Apology Message On Behalf Of Someone

Apology Message On Behalf Of Someone

Human beings have long been apologetic about what they did or said, especially when people around them felt offended. From then on, there has always been different expressions of remorse that served as a language for saying sorry. That’s why we’ve collected the most popular and meaningful apology message on the behalf of someone which you can easily copy and use in a note to your sibling.


Apology Message On Behalf Of Someone

  1. I’m sorry. Although I am not the one who caused trouble, I want to make up for it. We are a couple; we share blessings and troubles. This is my apology letter given on behalf of my boyfriend. I want you to know that he is wrong and should not hurt you again in the future!
  2. I’m writing to tell you that I’m sorry for how my son/brother/friend has treated you. He’s being a jerk and needs to smarten up. I feel so ashamed that he would disrespect someone as kind and wonderful as you. To show how sorry I am, I made him write this letter.
  3. Hey there. I wanted to let you know that Chase is truly sorry for what he’s done. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive him. He loves you so much and I know you are the love of his life, he would be nothing without you. Thank you for always making him happy! You’re the best!!! Love, his girlfriend.
  4. I know that [insert name] would deeply regret hurting you. He’s just really busy these days, and never has the time to reach out. I hope that does not punish you for a mistake of someone else. Please forgive him for the sake of our friendship.
  5. Jeff was really sorry for hurting you in any way! He loves you with all his heart and always will.
  6. A sincere sorry letter to all the youngsters who are affected by the class discrimination  and high fees. We, the adults must realize that we have been white collared for too long. Because of our undeserved wealth, we have forgotten how to be human beings and treat everyone in our lives with equal kindness, care and concern.
  7. Dear [say the person’s name], I’m writing this letter for [ say who the letter is for ] because she/he can’t. I am sorry! I really want to apologize to you. I was wrong, and I was a jerk. You’re a great [ friend, brother, sister…etc ], and I appreciate you a lot. You’ve been a good friend to me, and I’ve made you feel bad.
  8. This is Mike and I am writing this letter on behalf of my girlfriend, Stephanie. She was so sad to hear that you don’t feel the same way anymore. But she is wishing you all the best in your future romantic endeavors. She hopes that you will find love again some day and be happy. We are both sorry that you chose to end things this way.
  9. On behalf of a well wisher, I would like to take the time to apologize. My wish is that this card is an expression of my care and thoughtfulness that you can carry with you always. I hope it offers you comfort when you feel troubled, a source of strength when you feel weak, and a smile when everything seems difficult.
  10. I wanted to apologize on behalf of my girlfriend. Last night she made a really stupid mistake and I want to help her fix it. She’s an amazing person and I loved waking up this morning next to her as much as every morning before. You don’t need to worry though; We haven’t done anything wrong. All I ask is that you forgive her for being immature and silly last night. We have been dating for a long time and I love her with everything I have.
  11. I’m writing this letter on behalf of my wife, who I’m sorry to say is currently unable to speak with you directly. My wife and I have been married for 10 years, and in addition to the vows we took when we were married, she made a vow to me that she’d never disrespect me or our family. The reputation of our family is more important than your immediate gratification.
  12. Dear John, I am on behalf of my friend Jeff. Jeff and I have been friends for a long time and he couldn’t come over today because his wife took both their cars to the dentist and left him at home alone. He felt very bad about not being able to take you shopping today and would feel so much better if he could just apologize to you in person. He is told me all about how sweet you are and how beautiful your eyes are and how much he cares for you.
  13. I am writing on behalf of my best friend. I love you with all my heart and can’t imagine my life without you. I am sorry that sometimes work comes first, but you are the most important thing in my life. I love the laughs we have together and your smile always brightens my day. I hope that one day you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being so selfish and for hurting you.
  14. I’m writing this note on behalf of my friend (name), who is one of the sweetest and nicest people I know. I hope you will forgive him/her and can find it in your heart to give him/her another chance.
  15. Forgive my friend please. He is a sweet guy and I know that had he seen you, he wouldn’t have acted the way he did. I know I’m not convincing in any way or form, but I hope that some day you might see this, hear it and believe it. You are an amazing person, so loving and beautiful and kind. My friend made a mistake when he blurted out his feelings while both of you walked together and caused such a scene…Please forgive him.
  16. On behalf of my friends; His name is Chris and he is sorry for all the nasty things he said to you the other day. He doesn’t want to lose his best friend Megan by acting stupid again. He loves you so much and wants to grow old with you…
  17. Please accept my apology on behalf of my friend John. He’s a great guy and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I know he would deeply regret hurting you this way.
  18. I don’t know what happened yesterday between you and my friend. I hope the issue gets resolved soon, because I really don’t like being in the middle. Just know that I’m always here for you if you ever need to talk.
  19. My best friend was so busy and he couldn’t bring you your Valentine’s gift on time. He’s really sorry, but here are some flowers. He’ll make it up to you with a big date on Saturday.
  20. Hey, I know you and Steve aren’t talking right now, but I know it wasn’t his fault. You are both really good people and I just want you to get back together. You have been dating for so long and I just miss the good times. Please reach out to me if you need any advice, or just want to talk.
  21. I want to apologize on behalf of my friend, who I know and love very well. I always know how much he deeply cares for you and how happy he is with you, but sometimes he may do things that seem a bit distasteful since his idea of harmless fun is not yours. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by him. If there’s anything we can do to make things right, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  22. Katie is my best friend…I can’t apologize enough for what she did. She is just having a hard time right now. I promise she is nice most of the time, she’s just going through a rough patch in her life. I’m certain you’ll like her once you two hang out! I hope that your boyfriend has a good birthday.
  23. I want to apologize on behalf of myself and my friend that we said mean things about you. You are a good person, and it’s our loss for not appreciating you. Please forgive us both for our actions in the past, and we hope that the future will be better.
  24. I want to apologize on behalf of my son, Phil. He is so sorry for what happened earlier and wanted me to tell you that he is really embarrassed and wishes he could take back what he did. He can’t wait to make it up to you and let bygones be bygones, is willing to help you clean up the mess he created, etc. Let’s all just move on from this.
  25. Well, now its been months since my friend’s fight with you, and I just wanted to say that I hope everything is okay. He really regrets the way he acted and I’m sure he is really sorry. It was a rough time in his life and things got really complicated. I will tell him to contact you tomorrow or something like that, just so we can clear out the air. Thanks for reading this, I know it was kind of pointless.
  26. I’m writing this note on behalf of my brother, who wanted me to tell you how sorry he for the way he has treated you. After our last argument he realized that his behavior was absolutely wrong, and nothing like the way a man is suppose to treat a woman. He hopes you can accept his apology, and he will be working hard to get back into your good graces.
  27. John is my brother…I was hoping to apologize on his behalf for some misunderstanding that took place. He told me about the incident and I can see why it happened, as sometimes he can get a little riled up over things, but I’m sure you know how he is. I’m sorry for your loss and hope that we can put this behind us and still be friends.
  28. Sherri has felt much regret since talking to you that night and feels she was very rude to you. She apologizes for her actions and behavior. She is deeply sorry.
  29. My friend and I are so sorry for the misunderstanding at dinner on Sunday. Please accept our apologies! It was just a moment of anger. We had a lot to drink and we understand that you’re a really nice person, so please forgive us. We’re happy that we can still be your friends. Thank you for understanding us. Maybe one day we will see each other in a different light and learn to live with each other – by then maybe we’ll be much closer as well.
  30. I’m writing this message on behalf of my friend/partner/colleague. She’s been feeling pretty sorry for herself as of late, so I wanted to send her a little encouragement. I know she has you guys through thick and thin. You mean the world to her. I love you!
  31. I’m so sorry for my friend’s attitude at the bar the other day. I’ve never seen her act that way before. She said she was really drunk and remembers nothing from the night before. She hoped you would forgive her because she still wanted to see you. After spending a lot of time with her, I could tell that she wasn’t lying about how embarrassed/upset she felt about her behavior. She just wanted another chance to show you that she is a really sweet girl.
  32. I apologize my dear friend Stephanie. My sister had no right to hurt your feelings by making that remark. She can be so insensitive sometimes. So sorry it is water under the bridge. Hopefully we can just put all this behind us and go back to being the good friends we all are. I hope you will accept my apology!
  33. Jim, I’m really sorry for the things my girlfriend did to you. She’s a special girl and she doesn’t mean the things she says. She was drunk and didn’t know what was coming out of her mouth. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again. You are a great guy and deserve better than that so please forgive us!

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