A Letter To My New Boyfriend About My Feelings

Attached is an excellent example of a love letter to write your boyfriend. This sample letter provides you with really good details of how to get your boyfriend’s attention.


A Letter To My New Boyfriend About My Feelings

  1. Dear Boyfriend, I’m so glad you asked me out on a second date. I know we just met, but I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. You say the right things, at the right time, and you’re always there for me with a hug or a smile or a gentle touch. You are kind, handsome and utterly devoted to me; anyone would be lucky to have you. My heart is full and something tells me things will only get better between us. Love you!
  2. Countless times, I have tried to put into words how I feel about you. There simply aren’t enough letters in the alphabet or words in the English language to accurately portray the extent of my feelings. You are my best friend; the love of my life; my soul mate. Everything we do together is new and exciting. I can’t wait for our future together…
  3. Most times of the day especially at night I stare off into space, looking for the right words to write you. I’ve sat back and composed so many different versions of this letter, all filled with words of love. With every version it seems my feelings grow stronger and deeper. I feel like I could express a million thoughts to you but instead choose just one…I Love You so much!
  4. I’m so glad I met you. You’re an amazing man. I hope we can be together. I love everything about you.
  5. I love you and I hope you were a good boy for christmas.
  6. I’ve been thinking about how I really feel about you. I like that we are always laughing and talking and having fun together. I get butterflies ​​in my stomach when you walk into a room because I’m so happy to see you. I love spending time with you.
  7. I think about you constantly and we’ve only been together a month. I can’t stop thinking about you; it’s just crazy how much I feel for you. And even though we haven’t said the L word yet, in my mind we’re together forever. I can’t wait for all the things we’re going to do and see!
  8. You have a special place in my heart unlike anyone I have ever met. Days go by and I find myself falling more and more for you. When we are together time just seems to stand still, and not just because you make me late for work. You make me hope that there can really be a happily ever after. You are in my heart and soul, there will never be another man that comes close to having the effect on me that you do.
  9. I smile so much lately, mostly because I’m around you. Thank you for making me feel special and loved! Just the thought of you makes me giddy. And when we kiss I feel complete. I love you for being there for me when I need you! You are the sweetest boyfriend in the universe!!!
  10. I love you so much, and I thought I would take the time to let you know. In a way that shows how much you mean to me. You are so wonderful, patient and kind, how could I not want to be around you every second of the day? I never want to lose this feeling that I have right now. Because it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had.
  11. Hey (name), I’m really glad that we’re in a relationship, because it feels like we’ve been together for ages. Me and you have so much in common! It makes me wish we’d meet years ago. I love everything about you, and I’m so damn happy that we met. Everything seems to be falling into place; it’s uncanny. I’m sorry for being a creeper, but fuck it; I love you babe!
  12. You’re the best boyfriend ever! Your caring personality shines through at all times. I hope that nothing in life will come between us because you mean everything to me. Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend, and I wish you all the luck in the world…
  13. My feelings for you have been growing stronger and you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been. You are so amazing, kind, funny and cute but don’t tell anyone! I can’t wait to see you again – when we meet my heart races and the butterflies in my stomach won’t stop bouncing around.
  14. Since I have met you I feel like I am walking in the clouds. This feeling is strange to me because I have never felt so alive before. You have a way of lighting up my world, all I do is think of you and smile. Anytime you hold me in your arms, my heart flutters like the wings of a butterfly. With every breath I take, my love for you grows stronger.
  15. I’m so happy I met you. You have brightened up my world in a way no one else has before. I can’t get enough of you. I love your smile, your touch, the sound of your voice and the way you take care of me when I’m feeling bad. You are so much more than words could ever express.
  16. Hi, I’m sorry it has taken so long to write to you, but so much has happened since we have last spoken. I know you do not like hearing about my past relationships, but I feel as though with your permission it would help us get along better.
  17. I know we have only been going out for a little while, but there is something I wanted you to know. The first time I saw you, I knew there was something different about you. You have a great sense of humor and in your eyes I see kindness.
  18. I can be so silly and fun but, I also take my feelings very seriously. I hope one day that the two sides of me can work together. I always try to make sure you know that I love you. Sometimes, words aren’t fast enough or they don’t seem to come out the right way. And when I’m quiet and it seems like I’m nothing but angry, please just pull on my hand gently and tell me you love me in a soft voice.
  19. You are so cute. I’m so glad to have met you, you act like a teddy bear. You are probably the cutest guy I know.
  20. I love you more than words can describe, there is nothing I desire more than to spend forever with you. I want nothing more than to be able to hold you in my arms each night sleep with you and look into your bright eyes as we kiss goodnight.
  21. I love you so much. You have filled my life with so many wonderful things. I look forward to every day because I know I will be able to spend it with you and do something fun. The time we spend together is never enough. I love you every day more, a year from now your love will grow even deeper than today.
  22. I believe you were placed in my life to make it better. I feel like every day with you is a new adventure that I’ve never been on before. You make my heart skip a beat and I often forget to breathe when I see you. I feel like something inside of me changes whenever you are near, changing for the better. I love you baby, I don’t want anyone else!
  23. I don’t know how I ever lived without you. You always know just what to say to make me smile and brighten my day. I love you so much, especially the way you kiss me, and hold me close. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am so lucky to have you in my life.
  24. I never thought that I would be able to love someone again the way that I loved you. But it happened and I am so happy about it. Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face because I know your love is with me. You are so incredibly special to me, and there is no one else more perfect.
  25. I want to take this oppurtunity to thank you and tell you how much I care about you. You have made me the happiest person in the world. Thank You for being there for me when I need you. I will always be there for your beautiful smile and light blue eyes. You are my knight in shining armor and I will be forever yours.
  26. Three years ago I had never heard of you, and now you are the love of my life. When we first met I didn’t know if I wanted to spend my time getting to know you, but now I can honestly say I am so happy that I did. You have brought me happiness and joy like I never knew was possible. You are my soul mate who completes me and makes me feel so special. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you smile, and hearing your laugh.
  27. I hope this finds you well! I wanted to say thank you for that amazing time we had together yesterday. You are very thoughtful, and a gentleman. Your input on my latest writing project was also priceless. I’m really looking forward to hanging out again soon! Love, Mary
  28. I am excited that you are in my life. After a breakup, I never thought that I would find love again, because truly, what’s the point? I hate seeing couples get together and then break up after a few months. I have been hurt too many times. But when I saw you at work I was intrigued. I love how you tease me so much and always make me smile. A few hours later your asked me out and for dinner. That was the best meal of my life.
  29. I can’t find the words to tell you how happy you make me. You have no idea what your presence in my life is doing for me. You are my soul-mate and an amazing boyfriend that I can’t see myself without. I love you and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!
  30. I love you. We are perfect for each other, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. Every day we spend together is amazing and we discover more about one another. I can’t wait for our future together!
  31. Dear Garreth, I just wanted to say that I am very glad you moved in next door, and that you are now my boyfriend. You make me incredibly happy. Your friendship means the world to me. Thank you for being such a great support for me, a true gentleman. I love you very much!
  32. I have never felt like this about anyone before. I was so scared to open up and tell you how I feel because I worried that you would think that I am crazy or too intense. But I just can’t hold it in any longer. The feelings that I have for you are so strong that they consume every part of my entire being. That is why even when we are not together all I want to do is talk to you and be close to you. She
  33. I only hope you know how much you mean to me. I wasn’t looking for love, but I’m glad I found you! Every day with you is a new adventure that I look forward too. I feel so lucky to have found someone who truly makes me happy, because that isn’t easy to do. You are my best friend and my soul mate. We’ve only been dating for a few months but it feels like we have always been together. You mean the world to me and always will. Love you!

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