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Best Love Letters for Her

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Look at how beautiful my world is, you came into my life like a candlelight you took away the darkness in me, you treat me like a king, you have shown me how much you love me, not just by words, but you have shown it through care and honesty, you have a beautiful heart, and just mere looking at your face in the morning makes my day already, your lips so soft I think it’s one of a kind, I promise to love you for the rest of my life.

Love you so much.

Your Sweetheart.



I woke up this morning I thought I write you a love letter, it might look little silly, but I will give it a shot anyway. This feeling has taken all over me so much I want to put in words, so you can have an idea how much I care about you.

I am looking at you right now as I write, you are the first thought that came to my mind this morning, the last before I went to bed, I dreamt about you, how beautiful you are I can’t get enough of you, I need you to be by my side at all times, I am crazy about you, I know you might be laughing over there, but you have put me under your spell and I think I like it there.

Even right now I feel you are so close to me, and I want to hold you so tight, I realize I am holding my pillow, I love you so much, believe me when I say I care about you and I want to spend the rest of my life showing how caring and loving I can be.


Love always

Amazing love letters to my girlfriend

Dear Sweetheart,


It is evident that what we have is very unique, you are my very special kind of girl and I don’t need anyone to tell me how much you love me, it is quite clear to me, but I want to fill you in on somethings.


You, my dear, is priceless, needless to say, that I am over the moon for you. I am delighted whenever I am close to you. You shine bright like a diamond, more valuable than ruby, your smile brightens my morning, I love you more than anything in this world because you are the sweetest thing to hold and I cherish you because you are the only gem. I don’t pray I lose you because I will also lose my self, every day you look even more ravishing, charming and fascinating to be with, I am the happiest man alive because I am fortunate to be the one you love and want to be with.


How can I forget the first time we cross path? It’s one of the best days of my life. it’s the day I got the meet the woman who changed my life for good, your works in my life is remarkable, and each time I am far away from you it’s a punishment I can’t wait to come to an end, sometimes I just don’t want to leave your side because with you it is endless bliss, I remember how I always call to check up on you, it’s amazing how we clicked and how far we have come, you were there for me in my low, I cannot possibly boast of how positively I have impacted your life, but I can certainly say you are the turning point in my life, the best feeling is when you tell me you love me regardless.

I promise you that I will spend my life making you the happiest woman in the world, you are everything to me, needless to say, that I am nothing without you.

I love you from the bottom of my heart sweets.

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My Only Desire

You entered my heart Slowly, quietly and passionately

My heart was captured by your love instantly

Slowly and tenderly your love spread through me like wildfire

You are flawless because God made you so….


You are in my every thoughts and action, it goes without saying

You have clouded my judgment too,

Every direction I face, I see just you alone

My heart is beating very fast not because I am racing

I am getting short of air to breathe, but I am not drowning

This is madness clearly, no it is obsession….

How am I coping right now?

My heart and soul is wanting only one thing

It craves for you, my darling.

Only you.


Love letters for girlfriend

Are you entangled in the complex web of love, the feelings so strong but you lack the words to convey your thoughts? Telling your crush or lover how much you love him/her can have a magical effect on your relationship. Below are just a few of some unique ways you can express your undying affection for your partner with some of the best love letters for her.


The strongest Emotion

They say the strongest emotions of all is love. I never fully realized this, until you swoop me off the universe. You made me realize that the galaxy was at my fingertip, the warmth I feel just by thoughts of you would keep me through the coldest of nights. Call it love or infatuation, the agony I feel from this emotion is one I’ll trade for more lonely nights with you!


Good things always flourish

Terrible things happen, but the good that flourishes from them is worth the experience. I met you at a rather low point in my life, but right now, I’m at the peak of the universe. All my days from this moment will be a joyless ride without you by my side. I treasure every second we spend together, each time we gaze at each other, a million words which remain unspoken speaks in my heart. You remain the only one my heart expresses pure affection for, undefiled by the vanity of lust! I love you!


The Agony Of Love

The agony of love is one I will willingly suffer for you! I’ll gladly allow the excruciating pain of your mesmerizing smiles haunt me in my dreams. The comfort I derive from the thoughts of your soft lips, the soothing feel of your smooth skin is like nothing I have ever felt. Days and years have passed, but our love becomes stronger. With you, a day feels just like a minute. The joy that abounds from the knowledge that you’re always behind me is overwhelming. Even if the world chastises me for falling for you, I will always love you.


My Love is Indescribable

No definition of love describes my feeling for you. I’ve always prided myself in my insusceptibility to love, but you made my walls come crashing. With you, I remain vulnerable yet drunk in the emotions that beguile my past. I’ll give anything to spend eternity with you. Thoughts of you haunt me down daily again. I lack the courage to fight such thoughts because in them I find the joy that releases the climax of happiness in me.


Nothing is better than what i feel for you.

What else could be better than this! The only thing that matches the pleasure I derive from the thoughts of you is the very feeling we both share for each other on those lonely nights. I forever long to held bondage by the merry emotions I feel for you. Life is a joyless ride without your love, call it a facade, I gladly bask in it, for the intoxication of your love is the only medicine my soul requires.


The splendor and ecstasy of our love

Sapphire in a haystack, a stream in a parched land, a fireplace in the coldest of nights, these are nothing compared to the warmth and affection of your embraces. Your kisses are well laden with the purest of endearment. With you, no obstacle in the universe seem insurmountable. Oh, my love! Let’s us ride far from the gossip of envious men, bask in the splendor and ecstasy of our new found love. Your flaws I willingly accept for in them your real beauty is revealed. May the emotional rollercoaster of love our hearts are a plunge into a seamless ride throughout eternity.


Love never to forget

Yesterday you were only a friend, and today you’re the bond that holds the thickest part of me. Oh how quickly things change, if I had known before me stood a mortal, kind and sweet enough to invoke the sweetest and refreshing of all emotions, I will have leaped not caring if I fall into the dreadful den of love. Call my affection blindness, deep inside me I hum to myself a melody that craves for the affection of a lover. I have found one, liberated from the sins of lust, of greediness, and the degradation of selfishness, together we stand high seeking to make our love stamp an indelible print in the heart of humanity. Centuries, ages and millenniums will remember us as the couple who gave all for the survival of our love.


Your smile is enchanting

From nature, I learned beauty and wisdom. From you, I experienced true love enamored in the perfect clothing of beauty and intelligence. Your enchanting smile gives way to a considerable cavity bored by the sorrow of my undying affection for you. Only your cuddle and your warm embraces can drown my pain. Despite the sorrows of my heart, I still yearn to be misled, disenchanted and deceived by your seductive gazes. With every pronouncement you make my heart trembles, I pray daily for my love not to be a one-sided expectation, that I also invoke the passion and affection you spark in me.


My love knows no flaws

What is love when we conceal our flaws? With you my most embarrassing acts are a source of laughter, you gladly accept me despite my failings. Every day I draw inspiration from your sound word of advice.  From your wisdom I draw inspiration to be a better version of myself, to overcome the most difficult of challenges, you’re my rock, a partner born for times of distress, your undying loyalty is a source of great joy to me. My rock, my lover and my friend, I treasure you!


The perfect partner is you.

What else could I request from God? I asked for a partner he blessed me with a lover, one exceptional in character, endowed in physical attributes, with the beauty the world yearns for. Through the bad days, you’ve proven yourself to be a loyal partner, a trusted confidant and a reliable ally. I want to spend the remainder of my days with you. The happiness that springs from my blossom at the sound of your voice is one that has always kept me happy all my days. Those days you called me in the midst of an adverse event have always been magical, turning my sorrow to happiness.


I love you letter for her


I don’t know what it is you do exactly, but I know that there’s something that holds down my heart whenever I have you in my mind. I think about you, and I would have said, it’s love, but I feel it’s something which is far more than love, and even though I check in the biggest dictionary, I don’t think I’ll be able to find a suitable name for it. No one can understand how glad I tend to be, whenever i think about the fact that you’re mine, and I am yours, come ringing in my head. True soul mates we shall continue to be. Whenever you face challenges, challenges of any sort, know that I’ll always be here to go through those challenges with you. If tough times come around, have it a heart that I will be there for you — I will be there to protect you. Yes, situations can get tough, but always know that you have my shoulders to lean on at any time.



There’s nothing I can’t do for you; why? Because I love you from a special part of my heart, and I’ll do whatever that’s possible to make sure we remain together, I can even try to attempt the impossible for us. Anytime I see you around, the joy I feel cannot be explained; anytime I see you around, I feel so much delighted that I have someone who I can call mine — someone that has displayed to me the true meaning of love with a sincere heart. Do you know what I’ll do? I will make sure your happiness in my life is among the leading priorities, if not the top of all priorities of mine; we hold each other’s hand with love because we are connected with love. I have searched from east, west, north, south, and I haven’t heard another talk about the kind of love we share. It’s rare and magical.



My love, before I met you, I have never found a best friend who’s just like you. I recommend your type for anybody as best friend, but the problem is, where will they see your kind if it’s not you? That’s the problem. I have searched through books, dictionary, and I couldn’t find the right words, the perfect words, to describe how much you truly are to me, how highly important you are to me, and how I carefully hold you in my heart — just the same way people carefully hold egg(s). The love which you have shown me, is the best thing that I have experienced in my life, and you are one I will cherish till eternity, I will exhaust the amount of my love for you on you, but unfortunately, my love for you can’t be drained. No matter what life brings to our way, I will remain with you, I won’t run to somewhere else, because of how tough it may seem. All I want is that you stay mine forever, yes forever, and when you remain mine, I’ll treat you like the special queen that you are. I love you, dearest.



Love’s shades are the only things I can see, right now. I may not frequently let you know that you own the whole of my heart. I also may not be able to make your thoughts see that I always have you in my mind, still. But, there’s one thing I can do to the fullest, and that is treating you like the only beautiful queen of my palace. The rightful owner of the heart I have, the very person I always think about, the one that has led me into realizing my dreams, and the one that has shown me that true love does exist. It’s inevitable that I will forever be yours, giving all the love I have for you, to you. From the very day I set my eyes on you, I have been a happy man, and as long as I have you around, nothing can make me sad. Yes, you came into my life with much love; but, you didn’t just come with that alone, you came with abundant blessings and care.



The level of love I have for you, even the most educated scientist or psychologist won’t be able to figure it out. All your doings have shown me how a virtuous woman you are — a noblewoman who knows the right things to do, and the right time to do them. She’s always around to support. You have love charms in your eyes that I can’t look into your eyes for the least five minutes straight. The best fragrance in the world can’t be compared to the smell of your breath — your breath smells the sweetest. Whenever you touch me, I feel a special kind of joy. Whenever you kiss me, I see myself in another realm far higher than any domain found in this world. If you weren’t around me, I don’t know where I would have been. And, it will be lies, if I say that your love and support hasn’t pushed me into a better person in life — your love and support have caused the evident growth of mine, it has also made me be who I am today. I don’t think I can be able to do anything without taking out time to appreciate your presence, because my life isn’t complete without your presence in it.



I don’t know how I should start writing this to you. I don’t know at all, and I wish I were proficient in poetry, I would have written the perfect words to describe you just the way you are. I want to call myself a musician, so i can sing amazing songs about how incredible you are. I have met quite a lot of persons, but I haven’t met anyone who can be compared to you — no I haven’t. I know sometimes we have differences, but trust me, I still love you deeply, it happens that way, because we are only humans. I am so happy you agreed to spend your life with me. I promise I won’t let you down.

Best love letters for her

Wondering how you could add sparks of life into your relationship? Well, aside from going out on numerous dates, waiting for special moments to express your undying affection for your partner, a love letter is an avenue you should try. Imagine the gleeful grin on your partner’s face after reading one of the large love letters in which you expressed your genuine affection for her in colorful words. Below are a few of such letters;

My Happiness 

Fate brought us together, right when I was searching for that single one in about 8 billion souls who could invoke the affection I feel for you. Lust or the vanity of selfishness dare not taint my love for you. In character, you are wonderfully blessed, gracious in your speech and mild in your temper. Despite the rigors of life, you still do not withhold from expressing your undying affection. In my heart, the flame, the passion, you ignite, illuminates my soul, you inspire me to see the beauty that life holds for every beautiful creature. With you, I want to escape to the very ends of the earth, free from the critics of men. My love, do not let the flame of our love dwindle, for the passion you inspire in me, is far from the understanding of mere men.


My Lady

I found peace in love. The troubles of life are nothing compared to the happiness and joy inside me. To that special one, which makes me see every day as a new challenge. How can I suppress this joy? For so long, I have known pain, but now the sweet taste of happiness gushes in me. I was used to being the lonely one in the room, but I finally found the one who compliments my very self. Who says, that’s there’s no price to be paid for the sweetness and elegance of genuine affection. The sleepless nights, constant daydreams, the beautiful memories, all this I’ll gleefully wish to pass through once again.


Angel of my life

Through my lucid eyes, I see you and I basking in the warmth of the sunset, our worries relinquished, lost in each other firm embrace, we enjoy the love of our days. I would herald to the world the beautiful soul I have found, and I love the feeling that erupts in my heart, while I’m lost in your gaze. Don’t leave, my love, cause the only spark that has made me come alive will be lost with your absence. Consistently, I find myself, wondering how life would have been without your shining light. Months ago, we were two strangers, but the connection we had at first, convinced me that you were the one my heart had long been reserved for. Consistently, I find myself, wondering how life would have been without your shining light.


My Love

Sleepless nights, lost in thoughts, a heavy heart. This has become the norm ever since you left. Aside from the feeling of your absence, the painful loneliness I feel when I realize how much of my world has been built with your very presence. I’m drowning in my affection for you. I only come alive when we both rule the night. Captivating beauty, charismatic personality, gentle soul, despite the odds, you stood by me, I wonder if I merit your attention if my life were a lie, I’m honored to be the very one in the entire universe you’ve chosen to spend eternity with. Make a mark on my heart; spoil me with the sweetness of love. All through the day, as our passion survive, I promise to treat you like the queen you are.


Hello Sugar

I once consider myself to be another lonely nobody, but out of plain sight, you appeared and lit my world. Right now, I feel at the peak of the universe. The best memories we have spent are secured locked in the vaults of my mind, only for a nostalgic purpose. How could a mortal inspire my soul to such heights? Life as always been unfair, but with you, the universe is well aligned. I would have thought it was all a dream but the resonant pitch of your voice, your reassuring hugs, assure me that in reality, I reside. The very key to my heart lies with you, and you steer the course of my happiness. Never leave, my darling, cause your absence would create an irreplaceable vacuüm. As we both stared at the stars, a million stars scattered in infinite space, I wondered if our love will survive the test of time. Alas! Yes, it did. Obstacles have come and gone, but our love has remained wild awake. Your face is one that makes my heart jerks. I found myself, lost in the nest of love. I’d instead stay in this beautiful bondage of your pure affection than experiencing the freedom of loneliness.


Hello dearest

My entire soul comes alive at the sound of your reassuring voice, and you kiss, so refreshing, the very emotions of boredom and painful experience has long haunted me, but now I wallow in the bliss of my newfound love. Daily as I say my prayers, my mind drifts far of to the very one who ignites the flame of love in me. Terrible times pass, but you remain with me. C’mon let’s journey far off, honeymoon in the plains of Ibiza, basking in the beautiful sun. I wish to see every corner of the world, with you. The alluring beauty and charming personality, I adore you, my Lady. With you, I will gladly spend eternity. Gentle speech, tender affections, you’re bestowed with all this. Where could I ever find a soul mate like you? I pray the flame of our love endures the sorrowful pain of men’s hateful speech.


Hello Pumpkin

There exist millions of beautiful women in the universe, but none fits your charismatic vibe. The uniqueness of your beauty is like pomegranate dripped in the sweetest of myrrh. Who could arouse this passion in me? No one is other than you. Late in the night, I lay on my bed lost in my imaginary world, where we both express our passionate love indeed. Love is more than a feeling, a security setting for the man on the loneliest of days. The world may turn against me, but you, my Love, will forever remain with me. I cherish you, my Queen.


love letters for him from the heart

Sometimes I sit down and get disturbed by this thought, “how exactly will my life be without you?” I fully know that it will be miserable. Just like the sun gives light to the earth, the world, you light up my world. Just having you around is one blessing that has changed my life. And I must say, those kind of blessings are rare. From the very minute my eyes caught up with your looks, I have been addicted to your looks. I can’t even explain this addiction.



I don’t know if you cast a spell on me, because since I met you, I can’t think of anything else but you. Without the presence of your love, I don’t think I will be something. Your love transformed me into the better person I am, today. Without you, I wouldn’t have an interesting and exciting life. I wouldn’t. I had a vacuum from the moment I set my eyes on you. I am glad that you filled that vacuum with your presence in my life. Thank you.




As you take a look every word of this letter, I want you always to know that my love for you is incomparable, I also want you to know that my love isn’t meant for anyone else, it’s intended for my beautiful angel alone, and yes, that’s you. I noticed that I got even more addicted and attracted to you after I discovered your habits and heart that’s free to forgive. The love I have for you is a journey, and I don’t think I will ever stop moving in this journey. Nothing can measure the level of my love for you. I am deeply in love with you. My heart has a special place, an ample space, just for your love to stay.



My Love, I won’t leave you, I always will be there to be with you. Staying with you forever is a choice I’ve made, and I’m glad that I made that choice. Being with someone like you has been my prayer, and it came to pass. I don’t care if making you happy stand at the expense of my leisure, and I’ll always do it. Making you happy gives you unexplainable joy.



Many people see their girlfriends as just girlfriends, but I see you as a close friend, I see you as a confidante, I see you as a companion, you are all I need to have rest of mind in this world. Your friendship has shown me the real definition of what friendship means. I can’t explain my love for you. I mean every word I say to you, trust me, I do. Regularly, my friends ask me, “why exactly do you love her?” but I am surprised that I really can’t help myself. I love her. In other words, I have no reason for liking you. If I don’t show it to you, I don’t think I have gained anything.




Maybe, there’s something I haven’t done to show you how much I love you and care, let me know, I’ll do it by all means. Without thinking twice, I’ll do whatever thing possible to make you smile, make you happy. Is there any need for having a lover who has zero care about you? I don’t think. There’s no need. So, I want you to know that I care, I care so much, my Love. What’s the essence of being alive in this world without your love and affection? I don’t think there’s an essence. You are the air I breathe. Your Love is the ingredient that keeps my organs working, my heart included. Some days, I sit down and wonder how boring life would be without your presence. My charming princess, I can’t exchange you for anything in this life.




Every second I spend thinking about your beauty, your love, YOU, I feel I’ve gone into another realm where I’m the king — I’m sure that realm is a kingdom. Every word that I type, I mean it very much. From the very moment we cross each other’s path, I knew it that boredom would have no place around me anymore. You are so lovely, and I’m so grateful that I found you.




Want to know the way I see you? Well, I see you as a shining star that twinkles at night. I don’t know if I can achieve anything without you; you are the direction of my life, you are the blessings which make everything work out fine for me. Your presence in my life is more than valuable. Will doing things that are seen as awkward prove the level of my love for you? I wouldn’t hesitate to do them, to know that you are delighted. Doing this is one decision I’ve taken; yes, it may cause me pain, but I don’t care, I will continue to go with that decision until I have to do
something even more. The love you have to me is something I cherish, and I won’t allow it to slip
away. Thanks for loving me, sweetheart. Always know that my love for you is priceless.


Hello My Dearest

i hope this meets you well….

During the loneliest of days, the quietest of nights, the saddest of days,

I want you to be the one to console and comfort me.

I want your words of encouragement to resound in my minds.

I want you to be the one my heart readily turn to for solace.

The one that will always be my unending source of joy and happiness.

You have proven to be a loyal companion, a trusted adviser, and a reliable lover.

I want to be such to you also. During the loneliest of days,

the quietest of nights, the saddest of days,

I want you to be the one to console and comfort me.

I appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you, my love.


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