51 Deep Love Quotes That Uniquely Conveys How You Feel

        Deep Love Quotes for Her

deep love quotes

Giving her the perfect words that suit your feelings is a fantastic way of showing her how important and unique she is to you. At times, saying I love you isn’t always enough. You need to assure her that she is everything you’ve got.


Moreover, you mustn’t wait for a special occasion to express your love for her. There is no set date and time for you to pour out your feelings to her. Hence, we’ve handpicked some first-rate deep love quotes that would brighten up her day, and make her feel special and loved.


1.  To the world, you may be imperfect. But to me, you’re my perfection.

2.  Each time i look at you, i am always reminded how lucky i am to have an angel with me.

3.  Without you, my world is void and lifeless. With you, my world is colorful.

4.  Thank you for giving so much more than i ever could have wanted. Because with you, life is worth living.

5.  You’ve ensnared and captivated my soul that i see no one else except you.

6.  My biggest fear is losing you. Because I am nothing without you.

7.  I want to hold your hand, caress you, wake up beside you, hug you so tight, and to spend forever with you.

8.  How i wish i could just turn back the hands of time so i could have met you earlier.

9.  I promise that henceforth, i will love, treasure and adore you and only you till my breath is taken.

10.  My love for you knows no bounds. I am willing to cross oceans and climb mountains for your sake.

11.  In you, I’ve found happiness, peace, and solace. With these, I am contented with life.

12.  Seeing you and your smiles leave me breathless.

13.  I’ve gotten so attached and addicted to you that i don’t want to be cured of this addiction.

14.  I’ve never felt so special, loved, and appreciated until i met you.

15.  Can’t wait to finally spend forever with the most important being in my life.

16.  You are my strength, my source of happiness, my, and my reason for living.

17.  Your eyes are intoxicating, your smile is charming, and your beauty is stunning. You’re truly priceless.

18.  I wake up each morning with a smile on my face. Because i have gotten the prettiest and amazing girl in the world.

19.  The stars and the sun are nothing compared to my feelings for you.

20.  I loved you yesterday, i love you today, and i will love you tomorrow till eternity.


Inspirational Love Quotes

21.  You walked into my life, and my world started glittering.

22.  I may not be the best guy in the world, but i promise to love, protect, and honor you with the whole of my heart.

23.  I never knew what it means to surrender your heart to someone until i met you fully.

24.  My love for you is absolute and infinite.

deep love quotes

25.  How i wish i were the sun. So, i could be with you every minute of the day.

26.  With you, I’ve found my self and become a better version of myself.

27.  The moment you walked into my world, my stars shined brighter.

28.  I am flabbergasted at your beauty, at your vivaciousness, and at your uniqueness. Truly, you are my angel in human form.

29.  My life has never remained the same since you stepped in. I’ve become happier than ever. I love you so much.

30.  You’re the light of my life, my peace, my laughter, my sunshine, and my smile. Without these things, my life would be clouded by darkness.

31.  I ain’t going nowhere, babe. I promise to always stand by you in good and bad times, even if it means sacrificing my life for you.

32.  I would give up my dreams, my life, my everything for you if need be. That is how much i love you.

33.  I will choose you again and again, even in my next life. You’re a shining light, and you are prettier than the finest gold and silver in the world.

34.  My love for you gets deeper and stronger each minute, each hour and each day.

35.  In my eyes, you would always be special, attractive, perfect, and unique. Can’t love you less.

36.  I so much love you that a little smile from you would make my heart flutter with joy.

37.  I love you. And that is the only thing I’ve ever done right since i was conceived.

38.  I promise never to give up on you, let you go and never to trade you for rubies. We are tied to each other till eternity.

39.  You have been my inspiration, my pillar, and my motivation. You are the air i breathe in. Without you, i would be gone.

40.  I never knew what it means to be truly happy until God brought us together. I will cherish you forever.

41.  My feelings for you keeps growing each passing day. And am glad they are. For you’ve been nothing but a light chasing away darkness from my life.

42.  Truly, you are one in a million. You should be kidnapped and kept in a museum and be treasured cause your kind is rare. And am the luckiest man on this earth to have a diamond beside me.

43.  Each time i look into your eyes, i fall more deeply in love with you. And without you by my side, my world would crumble.

44.  My feelings for you are unwavering, unconditional, and knows no end.

45.  My love for you keeps growing and going. It has become unbounded and finite.

46.  Finally, the search has ended. I have fallen in love with the most gorgeous, elegant, and perfect girl on earth. And now, you’re the most precious thing that i hold close to my heart.

47. You are my everything, nothing short of glorious.

48.  My thoughts constantly remind me that i have to give you the best life you desire.

49.  You are the reason why my life is perfect.

50.  Your love has heald me of all my pains.

51.  I knew why love was always described with eternity. A single minute stretched out for lifetimes.” ― Shannon A. Thompson


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