Birthday Wishes To My Sweetest Sister

Birthday Wishes To My Sweetest Sister

Wish your sister a very happy birthday with our collection of cute birthday quotes! Surprise her with this Birthday Wishes to my sweetest sister Quotes and make her smile.


Birthday Wishes To My Sweetest Sister

  1. Life couldn’t be the same without you, not a day would go by if I didn’t talk to you. You make me feel loved, important and fresh. I just can’t stop smiling when I hear your voice or hug you hello or goodbye. My highest hope is that every year you get better and better, happy and in love! You are my sweetest sister, I hope that on this special day your life is filled with abundance!
  2. My dearest sister, It another new year in your life, you are just the sweetest person in the universe. I love that our relationship is easy, natural and fun. I am so lucky to have you in my life and cherish every day spent with you.
  3. Dearest darling sister. Today is your birthday and I want to wish you the happiest birthday of your life! You are the best sister I could ever ask for. You are always there for me when I need you and make my life full of fun. Every time we hang out together, my belly does a flip because I am so happy I get to spend quality time with my sister. You are the most amazing sister and friend anyone could ever ask for. I love you!
  4. Life has never been quite so full as since that first day I met you. You are my friend, my sister and my lover. I hope this birthday is one of the best you’ve ever had, full of love and joy.
  5. I don’t have the right words to tell you how lovely you are, but I hope this message would be enough to show my appreciation. Happy birthday sister!
  6. I love you so very much, like the chocolate on my cake, like a big cup of fresh coffee in the morning, like the beams of warm sunshine. Happy birthday, dear sister!
  7. I look up to you, inspire me and I am so happy that we are sisters. Your love is the greatest gift I have ever been given, I feel like you are always there and I can count on you no matter what. I hope that your birthday brings you everything you could possibly wish for. You deserve it all! There will never be another sister like you. Love ya big sis!
  8. You are kind and sweet and cheerful, but you do have your moments. To be honest, I can’t always handle you. Sometimes you’re just a little too much for me. But I love you more than any sister could ever love another. I hope that the next year holds nothing but the best for you. I love you!
  9. I just want to wish my sister the happiest of birthdays and to tell you how much I love and treasure you! You’ve been a blessing to me my whole life, and I will continue to try and be the best example I can be for both you and our sister. You are such an amazing woman…thank you for being there for me as much as you have. I love you sis, forever & always!
  10. True friendship is one of the most beautiful and precious gifts. I don’t know what I would do without you. You have been there for me, you have always been on my side, and I am grateful to have a friend like you in my life!!! I love you and hope you will have a Happy Birthday!!!
  11. I always always want to look out for you, to share your joys and sorrows. I love you more than I ever have. I wish that you are always taken care of and happy.
  12. I don’t tell you often enough but I love you so much. I watch you as you grow and blossom into this beautiful woman and it fills my heart with joy. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come and the woman you have become. My little sister, I couldn’t be happier that we are family. Thank you for always being there for me no matter what and for making me laugh every day. You are truly a gift in my life. Happy Birthday!
  13. You are a friend, sister, daughter and mother. Absolutely everything to me and so much more. You make my life worth living and I am so glad we found each other. I love you with all my heart Sandra, Happy Birthday!
  14. Sis, every year your birthday comes around and I feel like I’m getting a gift of love just by having you in my life. You have given me more than anyone could even imagine, in fact there are many days I don’t know what I would do without you. Your love has made me a better person and I always try to be the best that I can be because of you. Thanks for being such an amazing person!
  15. I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday, and that I hope today is wonderful. There aren’t enough words to describe how much you mean to me, so I guess I’ll just say this: happy birthday and I love you! We are sisters for life and I’m happy we are so close. You’re the best.
  16. You are my best friend and have always been there when I needed you. Your beautiful heart shines through the darkest times and reaches all those around you, giving us a ray of light. You are so quick witted that it makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. I couldn’t imagine life without my sister or my best friend. Thank you for being such an amazing person.
  17. You are my rock and my go to girl. You are just so amazing, funny, smart and beautiful. I really don’t know what I would do without you. You deserve the best because you give the best to everyone else! I love you so much and hope that your birthday and every day is filled with love and happiness!
  18. Happy birthday to my sister who is the best! You are so nice, you’re caring and generous, I’m truly blessed to have someone so special in my life. You’ve always been such a role model and brought some much love into my life. I admire you, you’re so successful, I’m proud to be your brother.
  19. Every time we hang out I am reminded of how glad I am to have you as a friend. You are always so kind and fun, and there is never a dull moment with you around. When I think back on all the adventures we had growing up I can’t help but smile. We may not get to spend as much time together anymore but just like always, you’ll always be my sweetest sister!
  20. I am so lucky to have such an amazing sister in my life. In the short time I have known you, I have seen your kind heart, wicked sense of humor and unconditional love. You have always been there for me; no matter what I need or how hard I push you away, I know you will be there for me in my times of need. I hope that every year brings a smile to your face as much as you bring to mine! Happy birthday!
  21. Today, I just wanted to give you a call and say “Happy Birthday” and let you know that your little brother truly adores you. Your smile is infectious, your laugh is hysterical, and your personality has won me over! I wish that you have an amazing day filled with love, happiness and affectionate times.
  22. I love you so much and thank you for always being there for me. I want to thank you for the birth of my child and for being the best sister I could ever ask for. You are wonderful!
  23. I didn’t know what a sweet sister I had until I was old enough to fall in love. You’ve been with me through thick and through thin, and your wise words have helped to guide me. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to spend time with me. It’s not always easy for an older sister to find time for her little sister, but you make it look so natural!
  24. Dear Sister, I hope you have an absolutely amazing day. I want you to know that we love you so much and you are the most amazing sister we could ask for. From our family to yours, we love you so much!!!
  25. I’m so thankful to have a sister like you. I love your enthusiasm and whit. You are so full of life and love. I wouldn’t trade a day in our lives together. I can’t wait to see what we will do next!
  26. I am so happy that I get to share my life with you. You are a positive, caring, blessing to all of your friends. I love that you never let me down and always seem to come through in the clutch. I will always be there for you and I will do anything in my power to protect you even though you’re older. You are not only beautiful inside, but also out! God Bless your new age darling sister.
  27. Happy birthday to my sweetest, most beautiful sister. You’ve been there for me when I needed you and always kept me smiling even through times when I felt that life had put you down. You’re amazing and I just want you to remember how special you are. I love you so much
  28. You are the best sister in the world. You have shown me how important family is and what a true bond means. We’ve always been there for each other and supported each other no matter what. I love you so much and hope that you have a wonderful birthday!
  29. To my best friend who brightens my days, thank you for all that you do. I love you more than you know. Let’s keep in touch, and have a wish day filled with all the things you girl heart desires. Happy Birthday sweetie!
  30. During the last two decades you were there to support, laugh, cry and get so crazy with. I am so lucky to have a sister that I call my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me every step of the way, forever and a day my love sister!
  31. Birthday blessing sister. You are the greatest sister in the world!! Thank you for being who you are…you make my life complete. I love you!
  32. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a great sister. Happy Birthday and may you have a wonderful year ahead. I am extremely glad to have you as a sister and won’t trade it for anything else in the world. You are special to me and I hope you know that!
  33. I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much you mean to me. You’ve always been my favorite person on the planet. I love everything about you and wish that we could share a tropical vacation together!
  34. I must be the luckiest guy in the world. I get to call you my sister, and you are one of my best friends. You are always there for me no matter what I am going through. Thanks for the laughs and support.
  35. I’m sending a wish your way that today is filled with only the happiest of things, and that every dream you dream comes true. May you always walk with laughter in your heart, a smile upon your face, and love in your eyes.
  36. Happy Birthday my sweetest sister! You are the most special and caring person I know, I am so glad God chose you to be in my family. You brighten up my day every chance you get. I love you so much, don’t ever stop being the great person you are. I will treat you to dinner on your birthday because you deserve it!
  37. Sister, I love you beyond words. You have made my life whole and happy. I wish you a merry birthday and every happiness in the world.

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