Birthday Prayer For A Brother In The Lord

Birthday Prayer For A Brother In The Lord quotes are a great way to start your message to your brother to wish him a happy birthday. You can start by congratulating him on his new year, new life and the new things he’s learning.


Birthday Prayer For A Brother In The Lord

  1. Dear heavenly father, I bless my brother on this very special day. Bless him with days full of happiness and joy. Bless him with a healthy heart to cherish the good and beautiful things of life. Please bless him with all good things that he deserves. For me, guide him to be positive and expressive in everything he does. He is my brother whom I love so dearly from the bottom of my heart.
  2. I am sending a kind birthday prayer to keep my brother safe. Let there be no evil force that would hurt him, no harm will come to him. I pray for his future successes, and that he will find happiness in all the things he plans to do during his life time.
  3. Lord, dear brother in Christ. We thank you for his birth on this day, and ask that you help us to always have his back. We pray that you would help us to encourage him as he grows into a man and encompasses all the potential within him.
  4. Dear brother, you have been a friend to me and a companion on the long lonely road of life. I pray that you would be blessed as you enter another year in this world. God bless you and keep you safe all through life. May he give you strength to work hard and never give up on him.
  5. Lord, I believe that we are all your children. I wish you give my brother a heart to serve, strong arms to work and eyes to see, so that he may earn his own living. I also request you to grant him the grace to enable him to do whatever is best for his family and himself. Keep always before him all the great blessings you have given me Respectfully,
  6. Dear brother in the Lord, may the Almighty guide you all your days. May His love and Mercies surround you for ever. You are a source of inspiration to me. You’re loved!
  7. Dear brother John, you were brought into this world as a man of God, but you have been a true inspiration. A born leader in every sense of the word, I wish you all the prosperity and success that you deserve. On your birthday and forever more, remember that your privacy is my best interest too.
  8. Brother in the Lord, I thank God for giving us a life to live and time to grow. This is one of the best moments and I want to seize it! The happiness you have brought me will not go away because an entire sea will be unable to wash it away! Let the day pass merry and bright with love and favor from our Savior! You are the best of all friends that I can ever have! You understand me, and encourage me every day. God bless your endeavors and continue to guide your path!
  9. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the best brother in the world. He has a lot of positive qualities that no one can match. Help me to follow his steps so I could become someone great someday! I love him very much and I wish him the best of everything.
  10. May the Lord prepare special places in Heaven for brothers in the Lord who have a kind heart like you. Happy birthday!
  11. Lord, thank you for creating my brother in the Lord, and allow him to have a good day. May his birthday be as special as he has made my life. Thank you for protecting my brother, and may he remain loyal to you with all of his heart! I love him.
  12. Siblings celebrate the day of your birth and commend you on your joyous occasion. You have been a brother in the Lord for the longest time, and today you are even more blessed. You have been an example of love, care and understanding whenever I needed you most. Happy birthday, dear brother! You deserve all the best!
  13. Lord, I send this prayer up to thank you for all the special moments you have given me with my brother. Please guide him and keep him in your care. Thank you for being with me always and making the journey easy for me. Lord, bring joy and happiness into his life today, tomorrow, and forever more. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  14. Dearest brother in Christ, you are very special to me. I am going to share a prayer with you today. Lord fill my older brother’s life with your love and peace that passes all understanding and helps him make the right choices. Help him to persevere in times of distress, and make his life a blessing for many other people. May he be compassionate to others who need help, and follow your ways living happily. Amen!
  15. Dear brother in Christ, I pray that you will have a piece of mind, an unshakable heart and a strong spirit on this special day of your life. May you see the best in any situation and have the courage to seize every moment without fear…May God shower all his blessings upon you today and always.
  16. Dear brother, I know that you are not used to receiving all this attention. I know that you are a humble man, but on your birthday, I wish the Lord would remind you of all the efforts you have displayed and also everything you have done for me. Thank you brother for everything!
  17. Your faith in God and the love of Jesus never faded. He was always your rock, and nothing could shake your belief. May you continue to serve him, following his ways and loving him eternally. Your friendship means the world to me, brother. I am blessed to have you in my life. Happy birthday!
  18. This is your day, so shine bright, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. Have a happy birthday.
  19. Lord, we pray that your presence and blessing will continue to shower upon our brother today, as he celebrates his birthday. Lord, give him the courage and wisdom to overcome all the challenges he will face today. As you bless him with your love and grace guide his steps today. We pray these things in your name and for your glory. Thank you, Lord for being a part of our lives, Amen!
  20. Lord, you have given us this day to extend our love to one another with no regrets of how little we may give. I pray that God will continue to bestow great blessings on my brother for his birthday and a long life full of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!
  21. Lord, please shower my dear brother and friend with your blessings on this special day. May you make his dreams come true and life full of joys and happiness. Amen!
  22. Dear God, I thank you for my brother in the Lord. I thank you for blessing me with such a man in my life. A man who has always been there to help in times of need. I thank God for his friendship and loyalty towards me. Dear God, above all else, I thank you for him!
  23. I pray that you may always walk in the paths of righteousness, peace, and joy. May God’s strength be ever yours! Birthday is not only the day to remind you of your past accomplishments but more importantly, the day to set your mind on achieving more in the future. In whatever you do I choose to be at your service on this special day to celebrate your birthday! Happy birthday!
  24. Lord, I pray that you give my brother the power to carry out Your divine plan for his life. I pray he is able to experience all the sweetness of being in your will and all the bitterness of being out of it. Help him seek You with all his heart so that he may be able to discover who he is and what he was meant to do. May he embrace the full blessing of Christ in his life by giving him a victorious mind and a healing spirit.
  25. Dear God, thank you for giving me a brother such as John. He is a great spiritual blessing from You and he has helped me grow closer to you and our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an honor to have him in my life, and I appreciate all the things he has done for me. Please let him know how much I love and care for him.
  26. I thank you for your loving kindness, provision, guidance and protection while my brother was in charge of this body he called his. You have blessed him in many ways, including giving him the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to faithfully guide his family on the right path. Now that he has answered your call, I pray for the Spirit of wisdom, understanding and revelation to be upon me as you place me in charge of this family. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.
  27. Dear Jesus, anoint my brother’s heart today as the Holy Spirit walks in him. Let him remember that success and achievement does not fall from heaven, it works through the men of God who seem to walk in the ordinary way. Be his friend, and lead him back to you when he runs away because of any challenge like success and loss of identity.
  28. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His countenance shine upon you and give you His peace. May your birthday bring the coming of Jesus Christ to you, our dear brother!
  29. Dear Brother, you have been such a source of strength in my life and I pray that God will continue guiding you. I wish you a very happy birthday! May your life be full of joy and fulfillment, best wishes!
  30. Dear brother, may the good Lord guide you through your life today. The Lord is your strength and will not fail you as long as you believe in Him…Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the rest of your day!
  31. Sweet brothers in the Lord, may this day be a blessing to you! May the Lord shower you with joy and peace. You are indeed a brother whom I can lean on in times of need. You are indeed a friend whom I can count on in times of trouble; may today be a day of rejoicing and happiness. I wish you a Happy Birthday!
  32. Dear brother in the Lord, I pray that you and your family are strengthened in God’s grace; that His favor will be on your lives and abundantly answered prayers will be yours! Your family was adopted by my soul and heart. We all yearn to see you grow stronger in the Lord. We keep you and your family in our daily prayers, always remember that. Happy birthday!
  33. Dear Brother in the Lord, I pray that many blessings will be upon you. May your special day brings much joy to you and your family. I will continue to pray for you this year and into the future.
  34. Lord, as my brother grows older today, please keep him by your grace. May he find happiness and fulfillment even under the darkest skies. Give him the strength to persevere through the most trying circumstances. Grant him peace on his special day. And bless him with a warm and loving heart always ready to share with others. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!
  35. Dear Lord, I don’t know how to start thanking you for the gift of this brother. He has sprouted from the seed you gave me. I am not sure what I could have done without him. Now as he is celebrating his birthday, I thank you for the countless occasions in life when we got together and laughed at each other’s crazy ideas. Thank you for guiding us daily through your presence and truth. With all my heart, my dear brother, a very happy birthday!

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