36 Birthday Thank You Messages – To Thank Friends and Loved Ones

Birthday Thank You Messages

Birthday Thank You Messages

1.  Thank you for all the wishes and love you showered on me during my birthday celebration. My heart was overjoyed seeing the love that was poured into the write-ups. I’m overwhelmed and grateful for making my day a special and memorable one. I Love you dearly. God bless.


2.  I never truly understood the true meaning of love until my birthday. The care, affection, and love were massive leading to me having a teary eye. Using this medium to appreciate you for the wonderful birthday wishes. You all made my day. A huge thanks to you.


3.  Waking up to see my pictures with beautiful captions flooding social media this morning made me felt so loved and special. There is nothing as awesome as knowing you mean much more to your family, friends, and well-wishers than you ever envision. The feeling is enormous. Thanks, everyone. I’m beyond grateful.


4.  You fail to realize how important you are to quite a number of persons till it’s your birthday and the wishes and congratulatory messages keep coming in leaving you in awe. At that moment, you can’t help but keep the tears rolling. This is how you all made me felt. Thanks, everyone and I really do appreciate it.


5.  Thanks, guys for making my birthday celebration the talk of the town. Literally, I’ve never celebrated my birthday but the first time I made the decision to do such, you all turned out and made me the happiest person ever lived. I heart you all. Thanks for the gifts and for grazing the occasion.


6.  Out of the 365 days we’ve got, birthdays are celebrated once in a lifetime. That special day isn’t like every other day, but a day that reminds me of how much am loved and supported. Thanks for always making it beautiful. I’m super elated.


7.  What a stupendous day! This is the day I get to act like a baby with loads of love, wishes, and gifts flooding in to mark my birthday. I couldn’t have been more grateful than I am now. Thanks for always making me feel extra special. Love you all.


8.  Thank you friends and family for the genuine love, smiles, wishes, gifts, and laughter you all shared with me on the day that meant the most to me. I don’t know what I did to deserve all these because the love was immense and overpowering.


9.  The fact that you all took out time out of your busy schedule to send me birthday wishes and messages leave me breathless and speechless. I’m blessed to have you as my friends who have turned family. As you’ve celebrated me today, may you all be celebrated massively tomorrow as you have celebrated me today. Thank you.


10.  Year in, year out, you’ll come together to celebrate my favorite day with me. In respect of the distance and barriers that are separating us, you all still made an effort to be present to jubilate with me. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough. It is my prayer that abundant blessings rest upon you all.


11.  I know this is coming late but it’s better late than never. From the deepest depth of my heart, I sincerely want to thank and appreciate you for the calls, the messages, the uploads, and the gifts. Seeing how much I was adored gave me endless joy. Thank you and I love you all.


12.  Just when it was time to be happy and be gracious for another year, the devil appeared and tried to steal my joy. But God said No and brought smiles on my face through the love I received from everyone that celebrated my day. To say am excited is an understatement. I’m more than happy for an amazing day. Thanks, guys.


13.  Foremost, I want to bless God for the privilege to have another year added to my year. It’s been a wonderful journey thus far. Secondly, I want to thank my friends who wished me well and prayed for me. Truthfully, you don’t know how loved you are till it’s your birthday and the love keeps pouring in. Thank you.


14.  To all who sent one or two packages to mark my birthday, I specifically want to say thank you. To those who wrote epistles for me on their timeline, sent me SMS and wishes, I appreciate you too. Thanks for lighting up my day. Love you.


15.  A big thanks for the awe-struck messages from hearts that truly care and love me so much. Reading those messages and wishes caused me to reflect on the affection being shown to me. It is fierce and consuming. Indeed, it is the best birthday I ever celebrated.


16.  Birthday is an avenue to connect and get in touch with friends and acquittance all over the world. Knowing I was celebrated by friends who are scattered all over the faces of the earth gives me joy. I experienced true love even from miles apart. Thank you all for showing your support. I am grateful. I love you all enormously.


17.  All my life, no one has made me felt really special and exceptional like you all did. Picking up my phone to see the numbers of messages I have been bombarded with has got me tongue-tied. Thanks and for this, I’ll always be grateful.


18.  Seeing my photos uploaded on different media platforms has lifted my countenance. Getting up from the bed had me feeling a bit moody with respect to my achievements since am clocking a new age. Nonetheless, seeing and getting choked up with your love and wishes has transformed my mood. I appreciate you.


19.  One thing I’ve come to understand in life is that you necessarily do not have to own the world first before you let happiness take a whirl of you. What’s important is having people who truly cherish, respect, and admire you wholeheartedly. I realized this on my birthday and am glad I did. I could have missed out on all these love and wishes. Thanks to you all.


20.  Gratitude is an application for more. On this note, I am saying thank you for being there and celebrating my most special day with me. You all made it splendid and memorable. And I promise to get this day framed in my heart till infinity. A special thank you to you.


21.  Receiving countless messages from my friends around who have nothing but real love for me is seen as a blessing in disguise from mother nature. The love spurs me into becoming a better version of myself. Inclusive are the kind words I received which awaken my affection for you all. Thanks for everything.


22.  Before my birthday, I thought I never really had anyone. I had thought I was alone with my goals and plans just trying to make it through each day. Unknowingly to me, I have tons of people out there who are rooting for me and care so much about me. Seeing your messages and wishes really glowed my day. Now am convinced am not alone. Thanks, guys. I love you all.


23.  While there are people who wake up on their birthday without receiving gifts or love from anyone, here’s someone who was shown the purest form of love anyone could wish for. I’m more than blessed to have you all. Thanks for joining to celebrate me. If I am asked to pay for this love that is being given on a platter of gold, I can never afford it. I’m eternally grateful.


24.  Birthdays are regarded as a passage into a new age. That is, we’re being uplifted from a level to another. It is at such points we tend to lay off our excesses and to cloak ourselves with our best traits. However, despite having to layoff our excesses, we don’t get to layoff our friends and family which is the best part of the transition. And seeing the love, prayers, messages, and wishes you all sent, gladdened my heart. Thanks for making my birthday celebration one superb one.


Birthday Thank You Messages – Part 2

25.  It is with joy in my heart that I write you this short thank you message to appropriately appreciate you for taking out time to join those who wished me and sent me heartfelt messages to mark my birthday. I truly don’t know what I’ll do not having you around. Thank you. God bless.


26.  With my birthday comes a different kind of feeling that can’t be put into words. This is because one gets to feel excited knowing you’ve got people who are after your well-being with a genuine heart. You all don’t know how you made me felt with your love. I felt really great and I want to say thank you for being a part of my day.


27.  What a refreshing feeling to be alive to witness such a beautiful day. A day where am once more reminded of mother nature’s love towards me through friends and family who care deeply for me. Thanks for everything you all ever did to make me smile.


28.  Thank you for sending the nicest messages, wishes, and gifts to mark my day. Still haven’t recovered from it all but I couldn’t wait to specially thank you guys for making my birthday a day to remember. Love, forever.


29.  Hello friends and family! Writing this message in appreciation for the calls and letters you sent to wish me a wonderful birthday. You blew my mind away and left me in shock. Thank you for always being a part of my new age each year. You all are amazing.


30.  Despite the hassle, tussle, and bustle of life, am a lot happier knowing you all never forgot my birthday. Each year, you all don’t hesitate to send me wishes and love. Your worth in my life can never be underestimated. Indeed, I’ve gotten the best of friends and family. Thank you all.


31.  The love and affection had me shedding tears because since I was brought forth to this world, I’ve never felt this love from anyone. Seeing you all going out of your way to make sure my day was thoroughly celebrated made me glad. Thank you for the smiles. You all are amazing.


32.  The love I’ve gotten on this day is enough to last me for a lifetime. This day will forever be imprinted in my heart as an auspicious one that I get to witness love, wishes, and prayers being showered on me. Thank you for remembering me and showing your love. I can’t love you all less.


33.  Sometimes, some persons tend to feel less loved because we are of the opinion that people do not appreciate our presence in their lives. Until it’s our birthday and we’re bombarded by endless SMS and love which is a reflection of the love surrounding us that we’ve been oblivious to. I’m one of those persons. And with what I’ve seen today, I guess I was wrong. You all are the truest of friends anyone can ever get. I truly love you and am saying thank you for today.


34.  Thank you for turning my day into a beautiful one. Today, I felt like a true superstar who’s being admired and praised by fans. I feel so fly and loved. My celebration wouldn’t have been a success if you all hadn’t graced my birthday. Thank you once again.


35.  One never feels love depreciating when they’re with people that mean the world to them. Celebrating my birthday with you all caused me to see how blessed I truly am. The love was transparent and resplendent. I know I haven’t said this but I want you all to know that am lucky to be in your circle. Thank you for the laughter and smiles.


36.  Your gestures, wishes, and messages have shown more actions than words like the saying goes. The kindness and love I saw really left me gasping for air because you all rendered me speechless. The word thank you won’t be enough but then, that’s the best word I can think of right now. I’ll forever cherish our friendship regardless of whatever may try to put a division. Love you.

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