Romantic Cute Paragraphs for your Crush – 2020

You will find below some fabulous Romantic Cute Paragraphs for your Crush… you can send this at any time of the day, and trust me when I tell you, your crush is going to love it.

Romantic Cute Paragraphs for your Crush

Cute paragraphs to say to your crush

In the security of your embrace, I want to be secured. In the comfort of your gaze, I want to be lost. My world revolves around you, my special one. I wish to explore the wonders of this world with you by my side. If my heart could speak, the emotions in me, I would have never been able to express fully. With every beat of my heart, the warmth of your love, I always felt. I love you, my lady. Thank you for making me a part of your life.  This our love is indeed a privilege I’ll treasure till the end of time.



Before I met you, I had known something has been missing in my life. After I met you, I realized the vacuum that I had felt in my heart for so long began to fill up. During the day, my mind gets lost in arousing thoughts regarding you. I want to spend eternity with you. Your presence brings comfort to me, reassures me of your commitment and your undying affection for me. I feel lucky to be the one you chose among the vast suitors that have approached you.



A friend I have found, a lover I seek. Someone that inspired me to rise and live life to the best. Someone that makes me see the good during moments when negativity flourishes. Someone whose presence brings comfort and soothing relief to the unexpected trials of life. I can’t think of no other person other than you. The affection I feel for you is like no different feeling I have felt. This feeling is indeed one willing to sacrifice for your happiness. It makes me strive hard to see you smile despite the crushing burden of life’s anxiety, and I want you in my life.


some amazing cute paragraph for your girl to wake up to

Life became better after I met you. I started seeing the good things life brings after our unexpected encounter. I still think about the moment we met, how we gaze passionately at each other. I wonder how dull life would have been without the excitement of your thought. The glow in your eyes, the comfort of your embrace, the joy of your smile, I can go on to list the amazing things that endear me to you, but I fear I may run out of words to express my deep feeling of love for you.



Is it bizarre that I stalk you daily? That I wait eagerly for your beautiful voice that I spend my day fantasizing about the beautiful things we could both do? I thought you were just beautiful, but now I know you are not only beautiful but meet the standard I have set for that special one that I want to spend my entire life with. Your touch melts the toughest part of me. Your words resound in the quietest parts of my mind. I cherish you. You are the last thing that crosses my mind before I get lost in the wonders of my dreams. You are the first thought that my mind brings to my attention after I rise each morning. You are the only one who holds the most insecure part of me. I love you.


More Romantic Cute Paragraphs for Your Crush


Your eyes glitter with happiness. Your words speak for the purity of your mind, and your elegant strides boast of your pride, your pleasant disposition speaks for your aura of confidence. But one thing that captivates me about you is that you try to spread your goodwill and charming self to everyone you meet. The disgruntled loosen up after conversing with you, the sad man’s face lighten up with glows of happiness after exchanging greetings with you, and the shy girl becomes reassured of success after your words of encouragement. Though you face several challenges, you still fight against the odds of unhappiness. I admire you for this. I feel privileged and fortunate to be loved by you.



In a speech, you are gracious, in mind; you are pure, in character; you are exemplary. I never knew when I fell hopelessly in love with you. You are a perfect example of a mortal decent and kind, and your subtle jokes move the saddest part of me. Your happy face speaks to the grimmest part of me. I wonder how you’ll ever consider me to be a suitable partner to you, but I know you are the perfect mortal that complements me. Love is an understatement. The affection I feel for you is more than love, more significant than lust, and beats the hurts of selfishness. For you, I am willing to sacrifice my happiness to see you smile.



Every time the action of irresponsible mortals saddens you, my heart breaks in despair. I wonder why a mortal would be so hateful to cause an angel like you, pain. In my mind, I hymn a song, a song that every part of me is dying to present to you. I find myself hopelessly thinking about you, despite the busy affairs of the day. I know the impact my gracious words would have on you, my lady. I feel lucky to have you as a close associate. I want you to be that mortal whose request I will always yield to no matter what.



The most beautiful things are not seen; they are not touched; they are only felt. Among all the most passionate and surreal emotions, the human heart can feel love, reigns supremely over them all. That supreme emotion is what I feel for you, my dear. My heart sings a thousand Melody, and in all, your name is repeated a million times. In my dreams, your wonderfully crafted figure haunts me. In the silence of my mind, the sound of your name thunders. My heart rips in pain during elongated periods when I do not see the happiness of your face and the beauty of your shape. If I am under a spell, then I wish to be held spellbound for eternity as far as I get to spend time with you, my love.




The heart does not get to decide who to love. Love completely arrest the heart without the slightest suspicion. This is, indeed, what befell my heart. The moment I saw your insanely arousing figure, my mind connected with you. Not only did your character arrest my mind, your sincere and genuine concern for the affliction of others got me tripping. I feel on top of the world to be considered a worthy companion of yours. I wish for more. I want more. You’ll indeed make me the happiest person on Earth to deemed to be loved by you.

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Our minds are connected; our hearts seem to be drawn to each other. The emotion is undeniable. You know it is. I know you feel something in you. I know you fear to fall into the alluring trap of love, though beautiful and amazing, the insecurities and pain can be scary. But the journey through the uncertainty world of passion lies in the loyalty of your partner. Your eyes would know no tears. Happiness would be what we will continually feast on. I will never cause you to hurt, my love.



The time spent with you can never be traded for anything. I wish for more moments where we could both bare out our serious thoughts to each other. I want to reveal the most challenging aspect of my life to you. I trust you. I love you. I cherish the bond that connects us. I wish to spend every second of the day with you. The silence between is speaking of the affection we both feel for each other. We may quarrel, the arguments may be intense, but they are never too keen to dwindle the flame of the emotions that gushes in our hearts. Let love rule the days we spend together. I love you, and I pray the fire of our love continues to burn despite the hurtful words and bitter gossips of jealous men.



Can this feeling last for eternity? Can we both stay wrapped in the security of each other’s embrace? I wish to be this way for eternity. For nothing to come between us. I love you, my dear. I want our love to grow stronger than the will of men seeking to drive us apart. I cherish you, my Queen. You make me see the good things in life. You make me realize how fortunate I am to be subject to this genuine emotion. May we grow stronger together.


Cute paragraphs for your crush to wake up to


There comes a moment in time where one may wish never to be separated from someone. They wish they could stop time whenever they’re with that special person. Those are the kinds of the moment I get whenever I am with you. My heart flutters, always wanting to burst into happiness just by seeing you. Being with you and talking to you is more than enough to make my day special and beautiful. Your dazzling smile, mesmerizing eyes, and contagious laughs throw me into bouts of happiness, getting me jiggy. I sincerely hope we could spend more moments like this.


It’s so unfortunate that I don’t get to see you as often as I want. I often think about you a lot. In everything I do, you’re always on my mind and in my heart. Each time I feel down with nothing seems to be going well, I instantly recall our last conversation and am all smiles. Every ounce of gloominess disappears into thin air. You’re like a star after a sunny day bringing warmth and relieve. You’re like a melody to my heart as it skips a beat each time we get closer. I just wanted you to know that I like you so much. I want to spend today tomorrow and forever with you.


I wish I could be the reason you smile each day.  I wish I could be the reason your eyes flickers each time I cross your mind. I wish I could be the reason for your happiness. I wish I could be the reason you get glued to your phone. I wish I could be the reason you look forward to each day so that you could see me. I genuinely want to be the reason for everything that pertains to you. I pray, my wishes become a reality. Because I want to be the reason you get to love.


I honestly don’t know what you’ve done for me to feel so high and jittery. I don’t know what I see in you that makes me yearn for your presence the more. I don’t know what it is about you that gives me goosebumps whenever we’re inches apart. I’m short of words to explain the jingle jangle that goes on in my heart by being close to you. I’m oblivious to what’s happening to me, but I do know that I don’t ever want to feel this way with any other person except you. This is pure bliss, and if you would give me a chance, I promise to provide you with paradise here on earth.


I’ve met girls — lots of them. But never have I met a soul as pure and beautiful as yours. You’ve got a pleasant personality that attracts even the meanest people to you. It’s great being around you. It’s great seeing your eyes lit up when talking about your hobbies or anything that gives you unrestrained joy. You make life better with those infectious smiles. I doubt if anyone has ever told you about your pretty face that compliments your lovely soul. If none, then let me be the one to say them to you for as long as you want me to.


I love the fact that I can always be myself each time we’re together. I tend to be more open and real as though a magic wand is being used to wade off all of my worries, sorrows, and troubles, prompting me to enjoy every moment spent with you. You’re often there to offer a helping hand to me at my weakest moments. You’ve got a hold on me that I become perplexed at your humility and kindness. What a darling you are! You’re indeed an absolute gem.


Before now, I’ve hallucinated about what my love story would look like. I would fantasize about some beautiful and magical moments with that special someone wishing it were a reality. And then I stumbled upon you. It suddenly dawned on me that I need not fantasize any longer because, with you, reality feels so much better.


Not long ago, I was lonely and incomplete. The world seemed to fade away — nothing made perfect sense. No rhyme, no rhythm. And then you came with the melody. You shook my whole being and world with your vivaciousness. I couldn’t help but fall helplessly and crazily in love with you. You were the missing piece to my puzzle and the flavor to my life.


There’s never a moment that I’m not missing you. Your enchanting smiles, your charming eyes, and your flawless face are what I look forward to each day. Time seems to fly when I am with you but seems to run on a millipede speed when we’re away. Believe me when I tell you I haven’t felt this way in a long while. A day without you feels like a decade. How I wish you were here with me. My heart plops down as a result of your absence. But deep down, I know you feel the same way. And I do hope we hit off soonest.


A long paragraph for your crush

Each time we’re together, I tend to be distinct. Not by being reserved, but in a better way. I become more open-minded and free-spirited. I laugh more often. I don’t have to act like I am perfectly okay when I am not. I take off my hideous garment hiding all my troubles while putting on a cloak of sincerity. I drop my mask to bare my true personality. I’m not sad and alone when you’re with me, but happy and loved. You’re one of the most comfortable people to talk to. Always willing to give a listening ear. I let loose all of my worries and insecurities. I need not hold back because I know you genuinely care about me. I bless God for giving me an angel in human form. I couldn’t have asked for a better person. Thank you for making your way into my heart. Because with you, I’m more than happy.


paragraphs for your crush

If there is one thing I adore about you, it’s the ability to sway me off my feet with your smile and heart of gold. You’ve got this aura that makes me feel so lighthearted and relaxed. I can’t lay my hand on it precisely, but being in your presence is enough to turn a sour day into a beautiful one. You possess a unique ambiance that can uplift one’s spirit and make them feel safe. And I wish to spend more moments like this with you for the rest of my life.



It’s been days we last saw, but it already feels like an eternity. You’re one person I just can’t get enough of. Your words are like arrows pierced into my soul. Your gentleness and brevity are worthy of emulation. You’re no different from a blossoming flower, fresh, beautiful, and tender. I truly miss being in your company. With you, the world stands still in awe of your angelic voice, but being away from you feels like a sword has been inserted into my heart. Nothing feels the same now, but if I could get a little glimpse of you, I believe all would fall into their right places.



Hey! I know I don’t cross your mind often, but I wish I could be a sphere of your life. I can’t seem to wrap my head on why I am so crazy about you, but I don’t ever want to stop feeling this way. I love virtually everything about you. Your features are as unique as your outer appearance. Your eyes, they’re like ocean, deep and luring. Your smile is so contagious and lightens every single one around. Don’t know what you hold that has kept me glued to you. Not like there is no one out there, but you stand out above them all. I’m so lost in you, and I pray I don’t get found by anyone else.



I love it when you clear all my troubles and thoughts away with just the tone of your voice. It’s as though you have a magic wand in warding off all of my worries and pains. You bring healing and reformation to those around you. Now I know what you entail. A mystery that when one looks deeper, they see a soul encrusted with meekness. Undoubtedly, you’re spectacular. However, you may not have a castle, but you’re an embodiment of a princess. Give me a chance, and I would become your prince.


Once upon a time, there lived a human in a faraway land who had fears of committing to anyone. No one could tickle his fancy. He wanted something beyond the physical visualization of the human eyes. And as fate would have it, he met the one his heart had been yearning for. It turned out that the word commitment was just nothing but alphabets because he had become addicted to her love.


Though others saw the beautiful attributes and physique she had, he saw the inner beauty. I feel proud knowing it is you my heart has chosen. And if only you would consider me to be that special person you’ve always envisaged and fantasized on, I promise to bring down the heavens for you. I love you, dearest. One opportunity is all I am requesting for so this heart touching love story of mine, can be completed.



Whenever you feel the world crumbling on you, remember that I’ll be here for you. No matter the timing, I’ll always be at your service. I’ll stretch my hand to wipe away the streak of tears, I’ll whisper into your ears the most comforting and soothing words you will ever hear, and I’ll hold you so tight like you’re the best thing I ever held. I’ve got you anytime, and any day because knowing you are a blessing, I’m not ever going to take lightly. You’ve renewed my spirit and created in me a better individual than I was.


I want to be your everyday happiness that the instance we see, you feel relieved, happy, and secured around me.  You are a treasure I hold close to my heart. However, life doesn’t promise to be a bed of roses but know that I’ll be your shoulder to lean on in those times where nothing seems to be balanced. If it means giving up everything single thing I love so you’d be alright, then trust me to do just that. I put you first before anything, and I promise to put smiles on your bubbly face.


It is said that out of the 7 billion people on earth, there is always that special soul that God has created for everyone. It turns out. I have found that someone in the most astounding human ever. I could feel the electrifying spark inside of me whenever we’re inches apart. I don’t laugh often, but you’ve brought laughter out of me. You’re my most favorite person in whom I admire so much. The only fire I want to be ignited in me is you and you only.


Long sweet message for crush

I know I’ve practically hidden this for too long, and I am going to say it now that you mean so much to me than you ever imagined. All through the days of the week, you’re a predominant factor in my little thoughts. I’ve never for once felt inner peace with anyone else like I have with you. In your midst, there’s an explosion of pure happiness. Your eyes have hypnotized and fascinated my mind, and your mystique has enthralled me. You’ve succeeded in captivating my heart. For this, I can’t love any other than you.


Sometimes, the body is willing while the heart is unwilling. This has been my bone of contention. Nothing one could get my attention nor my heart. And when I finally met you, surprisingly, both the heart and the body were willing. My whole body gravitates towards you, and my heart beats in sync to yours. Seeing your beauty alone brightens my day because you’ve filled my emptiness with your love. I’m so thankful that I got to be a part of your beautiful life. I can’t wait to see more of you.


Seeing you each day creates in me a longing desire to bare my heart raw to you. I wish I can break the distance between us so I could wrap my arms around you, and get clung to you eternally. You’ve practically taken control of my thoughts and imaginations. It hurts watching you from afar and not being able to run my hands down those glittery and silky skin of yours. My heart yearns to get entangled with yours, so I could get drowned in the fierceness of your arousing eyes. I Love you so much that my heart is shattered knowing I ain’t the one that occupies the chambers of your heart. If you would kindly give me a chance, I promise to give you the most vital part of me forever.


I’ve never fallen so crazily in love with a person’s soul like I am at this moment. Being in your midst catapults my heart into a realm of unending bliss. I could sit and watch you all day as you chatter on about your activities. Encompassed in you is all that I want in a partner. You’re beautifully made and a pointer that shows that perfection isn’t just a word for you’re a shred of evidence that perfect people do exist. In your arms, I want to live every single moment of life. Never has life been this better, friendlier, and sweeter since I met you. Your captivating attributes lured me into falling hopelessly for you. The sparkle in your eyes and the density of your smile arose in me the desires of togetherness. I silently hope someday, you would look at me beyond the lens of friendship. I Love you so much. And I wish to spend the rest beautiful years of my life with you.


There is no day that fades away without me having to fantasize about you. I ain’t too bothered if I can’t claim you in reality. In as much as I get to be yours in my dream world, I am happier. Each night, I look forward to seeing, feeling, and caressing you in my dreams. Those are moments we become lost to the world and the plagues of life’s challenges. You’re a different craving driving into me an intoxication so deep and consuming. I want to be the perfect drug to quench your everyday yearning. Though it hurts not being yours physically, as long as I get to behold you every night, I’m more than satisfied with Life.


Paragraphs to send to your crush


There’s no denial of the spark that exists between us. In those breathtaking eyes, are feelings waiting to find it’s way right into my heart. I know you want me as much as I do. In my heart will I hid you from the chastisement of uncertainties and anxieties. I will be your coverage shielding you from the thunderstorms of life. You’re my lifeline baby. With my lips would I wipe away the streaks of tears and replace them with bouts of laughter. I so much long for days where we get to let loose what we feel for one another and, allow nature to takes its course. Love you to the moon my specialty. And at the end of each day, you’re the one person I would love to come home to. I can’t wait for that day when we get to be united.


When the question of who do you love the most was asked, my thoughts were instantly flooded with your images. I don’t think you have any idea how long I’ve carried in me such feelings. If only you would place your hand on my chest,  you would feel its rhythmic beats panting for you my dearest. I see no one except you because no one sweeps me off my feet like a whirlwind better than you do. I’ve become fearless with the world seeming more conquerable with you in my little spheric heart. I feel your presence in each breath I take. And I want you to know that I need you in every step I’ll take. Without your love, I’ll wither away like a dead plant. Please, be my sun so I can feel your brightness eluding my world.


I know life is short, but I want to spend its limited time with you. You’re a dilution of sadness bringing smiles to faces tamed by gloominess. You’ve taught me to be bold, fierce, and determined so I can face the horrors of life unshakably. Each time I am hit with challenges, I vividly recall all that you’ve taught me to become, and I instantly get strengthened to defeat those challenges. I’m going sane for you. I can’t escape the gravitational force that pulls me to you. You’ve got a natural fragrance of attraction. In you, I’ve found a purpose to live. I could go on and on but words worth fail me to appropriately convey what my heart feels for you. All I wanted was to let you know the profundity of my heart. I’ll wait for the day I finally get to be with you.


I want to be your sole reason for waking up with a smile plastered on your face.  Let me be the one you look up to when in distress. I won’t promise you a smooth ride, however, I can assure you that I’ll walk beside you and be your shield till the end. You add meaning to whatever pertains to my well being unknowing. Just a glance at your looks leaves me tongue-tied by your heavenly beauty. The propensity of your traits can’t be found in any. Your uniqueness is something worth appreciating and celebrating cause out of thousands of traits out there, yours truly is an exception. I’m elated that my heart chose the very best there is in an ocean of fishes. I care about you so much. I wish someday, you would look to my direction and give me an opportunity to sway you into a world of everlasting joy.


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