking on the beach holding hands, and watching movies together. I love it when you wear my sweatshirt and your hair is messy! I can’t wait to fall asleep with you tonight and wake up tomorrow morning to see you right next to me. I love the lights in your eyes when we are making a new memory together. I can’t stop thinking of how lucky I am to have found someone so special like you.
  30. Dear Jena, I miss you. I miss you a lot! It still hurts me every time I think about the way we broke up. I wish we could go back and do everything over again. I can’t forget you and I don’t want to. You are on my mind all the time!
  31. You are going to have to get used to topping this every year, because I will never tire of seeing my name on your face. I love you more each and every single day. You make me so incredibly happy!
  32. Honey, you know I love you, right? Yeah, I do, with everything I have. I feel at home whenever we’re together, like you’re the one person who really knows me. I love that you accept all of my silly habits and laugh when I fall over my own feet. You are all that I need to be happy, and all that I want to be happy.
  33. I am the luckiest guy on the planet. I never met such a lovely and beautiful girl like you. Thank you so much for your love and understanding. You are my life, my love, my everything!

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