Beautiful 40th Birthday Sayings

Beautiful 40th Birthday Sayings

At age 40, the reality of life and family becomes inevitable. I’ve never fallen short of expectations for you. Because I know you’ve forged through life effortlessly, with dedication and hard work over the years. And I’m certain you’ll conquer the world beginning with this new era. Happy 40th birthday.


Yippee! 40 years of amassed knowledge, experiences, and sacrifices. The sweat of your brows has been paid in full. Now, bask in the exhilaration of a promising and fulfilling future. Happy birthday. I heart you.


The race of life has officially kicked off.
At 40, you’re now a year wiser, stronger, healthier, and established. It is time to put into the future ahead all that you’ve equipped yourself within the previous years. Happy birthday. More grace to excel.


You’re a wonderment of life’s explication, an extraordinary being of valor, and a world changer. You’ve lived an exemplary life to show that you are a man of your words. May God grant you the strength to keep on being an inspiration for all. Happy birthday.


A new age, a new chapter. You’re now at page 40 of your life. A page to begin flourishing from the abundance of your wisdom. Keep sailing to your destination until you get to the very last chapter and page. I love you.


Hurray! Happy 40th birthday. May you be surrounded by the riches, goodies, and sweet-smelling flavor of a new age. I adore you. Thanks for being the perfect husband, dad, and friend to everyone.


The countdown to forever bliss has just begun my dearest friend. The pain of your labor is about to be crown with success. You deserve simply the best for being the best in a frenzy world. Happy 40th birthday.


Happy birthday, dearie. You’re halfway to transcending into your old age. So don’t stop chasing your goals and aiming to get things in action. A life spent wisely is a life lived to the fullest.


On this day, may you not be drawn in the faces of adversaries. May your foot be planted on a rock to shield you from the overflowing water of doom. Happy birthday to you my dear. I love you wholly and insanely.


Beginning a new age set a pace for more achievements. The expertise you’ve earned is required at this age to align your plans and goals into a fully blown actualization. Happy birthday


40 means courageous, fearless, steadfastness, strength, and wilfulness. This is what you’ve become since the day I got to know the true you. You’ve displayed these virtues even in the days of resilience. You handled 39 years pretty well. And I know you’ll do wonderfully well with a new age. Happy birthday.


It only gets wiser and better when you clock 40 on the dot. You’re ushered into another phase of the real world. From this starting point, you do away with zestfulness and be a boss whose life should be worthy of emulation. Such that when people look at you, they see nothing but a selfless soul who has the world at heart. Happy birthday.

40 year old birthday sayings

The best part about this age is that it switches one to the other side of life like a coin. On one side is a life spent in exploring your desires. On the other, is a life that has begun with family. As you celebrate today, it is my earnest desire that you be the best husband and father you ever can be to your family. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy birthday, dear. For years now, I’ve drawn from your well of knowledge. I’ve always known you to be strong and unwavering even in demanding situations. But in all, you scaled through like a duck swimming in a pool of water. Today, let the blessings that come with this age be released upon you. Happy birthday.


The delightfulness of life isn’t restricted to a certain age. Even as you clock 40 today, may your joy, happiness, and success be doubled as you cross over to the other half of age eighty. Happy birthday.


Cheers to a woman of substance. Cheers to a woman of prestige and cheers to a woman of greatness. You’re like a mother hen who put to bed and watches over her chick with love and care. You’ve watched over us like we’re your children. I admire you greatly. You’re blessed beyond measures. Happy birthday, ma.


Mum, celebrating this 40th birthday with you is a dream come true. 40 is spectacular. It goes to show that you’ve trampled over forces of life and crushed them to the ground. And now you’re at peace with yourself knowing you’ve laid a foundation that can never be broken down. I love you mum. Happy birthday.


Dearest, it is with a joyous heart that I write you this letter. As you step into another section of life, never write off the memories you have built up for the last couple of years. For they are a reflection of the good life you lived with us. Happy 40th birthday.


Happy birthday, ma. 40 does look superb on you. This is a period to put into evaluating your ambitions. A period to rid off toxicity and negativity out from your life. Spend moments with your family and those who truly love you. Because you’ll never have this opportunity again. Enjoy life to the fullest.


Let this 40th birthday pave way for celebrations and glee in every step you’ll take henceforth. It doesn’t matter if you’re there yet. The most important thing is being alive to celebrate this gift of life. You can always get your dreams actualized, but to obtain a second life isn’t guaranteed. Happy 40th birthday to you ma. Have a fantastic day.


It’s high time you bade farewell to the troubles and sufferings that made you restless. Let a new book be open to writing down the awesomeness of a bright future filled with laughter, bliss, and love. Happy birthday.

40th Birthday Sayings for her

Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray! To the world’s best mother, happy 40th birthday. I want to wrap my arms around you and sing more birthday songs to you. For all the motherly love and support this family has received from you, I say thank you, mum. May your cup continue to overflow with goodness. Love you.


Don’t swirl around worrying about the unproductive years that have gone by. There is a lot more to achieve. The clock hasn’t stopped ticking. As long as the earth exists, you’ll surely get to the top. Happy birthday, ma. May God bless your new age.


40th Birthday Sayings For him

Fatherhood takes a whole lot of pain and sacrifices. You went out of the way to ensure you give us the very best. I’m blessed to have you as my dad. You’re my hero. Happy 40th birthday dad.


To a man I’ve grown to love, thank you for being a true friend. The saying that friendship is life has been proven by you on countless occasions. People like you are hard to come by. I’m glad knowing we had an encounter. Because that has been the best encounter of my life. Happy 40th birthday man.


Happy birthday to you. For the candles that would be blown today, they would represent the quenching of any obstacles that would rise against you in the nearest future.


Life is unpredictable. You’re predictable. Life can be awful. But you’re never awful. Life is difficult. But you’re the simplest man I know. So sad many don’t appreciate good. Cause you’re depiction of the word good. Happy birthday.


Never in my entirety have I met someone as down to earth as you are. Your heart is pure and your aura is captivating. On this beautiful day of your birthday, I want to let you know that you mean so much to me. Happy 40th birthday.


Being 40 won’t stop you from maximizing your potentials. Things may be moving slowly now but life hasn’t stopped moving. This implies that we’re alive, shows that there’s enough room to birth our potentials. Happy birthday sir.


It seems like yesterday when you celebrated your 30th birthday. 10 years down the lane we’re singing and wishing you a happy birthday. For each decade, your worth becomes more valuable. We love you and we’re wishing a happy birthday.


Hello! The delivery man has arrived to drop your package. In it are the gifts and bonuses that every 40th birthday celebrant is entitled to. Open and claim it all. Happy 40th birthday man. I pray your new age gets sweeter and sweeter forevermore.


Happy birthday. Now is the time to evaluate your life. It’s never too late to live your dreams. Keep pushing and grinding. A future becomes more beautiful when at the retirement age, more funds keep coming into your account. That would be a life well-lived.


10 years equal to a decade. 40 years, 4 decades. No doubt you have a lot of wonderful things to be grateful for. You came, you saw and you’re still conquering. Happy birthday. Keep soaring.

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