Apology Message For Leaving WhatsApp Group

Apology Message For Leaving WhatsApp Group

Actually, if you leave a group, then to send a message of apology is a very good idea. This article will help you get an apology message for leaving WhatsApp group. The example messages in this article are also based on real-life situations.


Apology Message For Leaving WhatsApp Group

  1. I so sorry for leaving. I really love you guys, but currently I feel like I wanna do something else which I value it more than WhatsApp group. But honestly, you all are really important to me and one of my best friends here. There’s no any bad blood between us, just the choice that I don’t want to be here in this team anymore. Hope you can understand.
  2. I’m sorry I left the group that we were in. I just found myself spending more and more time there, When I should have been spending time with you. I miss you so much baby and can’t wait to see you again.
  3. I want to say sorry for leaving the chat group. I just got busy, and felt lost without you guys. Don’t worry… I am not angry, but really just miss you guys! Your friend Angela.
  4. Is it too late to say sorry? I am sorry for what happened a while ago. I just wanted to be honest with my feelings, but I should have handled it differently. Everyone makes mistakes, so please forgive me. I would love to be in the group again.
  5. I’m so sorry for leaving the group but there are many people who don’t use good grammar and it wasn’t pleasurable to read through every single post anymore. You’re very kind to accept me back!
  6. Hey ladies, I just wanted to tell you that I can’t be part of the group anymore. It’s not something I want and it’s not fair for you as well. But please know that it has been a wonderful time working with you.
  7. I’m sorry for leaving this group without warning. I’m looking forward to catching up with you guys again soon.
  8. Though I stopped being a part of the group, I wish you all much luck and success in your future associations… Best wishes and do keep in touch. I’m sorry.
  9. I know I just left, but I had a change of heart. I know it was like a minute ago, or maybe an hour or two hours, or maybe even days or weeks…. my time sense is a bit off….. Anyway. I miss you guys. So much.
  10. I joined the group because I was interested in surfing. After talking to all of you, I just have so many things in my mind and couldn’t concentrate on anything and surfing seemed like a waste of time. So I left the group. Thanks for the help from all of you. Sorry for any troubles I caused you.
  11. I didn’t mean to leave the group like that. Sorry Your Majesty.
  12. I’m sorry I left this WhatsApp group without saying goodbye. It was very rude of me, and I feel horrible about it.
  13. I must apologize. I’m sorry that I left this group without saying goodbye. You were like family to me and I didn’t even say goodbye. I was having a hard time telling you goodbye, and rather than deal with the emotions I just left without saying anything. For that I apologize. You were always an amazing friend and I will miss you. Wishing you the best of luck in life!
  14. I’m sorry to have left without saying goodbye. Please forgive me, as I was upset and a little overwhelmed by your reaction. You’ve been a good friend though and I wish you all the best for the future.
  15. I’m sorry that I left the group so abruptly. I hope this doesn’t sour our previous message. I apologize if my thoughts and opinions hurt egos. I tried my best to be sensitive to everyone’s feelings while going through this ordeal together. Maybe I should have kept it short, but I was trying to appease everyone else and hoped that we could reach a compromise.
  16. I’m so sorry I left the group like that. I know that we were really close, but being in the group was just making me feel too guilty. I hope you can accept my apology.
  17. I am sorry I left. I miss you all! I will be back tomorrow!
  18. I am sorry to have left your group. Please accept my apologies and allow me back into the group.
  19. I would like to apologize for leaving your WhatsApp group. I was quitting messaging my husband, and it got me into trouble. When I realized, I was already out of group. Sorry!
  20. My dear friend, I just wanted to apologize for leaving the group. Please accept my apology and let me know that you are still there.
  21. I want to apologize for leaving the group. I’m so sorry! I’ve been a burden and I finally got the courage to leave. I hope we can stay close friends even if it’s not as active as before. I actually just miss your friendship a lot!!
  22. Sorry, I left the WhatsApp group. It’s that I can’t handle your multiple conspiracy theories anymore. You are the center of all attention and nothing else matters. You are not interested in life nor you want to change, so here I go. Bye!
  23. I am sorry to leave the group. I hope no one is upset with me. I just didn’t have time to read the messages anymore. I still wish you all the best and hope we can still be friends.
  24. I’m so sorry to have left the group, but it was getting hectic and I couldn’t keep up. I love you guys so much though and I’ll miss you all.
  25. Sorry I had to leave the group but I can’t keep up with all that drama. I’ve said all I needed to say. It’s hard to get a word in edgewise when everyone is constantly crying and fighting. Love you!
  26. Dear all, I want to apologize for the wrong doings of mine by leaving the group abruptly. I have been going through some personal stuffs due to which I couldn’t decide my future and could not pay attention towards my academics. Hope you guys might forgive me and include me in the group again.
  27. I hope it’s okay that I left the WhatsApp group. I really enjoyed sharing our experiences with everyone but I think Facebook might be a better place for people who are not yet friends. I’m sorry if it came out wrong and made anyone upset, I just wanted to keep it positive.
  28. I’m sorry for leaving the group. I hope you understand that none of you were offended in any way. It is just the fact that WhatsApp groups are so often chaotic, no one reads anything, and it doesn’t contribute to anything. I didn’t want to be a part of it. It was more like self-defense…
  29. I wanted to say sorry for leaving the group. We had so much fun and I loved being part of it, but we just started a new business and I need to put my work first for a bit. Thank you for your understanding – I hope I’ll see you as part of the group again in the future! If you have any questions please let me know but I won’t be able to respond as much as previously. Thank you again.
  30. I’m sorry I left the group but it’s unlikely that I’ll ever use WhatsApp. Maybe someone will convince me, who knows.
  31. I’m so sorry for what I did. I really didn’t meant to hurt you in any way. Plus, I love coming over to your place and talking about our days. And I especially love eating your mom’s amazing cooking! I’d truly unwish the day I left the group.
  32. I am sorry that I left and deleted you guys out of my phone. I was having family issues and needed to get away and sort things out, but I never wanted to leave this group. I’m returning back to life now and will be active with the group again.
  33. Sorry for leaving the group. Blame it on my busy schedule, I really have been busy, but I still plan on being in touch. I hope that you will always be there for me when I need someone.
  34. Sorry I left the group it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to cause problems. I am sorry for leaving! – Mark.
  35. Sorry I left the group, but my phone broke and I was in the hospital! Hope everything is good!
  36. Hey there, I really appreciate you having me in your WhatsApp group but unfortunately I won’t be able to continue being a member of it. As you know, I just got a new job and my work would require lots of travel which means that it would be too meddlesome to continue staying in touch with all of you by messaging through WhatsApp. Do not feel bad or let it affect your friendship since this happens a lot in these situations. Email or SMS is the safest way for us to keep in touch right now.
  37. Sorry for leaving your WhatsApp group. I just couldn’t stand the amount of politics that was going on there. I wish you all the best with everything. I hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year.
  38. Sorry to withdraw so suddenly from the WhatsApp group. I am currently busy with work and just want to keep my interactions to a minimum until I can manage my time differently. I hope that you understand and won’t take it personally.
  39. Hey everyone. I would like to apologize for leaving the habibis group. I will miss all of you guys. Thank you so much for being good friends and thank you to my sister pia for making the group in the first place. I just want to tell you that life is getting tough and it’s not easy to be happy all the time. I will try to be in touch with all of you guys as much as possible.
  40. Sorry I got angry with you, and left the group. I shouldn’t have said what I did, but it just made me so mad that you didn’t invite our friends. I still want to be friends with you though. I’m sorry I took it out on you by leaving the group.
  41. When I realized I was taking too much of your time, I decided to leave the group. It was all about making things easier for you and that’s why I left. We’ll hopefully still be friends though!
  42. I’m sorry for leaving the WhatsApp group. I just don’t have time to keep up with those people. I hope we can still be friends, but if we can’t for whatever reason that’s okay too. I still care about you and hold no grudges against anybody. I just hope all is well in your life and that you are doing okay through this difficult time in your life.
  43. Hey guys, I have to apologize for leaving the WhatsApp/Viber group. I have been so busy lately that I don’t even have time to go out with my friends anymore. I am really sorry but please understand that things may change.
  44. Sorry for leaving you guys. I got another WhatsApp group for memes. It was too much for me to handle. I hope you guys can forgive me. Love you!
  45. I want to apologize for leaving the group. Sometimes I just feel like I can’t keep up with the goings-on of the group and I need to distance myself from everything. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, it’s really just my poor way of dealing with things sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you guys and love you!
  46. You are such a great friend. I feel terrible for leaving the group, but want you to know that I am fighting my hardest to get back in. I miss everyone!
  47. I’m sorry for leaving the group but it’s best that I do. It would be great to stay in touch with you though so, please keep me updated and we’ll talk!

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