Christian Apology Letter To Wife

Christian Apology Letter To Wife

An apology letter to wife is important and is meant to relay the regret or remorse for an action, statement or incident that offended her. It is equally important that you write the apology letter from the heart. Below is a careful picked Christian apology letter to wife that you can use.


Christian Apology Letter To Wife

  1. You are the most special person in my life. I am sorry that I made you feel less than special and loved. I hope you will forgive me and we can continue to grow in our lives together as husband and wife. You mean the world to me, my love!
  2. I have wronged you and I have come to apologize. In order to move forward and make our marriage work, I need you to forgive me. Please know that I am working on becoming a better husband and partner. Thank you for giving me another chance.
  3. Although I’ve hurt you in the past, this is my way of showing that I’m truly sorry. You are a wonderful person and an awesome wife. I will give you all the love and support you need to continue your road to recovery.
  4. I am writing this letter to express my sincere and heartfelt apology for the pain I have caused you. The words I said were so very wrong and I feel terrible for making you cry. I promise you this will not happen again and I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me.
  5. Baby, I am so sorry. I know that what I did was really hurtful. I wish that I could take it all back. I’m so thankful to have you, and I want to make you happy in every way possible that I can. We’ve been together for quite a while and where romance has faded, a new spark begins to burn bright again. Let me fill your heart with happiness again, the way that only you make me feel. Let’s start fresh today and enjoy each other’s love again.
  6. I’m so sorry. I know that my actions were wrong and that I hurt you. I promise you I will do whatever it takes to fix things between us and to get you back. I love you with all my heart and I will never let you go.
  7. I’m sorry, dear. I’ve done you wrong, and I don’t know how to make it all up to you. I’m asking you to please forgive me, before it’s too late. I’ve made so many mistakes, but that doesn’t matter anymore. All I want is to be back in your arms again where I belong, because without you there is no point in living. God knows how much I love you, and he will make sure you will have mercy on me!
  8. I am sorry I have hurt you. It was never my intention to cause pain. Despite what my behavior lately may suggest, I do not hate you. I love you very much. This seems almost too simple in some ways but that is the essence of what we share. I like to think that in all things we can come back to this truth – our love, and try again for a better way.
  9. I’m sorry this took me so long to write! I really don’t know what happened. I thought about you all day long and got caught up with work. I’ll make it up to you. Maybe some flowers for the house and a candle light dinner? I love you B, don’t ever doubt that! At the end of our lives together, I hope you look back at us and think proudly about how far we’ve come. You are one of my biggest inspirations in this world.
  10. I’m sorry. I do want to make you happy, it’s just so hard. How can I show you I love you when this is all I can give? My heart is in the right place, but words won’t make a difference. My actions are what matter and even those don’t amount to much sometimes. Please forgive me. Please find a way to listen past my voice, to what I am trying to say.
  11. Dear [your wife’s name], I am very sorry for whatever I do to make you feel unloved, please forgive me! If you are willing, we can spend this whole day together. Love, your husband, [your name].
  12. My beautiful wife, I want to tell you that you are the most important thing in my life. I love the way you smile and how you can always make me laugh. I owe everything to you and I am so grateful that I found you before anyone else did, even before any of my family members did! You are my better half and without you by my side nothing would be possible. I’m deeply sorry for any pain I have caused you.
  13. I was missing my wife. I have always been a good husband to you and treated you well, but I could see in your eyes that you still felt hurt, betrayed and sad. Although it may seem like I’ve been avoiding you for these last few weeks, work has gotten crazy busy and it feels like I am on the brink of a mental breakdown. Please forgive me, darling!
  14. My Love, Words can hardly express the hurt and sadness I feel knowing you are so unhappy with me. Please believe me when I say that it’s not because of anything you’ve done. It’s not because there is any part of you I don’t cherish or because there is anyone else. You are everything to me and I love you more than life itself. If there were a way for me to go back and change how things happened, I would in a heart beat.
  15. I am truly sorry for my actions. I did not mean to hurt you and I understand that what I did was wrong. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.
  16. I’m sorry that I have been giving you so much stress lately. Things have just been really hard at work and the family issues haven’t been making it any easier. I promise to spend more time with you and pay more attention to the things that are important to both of us.
  17. I’m sorry I hurt you. I never meant to hurt your feelings, or make you upset. I’m truly sorry for being so insensitive. Please forgive me!
  18. My dearest wife, I am sorry for all the hurt I have caused you. I have done things that are unforgivable to you and our family. Please forgive me. I will do anything to make it up to you so that we can start over and move forward in this marriage together.
  19. I am so sorry for the pain and suffering I have caused you. If there is any way for me to make it up to you, please, let me know. I will spend eternity making it all better. When I am with you, I am in my happy place. I feel safe, protected and loved like no other place. Leaving you was the biggest mistake of my life and my greatest regret. I love you more than anything in this world!
  20. I am sorry for everything I had put you through all these years. For putting your family first and for spending so much time on studying. I am also sorry for constantly being obsessed with my career, for focusing more on material things than in finding the real meaning of life. You are the one that loves me and understands me the most, you are very important to me and I just want to say thank you.
  21. My dearest friend and wife, I’m sorry. You’re not just my wife. You’re one of my greatest friends and a confidant. My mistakes hurt you and I am truly sorry. I promise to do better. Your love means everything to me, nothing in this world compares to it.
  22. I am so sorry. How could I have been such a jerk? I am sooo sorry. I love you more than life itself and can’t imagine my world without you in it! Everything I do, every step of the way is for you. If there is anything that I can do to help make this up to you, even if it’s just to listen, please let me know. Your husband loves you so much!!
  23. Dear Shawni, I am so sorry for every doubt, every sadness and every pain I have brought to your life. The only thing I ask is your forgiveness, that you will look at me again just like before and that you will hug me again as long as here on earth.
  24. I’m sorry for my stupid and meaningless actions. I know you will never be able to forgive me ever in this lifetime but I hope that one day, far into the future when we have forgotten all about this brief moment of weakness, we will be able to look back on it and laugh.
  25. I’m sorry. I know that it’s been a while since I’ve written you, but you aren’t out of my thoughts for one second. It’s just that other things tend to get in the way sometimes. Never mind, I understand completely. But really, I am truly sorry for the delay.
  26. Darling, I know that we’ve both made mistakes along the way. However, that is in the past. Now we need to focus on our future – our marriage! You are my best friend and I can’t imagine life without you. I love you with all my heart – please forgive me and come home soon!
  27. I am very sorry for my inappropriate behavior. I have hurt you and the Lord has shown me the error of my ways. I can only say how truly sorry I am. I promise it will never happen again and hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me. In Jesus Name, Amen!
  28. I want to apologize for my wrongs and show you how much I love you. I am sorry for how rude and impatient I can be. I am sorry for how angry I get when you make the same mistake over and over again. I know that yesterday made you feel like a burden, but truly nothing could be further from the truth. You are my world, my reason for breathing, my soulmate. I love you with every inch of my being and just don’t know what I’d do without you.
  29. I’ve made a huge mistake. I have hurt you on the deepest level and there is nothing I can say or do to change this fact. I see your hurt and pain and I don’t know what to say to make things right. I know the damage that I have caused will take time to heal and my only hope is that you will find it in your heart to forgive me.
  30. I love you and I’m sorry. How could I not? You’re my best friend, faithful companion, and with out a doubt the most attractive woman on the planet! You’ve been with me through the good times and even when I was at my worst. I promise to spend our future together making new memories worth remembering. And I would never let you go.
  31. I feel like I’ll never be able to make up for what I’ve done. For hurting you so much, for not being the man you deserved in your life and for taking all of your patience and kindness. I can only beg for forgiveness with my humble heart and hope that we can marry again to be together.
  32. Carol, I’m sorry for being insensitive towards your feelings. I’ve never been this way before, and I don’t know why I am now. It’s just clear to me now how much you mean to me and how much I hurt you when I lied. Please forgive me. Your hot husband!
  33. Dear Jane, I’m sorry for the way I hurt you. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and perhaps one day you and I can be your husband again. I miss you!

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